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The #2 Method Of Improving Your Lash Extension Business

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Starting a facial care business can be quite strenuous and tough, people can often be hard to please especially with matters dealing with beauty and personal care, and starting a lash extension business is no different. Due to incidents related to unskilled lash technicians such as balding spots, redness and itchiness of the eyes, more and more people are avoiding getting their lash extensions done.

Due to brandings and long-standing customer relations, It is no secret that more established businesses get more clients at an increased rate while small-scale businesses that are just starting out find it hard to grow a sturdy client base. A lash extension business requires lots of funding and investments in the beginning phases. It can be quite discouraging for small-scale lash entrepreneurs to invest so much while generating little revenue in return.

However, there are proven marketing tactics used by small-scale business owners in order to tackle these problems efficiently. Due to the advent of technology, many small-scale businesses are breaking barriers and turning their businesses into rapid income generators using social media and online promotions.

Below is an outline of the most effective methods of turning your small-scale lash extension business into a large-scale enterprise.

Know Your Audience

The first rule of marketing is to know to who you’re offering your services or products. Customer’s wants and market trends are usually the leading factors for selling a service to a client. Who is not interested in facial care or eye care products would be the most unlikely customer, it is an open secret that time is money and money is time in business, this is why it is important that you utilize your time wisely as a lash artist. Instead of focusing on none interested clients, you could boost your productivity and sales by advertising to the right crowd, you can do this by passing information on lash extensions to people via lash forums, blogs, or email marketing, this would, in turn, boost productivity and optimize time management.

Social media

Advertising your work on social media is an effective way of boosting sales, posting before and after photos or uploading samples of your work is very effective for attracting an audience. Organic ads are one of the most commonly used strategies and they can be very effective for attracting followers and building a social media following, you can also create tutorial videos on how to do lash extensions and offer content on your socials to attract more followers.

Another effective marketing strategy that works not only on social media but also works in business relations is a collaboration with other brands, when you help promote other cosmetic business products or partner with a more established business you will effectively generate more leads in the process while building a stronger business presence. You can also act as an affiliate while promoting others brands and give discounts to each new client referred.

Influencer marketing

Using organic ads but still not getting enough clients? Have you considered influencer marketing? Influencers are one of the most popular people on social media with a huge media presence, you could offer to do a free makeover for an influencer, or employ them as an affiliate for some of your lash extension products or services in exchange for a post or a tag on social media.

The most effective form of advertisement usually comes in the form of information from loved ones such as friends or family, or someone we adore and trust, which is one of the reasons why influencer marketing is one of the best methods of getting leads. Humans are prone to following in the footsteps of people they admire, this would, in turn, attract more clients to your business. If you’re a very skilled artist with great customer relations you can also ask your clients to take pictures and tag you on social media or spread the word to their friends and families, you can also ask them to leave reviews of your work on social media if they loved it.

Use high-quality visuals

Whenever you post videos or images of your work on social, make sure you present your work with high visual quality, according to research over 70% of people who watch movies Lose interest whenever the graphics or the visual quality of the movie is low, and the content is generally regarded as low-quality content.

Due to this reason, it is of utmost importance to post high-quality images or videos in order to avoid your work being classified as low quality. Presentation is very essential in the business world, your work as a lash artist would be regarded the way you present it.

Invest in advertising

Advertising is one of the world’s oldest marketing strategies, people would never purchase a product or service that they gave no idea of, this is why it is essential to spread information to a wide range of people, but while spreading information to a wide audience make sure that you spread information to the right people.

Google ads and Facebook’s ads are the most effective methods of advertising online, although they can be quite complex for beginners; you can employ the help of professionals in order to maximize profits. While the cost of advertising can be quite expensive, it is a very effective and proven way of gaining more clients, in turn boosting productivity.

Start a blog to promote your business

Content marketing is the second most effective, and the most popular method of generating leads online today, you can create a blog sharing content about lash extensions, like how to avoid bald spots, or how to prevent allergy reactions due to lash extensions. You can also share information on the best hygienic practices to improve lash growth and avoid irritations or eye-health complications.

Blogging is an effective strategy in the fact that it attracts the right crowd of people, while building your relationship through your written content, you can also introduce a community forum where they can share solutions to popular lash extension problems. Another passive method of generating income through your blogs is affiliate marketing; you can promote lash extension products for a commission on every purchase of that product through your link.

Optimize your website using Search engine optimization

There are lots of blogs on lash extension-related topics and eye care these days, which can make it quite hard for your content to be found it’s like looking for the shiny needle in the haystack, this is where search engine optimization comes in, you can search for the most frequently asked questions online and optimize your keywords in order to make sure that your content would be among the first results on a Google search page related to the particular content you’re writing on.

Email marketing

Email marketing works by sending emails on helpful content related to your business or product while attracting more customers in the process. This can be done by making a subscription list of people interested in lash extensions and eye care and using email marketing tools to send those emails. To get a subscription list, you’ll need to create landing pages and forms on your website, you can offer a free tutorial video or free content or a discount on a product as bait in order to get them to subscribe.

After they have subscribed, with the help of automated email marketing tools all you’ll have to do is send free automated content regularly after a chosen period of time, after you’ve done this subsequently you can offer a product with a discount or a service thereby generating income in the process, and the great thing about email marketing is that it sediments and chooses the people who are actually interested in the content, plus, you’ll effectively reach a large number of people at the same time.

Offer free services

You can attract more clients by offering a special service such as a Valentine’s special or buy one product get one free, you can also offer discounts on special occasions or seasons. You can also host competitions with a prize of a free makeover.

Loyalty cards are also a great way of keeping long-term clients, you offer special services or gifts to loyal customers or give them a customized gift card to keep them coming back. Gifting is one of the most effective baiting strategies in marketing.


Starting a lash extension business comes with highs and lows like any other business, however, using the right marketing strategies always results in more highs than lows while boosting productivity. Get started today, following these marketing strategies, implementation might be hard in the beginning process but in the long term implementation results in productivity, keep working on it and you’ll achieve the desired results.

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