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Cluster lashes are one of the newest innovations in lash extension services, and they are becoming more and more popular due to their ability to provide the most dramatic look of any type of extension.

Cluster lashes are another type of false eyelash that clients can choose to wear, but they’re not as well-known or as frequently worn as individual lashes. If you want to be the beauty guru who knows how to apply cluster lashes, here’s what you need to know about them, from the basics of how they work to the tips you’ll need to remember when styling your clients’ lashes with them.

Cluster Lashes are perfect if you’re looking to dramatically enhance the appearance of your eyes. These popular lashes are available in both strip and individual styles, and they allow you to create a big, beautiful look that will have people turning their heads when you walk down the street.

Cluster lashes are essentially tiny, individual eyelashes that are placed in clusters all over the eye area to provide extreme volume, length, and thickness. This can be done with either synthetic or real mink hairs to create a natural, spectacular look that will last as long as your own lashes do.

Cluster lashes have grown in popularity over the past couple of years and if you don’t know what they are, then you must be living under a rock! Cluster lashes are simply multiple rows of individual eyelashes that stick to a single band. They were originally designed for people who want bigger eyes but can’t wear false eyelashes, but these days it has caught on with those who want to add dramatic length and volume to their natural lashes. But how do you apply them?

Cluster Lashes: The Key to Glamorous Eyes

Cluster lashes are a single strip of three individual lashes grouped and applied at the corners of your eyes. They have several key benefits over traditional full lashes, including a fuller, more voluminous appearance with less weight on the eyelid. They can also be cut or trimmed for a customized look. These lashes are typically lighter than most faux lashes since they don’t take up as much space in your eye as regular ones. The main downside is that cluster lash can be tricky to apply for beginners because each lash has to be trimmed individually – so make sure you’re applying these with care!

Cluster lashes are one of the most natural-looking false eyelashes on the market. The best part about cluster lashes is that they are suitable for any type of makeup look: dramatic, natural, daytime, nighttime–you name it! These beauties can be stacked horizontally or vertically with either a band of lash adhesive or an individual lash adhesive.

They come in different shapes and lengths so there is a set to suit everyone’s tastes.

Cluster lashes are specifically designed for those who want a bolder, more glamorous look. This is because they’re 3-D individual lash clusters that give an exaggerated feeling without the uncomfortable weight or complexity of traditional extensions. They can be applied with adhesive or with their glue and are made from synthetic mink hair (the same kind used on eyelashes). When removed, each cluster lash can be reused up to 25 times!

How to achieve the perfect lash look with Cluster Lashes

Cluster lashes are a great way to get that wide-eyed natural look, without adding excessive volume to your lash line. It also helps those of us with sparse or light lashes that want fuller lashes without the work of applying false lashes every day. When applied properly and looking from a distance, cluster lashes are less noticeable than full fake eyelashes. However, it may be difficult to achieve the desired effect with these types of lashes when they’re too close together.

Why Cluster Lashes are the New Trend

Cluster lashes are a new trend that is giving volume, length, and fullness to one’s lash line. The great thing about them is that it doesn’t matter how long your natural lashes are because the cluster design will work for both short and long natural eyelashes.

Cluster lashes are a new trend in lash extensions that provide more natural-looking length and volume with the addition of 5-6 small, individual strands. Plus, they’re the perfect option for first-time lash clients and those who want dramatic lashes without having to commit to a full set.

Cluster lash application takes around 20-30 minutes depending on how many individual strands are added. If you have sparse or thin lashes, these might be the perfect solution for you! And if not, cluster lashes can still give your eyes that much-desired volume.

First off, there’s no wrong way to apply clusters. The most important thing is finding a technique that works best for your natural lash line and eye shape!

Difference between Cluster lashes and strip lashes

Cluster lashes are shorter and easier to apply than strip lashes, which makes them perfect for those of us who aren’t the best at mastering eyelash application skills. What’s more, there are fewer products used in their application making them more eco-friendly. They also give you a really natural look and feel due to their small size and minimal adhesive; perfect for first-time clients or if want something that won’t last too long. However, as with all false lashes, they should be removed before sleeping to avoid potential damage to your real eyelashes.

Cluster lashes are a new, innovative product that eliminates the need for multiple strips of lashes that typically hold the clusters together, eliminating an extra step when applying these eye-catching lashes. Similar to strip lashes, they can be applied one or two at a time in clumps or strings depending on the desired natural look and density of the client’s natural lashes. Make sure to apply the clusters as close to the root as possible and use latex-free adhesive so they will last longer. Always keep in mind hygiene and sterility standards because cluster lashes do not come with individual packets like strip lashes which is why it’s so important not to double-dip your tweezers into the glue

Cluster lashes give a more natural look than strip lashes because they allow for more thickness and volume. They are perfect for those with sparse eyelashes or who want something a little different from the traditional mascara-and-stripes lash combo.

How long should cluster lashes last?

Clusters are made of a synthetic material which means they can only last for a few days (five) at most before they will start falling out. This is because the glue is not as strong and it’s more likely that the lashes will fall out rather than stay in place. They are made up of smaller clusters of individual strands that are applied in a way that is similar to individual lashes, but they are grouped together and applied in one line instead of individually. Once they have been bonded, they will last for a few days- not weeks or months like some other extensions may. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for something quick and easy.

A cluster lash set can be worn anywhere from three to five days depending on how well they are cared for by the client. These types of lashes should never be used during any sort of sporting event because the risk of them coming off prematurely due to sweat is too high- no one wants false eyelashes falling into their eyes during a game!

Removal is relatively easy – all you have to do is use an eye makeup remover with either petroleum jelly or olive oil in it, whichever you prefer. Let it sit for two minutes then rub away any residue from the area with your fingertips until clean. The process of removal can also be sped up by using tweezers but make sure not to tug too hard otherwise the knot might come out of place and ruin your whole set! If you are careful enough, though, removing clusters should take about 5 minutes in total. Remember: Once removed there’s no going back so be sure to only do it when necessary.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Do cluster lashes damage your eyelashes?

No, cluster lashes don’t damage your client’s natural lashes. This technique is made with a unique lash to create denser clusters and longer lengths. That being said, care should be taken during the application process as the extension can easily pull out a natural lash if not done correctly. For example, there are different methods of applying cluster lashes that depend on the desired effect you want for your client. For instance, dual eyelash extensions involve attaching one strand of hair to two individual lash extensions per eye; whereas individual eyelash extensions involve attaching one strand of hair to a single-lash extension per eye.

Cluster lashes will not damage your client’s natural eyelashes, but if the tension on your client’s natural lashes is too tight, it could lead to hair loss. It’s important to keep this in mind and make sure that when you’re applying, you have one hand holding the lashes up from the front while still applying tension with the other hand at the back of the head. If a client has a lot of extra weight in the front, then try bending them over a little more so they don’t tip forward.

An extra precaution would be to place your fingers between the natural lash and cluster curl as you pull upwards. If they do happen to lose some lashes due to cluster application – which rarely happens – replace those by using individual extensions or false-lash strips before beginning again with clusters. With regular care, a client should see no difference in their natural lashes because of clustering. And there are many benefits: cluster lashes are cheaper than individual extensions; you can apply them faster; and with practice, you’ll get better at placing each lash quickly. They are also easier for clients who have never worn extensions before because there’s less time required for removal.

A side effect can be an increase in bacteria build-up inside the base of the mascara brush after use – something worth considering!

Cluster lashes do not damage the eyelashes that have already been grown because of their individual band placement.

How to apply cluster lashes for clients

Cluster lash placement is determined by the client’s eye shape, the natural lash direction, and most significantly, the client’s comfort!

The clusters give her lashes a natural lift by being positioned under and in between them. The clusters would resemble snuffaluffagus if they were worn on top of her eyelashes! Because the glue is not clumped on top, the effect is more realistic.

Does it irritate the customers’ eyes? If used properly, NO! The client’s eyes are closed throughout the application, and just a small amount of glue is required (for those who like to keep their eyes open, a less-fuming adhesive is strongly advised!). Women can blink and flutter their eyes without feeling irritated.

Now, if the wearer has lashes that point DOWNWARD, I would advise applying the clusters atop their natural lashes. A melancholy expression would result if the clusters were positioned beneath the lashes that were pointing downward.

How do I get cluster eyelashes off?

At first glance, cluster lashes might look hard to get off but we assure you they are not. The average person has between 150-250 real eyelashes which are then coated in a generous amount of false eyelash adhesive which needs to be gently peeled off the natural ones by starting at the base and pulling up towards the end. Be sure to avoid using oil or lotion on the area before beginning as it can make removing the artificial lashes difficult. It is best to use a tool for peeling them off so that no more than one layer of the client’s natural lash comes with it.

If there is any residual adhesive left over, soak some cotton swabs in olive oil or makeup remover and pat down onto the skin around their eyes so that it gets into any stubborn areas.

Do cluster lashes ruin the CLIENT’s lashes?

Cluster lashes will not ruin the client’s lashes if they are applied with care and consideration. However, there are many different ways of applying them that all have their pros and cons. Before deciding which method is best for you, it is important to consider how often the customer wears makeup, how long they want their lashes to last, and where they like their extensions applied to the eye. Cluster lashes have been known to be heavy on some clients’ eyelids so extra care needs to be taken when applying. The results can be great though: longer-looking, fuller-looking eyes, instant glamour, and a full head of hair look for those who are ready for a change!

The short answer is no, cluster lashes are completely safe for your clients as long as you apply the lashes with care and caution, just like any other lash extension. If the procedure is done properly and not too many clusters are placed onto a single natural lash at a time, then no damage should occur or be experienced by the client.

Are cluster lashes expensive?

Cluster lashes are no more expensive than regular eyelash extensions and might be cheaper depending on the salon or technician. It can depend because some salons charge by the hour and others have flat rates, so it’s worth shopping around for a good deal. When you’re buying them from an individual technician, prices will vary depending on how many lashes they do at one time, what type of adhesives they use and where they work.


If you’re not into drama with a big volume of lashes and prefer something natural, then the Cluster Lash might be for you. The best part is that it works well for any size of eyes- so even if your client has the most almond-shaped peepers around, they will still look amazing!

Cluster lashes are super hot right now and are designed for a fluttery, youthful appearance. Unlike individual lashes that attach with one or two strands of adhesive, cluster lashes attach with 4-5 rows of 2-3 hairs per row.

Cluster lashes are the newest innovation in professional salon-grade artificial eyelash application, and they’re here to stay. As a stylist, it’s important that you’re well-equipped with not just the knowledge of how these incredible beauties are made but also the methods for applying them in a way that will accentuate your clients’ natural beauty for maximum impact and safety for maximum satisfaction.


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