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The Difference between a Lash Tech and a Lash Artist

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We can easily and quickly respond to your question. Training and dedication are what separates a lash technician from a lash artist. There is a huge difference and you need to understand the difference between the two. One doesn’t make you better than the other, but it puts you on a different level.

It’s what makes any company unique in our market, or any other, for that matter! The more credentials, or certifications in the lash business, you have, the more in demand you are because your work will speak for itself. Additionally, as you gain experience, you’ll be able to justify raising your fees and expanding the range of services you offer. Who would not desire that? But first, I’m going to explain to you who lash artists are and lash techs.

Lash Tech

A lash technician is an expert in the field of eyelashes who adds semi-permanent eyelash extensions to a client’s natural lashes to lengthen and volumize them. If you enjoy interacting with people and are interested in the beauty industry, a career as a lash technician may be rewarding. You may decide if becoming a lash technician is a career you are interested in by learning how to get into the field and what the work entails.

A lash technician is a specific type of beauty expert that focuses on applying fake eyelashes. An individual who gives their clients aesthetic eyelash treatments is referred to as an eyelash technician. These procedures could involve coloring customers’ natural lashes, finishing a lash lift, or adding semi-permanent eyelash extensions to already-existing lashes. Customers frequently seek out these procedures to help their eyelashes look longer and fuller without the use of mascara.

It’s typical for lash technicians to also provide brow procedures, such as waxing and tinting.

Job Responsibilities of a Lash Technician

Lash technicians are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Giving clients post-treatment care instructions, such as telling them not to rub or contact their eyes for a certain amount of time following treatment.
  • Following all state laws for equipment and supply sterilization and disinfection.
  • Keeping everything clean at all times to avoid getting exposed to diseases and other dangerous issues
  • Before application, clean the client’s eyelashes with an antibacterial solution.
  • Employing techniques like bonding individual synthetic lashes one by one to existing lashes using a specific adhesive to apply eyelash extensions
  • Finishing eyelash tints and lifts, among other cosmetic eyelash procedures.
  • Educating yourself about the latest eyelash extension methods and supplies.
  • Purchase supplies like eyelashes, glue, and cleaning supplies.

Task Requirements for a Lash Technician

One might have to finish the following to become a lash technician:

  • Education: The majority of firms demand that lash technicians have a high school certificate or GED as a minimum. A bachelor’s degree in cosmetology or a similar discipline is preferred by some jobs. Anatomy, chemistry, business, and cosmetology classes are all included in conventional two-year cosmetology programs.
  • US States: The kind of license required to work as a lash technician varies depending on the state in the US. You can need a license that covers lash extensions specifically, a license as a cosmetologist or esthetician, or both, in some states. There is no particular license required for lash technicians in other states.
  • Training & Experience: The majority of lash technicians will be trained by their employers while they are working. This instruction will typically cover the salon’s products, how to clean the tools, and how to provide the services. Depending on the salon, the training might take anywhere from one to three months to complete.
  • Certifications & Licenses: Lash technicians can work in the field without a license or certificate. But some salons might favor lash specialists who hold this certification.

How to become a Lash technician

It may be the ideal approach to launch or advance your career in the beauty business to become a trained lash technician. It can also be a terrific way to pick up new talents and learn new methods.

Here are the particular steps you must do to obtain certification:

Make inquiries about lash training

Training is necessary to become a qualified lash technician, of course. But don’t worry; the training process for eyelash extensions is enjoyable! The best part is that once you have earned your certification as a lash technician, you can start giving clients a brand-new pair of eyelash extensions to make them look amazing.

Everything you require to launch your career as a licensed lash technician will be covered in a lash certification course. This is the first and most crucial step you will take in your new job, from sanitation to application!

The cost of eyelash extension certification courses ranges from $300 to $2,000. The price variations of lash lessons are influenced mainly by content, kit, duration, and reputation.

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Look for a Training Program for Eyelash Extensions at a Qualified School

Finding a recognized institution that provides training in eyelash extensions is the first step. Numerous institutions offer this kind of instruction, so it’s critical to conduct your research and choose one with a solid reputation and program.

Obtaining certification will guarantee that you have mastered several methods for applying lash extensions, including classic, volume, and hybrid. Additionally, you will receive training in client care, styling theory, and sanitization.

Even business-related topics like starting a business, promoting your services, pricing theory, and other related issues may be included in some certifications.

Attend Your Certification Training for Eyelash Extensions

The sort of certification you receive and the institution you are attending will determine the length of the training.

If a certification merely covers the fundamentals of lash extensions, it might be shorter. These are beneficial for those who are just getting started and want to have a feel for applying for lash extensions before enrolling in a longer or more complicated course.

Other certifications may last longer and include more in-depth material, including advanced application techniques, business strategies, styling, etc.

Get a Starter Kit and Practice With Your Family or Friends

I’m aware of many eyelash extension certification programs that include or charge extra for a starter kit.

It takes time to master the technique of eyelash extensions.

It’s crucial to continue improving your abilities after your certification training. Asking friends or family members if you may apply their eyelashes for free is a terrific method to practice and gain experience.

Take the certification exam and pass it.

Both a written and practical portion are often required for certification tests. Before you may take the exam for some certifications, you might even need to complete a certain minimum amount of hours.

Become a Certified Lash Technician for These Advantages

Being a trained lash technician has many incredible advantages. I’ll just mention a few:

  • You want to be recognized as an experienced specialist in the field as a lash technician. Possessing your qualification guarantees that you are confident and regularly provide lovely, long-lasting outcomes.
  • Anyone who enjoys making their clients feel confident and gorgeous might consider being a lash technician. This work is enjoyable since I get to see daily changes and smiles from satisfied clients.
  • Having the knowledge and abilities to deliver a professional service will give you more confidence.
  • Since your clients can see that you are certified, you can stand out from unlicensed lash artists.
  • Gain access to premium services and education that aren’t generally available to the public.
  • Have a network of licensed lash technicians you can communicate with and choose tips from.
  • Price your products more expensively than your uncertified rivals.
  • Keep up with the most recent lash trends and procedures.

Lash Artist

If you enjoy using makeup to create looks, have a natural desire to make people feel good, possess the aesthetic sense to achieve perfection, are enthusiastic about your work, are professional, are patient with clients, and have an eye for detail, then being a lash artist is the best choice. You’re qualified to work as a lash artist. Well! You must be wondering how to turn your interest in becoming a lash artist into a career by this point. You could be considering whether becoming one is worthwhile.

Lash artists typically offer consultations to their clients to learn more about what they are looking for and assist in adding lash extensions to a client’s natural eyelashes.

Additionally, lash techs are in charge of instructing their customers on how to properly care for their new lashes. To prevent harming the glue holding the eyelashes in place, this can include instructions on how to properly clean them or how to refrain from rubbing their eyes. Lash artist job is to consult with their clients and inform them which eyelash extension shape best suits their facial features. Also, they focus on professionalizing themselves and bringing high-quality service to clients instead of just thinking about money and taking ten clients per day.

However, becoming a licensed lash technician is a requirement before becoming a lash artist. To become a lash artist, you must enroll in training classes. After that, you can start your own business after gathering expertise and professionalizing yourself.

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The benefits of being a lash artist

There are numerous benefits to becoming a lash artist. Extensions have become extremely popular over the past five years, both domestically and internationally. This booming area of the beauty industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and there are plenty of opportunities to become a lash artist.

Experiment with your imagination and problem-solving abilities

You will have the opportunity to transform a client’s dream into a reality as an artist. Every client will have different goals and difficulties that you must resolve however you see fit; this will put your problem-solving abilities to the test. You can change a person’s appearance by giving them the appearance of permanent eyeliner, fuller-yet-natural lashes, or even a slightly different eye shape by attentively listening to your client’s goals and needs. There’s a reason why we refer to them as lash artists—you’re producing art!

Assist clients in being their fullest true selves

Lash extensions have the advantage of enhancing a person’s natural beauty in a subtle yet noticeable way rather than physically changing their face. For many people feeling more beautiful without significantly changing their look is essential.

The majority of individuals frequently turn to specialists to alter or improve their looks, whether through new clothing, makeup, or hairstyles. Therefore, those looking for extensions will contact you for advice.

Increasing or expanding your current clientele

Adding lash treatments to your book as an established cosmetologist or esthetician is an excellent opportunity to position yourself as a jack-of-all-trades, increase the range of services you offer to your current clientele, and, of course, attract new customers.

Create connections with skilled lash artists and beauty brands

When you pursue a career as a lash artist, you will receive training from professional stylists who are the finest in their field and wish to share their expertise with aspiring lash technicians. During your training, you’ll not only learn the skills necessary for lashing, but you’ll also develop business ties with these stylists and the businesses, salons, and lash studios they represent. The benefits of networking at such a young age are innumerable and include significant lifetime savings on lash materials and tools, hiring priority, lifetime mentoring with your trainers, and advice on professional marketing, social media, and photographic techniques, among other things.

Working at your own pace

Lash artists are capable of working flexible hours. Along with the opportunity to work for oneself, there are jobs available at salons. Working in a salon offers a more reliable schedule. The ability to create your customers and set your own hours is provided by working freelancing.

Being Satisfied

Being a lash artist gives you freedom and independence, which leads to high career satisfaction. In fact, in a global poll, 80% of lash artists who participated indicated happiness with their careers. Being a lash artist has several advantages. It’s a true work of art! One of the most delicate parts is seeing clients happy with their outcomes. Lash extensions can completely change someone’s appearance because lash artists rely heavily on advertising, so customer happiness is crucial. Building a clientele is accomplished by having satisfied customers tell their friends about their lash artist.

Job responsibilities of a lash artist

  • Meeting with clients to learn about their needs for eyelash extensions.
  • Presenting consumers with the lash alternatives that best match their tastes and facial features.
  • Conducting consultations to determine the client’s best options for eyelash extensions in terms of color and length
  • Advising on using aftercare treatments properly and regarding the products’ ingredients
  • Educating patients on how to take care of themselves after therapy, along with how long results should last or what they should do if an infection develops

How to become a lash artist

You need to start off as a lash tech. you might consult my previous paragraphs on “How to become a lash technician.” Finding your best application technique and practicing endlessly are the keys to being a skilled lash artist. Although this varies from technician to technician, on average, it takes them three to six months of practice before they can be lash artists.

Tips to become a successful lash artist

1. Finding the right course

Finding the best training class requires a lot of research. The first step is to look for a reputable school that offers eyelash extension training.

2. Devote time and effort

This stage is straightforward and obvious: you must put effort into anything you want to do. Don’t be afraid to put your time and effort into this career if you plan to pursue it full-time. Give it some time; becoming a professional can take longer. However, the more time, work, and energy you put into something, the more gratifying it becomes.

3. Having a mentor

It’s beneficial to have a mentor who will help you recognize your skills and flaws. Never undervalue the power of a professional friendship since it will lead you on a road of excellence and professionalism.

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Final Thoughts

By definition, a technician is someone skilled in a specific technique, art, or craft. We use this phrase to refer to anyone who has received training and demonstrated proficiency in the application of eyelash extensions. A lash technician would be familiar with the fundamentals of application theories. They approach every client using a formula that is driven by the goals of a salon.

We incorrectly believe that the terms “lash stylist” and “lash artist” are synonymous. They do, however, differ from lash technicians in that they have not only the ability and knowledge to create but also the experience to do so. They can freely design more customized settings for customers while still using safe, healthy application methods.

But there is a distinction between a lash technician and a lash artist. To be a lash artist, you must first be a lash technician. You must attend a training session and obtain certification or a license. Being a lash artist, it is essential to have sufficient experience to assist your clients and accomplish their goals of looking fabulous.

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