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Chemical Product Label Customization


Customer Profile

The story of L**d started with a dream to provide the best treats to everyone. And true to this realization, the founder was able to start this beauty business that ensured everyone walking through its doors had the best images of themselves. So what exactly is L**d all about? As to the dream, they are a business committed to providing the best beauty treats.

Hence, their scope goes beyond lashes. They also have an academy where the founder helps others to grow into being bosses themselves. There is also the part of the business focused on making the best of nails, hair, and many more!


Customer Need

There was a need for a label and box for this branded super bonder from L**d.



Gollee has placed itself not only as an industry leader in the supplies of lash extensions and related supplies. Moreso, it provides its services to businesses looking to produce branded products. And such was the case of L**d, looking to produce labels and boxes for their super bonder en masse. Now, how did Gollee go about this?

It was with joy that Gollee presented the client’s need to its team of designers. These are professionals who understand all there is to when it comes to product design. They came up with different design pattern samples that fit the client’s needs.

With this, Gollee could present the samples to the client. Having found what works best for their vision, they entrusted Gollee with the mass production of labeled bottles and boxes for its packaging.

Gollee’s customization service makes your dreams of meeting every lash customer need possible. They have professionals who are always ready to help you create designs for your own brand of super bonders. And this design spans various materials and colors for the bottle body and cap. Moreover, you can have the design also specify the bottle size you prefer.

There’s just about no limit to how much help Gollee offers to everyone looking to bring their branded lash liquid into the market. And its production? With Gollee’s super factory strength, the last thing clients worry about is not meeting their supply needs. The R&D team is well-trained and professional in the field.

The advanced equipment in the workshop ensures the seamless production and testing of all products. The workshop is also dust-free, so our clients have no complaints of irritation when they apply the products for their customers. Finally, no product leaves the factory without being properly checked to ensure its high quality is not compromised.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


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We can generally make samples within 7-15 working days.

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