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What Should You Do Without The Eyelash Style Your Client Likes

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It is essential to have a solid understanding of the various types of eyelash extension styles, as well as what you should do without the eyelash styles that your clients prefer, in order to select a style that enhances the natural beauty of their eyes rather than one that detracts from it.

However, you should be aware that not every fashion choice is a good match for every eye shape.

After reading this article, not only will you be able to select the eyelash style that is most suitable for the eye shape of your client, but you will also know what to do in the event that you are unable to provide the eyelash style that your client desires.

Let’s get to it!

What Are The Different Eyelash Extension Styles

The following categories of eyelash extension styles are the most common:

  • Natural
  • Natural Sweep
  • Cat-eye
  • Dolly-eye
  • Squirrel
  • Staggered
  • Reverse Cat-Eye

The first four types are typically what is referred to as the “go-to” styles that are available in the majority of lash salons.


The natural style of eyelash extensions is the most common type and its goal is to give the appearance that your natural lashes have been enhanced.

Maintaining the length of your natural lashes while increasing both length and thickness. This styling will assist highlight the natural eyelashes, and it will appear as though you have applied a very high-quality mascara on your lashes.

In this method, a single lash extension with a more subtle curl is added to each of your natural lashes, in contrast to other methods that use more dramatic curls.

The vast majority of people choose this method because it results in the most natural-looking eyelash extensions.

Natural Sweep

The natural sweep features inner corners that are cut shorter than the rest of the lash line, which is given the same amount of length. The eye will appear more open and longer as a result of this design.

Because it helps produce a more elevated image, we recommend that clients who have down-turned eyes adopt this style. It is one of the reasons why.


Creating a cat-eye effect and narrowing the appearance of your eyes can be accomplished by applying eyelash extensions with the longest length to the outer corners of your eyes.

In this scenario, you should add shorter extensions toward the middle of the eye and the inner corners of the eye.

This styling will assist in making the eyes of your customer appear longer. It’s by far the most popular style that people ask for.


The dolly style is intended to make your eyes appear larger and more round while also opening them up. Lash technicians will add extensions with the longest fibers in the middle of the eye, followed by extensions with shorter fibers around the outer and inner corners of the eye.

This styling will assist in both opening up and rounding the eye.

When your customer wants that Barbie looks with lovely eyes that are opened wide, we propose employing this styling technique.


When doing the squirrel style, you should begin by applying the extensions that are the shortest in the inner corner of your eyes. Increase the lengths of the lashes step by step until you reach the point halfway along the lash line. After that, you shorten the lengths until you reach the corner on the outside.

We recommend using the squirrel appearance on clients who really want a cat-eye look but don’t have the eye shape to pull it off. This style is not usually requested, but it is something that we recommend employing.


The staggered lash design is extremely comparable to the results that you would achieve with a hybrid lash set. Alternating between longer and shorter extension lengths is required to accomplish this look. This creates the appearance of “spikes” along the lash line, which ultimately results in a finish that is more untidy.

Reverse Cat-Eye

The design known as the reversed cat-eye is precisely what it sounds like the exact opposite of the classic cat-eye style. The extensions on the inside corners are longer than the ones on the outside corners, which are shorter. Because it creates the impression of bringing the wearer’s eyes closer together, this cut is one of my favorites to recommend to clients who have eyes that are set widely apart.

Eyelash Styles For Different Eyes

Now that we’ve covered the various eye shapes, let’s go into the specific reasons why one type of lash style is better suited (or not) for each one of them below.

There are some styles that complement particular eye shapes better than others. For instance, if you have round eyes, you should steer clear of the dolly lash style since it will make your almond eyes look even more gorgeous than they already are.

Almond Eyes

This is the eye form that is seen the most frequently, and it is also the shape that is the most broad. The shape of the eye, specifically how it narrows toward the inner and outer corners, is the most reliable indicator of almond eyes. It’s possible that the outermost part of your cornea is obscured by your eyelids if you have almond-shaped eyes. [citation needed]

Recommended Styles:

1. If you have a client with almond-shaped eyes, choosing lashes in a natural style can help bring out their beauty.

2. The Natural Sweep Style is a terrific choice to make if your customers want to be able to see more out of their eyes.

3. The Cat-Eye Style is the ideal option to choose if you want your client’s eyes to appear more proportionate or aggressive.

4. A rounder design, like the Dolly Style is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid the almond shape’s tendency to obscure the eyes.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are distinguished by their projecting appearance and larger-than-average diameters. Neither the outer nor the inner corners of round eyes are tapered. In addition, the white of the cornea surrounds this eye shape on all sides, making it simple to recognize as a certain type of eye. People who have round eyes have the potential to appear as though they are always surprised if they get their eyelashes done incorrectly.

Recommended Styles:

1. Selecting a Natural Style is the best option because it defines the contour without giving the impression that your client is astonished when they look in your direction.

2. The Natural Sweep Style is the one to choose if you have round eyes and want to create the illusion of a softer taper at the outer corner of your eye.

3. The Cat-Eye Style is a good choice for creating a dramatic taper since it elongates the round shape while also sharpening the corners of the round face.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes have a flick that extends upward across the outside corners of the eyes and is reminiscent of the almond shape of the human eye. In this scenario, the lashes curl upward, giving the illusion of natural cat eyes. As a consequence of this, individuals with this eye shape are able to magnificently carry off the most lash designs.

Recommended Styles:

1. Your client should consider getting a Natural Style lash treatment if they want to define their natural cat-eye shape without adding any drama to their appearance.

2. Select the Natural Sweep Style if you want to subtly highlight the contour of your eye while still adding a touch of drama.

3. The Cat-Eye Style can offer the maximum amount of drama to your natural cat-eye shape, which is perfect for clients who want to look absolutely stunning.

4. The Dolly Style is the most effective option for clients who want their eyes to appear larger while also making them appear more round than pointed.

Downturn Eyes

In contrast to upturned eyes, downturned eyes are characterized by lashes that curl downward across the periphery of the eye. If people with downturned eyes have their lashes extended in an inappropriate manner, they may give off the appearance of being fatigued or sleepy.

Because this kind of shape has a drop at the edges, lash techs shouldn’t use the cat-eye style because it exaggerates the downcast drop. Instead, they should employ a more traditional style.

Recommended Styles:

1. The shape will be more clearly defined once a Natural Style treatment has been applied, which will emphasize the natural lashes and the original shape.

2. Eyes with a droopy appearance can be opened up by using eyelash extensions in the Dolly Style, which also make the eyes appear brighter and more defined.

Small Eyes

It’s possible that you have small eyes if other facial characteristics, such your mouth and nose, make your eyes appear to be smaller than they really are. Having small eyes, on the other hand, does not preclude you from having almond, round, upturned, or downturned eyes.

Recommended Styles:

1. If you have small eyes, using the Dolly Style as your brow shape is a smart method to open up and widen your eyes in addition to making them more rounded.

Monolid Eyes

A monolid kind of eye is one in which the natural fold of the eyelid does not result in the formation of a crease but rather happens directly at the lash line.

Because lengthy lashes can protrude into the eyelid, this sort of eye shape does not work well with cat-eye styles, which are typically found in people of Asian descent.

Recommended Styles:

1. The Natural Style, which does not taper any corners, is the most effective method for defining and outlining the client’s lash line when the client has monolid eyes.

2. If you have monolid eyes, getting eyelash extensions in the Dolly Style can help open them up and give your eyes more definition.

Hooded Eyes

People frequently get hooded eyes and monolid eyes confused, yet they are not the same thing at all. However, hooded eyes are characterized by extra skin from the brow bone that folds over top of the upper eyelid, which can still have a crease. Hooded eyes can still have a crease.

Because drooping skin is a regular side effect of advancing age, this eye characteristic is extremely typical of mature women.

Recommended Styles:

1. If you have hooded eyes, you should get the Dolly Style since it helps to hide the excess skin around your eyes. In addition to this, it opens up the eye, which makes it appear brighter.

2. The natural look is another fantastic option that works really well with this eye feature.

How Do You Choose The Eyelash Style For Your Clients?

When selecting the most suitable type of eyelash extension style for your needs, there are five steps that should be taken into consideration:

1. Determine the eye shape of your client.

2. Determine the eye size of your client.

3. Find your client’s eye proportion

4. Find your client’s eye structure

5. Determine the direction in which the lashes are growing.

As a lash technician, it is essential for me to take into account these five aspects of each client in order to design a style that is unique to them and complements their physical characteristics.

When deciding which eyelash extension style is ideal for a client, it is essential to take into account the client’s eye shape in order to select the most appropriate design. Nevertheless, there are also four more aspects to take into account.

Let’s discuss them below.

Determine The Shape Of Your Customer’s Eyes

As we have seen, this is the most important aspect to take into account.

In the same way that knowing the shape of your body may help you discover clothes that fit you perfectly and understanding the shape of your face can help you apply cosmetics flawlessly, knowing the shape of your client’s eyes can help you develop an effective lash extension treatment for them.

In this piece, we will discuss the most common types of eye shapes, including hooded eyes, monolid eyes, hooded eyes, almond eyes, round eyes, eyes that turn up, eyes that turn down, small eyes, eyes that turn inward, and eyes that turn outward.

Determine the Size of Your Customers’ Eyes

The size of your client’s eyes might be classified as large, average, or small depending on the vertical and horizontal measurements of their eyeballs. One further rule that has been established through years of experience is to evaluate the proportion of the client’s eyes to the rest of the facial characteristics.

Find Your Clients Eye Proportion

The percentage refers to the distance between the eyes of your client or where they are situated in relation to one another.

It is considered to be a balanced-eye arrangement when the distance between your client’s eyes is approximately average. In addition, eyes that are positioned wide apart or close together are referred to as being set far or close, respectively.

Find Your Clients Eye Structure

The eyes of a customer are said to have a deep-set appearance when they are positioned very deeply within the eye socket.

The look of a person with bulging eyes is known as a “doe-eyed glare.” It is sometimes referred to as the prominent eye shape, the bulging eye shape, or the protruding eye form.

The orbital bone also tends to be less pronounced in people who have shallow-set eyes, and the bridge of the nose tends to be smaller in those with shallow-set eyes.

Determine The Direction In Which The Lashes Are Growing.

There are three primary ways that eyelashes can develop: vertically (upward), horizontally (straight), or vertically (downward).

A lash technician’s choice of curls is heavily dependent on the direction in which the lashes are growing.

What Should Your Customer Do Without The Eyelash Style They Like?

One may argue that styling is the most significant aspect of the work that we do. The styles that we chose for our customers ought to complement their natural features and help them feel and look their absolute best at all times.

Eye styling is selecting the appropriate lash mapping, which is determined by the particularities of the client’s eye anatomy, such as the depth, thickness, shape, and position of the eyebrows. The goal of proper styling is to draw attention to your most attractive qualities while hiding any defects you may have.

In the event that it is not possible for your lash clients to obtain the lash style that they prefer and require, it is your responsibility as their lash artist to recommend an alternative lash style while also offering a discount on your recommended lash style in order to please your client and convince them to go with the recommended style. Keep in mind that you are the lash artist for your customer, and as such, you should be aware of which styles will work best for them.

What Is The Most Popular Lash Style?

Eyelash extensions in the shape of a cat eye are undeniably the most common. In this particular cut, the extensions begin closer to the inner corner of the eye than they do the outer corner, where they remain rather short until they reach the very tip. The end effect is a raised and slightly tilted appearance that is complementary to a wide variety of eye forms. You have the option of making it highly dramatic or keeping it more natural.

A truly skilled eyelash technician might utilize extensions that are just a little bit shorter exactly above the corner of the outside of the eye. In this manner, the eyelashes will be able to elevate your eye up in a manner that is significantly more effective.

You can get the reverse effect if they are too long right at the corner where they meet the edge of the frame. It’s possible that your eyelash extensions are making your eyes look droopy, which is an appearance that’s becoming increasingly out of style.


Even though everyone’s eyes are different shapes and everyone has their own unique sense of style, there are some generalizations that can be made about which styles look best on each individual eye shape.

Keep in mind that there are primarily four different types to choose from:


The course of nature



The following five considerations must be taken into account while making your style selection:

Eye shape

Eye size

Eye proportion

Eye structure

The direction in which the eyelashes grow out.

Creating the ideal pair of eyelashes for a person with a certain set of facial traits shows the eye’s assets while concealing any deficiencies at the same time.

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