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How To Choose An Eyelash Extension Style To Suit Your Eye Shape

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Are you stuck on the perfect eyelash extensions that would make you look sumptuous for your friend’s party?

 Have you tried several extension styles before that gave you an awful look?

Are you inquisitive about your eye shape?

Are you an eyelash stylist who wants to learn about choosing suitable eyelash extensions? Relax and let me take your worries away.

Just like the other parts of our body, the eye is created specially and this differs in size, color, and shape. These varieties in shapes and color require a better understanding to be able to add additional enhancements like eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are artificial lashes made from silk, human hair, and synthetic fibers. It helps to improve the curls, volume, and extend the length of the natural eyelashes. Extensions have become one of the trends in the beauty industry.

 Perhaps, you have constantly watched several video tutorials on YouTube to improve your makeup skills, most of us do that too. I know you might have heard about eye shape in some of the videos. I would like to inform you that eye shape is one of the considerations when fixing an eyelash extension. This is because the eye is the main focus when looking at the face. Hence, most people like to put more emphasis on their eyes.

 Our eyes are in shapes and sizes just like how we are created differently and uniquely. Most clients are always concerned about their eyes when applying makeup on their face because it is often said that “your eye is like a key to your soul”. Sometimes, people say that your eye determines your personality. Thus, creating an outstanding eye look that fits your personality is essential. For instance, some say that those with large eyes have a deeper emotional level. Then, if you have small eyes, you might be regarded as shy and shallow.

It is sad to know that many salons do not consider your eye shape. They only work by intuition and that is a red flag! If you have experienced such before, you should not think of the next appointment.

As an eyelash stylist, getting acquainted with the several shapes of the eyes would help you give the best eye look with better aesthetical value for your customers. Not just that, a suitable eye look for their eye shapes.

 If you are not sure about the different types of eye shapes and the appropriate extension to fit your client, you are in the right spot. We would consider the types of eyelash extension styles. Consequently, we would now talk about the different eye shape types and merge them.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Before choosing your eyelash extension styles, you should take notice of the following:

  1. The length of the extension
  2. Do I want a curly extension?
  3. Should my extensions appear scanty or thick?
  4. What type of extension style do you want to recreate?
  5. Would they fit my personality?
  6. What does it reflect about my lifestyle?
  7. Am I confident enough to try new styles?

As you think of that let us consider the types of eyelash extension:

The natural eye

This is also known as classic eye extension.

For those that want to keep the natural look and the eyelash extension out of notice, this is for you. The aim is to make you real and natural even with eyelash extensions.  This type of eyelash extension is common among those who are trying extensions for the first time.

The natural eye is achieved by closely following your natural eyelashes and making sure not to extend the length. The extensions are added to the inner part of your upper lashes. This would create a fuller and thicker eyelash. And, It will seem as if you apply mascara on your natural eyelashes. Most people refer to it as the natural form of cat-eye extensions.

It is also the most trending style to create more natural-looking lashes. Irrespective of your eye shape, a natural eye would suit you.

If you want to look more stunning and dashing, in my own opinion you should consider other types of extensions. You might contemplate this eye extension if you want to look simple and classic.

The cat eye

The cat eye extensions aim to create a cat-eye kind of look. Unlike natural eye extensions, this kind of extension is easily noticeable because your natural eyelash would be extended. The extensions are added by filling the edges of the outer part of your natural lashes with longer extensions to create a pointed look at the sides. Consider this eyelash extension for your friend’s killer party.

This type of extension makes the natural lashes look longer and, of course, draws more attention. If you are the attention seeker type, you can opt for this type of extension.

The open eye

This style focuses more on the middle part of the eye. Here, you will add a longer eye extension in the middle like you want to create a curve. It makes your eye bigger because it highlights the arch of your brow bone to make eyes larger and adds more volume to the length of your natural eyelashes.

The Baby Doll’s eye

If you want to look like a pretty doll, this eye look is for you. Your eyes would look more rounded almost like your favorite doll. You can create this kind of look by applying longer extensions to the middle parts of your eye while the shorter ones would be added to the inner corner and the outer corner of your eyes.

The effect is achieved with how well you attach the extensions. So, do not rush. Take as much time as you can.

This eye look requires a lot of time and care so you might not end up with an awful eye look. It goes well with a wide set and downturn eye shapes.

However, there are other types of eyelash extensions you can come across. You do not need to fret. They are not the basic types. Still, I would list them below so you can be fully equipped! Here they are:

  • Highlighted or colored eye extensions

The advantage of this type of extension is that it enhances your natural eye.

 Since it has become one of the recent trends, learning about it is important for you as an eyelash stylist or if you are into the eyelash extension business because it is new and many salons do not offer such services yet.

Colored eye extensions are in different colors such as conventional black, pink, green, white, blue, red, yellow, purple, orange and so many other colors you might want. They make the eye look brighter, attractive, and colorful.

  • Staggered Eye Extension

Here, the extensions by adding extensions unevenly. How? You combine both the shorter and the longer extensions and fix them with no definite form. Some parts of the eye might appear longer than others. You can try this extension style on your preferred basic style to create an admirable eye look. Although, you have to be cautious about the eye shape you are working on.

Eye Shape Basics

As I mentioned earlier, there are different eye shapes. But, I am going to take you through the basic and the most common types. To fix an eyelash extension, the type of eye shape is a major factor to put in check.

Makeup and artificial extensions are used to enhance your natural beauty. That is to say, it is not meant to change your natural look I know it is confusing to differentiate between the several eye shape. Trust me, it is not funny. And every individual you come across, they have different eye shapes that define their uniqueness and beauty. Just the same way your definition affects the fitness of clothes, your eye’s shape contributes to how well eyelash extensions would fit your face. Nevertheless, there are other uncommon eye shapes. I will equip you with the basic types of eye shapes and the type of extension that suits each of them.

Almond Eyes

Just like the name, they are shaped like fitness has an oval shape with pointed and sharp edges. The easiest way to recognize this type of eye shape is the size. Its size is wider than other types. Likewise, it is as if the outer part of the eye is covered while the middle corner comes out more.

It is predominantly described as a model eye shape. Notably, it suits all types of eyelash extensions. But, to avoid your eyes from being hidden, a doll eye extension would fit perfectly. The doll’s eye focuses on the outer part of the eye. Nevertheless, if you want to create a fierce kind of look, cat-eye extensions are preferable.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Close Set Eyes

They are very small in size. The inner and outer parts of the eyes do not stay far apart from each other. The only space that set them apart is the width of the eyeballs. For this kind of eye shape, you need to do more on the inner parts to highlight the eyes and also pop out the rather small-looking eye size.

Perhaps you are not too sure about what a close set of eyes look like just check out some of your favorite celebrities like Miley Cyrus. She has the perfect description of a close-set eye. I would suggest a cat eye or a natural eye extension. Although, most people with close-set eyes prefer cat eye extension.

Deep Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes accentuate the brow bones. The eyes are hidden eyes in between your skull and bring out the brow bone. That is, your brow bone is easily noticed.

Cat eye extensions should be not thought of because you do not your our extensions to make you’re your hidden eyes to be more prominent which would in turn make you appear dizzy and sad.  you need an eyelash extension that can add more attraction to your face and portray a happy face.

Protruding Eyes

This type of eye shape projects as if it is hanging out of the socket. It brings more attraction to the face and makes the eye the main focus. It is not too hard to recognize a person with protruding eyes.

However, since your eye type is pronounced, you should look for an eyelash extension that enhances the features of your eyes. Natural is suitable for this shape. It would make it hard to distinguish between your natural lashes and, yes, you will look more attractive with just a slight touch of extensions. You can also try other eyelash extension types depending on the kind of look you want to recreate.

Downturned Eyes

Here, the outer corners are turned downwards and increase the size of the upper lid. The cat-eye extensions are the proper fit for this shape. This extension draws more attention to you. Do not worry about that, look confident and walk around in your favorite heels.

Hooded Eyes

This shape seems as if the eyes are hidden underneath the brow bone and the eyelid is extremely smaller. It has nearly the same features as the monolid shape. So, do not be surprised to hear that. Asians are known to have this type of eye shape.

Selecting an eyelash extension for this type of eye shape is difficult because there is no additional skin covering the crease. Still, the natural eye is best suited for it. All you need is to enhance the natural eyes and not extend the length.

I would like to inform you not to try the cat-eye extension. It will cause discomfort and might even hurt your eyes.

Monolid / Single Lid Eyes

It is more like the hooded eyes. To quickly recognize this shape, when your eyes are open and folded, it does not create a crease at the upper part of the eyes. However, the surface is flattened and smooth.

The problem with this shape is that it is difficult to achieve a crease cut this is because the eye shape does not originally have one. It is also very common among Asians yet there are Asians who have a different eye shapes.

Round Eyes

It is usually circular, brighter, and looks bigger. The inner and outer parts of the eye are encircled by white which makes the eyes more notable. And because the eye is rounded, the crease is larger.

Long and curly extensions are the best fit for this shape. It will not only enhance the beauty of the face, but it will also make it look amazing and catchy. Cat-eye extension suits round eyes flawlessly. The cat-eye extensions are the proper fit for the shape.

Let me run you through a few tips on how to identify these different eye shapes.

  • Have your client look in the mirror
  • From afar, try to picture the eye look that you think matches that of your client
  • Ask your client to open their eyes wide
  • Determine the eye shape by the position of the parts of the eye
  • Check out how the crease forms over their eyes
gollee eyelash exetension


To make it easier for you to remember, I would give you a chart to help you recall quickly. This is a summary of everything I have been explaining. Let us get to it, shall we? Of course!.

Eye shapes                             Suitable Eye Extension Styles

  • Almond eye                          Fits all styles (natural eye, baby doll eye, cat eye, open eye)
  • Close-set eye                        Cat eye and natural eye
  • Deep set eye                         Natural eye and the baby doll eye
  • Protruding eye                      Natural eye
  • Downturned eye                    Natural eye and cat-eye
  • Hooded eye.                           Natural eye and the b doll eye
  • Monolid/ Single lid eye         Natural eye and the baby doll eye
  • Round eyes                            Cat eye and natural eye

Did you find it helpful? Absolutely! I can see the wide grins forming across your face. Next time you book an appointment with your stylist, ensure your eye extensions are suitable for you.

Creating an eye look that matches your shape gives you confidence, it makes you attractive and alluring at first gaze. To avoid confusion, I would suggest you watch more online tutorials and watch how other stylists apply extensions to different eye shapes.

 Kindly note that before you decide on what suits your customer, you must inquire from them to know what they are comfortable with. This will make you stand out and also help you offer the best customer service.

Asking questions would keep you on track and you will be able to deliver your services professionally. Also, in cases where your customer wants you to work out magic on their lashes, ensure that you follow the guide appropriately!

Although your eye shape plays an important role in your choice of extension, it should be able to reflect your personal preferences and personality. If you are comfortable with new styles, go ahead and explore!

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