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Ten Principles Of Preservation Of Eyelash Glue

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Eyelash glue is used to stick eyelash extensions, which can make the eyelash extension stick firmly to your eyelashes and enlarge the eyes. However, the aging speed of eyelash glue is too fast, so pay attention to the shelf life of eyelash glue. Many factors can affect lash extension glue to perform its optimum quality, but you can avoid that with good glue knowledge! We have outlined some of the essential tips below that may help you.

Shake The Glue Before Use

Eyelash glue not only contains cyanoacrylate for bonding but also stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator, pigments, and other composite compounds. Therefore, before use, the glue needs to be shaken to mix all the ingredients in the glue, which can ensure the best performance of the glue and long-lasting retention. Shaking method: open lid and use a red pin, hold the bottle with two fingers, and shake the glue from side to side at least 30 times to get the best state of the glue. Note: do not shake without a red pin, as this will cause the lid to be glued and unable to open the lid. Ruining a new bottle of eyelash glue is really frustrating.

Shelf life

In order to ensure the quality and enhance the durability of the grafted eyelashes, it is necessary to strictly control the golden life cycle of the glue. The life cycle of the unopened glue is 6 months, and the golden life cycle of the opened glue is 3 In order to ensure the quality and enhance the durability of eyelash extension, it is necessary to strictly control the golden life cycle of the glue. The life cycle of the unopened glue is 6 months, and the golden life cycle of the opened glue is 3 months. After the eyelash glue is opened, it will gradually solidify in contact with the air, and the glue will become viscous and affect the use effect. It is recommended to use it up within 3 months after opening. It’s a good idea to mark the first use date on a new bottle of glue before using it, so you don’t forget how long you’ve used it. After the expiration date, you should replace it with a new one in time. Don’t be reluctant to give up a bottle of expired glue, otherwise, it will cause damage to your eyes!

Wipe Clean

After using the glue, wipe the glue mouth, the edge of the glue mouth, and the glue on the bottle cap in time. To prevent the glue from overflowing and blocking the glue mouth, the lid is not tightly closed, and the glue in the bottle is solidified. How to check: Tilt the bottle 45° until the glue no longer overflows. Note: Do not use any material containing lint, because the lint may stick to the glue mouth, causing the drip opening to fail to close properly, which will affect the quality of the glue and shorten the service life of the glue.

Use Temperature

It is best to maintain the room temperature at 20-24°C. If the temperature is too high, the quality of eyelash glue will decrease and affect the viscosity; otherwise, the quality of eyelash glue will also be affected if the temperature is too low.


After each use of the glue, be sure to tighten the cap firmly. Don’t just “cover” glue mouth because of rush or forgetting, and let the glue be exposed to the air for more than an hour, and contact with the air for a long time will cause the glue to be contaminated. In order to ensure the service life of the glue, it should always be ensured that the glue does not come into contact with water when not in use. Note: Be sure to vent the air from the bottle before capping it!

Moisture Barrier

The best humidity for storing eyelash glue is 55%-65%. When the humidity reaches 65% or above, eyelash glue will react with the water in the air, resulting in faster hardening speed, lower strength, and toughness, and it will be much weaker than normal; on the contrary, the humidity is too low because there is not enough If the moisture is used to help, the hardening speed of the eyelash glue will be slowed down. Therefore, keep the eyelash glue in the air humidity of 55%-65%, and at the same time, be sure to put it in the aluminum bag distributed with the glue, and store it upright.

Sealed Storage

Try to store the glue in a closed container, once the glue is opened and exposed to oxygen, it will start to break down. To delay the process as long as possible, store it upright in an airtight container or bag. You can include dry rice or silica beads, or silica gel packs to further absorb moisture.

Prohibition Of Sub-Packaging

The eyelash glue bottle is specially designed to ensure that the glue inside the bottle stays fresh for a long time. Therefore, it is forbidden to transfer the glue to any other ordinary plastic or glass containers, and at the same time, it is forbidden to take the glue out and then pour it back into the bottle, which will contaminate other glues in the bottle and make it impossible to continue to use it!

Do Not Suck Back

When squeezing the glue, it is like squeezing eye drops to squeeze out water droplets. After squeezing out, you must remember that even if you squeeze too much, you cannot let the glue shrink back into the bottle. If you find that you have taken too much glue, you can ignore it, otherwise, you will lose a whole bottle of glue! In addition, the glue remaining in the dropper should be squeezed out by pressing to avoid backflow and contaminating the glue in the bottle.

Prevent Direct Sunlight

The glue should be kept in a cool place, if not handled properly, it may cause the glue to deteriorate. The sun shines directly on the glue. If the temperature is too high, it will melt and stick, but if the temperature is too low, it will cause the components to separate or dew. Therefore, after using the eyelash glue, it must be placed in a cool place at moderate temperature.

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