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Do You Have To Be Eighteen To Get Eyelash Extensions?

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Gone are the days when kids were free from the worries of makeup, lashes and all things seemingly feminine.  Nowadays, girls around 13 have a habit of wearing eyelashes.  Basically, to answer the question, many people today think that as long as they can speak up and stand up for themselves, they can put an eyelash extension on kids, at least on special occasions.

And when you think about it, there is not much to worry about as most of these lashes are safe to use.  With proper guidance from a parent present, wearing eyelash extensions can be a breeze.  Applying eyelash extensions has become a trend in almost every locality and even the little ones want to feel and look like adults.  This has caused parents to worry that they are not sure if it is safe for children to get eyelash extensions.

Beauty treatments can improve the appearance of those who use them, no matter how young or old they are.  That said, ethical considerations are at stake when performing cosmetic treatments on minors.  Eyelash extensions are like most beauty treatments and the question of the age limit to get them will arise as they are semi-permanent.

As a person ages, the need to look good also increases.  A 20-year-old woman will want to have eyelash extensions that make her look beautiful and that she is still able to participate in all the activities that people her age do.

When a person reaches thirty years old they will need eyelash extensions as they will not require much maintenance.  This is because you have a lot of commitments, including a husband, children, and a career to think about.

Women who are forty or older will want a beauty practice that makes them look younger and improve their appearance.  These folks are at the top of their game and would not want a beauty practice that takes too long.

Knowing the right age for beauty procedures like ear piercings and eyelash extensions is never easy.  For most spas and salons in most places, the minimum age is not required.  But parental consent must be provided for minors.  Legality aside, you may still be wondering what a good age is to get eyelash extensions. Do you have to be of a certain age for the eyelashes to stick?  What are the other considerations for getting an eyelash extension?

We will answer all of this and explain it in more detail below.

Minimum age requirements to get eyelash extensions

There is no set age when someone can get eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are relatively safe as long as they are applied hygienically.  Proper hygiene is essential.

Eyelash extensions seem to be widely accepted for special occasions such as historical reenactments, proms, and school imagery.  However, for many parents, wearing eyelashes every day can seem too pretentious.

Nowadays children are growing too fast for their age and eyelash extensions are accelerating the 13-30 year concept.  80% of children between the ages of 9 and 11 in the United States use a beauty product, and over 50% of children between the ages of 12 and 14 use mascara, eyeliner, and foundation.

As an eyelash artist, clients over the age of 18 should be able to come into your salon at any time for an eyelash session.  All you need to do is explain everything they need to know during the consultation if it is their first time and they are ready to go.  But if they are under 18, parental consent should be a necessary first step in your salon.

You must request that their parent or guardian be present during the consultation and sign the consent form.

What is a good age to get eyelash extensions?

While salon lash extensions offer a semi-permanent result, they will not last for a lifetime.  At best, you can expect eyelash extensions to last around 3 weeks.

As the days go by, the lash extensions will gradually fall out.  If you want to maintain their beauty, you will need to advise them on the need for regular fillers, just like they would with their acrylic nails.

That said, a good age to get eyelash extensions is when they are old enough to know how to care for them.  They don’t just make them and then forget about them.  Your client’s eyelashes need care and there are things they shouldn’t do to extend their life.

The dollar rules

As a general rule, a good age to get them is when they are old enough to afford them.

Of course, it is great if someone can pay for them.  However, this would generally mean that they will only receive them once and they will not refill regularly.

It is not bad because they might still try to get them.  They simply would not enjoy the perks and benefits eyelash extension offers for a long time.

People usually get eyelash extensions to save some time in their daily makeup routine.  It is a great solution for those who are too busy to spend a lot of time applying makeup or applying lashes.

If they tend to wear false eyelashes often, eyelash extensions are a great alternative.  There is no need to attach them in the morning and then remove them at the end of the day.  No cleaning, no reuse. It simply provides comfort.

How do eyelash extension salons decide the age limit for minors?

There are no specific laws in the United States that prevent teens from having cosmetic surgery;  however, parental consent is required for patients under the age of 18.

In the tattoo industry, all 50 states of the United States require the recipient to be over 18 years old.

The same does not apply to hair extensions, body wax, or eyelash extensions.  It is up to the owners of eyelash extension salons to define their child policy based on their ethical sentiments.

How do salon owners know where to draw the line when it comes to the age limit for eyelash extensions?

Let’s find out below.

Insurance policy

Some insurance companies may have age restrictions for minors who want eyelash extensions. Salon owners should contact their insurance companies to make sure their minor policy meets their insurance policy and maintains coverage.

Ethical policy

The minimum age at which most professional eyelash technicians feel comfortable with extensions is the legal age. The beauty industry is in control when it comes to catering to minors.  When you see girls as young as 11 shaving bikinis, for example, the question of sexualization in children needs to be discussed.

Eyelash extension stylists must make an ethical decision in deciding where to draw the line.

Social responsability

Ultimately, lash stylists have a moral and social responsibility in offering their services. Whatever the decision, cosmetic treatments for children must be carried out with the consent and supervision of the parents. As a justification, records of the treatments carried out on minors must also be kept.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Use Eyelash Extensions On Younger Clients

Professionals applying eyelash extensions must decide where they want to draw the line when it comes to age.

There are some that perform extensions on children up to 12 years old.  However, many still don’t want to do this for the following reasons:


First, they should consider whether their insurance covers the provision of this service to young people. They should check with their supplier first so that if anything happens they are still covered.

Chemical exposure

The second reason is the exposure of younger children to chemicals.  To get eyelash extensions, eyelash glue is used. The composition of the glue for glasses can include various chemicals that may irritate the eyes.  There are many types of glue, and even those for sensitive eyes can have irritating properties.

Care Concerns

Another reason that eyelash extension artists avoid extensions on young people is that young people may not be able to care for extensions properly.  If the results do not last long, the client would be wasting her money, or worse, calling to complain about the job!

False eyelashes to the rescue

For the most part, minors are better off with false, magnetic, or glued lashes. False lashes that can be removed at the end of the day are much easier for minors to manage than eyelash extensions. There are many fabulous temporary false eyelash selections that you may still be wearing for that party or event.

The main reason for having an eyelash extension procedure is simply to avoid repeatedly applying and removing false eyelashes. If your client or their child is just thinking about getting eyelash extensions for that special event, the temporary solution is almost certainly the way to go.

Disadvantages of getting eyelash extensions when you are too young.

Now that you know how salons set the age limit for minors who want eyelash extensions, it is time to look at the downsides of getting eyelash extensions when you are too young.

School Policies

Some schools have no makeup rules, others allow high school students to wear makeup naturally, and others prohibit it altogether.

Depending on which school you attend, getting eyelash extensions may or may not be a cause for concern while in the schoolyard.  So check your minor client check their school dress code or talk to interested people.  If makeup is not allowed, eyelash extensions will likely be denied as well.


Eyelash extensions are not cheap.  The cost of eyelash extensions varies greatly depending on clients’ location and the salon they choose.  On average, they can expect to pay between $ 75 and $ 300 for a new game and between $ 50 and $ 100 for reloads every two to four weeks.

So, if you have a minor client and they obviously they don’t make their own money, this means asking their parents to pay part of the substantial sum every few weeks.

Once they start wearing extensions, it can be too boring to go back to their natural lashes.  They may become addicted to your new lashes!


Unlike eyebrow care or hair dyeing, eyelash extensions come with some after-sales care requirements to maintain their hold, shape and curl.

For example, your clients should not wet their lashes for four hours right after application, whether they are exercising, swimming or showering. They should also prioritize sleeping on their back and avoid cotton pillowcases.

The list of things they need to do to keep eyelash extensions healthy and natural lashes is something to consider.  So unless your minor client is ready to compromise on aftermarket care, eyelash extensions may not be the perfect option.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Advantages of getting eyelash extensions when you’re young.

Eyelash extensions should be avoided for teenagers, but there are certainly reasons why they are appropriate.

Eyelash extensions are a type of semi-permanent makeup used to make clients look prettier.  For most women, lush, long, or thick lashes also bring a lot of self-confidence as they help beautify blemishes.

However, remember that eyelash extensions have the advantage of lasting more than a day, unlike strip lashes!  Even if they bought them for a one-day event, they can still enjoy them for a couple of weeks.

There are many cases where minors choose to get natural-looking eyelash extensions to get around the no makeup rule at school.

But in general, wearing extensions every day is no longer uncommon for senior-grade students.

7 items an eyelash extension artist should always request from an underage client who wants to have an eyelash extension

As a lash artist, it is mandatory to request the following items from your minor clients before providing them with eyelash extension services.  Convincing their parents is not enough.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Fill out the consent form:

When your clients are under 18, they must submit the signed parental consent form to your salon’s management to get eyelash extensions.  Advise them to talk to their parents.

Learn more about mandatory parental presence:

Most salons require at least one of their client’s parents to be present while the lash technician performs a consultation when you are a minor.

They should find a good time:

Minors will not receive appointments for eyelash extension treatments during class time. Determine a good time when your minor client and their parent are free to make an appointment.

Reveal Your Allergies and Medical Issues:

Most legitimate eyelash extension studios, require their minor clients to fill out a client intake form.  As a lash extension artist, it is best for you to always advise them to always disclose any allergies they may have.

Commit to Aftersales Care:

Ensure that minors and parents of minors should perform full aftersales care on eyelash extensions, as lack of this can lead to poor retention, infection, natural eyelash baldness, and, at worst, eyelash mites.

Take a test:

Advise your minor client to start with a small set of classic eyelash extensions and feel the responsibility that comes with it.  Because the classic set is customized for them and only adds one extension to each of their natural lashes, it will not look heavy or unnatural to them or anyone who looks at it.

Be a good eyelash technician:

The last need is to be an authorized technician who has experience in making eyelash extensions for girls and minors.  Have a consultation session with your minor client to familiarize yourself with the process.


So, to sum it up, it is perfectly safe for girls between the ages of 11 and 13 to wear eyelash extensions, especially on special occasions like photo shoots, reenactments, and even school proms if their parents trust them enough.  It will always depend on their parenting practice.  When it comes to eyelash extensions for minors, not everyone can get them.  Salons make such rules based on many things.

First, they should check with insurers that they rarely cover semi-permanent makeup such as eyelash extensions for minors.  Additionally, the eyelash artist may not feel ethical or comfortable doing these treatments for even younger teenagers.

Although eyelash extensions are amazing tools for beautifying clients’ eyes at special events like prom, homecoming, birthdays, or graduation, they also require high maintenance and crucial responsibilities.  Some schools may not allow this, others find it rather difficult to maintain, or it may be too expensive for parents to cover every few weeks.

You can definitely get eyelash extensions at any age.  However, it is not ideal for minors for several reasons.  They may not be able to properly care for eyelash extensions, so the procedure would not last.  Exposure to chemicals should also be avoided.

Aside from that, some eyelash artists will gladly do them with parental consent.

Also, there are other considerations when it comes to eyelash extensions.  People with eye diseases, sensitive or allergic to glue, and those who have had eyelash perm should not opt for eyelash extensions.

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