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How to blow up on TikTok as a beauty professional

One of the most efficient methods for a company to reach a big target audience on TikTok, expand its following, and make money using this platform is to “blow up” on the network. TikTok can be a strong marketing tool because it has over a billion active users. This provides marketers with a massive pool of prospective customers to target; however, this does not guarantee that your content will instantly go viral and reach a large number of viewers.

You should spend some time reading tried-and-true strategies on how to blow up on TikTok and how to organize your videos to become instant successes if you want your brand to become popular on this social network. This will allow your brand to get traction on the platform.

What Does It Mean for Your TikTok Video to Blow Up?

No concrete rules define what constitutes viral material; nonetheless, the amount of involvement your video receives, and the number of views it receives are good indicators.

Content that has the potential to go viral typically has tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of views, as well as a high level of participation in the form of shares, comments, and likes.

The rate at which the number of views grows is one of the best indicators of how popular a video will become.

Only the second scenario can be said to have achieved viral status; a video that receives one million views over two years is not the same as a video that receives one hundred thousand views in a single day. The most popular TikTokers, such as Addison Rae Easterling and Charli D’Amelio, typically receive between one thousand and two thousand views on their videos within an hour of publishing them.

On TikTok, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have or when you joined the app; anyone can go viral anytime. Users with smaller accounts shouldn’t let this fact deter them. TikTok’s algorithm recognizes and rewards content creators who consistently producing high-quality, popular videos.

How to make the most of the beauty trends on TikTok and give them your unique spin.

TikTok is a daily resource for finding inspiration for skin care, hair care, makeup, and nail care, with viral trends dropping once every week to once every month. Simply using the #beautiful hashtag has resulted in 124.9 billion views.
And there is no indication that it will slow down any time soon. The term “slugging,” which refers to lathering a sealing agent onto the skin to prevent moisture loss, has been flooding our feeds this year.

Equally prevalent is the practice of “skin cycling,” which refers to a revolving four-night regimen consisting of two nights of treatments followed by two nights of recovery between each cycle.

Meanwhile, pop culture-based trends such as #EuphoriaHigh and #EuphoriaEye demonstrate how culturally relevant the platform has become. These trends allow users to pay respect to the high school drama by appreciating the daring appearance of its protagonists.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the industry
Is it worthwhile for businesses and shops to try to tap into these beauty trends, considering the number of new trends that emerge on the platform and the speed with which some of them die out?

This year, many cosmetics and other beauty goods have become Internet sensations thanks to TikTok, and as a result, stores have run out of stock.

After the video of influencer @ashleypjimenez’s response to Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara being used went viral, the product received more than 3.4 million ‘likes’ on Facebook.

The fact that customers could not obtain the commodity contributed to the item’s increased desirability.

As a result of the craze known as #ThingsTikTokMadeMeBuy, several beauty products have been purchased to exhaustion, including Olaplex’s No.7 Bonding Oil.

According to Permele Doyle, Founder and President of the global creative influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy, the time has come for brands to make their voices heard in the current climate.

Having worked on social media content and campaigns with companies such as L’Oréal, Bobbi Brown, Coach, Shiseido Group, and Mulberry, she explains to us why TikTok is the next great potential for brands and retailers, but only when trends are tapped into honestly.

Why is it vital for companies to keep up with the latest beauty trends on TikTok?

TikTok’s beauty vertical is the one that excels at establishing trends since these trends are very visual and tend to endure for an extended period.

Companies not only have the opportunity to tell their narrative, but they also can participate in the discourse when they are ‘trend’ reactive.

The company’s reputation may suffer if they do not participate. If the brand does not give content on a trend that is appropriate for the user, the user may grow alienated from the brand.

In the past, TikTok trends have been utilized to increase engagement and awareness, but now they are beginning to generate conversion, which is the holy grail of marketing goals.

The platform requires brands and merchants to participate, investing time in learning the algorithm and how it operates.

How do you identify the difference between something that is just content for the sake of content and something that is a trend?

A genuine trend is one in which the material breaks new ground, demonstrates something unique, or offers a novel perspective on a style or approach that has been around for some time.

Genuine trends can also be derived from monitoring what transpires worldwide and capitalizing on those developments. Consider the practice of searching for cultural elements that can be adapted for use on the platform.

People will want to engage with a true trend immediately, especially established creators if it is a movement that is actually happening.

Recent months have seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of films on the ” lashtok platform,” which illustrate lash extension techniques such as “creating anime lashes.”

This is because seeing lash extensions being processed in video form is considerably more potent than viewing a static brand image, and this sector will continue to experience significant growth.

Is it worthwhile to make an effort to capitalize on a current trend in the world of beauty?

Yes, but the trend can’t deviate too far from your brand’s identity. Do not follow a trend simply because it is prevalent in contemporary popular culture at the moment.

It’s important to grasp the cultural significance of the situation and think about the trend’s evolution. Is there congruence between the message and the values of your brand? Will it be something that lasts for a long time or not?

Fortunately, many beauty trends originating on TikTok are here to stay. The challenging part is finding these trends ahead of time or becoming associated with them before reaching their highest point.

You can form partnerships with organizations that can assist you in determining this or invest in an in-house team that will gather insights on what is occurring on the platform.

Makeup brand e.l.f. Cosmetics is a fantastic illustration of a firm responsible for starting a fantastic beauty trend on TikTok. The cultural significance of the platform was solidified with the debut of its initial beta program.

Because achieving virality and capturing the attention of Generation Z was one of its primary objectives, the company worked closely with influential makeup artists to develop new styles for its #EyeLipsFace challenge.

What is TikTok marketing?

Marketing on TikTok refers to the process of using that platform to promote a certain brand, item, or service. It may encompass a variety of strategies, such as advertising on TikTok and influencer marketing, as well as the production of organic content that becomes viral.

TikTok marketing can assist businesses in several ways:

  • Raise the profile of the brand.
  • Develop actively involved communities.
  • Promote and sell various goods and services
  • Request comments from the crowd as well as the consumers.
  • Provide client service
  • Promote your goods and services to the appropriate demographics.

The three most common forms of marketing that brands employ on TikTok are listed below.

TikTok influencer marketing.

The ecosystem of the TikTok app includes influencer marketing to a significant degree. Because tens of millions of consumers view their work daily, megastars such as Charli D’Amelio, or Addison Rae have the potential to significantly impact a company’s success

But you don’t need a high-profile influencer if you want your marketing to be effective. Instead, you could look for rising stars or influencers in your field.

Creating your own TikToks.

You will have the greatest amount of independence with this choice. Start producing your own original material immediately after creating a Business TikTok account for your company (keep scrolling for thorough step-by-step instructions on how to do so).

The possibilities are absolutely endless here; you may submit anything from demonstrations of your items to videos depicting a typical day in your life to competitions in dance. Invest some time perusing your profile’s “For You” tab for ideas and motivation.

TikTok advertising.

TikTok’s site is full of success stories from brands who started advertising on TikTok, such as Aerie, Little Caesars, and Maybelline, so if you’re looking for a place to start and have some money to invest, here is the place to do it. TikTok’s site is the place to look. A bidding system is used to determine how much it will cost to advertise on TikTok, just like Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok’s Algorithm: An Explanation of How It Operates and Suggestions on How to Make the Most of It

The algorithm that TikTok uses is quite complicated and always changing. Its purpose is to offer users content that is relevant to them and that they want to interact with. An algorithm presents a continually updated list of videos on the For You page. This list comprises content from accounts a particular user does not follow but could find interesting. Once the algorithm has learned about the types of content a user likes or does not enjoy, it displays this information.

If the video generates engagement quickly, it will be displayed to an increasing number of people, which will pave the road for it to go viral.

If you want to influence the algorithm to push more of your material to visitors, there are various things that you need to take into consideration:

TikTok organizes information into many categories according to the interests of its users. Users interested in the newest technological gadgets will probably not watch videos you broadcast if they are about jewelry.

When you incorporate popular music and sounds in your videos, there is a greater chance that your content will be shown to a larger audience. This is especially true in the case of audio.

• Both hashtags and captions provide the algorithm with information about the content of your video. After that, the algorithm presents the movie to users who have expressed an interest in the subject above areas.

• Feedback from users: If a user does not want to be shown recommendations similar to those they have already seen in the future, they can long-press on a video and select the Not interested option.

• The involvement of users is important; likes, comments, and shares all count. It is more probable that your material will become viral if it receives a lot of interaction shortly after it has been posted.
• Location and language—The algorithm displays to users on the For You page the videos that were created in their nation and in the language that their app is in. This helps to make the content on the For You page more relevant.

A Guide to Going Viral on TikTok.

Since every user’s content has the potential to go viral thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, the platform levels the playing field for content creators and brands. Despite this, there are always more things a brand can do to dramatically boost the likelihood of its postings becoming viral without having to rely on luck alone.

Maintain a concise and engaging tone throughout your content.

TikTok’s early success can be credited, in large part, to the platform’s emphasis on short films. The initial video length limit of 15 seconds was expanded to 60 seconds and was recently raised to three minutes. This occurred as the platform continued to develop into a legitimate advertising tool.

Longer videos allow companies to create more content, such as explainer videos and how-to tutorials, but longer content on this platform might not work for every brand. Longer videos allow brands to create more types of content, such as explainer videos and how-to tutorials. On TikTok, audiences still choose shorter videos and are likelier to watch them all the way through than with longer clips.
Short videos have a greater potential to be recommended to viewers on the For You pages of the platform and have a wider reach because they have a higher finish rate. Users also frequently rewatch shorter movies, which results in a greater number of views and an improved overall performance of your material.

You have an obligation to your audience as a brand to produce content that adds value to their lives, which may be challenging to do in just 15 seconds. Long films do not always guarantee that you will be unsuccessful, but it is best to steer clear of them and instead break them up into series for the following reasons:

• You will achieve the specified percentage of video completion.
• The audience will become interested and might decide to follow you to continue following the series.
• Compared to a single lengthy video, multiple shorter ones had a higher engagement rate.
After you have created a video series, you have the option of adding the individual videos to a playlist. This will allow your viewers to easily access the series whenever they visit your profile.

Use Relevant Hashtags.

If you use hashtags in the descriptions of your videos, the algorithm will be able to present them more effectively to the relevant viewers. Take into consideration the following suggestions when using hashtags:

  1. Avoid generic hashtags—General tags like #FYPdump your movie into a sea of random content because you aren’t giving the algorithm any context. Make use of hashtags that are unique to your target demographic in addition to those that are likely to be searched for by your audience.
  2. It’s best to avoid using too many hashtags—The algorithm will become confused if you use a deluge of hashtags since it will not know where to position your material. You should select three to five of your most popular hashtags and include them in your video’s description for them to be seen by the appropriate audiences.
  3. Utilize currently popular hashtags; this is one of the most effective strategies to increase the number of times your video is viewed. Do some research on the most recent trends on the Discover tab, and see if any hashtags that are popular right now could be useful for your particular area.

Improve participation by developing compelling calls to action.

You might produce the most engaging TikTok video in the app’s history. Still, as a business, you should always remember what actions you want people to take after seeing your video. At this point, the need for a compelling call to action (CTA) cannot be overstated.
A compelling call to action may strengthen your presence on TikTok and increase the likelihood that a video will become viral by encouraging more users to interact with it.
Take note that these calls to action (CTAs) are inserted within the movie itself or its descriptions in the form of text. They are not to be confused with the call-to-action (CTA) buttons that are utilized in sponsored advertisements.

When your audience is most engaged, post new content.

Because the optimal time to post on TikTok depends on several characteristics, such as the geography, age, and social media habits of your target audience, every brand needs to determine its own optimal posting time on the platform. Figuring out the optimal time to publish your material will boost the likelihood that the appropriate audience will view it.

There are some brands that may have consumers located in every region of the world. In this situation, they should determine when each region is the most active and then update material multiple times daily.

Increase the number of people who can watch your videos.

The accessibility of your video has a direct bearing on the number of people who see it. If you pay attention to the requirements of your viewers, they will not only be more likely to watch the video, but they will also be more likely to watch it through to the end. Your content will be recommended to a greater number of users, taking your company one step closer to becoming a phenomenon on TikTok.

The following are some of how you can make videos more accessible:

• Include captions in your movies. Closed captions make your films accessible to users who have hearing loss, as well as users who are in noisy environments or in situations where noise is not permitted. A larger audience will result in longer watch times, which will move the video higher up on the For You pages of a greater number of users.
• Utilize the text that appears on-screen; this operates analogously to that of closed captions. It is an excellent method for drawing attention to the video and encouraging visitors to watch it for a longer period rather than scrolling through it.
• Utilize the text-to-speech capability. This native TikTok feature reads your text aloud to people who may have visual impairments. It is also a useful creative tool that can be utilized to make your video more interesting to watch.

Foster communication and interaction.

Your content will only become viral if it receives a high volume of views and substantial user interaction. You need to encourage consumers to interact with your material if you want to become popular on TikTok. To encourage people to interact with one another, you can follow any of these two practices:

• You can generate engagement and views for a video straightforwardly and efficiently by responding to comments left on it. Responding to people’s comments will inspire more viewers to ask questions or provide feedback since they will realize that their message won’t just be ignored.
• Leverage the power of the Stitch and Duet features — The Stitch and Duet features are collaborative editing tools that allow users to react or respond to a video. Your video will reach a larger audience, and your engagement rates will increase if users stitch it together or make a duet out of it.
When utilized with established content creators and influential individuals, Stitch and Duet can produce the best possible results. You get to benefit from both the original content you posted and the freshly made video when you have influencers create Stitches or Duets from your content. Because of the increased reach that this provides, it is much simpler for the content to go viral.

Work together with people who have an impact.

A video may receive the push it needs to explode in popularity if the creator works with influencers who are already well-known in the same niche as the creator.

It has been demonstrated that influencer marketing is an effective method for becoming viral, especially if your business is aimed at younger audiences (such as millennials and Gen Zers).

The best thing is that you do not require well-known influencers with many followers to promote your content. As a result of their exclusive concentration on a particular target group, numerous firms find that niche-focused influencers with a smaller following but higher engagement rates are the most suitable marketing partners. In addition to this, the prices are more reasonable:
You may identify influencers you want to work with by searching for relevant hashtags and keywords on the Discover page, or you can find them by using the Creator Marketplace, where many creators get recognized and rewarded via TikTok’s Creator Fund.

Put up videos and promote them on all of your social media channels.

It should come as no surprise that videos originally uploaded to TikTok and went viral on that platform are now being shared on other social media networks. If a video gets many views on TikTok, you might also want to explore uploading it to other sites. By doing so, you increase the number of people who read your content, the number of people who like it, the number of people who share it, and the number of people who comment on it. Non-TikTok audiences can find your brand on TikTok and follow the account there, making this an ideal method for expanding your number of followers.

Create Campaigns for Paid Advertising.

Using paid advertisements is a fantastic tool for companies looking to expand their customer base, boost their brand recognition and conversion rates, or advertise particular goods and services. Because users are unlikely to spend a significant amount of time on an advertisement that fails to quickly attract their attention, the video advertisement you create must be inventive and captivating.

There are three different kinds of advertisements, but the following three are particularly geared toward boosting engagement and views:

• In-feed advertisements are advertisements that appear on the For You page between recommended videos and have the appearance of being organic content. They typically last about fifteen seconds and are an excellent tool for increasing views or getting users to visit your website.
• Top-view ads—You may use them to broaden your audience reach and boost interaction. After opening the app, the user is presented with the advertisement as the initial video in the For You stream.
• Hashtag competitions: Companies can host their hashtag competition and promote it on the Discover tab of Instagram. After that, viewers can respond to your challenge prompt and use your hashtag, which will drive more people to the original video and generate more engagement.

Final Thoughts

Companies cannot easily build up a large following or “blow up” on social media, particularly on TikTok, which is largely focused on the younger demographic groups (Gen Zers and millennials).

This audience does not respond well to the standard advertising approaches; therefore, to blow up on this platform, you will need to understand how TikTok operates.

It can be challenging for many smaller organizations and in-house social media teams to give TikTok the attention it deserves because they must also work on campaigns for other social platforms. TikTok has become increasingly popular in recent years. Because TikTok is still relatively young, in-house teams might also lack the necessary level of competence.

If you want your brand to succeed on TikTok, you will need both an all-encompassing plan and a team of pros with the required knowledge and experience. Because of this, companies that want to see growth in their TikTok accounts engage expert social media organizations to help them.

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