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Brand Story

Gollee, a manufacturer specializing in eyelash extensions industry, focused on production and did not involve market sales before 2017.

When the owner Anna learned by chance that some customers in the industry were not very satisfied with “Made in China”, she came to some ideas after deeply thinking.

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Subsequently, Anna held a mobilization meeting. All employees were determined to work together to make the best products and services.

Over the years, Gollee has been continuously researching to improve production technology and quality control system.


Line up lashes one by one for better density of each row.


To maintain amazing curl retention and consistency.


Every batch of lashes are 100% checked to meet the curl standard.


Eyelashes are manually assembled with Japanese tapes by skilled workers.


All products must be 100% examined and packed with export-exclusive cartons to avoid any damages during shipping.

During the time period, Gollee has also opened the sales department and began to do marketing.

Facing inquiries from all over the world, Gollee provides dedicated services for each customer, finding out their needs and proposing solutions.

In addition to business contacts, Gollee hopes to establish more friendly relations with customers. At some important moments, such as customers’ birthday, wedding anniversary, childbirth, Christmas and other holidays, Gollee will send them the best wishes.

Customers’ great satisfaction and continuous support for products and services is the biggest motivation for Gollee to move forward.


Create the most beautiful career for women in the world
Control quality, treat customers like friends
Care for employees and accomplish employees
Dedication, cooperation, gratitude, efficiency, result-oriented
To be continued

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