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Do Lash Lift Work on Hooded Eyes?

If you have curled your eyelashes with an eyelash curler or fanned out your lashes with mascara, you already know how this beauty trick can make you look more awake and put together.

There is a way to maintain the eye-opening benefits of curled lashes for weeks without using equipment and makeup daily. The procedure is known as a lash lift!

Eyes of any shape or size might benefit from lash lifts. Eyes can be round, almond-shaped, upturned, or downturned, with either long or short lashes. It works out perfectly! However, what about the many various kinds of caps? When you look at your client’s eyes, you notice a skin fold extending from their brow to their lash line. This condition, known as hooded eyes, causes you to wonder whether or not a lash lift will be possible, given the presence of this fold of skin. You are curious whether lash lifts are effective for hooded eyes.

The eyes can appear more alert and youthful with a lash lift, which can help open up the appearance of the eyelids. But may hooded eyes benefit from having their lashes lifted?

Doing lash lifts on hooded eyes is possible, and the results can be very satisfying. The hooded eye will appear to have more open space after lifting the lashes. A beautiful and natural-looking lash lift can be achieved by positioning the lashes onto the hooded contour of the eye using silicone rods. The result of this technique is a lash lift that looks lovely and natural.

When performed by a skilled lash professional with experience working with clients with this eye shape, lash lifts are safe and effective on hooded eyes. Hooded eyes can improve their appearance by having a professional lash artist perform a lash lift, making the eyes seem more open and brighter.

**Lifting the lashes may bring out the best in anyone’s eyes, even those hooded. Hooded eyes are perfectly capable of having their lashes lifted and curled to perfection; all that is required is a few minor adjustments to the method here and there.

In this article, we will examine how lash lifts can improve the appearance of hooded eyes by making the upper eyelashes appear more lifted. In addition, we will go through the many advantages of having a lash lift performed by you, a trained specialist. As a lash artist, you should know everything about lash lift and if it works on clients who have hooded eyes.

What is a Lash Lift?

The natural lashes can be curled and lifted with the use of a particular sort of perm called a lash lift.

This procedure can give a lovely, wide-eyed appearance that lasts up to two months and curls the natural lashes upward. Following this period, clients will need to undergo the procedure once more to keep the effects they have achieved. This is because the natural lashes will continue to grow out, and the lash lift will begin to lose effectiveness. They are pulled from the root to display the lashes at their maximum length. It will provide the appearance of lifted and curled lashes using silicone rods in conjunction with a lifting solution. This gives the impression of longer lashes that are also more densely packed.

A lash lift typically takes between half an hour and an hour to complete. During the procedure, the eyes will be covered with a patch that prevents them from getting in the way of the silicone rods and lifting solution that will be put to your lashes.

You might notice some redness and swelling following treatment in your client’s eyes, but these symptoms should go away within a few hours.

After the procedure, it is essential to inform your clients to refrain from scratching or touching their eyes, as doing so may hasten the process of the lash lift falling off prematurely.

The following are the primary advantages that come with getting a lash lift:

  • It makes the natural lashes look even better.
  • It gives the appearance that the natural upper lashes are longer.
  • It can modify the curl, allowing it to achieve results that range from natural to dramatic.
  • The after-effects can be felt for a few weeks.
  • It requires a small amount of upkeep.
  • It doesn’t hurt at all.
  • It’s less expensive than extensions and requires less maintenance than curling the lashes daily using an eyelash curler.

The Advantages of Getting a Lash Lift

There are several compelling arguments in favor of getting a lash lift, most notably for people with a hooded lid shape. If a client needs the info, you can provide them with the advantages. The following are some of the advantages:

  1. Keeping it in good condition requires little effort.

After getting a lash lift, clients won’t have to make many adjustments to their routine to keep the results looking their best. They are not required to put on mascara and eyeliner, although they certainly can if you want to.

This is ideal for individuals who lead hectic lives and do not have the time to maintain their lashes regularly.

  1. Maintains its quality over time

Lash lifts often continue to look suitable for anywhere between six and eight weeks. This is significantly longer than the results clients would receive by curling their eyelashes with an eyelash curler or using mascara.

  1. It’s up to your client’s specifications.

Lash lifts can be tailored to the specific characteristics of the client’s eye shape and kind of lashes. Because of this, you may achieve the perfect lash look for your client’s particular facial features and eye shape.

  1. It has a very natural appearance.

The lashes will appear to have a curl and lift that is more natural with lash lifts.

This is because the procedure enhances the appearance of the natural lashes rather than replacing them. There is no requirement for fake lashes, glue, or mascara.

  1. It provides more incredible coziness than extensions do

If a client is considering extending their eyelashes, a lash lift might be a better and more pleasant alternative for them because it requires less upkeep.

This is because lash lifts do not require applying any synthetic materials or adhesives.

  1. It’s more cost-effective than getting extensions.

The cost of a lash lift ranges from $75 to $150 for each session, while the cost of lash extensions can range anywhere from $75 to $200. It is not uncommon for high-quality extension services to cost more than $500.

Therefore, if a client is searching for a less costly alternative, you should recommend them get a lash lift.

  1. The client can also get a tint if they want to

A lash tint is something clients may get done if they want their lashes to look even better than they already do. This is a dye that will darken the lashes in a semi-permanent manner.

After the lash lift treatment, you will apply this product, and its effects will remain for approximately six weeks.

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Are hooded eyes a good candidate for lash lifts?

Yes, lash lifts are effective treatment options for hooded eyes since they help to open the eyes and highlight the lashes more prominently.

Hooded eyes can benefit from lash lifts. The technique offers several advantages that are unique to this eye type! Eyes with a hooded appearance are a typical form of hereditary eye shape. When extra skin folds down from the brow bone, it can give the impression of having hooded eyes. It is frequently connected with getting older.

When a client is seeking to have a lash lift performed on hooded eyes, it is essential for you have to have previous experience with this treatment method.

You will be able to select the appropriate lifting solution and size of silicone rod for your client resulting in the finest possible outcomes.

If you use the appropriate equipment, you can prevent their eyelashes from becoming irritated when you brush their eyes against the hooded lid.

It will give them a beautiful and natural-looking lash lift by first ensuring that the lash curls upward before it begins to curve outward, giving the appearance that the curl is natural.

Many clients with hooded eyes have asked that they believe the skin flap on their lids makes their eyes appear smaller and causes their eyelashes to be shorter. Some customers feel that their hooded eyelids make them look older or perpetually exhausted.

Lash lifts provide solutions for all of these issues:

  • The appearance of longer lashes can be achieved by lifting them at the root.
  • The eyes appear more alive and refreshed when you curl their lashes since it brings out their natural brightness.
  • The eyes appear to be fuller and more rounded when the lashes are lifted and curled.

Clients with hooded eyes are thrilled to learn that lash lifts can eliminate the smudging effect of mascara on their eyes. When they have hooded lids, it can be pretty difficult to avoid putting mascara on them, which will not give them the smokey eye effect they were going for.

Which type of lashes looks the most attractive on hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes can benefit from a lash lift in various forms and can be chosen according to personal preference. The following are examples of some of today’s most fashionable styles:

  • The natural lash style refers to a type of style that is intended to mimic the appearance of natural lashes. The lashes are lifted and curled with the help of a few silicone rods, which is how this look is accomplished.
  • A more dramatic appearance can be achieved with the lashes by employing more silicone rods, as is the case with the dramatic lash style. It may assist in opening up the eyes and giving the appearance that they are more awake.
  • The lashes are given a cat-eye appearance by using a curved silicone rod to create this style, known as the cat-eye lash style. Because it helps open the eyes and brings more attention to the lashes, it is an excellent choice for people with hooded eyes.

Your inclination will determine the type of eyelash that works best for your client’s hooded eyes.

If reducing the appearance of a hooded eyelid is the primary motivation for obtaining a lash lift, then the natural lash style is probably the most suitable alternative for your customer to consider.

If they want to attain a more dramatic look, the cat-eye or dramatic lash style may be the better option for them to go with.

How to perform a lash lift on hooded eyes?

When performing a lash lift on hooded eyes, the fundamental stages are the same as when performing the procedure on eyes with various forms. It is helpful to adjust some aspects of the process.

When creating a lash lift for hooded eyes, the focus should be placed on both of the following areas:

  • Selecting a shield
  • Adjusting the location of the shield
  1. Selecting a shield

The lid’s shape should be considered while selecting the appropriate protection for hooded eyes.

In other instances, the skin fold will cover the lid’s entirety, while at other times, it will only cover the outermost section of the lid. The skin may also contact the lashes or come very near to doing so.

Excessive skin around the eyes requires a larger shield to achieve a looser curl.

Tight curls are more dramatic and have a more remarkable ability to open the eyes. Still, they also have a greater propensity to poke into the skin or go below it and feel uncomfortable on lids with larger hoods.

  1. Adjusting the location of the shield

One of the keys to performing good lash lifts is to position the shield to flush with the lash line. When there is a skin fold that covers the lash line, however, it might be challenging to get the setting just right.

There is a strategy that can be helpful! You can gently lift the loose skin with the help of Micropore tape, which will allow you to position the shield where it should be.

The skin on the eyelids, in general, is delicate, but the skin on a loose eyelid is especially so. When performing a lash lift on hooded eyes, one can reduce the likelihood of experiencing discomfort and irritation by adhering a strip of Micropore tape to the lid first and then sticking the shield to the tape. This is yet another excellent Micropore tip. Compared to glue, micropore tape is much gentler on the skin, and when the shields are removed, there is no mess to clean up!

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How to make hooded eyes look even more attractive after having a lash lift done?

The appearance of hooded eyes becoming less noticeable and the appearance of fluttery, full lashes are achieved with the use of lash lifts, which can be performed with or without the addition of a tint.

Using makeup, you recommend your clients. There are three ways to enhance the effects of your client’s lash lift.

  1. Make a cut crease with eyeshadow.

Apply an eyeshadow in a light hue all over the lid. A shade that is similar to their skin tone works best. The next step is to visualize an invisible line that divides their lid into two equal horizontal portions. Beginning at this imaginary line, they should apply a dark brown shadow and blend it upwards towards their brow bone.

The result is a more pronounced brow bone and the appearance of their eyes being larger.

  1. Using some white eyeliner instead.

Putting a thin line of white or beige eyeliner along the lower lash line (the part of the lid between the lashes and eye). If they are going to give this a shot, they should watch out that they don’t get the liner in their eyes!

The result is a more youthful, fuller appearance to the eyes.

  1. Use concealer to create miraculous results.

Creating a line of concealer that runs vertically from the inner corner of the eye to approximately halfway down the length of the nose. A dab of concealer should be applied just outside the corner of the eyes. Then blend the concealer line so that it extends outward and upward toward the eye, and then work the portion located at the outer corner to grow upward toward the brow.

The effect is that the eyes appear to be elevated and larger.

Warning: Clients should not wear makeup for at least 24 hours after lifting their lashes; they should only use products that do not include oil and are simple to remove, and they should remove their makeup carefully before bed.

Final Thoughts

Even if a client has a fold of skin (also known as a hood) on their lids, they can still show off lifted lashes that stay all day long! In elderly women with hooded eyes, lash lifts can effectively make the eyes appear more rejuvenated, larger, and more confident. Although tighter curls offer a more significant eye-opening impact and are an excellent choice for eyes that are only somewhat hooded, looser curls perform better on eyes with a substantial amount of hooding.

Lash lifts bring out the natural beauty of the eyelashes and the shape of the eyes; therefore, you should get into the spirit of lash-fluttering and showcase what you’ve got!

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