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How To Prevent The Lash Stickie

GOLLEE Eyelash Extension

A ‘lash stickie’ is a lash industry slang term for one lash being glued to its neighboring lash – they’re super damaging, and not to mention painful! This is usually due to poor isolation by the lash artist, the glue used is too slow to set, or too much glue is applied to the lash extensions. If you’ve never had a stickie, first of all, congratulations, secondly take it from me that it’s unbelievably unpleasant! Every blink feels like something is pinching your eyelids, which can drive you crazy. You will also most likely want to pick/pull it, which will also damage your lashes from the root.

Here are some tips on how to prevent lash stickie.

For Lash Artist

Choose The Right Lash Extension Glue For the Client

A glue that dries too slowly can cause the glue to stick to other lashes. Therefore, choosing a quick-drying glue is the best way to prevent eyelashes from sticking. 

If using a slower drying glue or a more viscous glue, hold the tweezers in place for a few seconds and wait for the glue to properly bond to the lashes. This is the best way to prevent the glue from sticking to the eyelashes, but it should be noted that this is not a 100% guarantee that the eyelashes will not stick together.

Use the right amount of lash extension glue

Dip the extension into the middle of the glue, then slide it out slowly to make sure the amount you dip is a small coating covering 2mm from the bottom of the lash extension. Since you don’t need too much glue on the extension, More glue is not going to make longer retention.

Do not wash off excess glue with a glue palette or gel pads if you have too much glue on the extension! Simply place the extension in the middle of the glue dot and pull it out slowly. It will adjust to the appropriate amount of adhesive.

Improve the technical level of yourself

Work in layers: Layering the lashes and extending the lashes layer by layer, can minimize the risk of glue sticking to your lashes while increasing the use time. Because in this way, the lashes are easily isolated and the extended lashes are more firmly attached to your natural lashes. 

“Lash By Lash”: This is where you simply apply the lash, then apply the lash directly next to it but this technique can be risky. If the lash you just applied hasn’t dried properly, you can easily get into a sticky situation when applying for the next extension!

Wait: When you have applied one lash, then leave a gap of, say, 10 natural lashes before applying for the next extension, giving the glue time to dry.

It’s also beneficial to apply evenly on both eyes – giving the glue more time to dry before the lashes move again! This technique is probably the safest.

Double Check Before Completion

It’s worth setting aside a few minutes at the end of the treatment for a final check to make sure you haven’t missed any lash stickie. Check each lash from root to tip with your tweezers. Separate the stickies if there are any. Ask your client to blink a few times, and roll her eyes in different directions to see if there’s any discomfort. It may seem that checking stickies is time-consuming but we guarantee you. It’s worth the time! The client’s safety is always the priority for their health and your career.

If lash stickie appears

Ask the client to slowly open the eye and have a quick look to see where it’s stuck, then close their eyes again, then isolate the one lash which is sticking to the bottom one and remove it on its own. Re-open the client’s eyes to check to make sure it’s not still stuck and then re-apply the one lash after moving the pads to make sure it won’t happen again.

For personal

Eyelash cleaning

Eyelash Waist Cleaning: Take two cotton swabs, dip them in eyelash cleaning solution or pure water, one above the false eyelashes and one below the false eyelashes, gently wipe the eyelashes back and forth with two cotton swabs

Eyelash root cleaning: Take a cotton swab, dip it in eyelash cleaning solution or pure water, lift the upper eyelid with one hand, and gently wipe the root of the eyelashes with a wet cotton swab with the other hand. (Be careful to wipe lightly, too much force will wipe off the eyelashes.)


Gently dry the eyelashes with a hairdryer at the lowest speed, of course, drying them naturally without a blow dryer is the best way.

Combing Eyelashes

Gently comb the eyelashes with a small eyelash comb, after each face wash or facial cleansing, use an eyelash brush to gently comb the eyelashes in the direction of the eyelashes, which can take away the dust and bacteria that the eyelashes stick to daily life, and also help extend the maintenance time of eyelashes extension. Note: the lighter the action, the less likely it will hurt the grafted false eyelashes, so you must be careful when combing.

Why Do Eyelashes Stick

Bad Daily Habits

Your lash artist will probably advise you to avoid sleeping on your face since extensions can become bent during your sleep. Another, you like to rub your eyes with your hands, and the grafted eyelashes can easily be rubbed into bunches by you. Of course, it can be difficult to avoid that sometimes, so what do you do when your extensions blend into each other? First, try to gently straighten them to return them to their natural curl. If that doesn’t work, you may need to return to the salon to see if your lash artist can provide a solution.

Careless when doing makeup 

  • When drawing eyeliner, it is drawn into the root of the eyelashes, which makes the normal eyelashes crooked by the eyeliner. 
  • After grafting the eyelashes, and wearing false eyelashes, the glue of false eyelashes is very sticky, which will cause the eyelashes extension to fail.
  • Mascara can be problematic as well since it can lead to a greasy effect that acts to clump the lashes together in an unattractive and sometimes painful way. It is not recommended to apply mascara after grafting the eyelashes, it is easy to cause the eyelashes to stick together. But if you do feel the need to apply mascara, follow these simple tips:

1. Always use fresh mascara rather than old, dried makeup.

2. Brush the mascara on carefully, going from the brush to the tips.

3. Let the first coat dry before you even think about applying a second.

Misoperation during grafting

when the lash artist extends eyelashes, must connect them one by one, when extending eyelashes, should not get too much glue, too much glue will easily make the surrounding small eyelashes stick together, and easily penetrates the eyes.


oily skin; using skincare products are oily or semi-oily products.

Why are lash stickies so bothersome?

Stickies can worsen your eyes, inflicting you unconsciously rubbing your eyes or contact with the extensions excessively. This can also additionally bring about decreased retention, which nobody wants!

On the greater excessive side, if this happens frequently, it can negatively affect the natural lash growth and bring about irreversible lash loss. 

What is sticky? 

The first form of stickie is when a baby lash gets stuck to an extension. This is one of the most common and one of the worst situations of stickies.

The second form of sticky is while extensions are caught together. This form of sticky is perfect to identify while checking your extensions on the quit of the remedy [1] and the perfect manner to separate. We constantly propose you test your work for stickies while you’ve finished!

Finally, the third kind of stickiness is that two natural eyelashes stick together. This may happen when you remove false eyelashes due to incorrect positioning or too much glue after Eyelash Extension on a natural eyelash. Because there is still glue residue on the natural eyelashes, when you move the natural eyelashes for isolation again, it is easy to make them adhere to the adjacent eyelashes.

After Eyelash Extension Nursing Advice

1. Avoid swimming and facial massage within 48 hours of eyelashes extension. A humid environment can easily cause eyelashes to fall out.

2. Avoid the use of eyeliner, mascara, and eyelash curlers, which causes lashes excessively thick and heavy.

3. Trying to use oil-free products when removing makeup. Use a soft cotton-padded jacket to gently wipe the roots of false eyelashes to avoid affecting the effect of the glue and even causing the glue to whiten;

4. Do not get wet for 6-8 hours to ensure adequate sleep before eyelash extending;

5. Drink less water after extension to reduce eyelid edema;

With the right care and attention, you can either avoid or correct lash extension clumping. If you want to know more about GOLLEE eyelash glue, you can click on our product page.

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