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Taking A Break From Eyelash Extensions

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Although we are completely smitten with how eyelash extensions make our eyes pop, many of our clients are concerned that they might harm their natural lashes. We’re here to reassure you that you won’t need to take breaks from wearing lash extensions if you get them applied by a skilled lash technician and take proper care of them.

Eyelash extensions not only look stunning, but they can also give your natural lashes the extra volume, length, and thickness they lack. The nicest thing about eyelash extensions is that they can last up to 4 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about having to reapply mascara or additional lashes on top of them to maintain your appearance.

Before letting a client continue, lash technicians must understand the rationale for and the correct way to take them on a break. The need for a break is influenced by a variety of factors, but being aware of these elements can help you deliver the best service possible.

We frequently hear statements like, “I’m giving up on getting eyelash extensions because they hurt my eyes and I don’t think the salon is doing them right” and “I want to try something different.” There are various reasons why customers decide to stop using eyelash extensions, some of which have never been mentioned before!

Why do clients need to take a break from eyelash extensions?

Unskilled clients are not unfamiliar with the luxurious world of eyelash extensions. As a trained lash artist, you could come across customers who are concerned about the health of their natural lashes and the potential harm that extensions could do to them. Some fear that this process may cause their natural lashes to fall out too soon, while others believe it will strain them. Eyelash extensions are a highly safe procedure—but only if they are applied by trained professionals who have all the necessary credentials. However, there are very few situations in which clients are suggested to take a break from their dazzling extensions.

Eyelash extensions shouldn’t harm your natural lashes if they are administered appropriately by a skilled lash extension professional using the right tools and materials. Finding a competent lash extension expert is very crucial.

The following are some things to know about eyelash extension technicians:

1. They are completely certified – they are experienced in what they do and do it frequently!

2. They have favorable feedback (Google, Facebook)

3. They are well-known.

4. They don’t hurry the procedure.

Gollee Pro Eyelash Extension

When should I advise a client to take a break from eyelash extensions?

Is a break from lash extensions necessary?

Concerns regarding their natural lashes are common among clients. They believe that pausing between lash applications will lessen the stress that the extensions are placing on the natural lashes. Additionally, many think it will result in an early loss of their natural eyelashes. Never mind about this! Never risk damaging the client’s natural lashes by overextending their eyelash extensions. Only if you fall into one of the following categories do clients need to take a break:

Unprofessional lash artist

Customers should take a break if they are not visiting a professional lash artist who uses certified quality products. Only if they are applied with the proper length, weight, and thickness by the natural lashes can they be worn for an eternity.

As they should apply the extensions to healthy natural lashes, a professional lash artist will prioritize the health of the natural lashes. New, healthy lashes grow to replace the older ones when they fall off. A robust set of freshly grown lashes that can support the weight of the extensions are sought out by the artist. It works to make you appear amazing with lush, thick lashes.

The artist must stop working if the client makes unreasonable requests. If the clients have healthy natural lashes to bind the extensions on, you’ll get the repeat business you want.

Eye issues

Clients who have redness, itching, swelling, pain, or any other issues in or around the eyes are not eligible for eyelash extensions. The extensions could be taken out to give the eyes some time to recover from the allergy or infection. The top of the client’s list of priorities should be consulting a specialist to identify and address the issue. Even once the problem has been fixed, individuals must wait until their immune system has fully recovered before scheduling another session.

Pulling lashes

The lash extensions tend to twist or droop slightly toward the end of the lash cycle. Some women take their time before rushing to the salon for a replenishing session. Clients won’t be tempted to pull their outgrown lashes in this case, which may be avoided with regular refills. Pulling can injure the natural lashes and cause them to fall out too soon, whether it’s out of habit or because of a situation like this. There is no other solution to this issue; clients simply cannot pull out their eyelash extensions, regardless of how improperly the lash artist applied them.

Dirty Lash extensions

Beautiful and full lash extensions require regular maintenance just like any other aesthetic procedure. With daily eyelash and extension cleaning practices, debris, grime, and oil build-up can be avoided. Regular washing keeps your lashes free of dangerous illnesses and tiny mites.

Clients will also fall into this group if they are lazy brat who loves to wear extensions but ignores the cleaning schedule. They risk oil and germ buildup if they don’t adequately clean the lash extensions. The illness caused by minute mites that live in the lash line can be prevented with routine cleaning. To prevent lash loss, cleaning must be done delicately without rubbing or straining.

Eye Irritation

When new customers first enter the salon, they are unsure if eyelash extensions can irritate and hurt them. It is strongly encouraged that consumers refrain from getting eyelash extensions if they experience redness, itching, swelling, or even discomfort in the area around their eyes.

Before scheduling their subsequent meetings, have your clients wait until their immune systems have fully recovered. After all, the purpose of eyelash extensions is to instill confidence and glitz, not agony or any other kind of discomfort.


Distorted lashes

Eyelash extensions are a safe technique when performed by qualified lash artists, as we’ve already said. However, in a few rare instances, clients may suffer from damaged natural lashes as a result of improper application methods.

Selecting extensions that are excessively long and thick might damage and strain natural lashes. Selecting and using the proper extensions to complement natural lashes is crucial. Therefore, before applying for fresh extensions if a client’s natural lashes are weak or damaged as a result of this, look for healthy newly developed lashes.

Excessive lash shedding

In some cases, your client’s lash line may not be healthy due to hormonal fluctuations that cause excessive lash shedding. Her lashes start to get brittle and sparse, and you notice this. She has a lot of anagen lashes and baby hairs, and you can hardly touch her lashes without them falling off. Removing the extensions and taking her to the doctor are advised because this can be a medical condition affecting her hair development and eyelash health.

How long should clients take a break from eyelash extensions?

To completely cease doing lashes is uncommon. However, it is beneficial for clients to give their natural lashes a break so they can recharge and heal. The already fragile surface shouldn’t be coated in glue while wearing natural lashes. Clients may get skin rashes or allergic reactions if they have used the same glue repeatedly over a lengthy period. Clients might also find that the glue has been overstimulating their natural lashes, making them appear shorter and thinner. The appearance of thicker, longer-looking lashes will be improved by taking a pause, which offers lash follicles a chance to manufacture additional lash hairs. It’s best to determine how frequently customers want to return for refills. Depending on how quickly they feel their fills are losing length and thickness, some people prefer to maintain their fills at weekly intervals, while others opt for every two weeks or monthly. If the root of the lash appears darker, discolored, or irritated, customers may want to take a break. This is a fantastic way to tell if lashes are beginning to exhibit indications of being over-stimulated. When they start experiencing more shedding and thinning, it would be another clue.

This will depend on the person’s lifestyle and lash maintenance. Most experts agree that customers should give their natural lashes some recuperation time so they can regain power. Customers should consider how long it takes them to feel like their lashes are growing back completely. This may take three weeks for some people, but only one week for others. If a customer has been getting lash extensions for longer than six months, they should wait a full month before getting them done again so that their natural lashes can fill in. When determining how long they should go between sessions, it’s crucial to make sure they’re listening to their natural bodies. Not only are lash extensions convenient, but if they aren’t taken care of properly, natural lashes can suffer significant damage.

When can clients begin to regrow their natural eyelashes?

In as little as one month, clients’ natural eyelashes can begin to grow again. Everyone’s natural eyelashes take a varied amount of time to grow, but on average it takes four to six weeks. By avoiding frequent stroking or pulling on the lash roots, which can cause them to stop developing and start shedding early, you can maintain the health of your skin.

Natural lash growth is influenced by a variety of circumstances, and it turns out that your client’s natural lash length may also be impacted by a variety of things. You might observe that her lashes will regrow more quickly if she is just beginning to grow them. It can take much longer for her natural lashes to regrow if she has worn them for at least six months. And despite periodic rest periods between treatments, they never regain their initial thickness or length (remember how those were determined by genetics). Therefore, we advise giving your client’s natural lashes at least three weeks off every three to four months if you don’t want to harm them.

What about those who are missing a few natural eyelashes? When getting hair extension services performed on themselves, it’s not unusual for some people to lose a few lashes in the process. For instance, one could lose a few strands while applying adhesives near the eye or while shaving off extra hair. Or perhaps someone’s eyelashes tore while being pulled out by the tweezers. Tell your client that it’s okay in these situations! If given enough time, they will grow again. The most typical thing is for someone to see thinning over two to three weeks after the first treatment, so you should also let them know what to expect; nevertheless, they should never anticipate that they would regrow all of their original lashes. When the time comes for them to get redone, they’ll know that because they’ll start to see clumps falling out in the shower or when brushing their teeth. It’s always better to play it safe and let them know before anything happens so that you can prevent injury!

Additionally, bear in mind that not all clients require a break! Some people can wear lashes constantly and still have their natural lashes. Some people’s natural lashes will begin to grow again and develop thicker again after a week or two of not wearing false ones. It truly depends on who installed it and what kind of merchandise was used. Every situation is unique, but typically people take three weeks off every four months. She would need to take a longer break if this client experienced significant hair loss due to other factors so that the follicles could have time to heal. How long someone must wait after having one set of lashes removed depends on a variety of factors.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How to get a client to come back after eyelash extensions break?

It’s crucial to prepare for the likelihood that you’ll have a client who requires or requests a break before returning. That way, when they do return, you’ll have time in your schedule for them and be aware of the kinds of looks they’re seeking, enabling you to go above and beyond their expectations. And, let’s face it, seeing your client’s delight at regaining her lashes will make you both happy. Consider posting fliers alerting people about your services all over the city. Make sure that these flyers also offer special savings on refills and extras like tinting, facial waxing, etc. to loyal consumers. Be proactive when interacting with other business owners and provide discounts to potential clients who mention your name.

Flyers should be posted near beauty supply businesses, nail salons, grocery stores, and pharmacies that women frequent frequently. These locations are known as high-traffic areas.

Every two weeks, send them emails with deals that are only available to past customers, and then stay in touch with them throughout the year. Remind them of how gorgeous their lashes are and inquire about their recent activities. Establish a rapport with them over time by expressing an interest in their lives aside from having lash extensions. Say, “I hope everything has been going well,” or “What are you going to do today?” as examples.

Assure them that they are among your VIP clients and underline how special they are. Even give discounts or free extras in return for recommendations and repeat business. You never know; perhaps someone else will notice them and desire some too! Or perhaps one of their buddies will see them, get envious, and schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that those who wait will reap benefits. If all else fails, perseverance and patience are successful. Persistence pays off because people will eventually give in to your demands since they don’t want to deal with you any longer. After their vacation from eyelash extensions, your consumer will return, just not right away. Give yourself a little wiggle room and try to check in with them once every two weeks or so during their eyelet extension break. Remind them how great their lashes looked and ask them what they’ve been up to since the last time they got them done. If you find out that they’re running low on cash, offer a discounted rate or even a free touch-up. Just remember: always show appreciation and stay positive! Always thank your customers for being loyal and coming back no matter how long it takes them.  Offering promotions and discount packages will help incentivize customers to come back. Patience and consistency go a long way in maintaining your relationships with customers.


Eyelash extensions shouldn’t harm clients’ natural lashes if they are administered appropriately by a skilled lash extension professional using the right tools and materials. Finding a competent lash extension expert is very crucial.

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