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How to attract male clients into your lash salon

Even though we have made considerable progress in equality movements over the past decade, there is still a stigma associated with beauty and wellness treatments for males in our society. Salons are the antithesis of male-dominated public areas like barbershops, historically the norm in most establishments. We believe it is time to dispel the outdated notion that beauty parlors are reserved just for women. Through this blog, we hope to inform readers how to build an inclusive and diverse clientele by providing services that appeal to male and female customers.


The atmosphere you cultivate in your beauty salon will be the primary consideration for a man when he makes an appointment at your establishment. Consider establishing some areas within your salon that are less gender specific. Clients who aren’t as familiar with your services will feel more comfortable entering this place if the interior is gender-neutral. This is because the space does not specifically cater to either gender. People are more inclined to suggest males in their lives to the salon if they know that the atmosphere will make them feel more at ease when they enter the salon.

When we talk about the environment, it is essential to consider both the real world and the “virtual” world you live in. Ensure your social feed caters to everyone by including material that guys would find interesting. Before committing to scheduling treatment, most will conduct a cursory Google search first. Check that the treatment menu on your website and social feeds is current. Be as open and forthright as possible to ensure they know everything that will occur when they visit your salon.

Make a List

Why don’t you try to compile a list of all the services you provide for male clients? This could involve the following:

Pedicures, manicures, facials, lash lifts, lash tinting, brow lamination, face and neck shaving, and lash tinting and lifts.

Make every effort not to confuse these services with those provided to women. If you separate your menu, male customers will have an easier time reviewing the available services, which will assist them in making a speedy and well-informed decision regarding whether or not to schedule an appointment. Again, this makes it easier for new customers unfamiliar with your company to feel comfortable arranging an appointment because they may choose whatever treatment they want.

Get Referrals

When first starting, gaining male customers can be a slow process. However, we believe using referrals is the most effective approach to speed up this process. Talk to customers who have family members like brothers, boyfriends, husbands, etc. Why not give either or both of them a little discount on treatment if they suggest someone else? Coming into your salon for the first time as a pair rather than for a single treatment will make the experience much less intimidating. If you start the customer’s visit off on a good note by offering them something nice, like a discount, it will create a fantastic tone for the treatments they receive and encourage repeat business.

Retail Products

Provide them with direction and advice on the items that best meet their requirements. Most individuals do not have a problem shelling out cash to get items to improve their appearance and feelings about themselves. Keep things out for display close to the waiting area so customers can easily look through them at their own pace.

Why are lash extensions for males too

Each year, we go one more step closer to becoming a global society that embraces diversity. We are probably not flawless, but the year is not even close to being the 1950s anymore. The world of cosmetics and other beauty-related products has traditionally revolved around women.

However, what about males? It is past time that we do away with the taboo around males using makeup and start including them. In addition, Gollee lashes are too luxurious to keep to oneself; they should be distributed evenly.

Around the past 20 years, males have been significantly more engaged in maintaining personal hygiene. Men are just as likely as women to be interested in how they care for themselves and look on the outside. What began in the 1990s as a small selection of skincare products for men has since evolved into its distinct universe of male grooming and self-care practices.

The beauty industry is no longer geared exclusively toward women, which is how it should have evolved. Gollee was founded on the principle of inclusivity for all people, and we are very open to the idea of other companies in the beauty industry joining us for this purpose.

The development of makeup for men throughout history

Men applying cosmetics is no longer considered socially unacceptable for the first time in recent history. Makeup is becoming more gender-inclusive due to the rise of male beauty bloggers on social media and the increased visibility they receive.

Regrettably, makeup brands have been created and promoted only to women and young girls for many years. On the other hand, history quickly points out that things weren’t always like this.

Men have traditionally utilized cosmetics, beginning from 4000 BCE and continuing until the 18th century. The legendary Queen Victoria I of Great Britain thought using cosmetics was vulgar, and the Church of England supported her accusations. The crown and the church labeled makeup “an abomination” during the Victorian era when it was common for women to wear it.

This resulted in links between makeup, vanity, and femininity with the phrase “the Devil’s work.” These linkages became increasingly stronger and more pervasive. Because religious principles continued to play a preeminent role in most of the world’s societies, the conventional understanding of being “manly” became increasingly restricted.

By the 20th century, the cosmetics industry was considered to be one that catered only to women. We can always do so much more to continue the struggle for this objective, and although, thankfully, modern civilization has been striving towards a new normal, there is always more that can be done.

The Role of Self-Care for Men

If there is one thing that we have taken away from the dreadful year of 2020, it is the significance of practicing good self-care. These seemingly insignificant acts of self-care, such as meditating for five minutes in the morning or following a skincare routine consisting of twenty steps, can significantly impact your mental health. Regarding the male demographic, wearing makeup and practicing self-care are viewed in the same negative light. Self-care is something that the vast majority of people, for some reason, associate with women and consider to be “girly.”

First things first, there is no way that this is correct. Everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor, can benefit from practicing self-care. Eyelash extensions, although it may sound counterintuitive, can be a wonderful method to take care of oneself. You may make it a habit to do this, which will help you get into a pattern and offer you something to look forward to in your day.

When you get treatment for lash extensions, you almost certainly want to continue getting them done in the future. This indicates that you must replenish them once every two weeks or so. Getting into a pattern and doing the same things daily can help make a difference for people suffering from mental health. Maintaining a regular schedule for refilling your eyelash extensions is one method to get into a pattern, even though there may be a gap of several weeks between appointments.

You, regardless of your gender, should have something pleasant and restful to anticipate shortly. Since life can be challenging and your job can wear you out, there is no reason not to try. Applying lash extensions is designed to be a soothing and enjoyable experience for the customer.

Men, do not lose sight of the fact that you deserve a slice of relaxation and time spent on something that brings you joy. 

Benefits of Lash Extensions

In addition to the numerous advantages associated with self-care, eyelash extensions offer several advantages for guys. Lash extensions can have a good impact on your day-to-day life in several ways, including giving you a more rejuvenated appearance and making you more likely to wear a smile due to the many comments you will receive due to having them done.

Despite their lack of effort, the lashes of many guys are thick and abundant. On the other hand, if you’ve ever considered lengthening your lashes or giving your appearance a bit more oomph, now is the time to do it! At Gollee, we have a comprehensive collection of lashes available for purchase. From the tiniest and most natural-looking lashes to the fullest and most dramatic sets and everything in between, lash extensions are available in various sizes.

Your male customers can select what they feel most at ease wearing and then work with you to build the ideal appearance. Remind them they have complete control over how they will look once the procedure is completed. If this is their first time getting lash extensions, or if they simply tend to be self-conscious about how others perceive them, this will help them feel more at ease throughout the process.

Gollee provides lashes to customers looking for an eyelash extension that appears more natural on their eyes. Lashes are also available for purchase here for any male customers interested in achieving a more dramatic and distinctive appearance than they typically do.

Discuss the client’s preferences in depth with them

If your customer wants something that is extremely understated but will still draw attention to their eyes, you should talk to them about exactly what they desire. When describing the different types of lashes to your male customers, this is typically an excellent place to begin your explanation.

There is a good chance that they feel anxious because, until very recently, this behavior was not considered socially acceptable. It is important to tell them that even if this is outside of their comfort zone, it does not have to be anything overly dramatic or anything that will make them feel weird.

On the other side of the spectrum, you can have male customers who desire the exact opposite of what they have had their whole lives. This is one of the most extreme cases. There is a possibility that some of our male customers have very sparse eyelashes and would, as a result, desire fuller and more luscious lashes. You should remind them that it may seem a little odd at first but that they will get used to it over time.

You may reassure your male customers that they are in a secure environment, regardless of the style they are hoping to achieve, with your help. They should not be concerned about what other people will think of them because this is supposed to be a light-hearted and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. They are engaging in an activity that makes them happy, the only thing that should be considered important.

Everyone Should Have Some Lashes

At Gollee, we firmly believe that anyone, not only ladies, may benefit from wearing false eyelashes. We have begun our Lashes for All celebration campaign to commemorate this momentous occasion. Celebrating the diversity of lash services across various ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds is the driving force behind this campaign. It showcases our most eclectic collection of talent to date! The lash extension styles included in Lashes for All are Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, and Masculine.

As lash technicians, we know you are pursuing this career path because you are interested in it. Your clients want the same thing you do: for their lashes to have a gorgeous and full appearance. When dealing with male customers, you must do everything you can to ensure they are as relaxed as possible. They may probably be a bit anxious, but as their lash technician, you can truly assist them to feel confident in their choice to receive lash extensions.

You will likely be able to soothe the fears of your male customers by assuring them that they are in a secure and nonjudgmental environment and informing them of the many various types of eyelash extensions you provide. Despite how they envision the final product turning out, remind them that you can make their vision a reality.

It will never be something more dramatic than what people want, nor will it be so insignificant that they cannot perceive it. When someone gets their first eyelash extension treatment, you can make a difference.

Everyone can benefit from lash extensions, regardless of gender, color, or culture. As long as the appropriate steps are taken, there is no reason why they should be directed exclusively toward women. Eyelash extensions for men can seem stunning and natural.

Eyelash Extensions: A New Era in Men’s Improvement

Here is what you need to know, as well as the reasons why you should get one right away!

The typical behavior of man is to give up his life for his wealth, but more often than not, he gives up his life for vanity.

This remark has become more relevant to the lives of men no longer bound by traditional masculinity.

Even though women are typically considered vainer than men, this thinking is gradually becoming obsolete as guys now emerge as equally beautiful. Men are becoming more aware of the aesthetic standards specific to their gender and are also becoming more open to cosmetics, which can help men improve their appearance.

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about the personal hygiene and physical appearance of guys, especially today when platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, among others, place a premium on outward appearances.

Let’s have a look at the most recent development in the male grooming business as well as the products that are included in it.

Men’s Grooming Attitudes Have Changed Significantly

Metrosexuals, a term coined in 1994 by cultural commentator Mark Simpson to describe a man of ambiguous sexuality who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping because he lives in or is near a metropolis with all the best shops, clubs, gyms, and hair stylists, are some of the greatest consumers of the male beauty industry. The rise of the metrosexual subculture was first brought to light in the late 1990s and early 2000s by athletes like David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo, who played professional soccer then. They were considered image-conscious males who weren’t hesitant to spend time on their looks or buy cosmetics, contributing to their positive public perception. In this day and age of social media, the term “metrosexual” has morphed into “spornosexual,” which refers to young men who have turned to improve the appearance of their bodies to feel more valuable to society.

Even though the beauty industry is mostly focused on providing services for women, an increasing number of men are developing an interest in aspects of physical grooming, such as coloring their hair, getting waxing or spray tanning done, painting their nails, caring for their faces, and engaging in other forms of aesthetic therapy. Additionally, the number of men’s salons is boosting demand for male products and services worldwide. [citation needed]… In addition, certain market participants in the male grooming industry are working on producing innovations, such as shavers and razors, by incorporating new performance features based on cutting-edge technology. It should come as no surprise that the men’s grooming and cosmetic products industry has expanded tremendously over the years and has continued to make steady strides toward growth.

The Global Market for male grooming products is expected to be worth an estimated $69.8 billion in the year 2020 alone, according to research from the Market for economic research. The most recent years have seen a shift in traditional male grooming practices, with a greater emphasis on a man’s appearance, clothes, and beauty treatments. Only shaving creams, deodorants, aftershave colognes, and shampoos were accessible to men in the past when it came to personal grooming products. On the other hand, as men are becoming more individualistic in their approach to fashion, various products have been developed that are tailored exclusively to the needs of guys. These include moisturizers, facial creams, face masks, and anti-aging treatments. Additionally, these goods include cosmetics such as bronzers and concealers and cosmetic procedures.

The eyelash extension industry has expanded its doors to the male Market in recent years due to the increasing number of image-conscious guys investing more money in grooming products and the growing influence of celebrities and influencers. Eyelash extensions are no longer restricted to only being performed on women. The idea of having longer and fuller lashes is appealing to many individuals, regardless of gender, and this includes men.

What are some of the reasons why men should consider getting eyelash extensions?

  • The Art of Being a Man. By adding volume to the natural lash line, eyelash extensions can help men look younger and give the impression that their faces have been lifted. It is common knowledge that long, thick eyelashes are appreciated by society’s beauty standards. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, may boost natural male beauty without the use of any other cosmetics.
  • Encourages the Pursuit of a Career. Would you believe that interviewers prefer good-looking applicants? As a result, attractive people have a better chance of landing a job, even if it does not require them to interact with the public. In every field of work, men who are more attractive than their peers have an advantage.

  Even though males hold the majority of upper-level positions and are the ones who take the lead roles, they are responsible for supervising a significant number of subordinates and making decisions on their own regarding the direction of the company. Imagine a CEO attempting to seal the deal with influential business investors while he or she is seated in a boardroom. When other people are staring at you, a good set of eyelash extensions can undoubtedly make a statement and bring out a powerful persona in every man, isn’t that right? Anyone who is going to be looked at intently with gleaming eyes will, without a doubt, be persuaded to agree to the business proposition. 

A flawlessly glamorous appearance is another need of working in the entertainment sector. Photographs of their heroes are something that fans of all kinds treasure. Because there are cameras everywhere and they will take pictures from every angle, you should ensure that your eyelash extensions are on point when you attend any show or walk the red carpet.

  •  It gives a morale boost. Achieving a nice appearance and receiving praise from the people in your immediate environment makes you feel good and brings about changes in your life. People are more likely to act to achieve their professional and personal goals when they feel that their efforts are recognized. Combining a beautiful appearance with impressive eyelashes would be an excellent plan.

What kinds of first impressions can men anticipate getting eyelash extensions?

We identified some male YouTubers who have the guts to break the stereotype and share their experience of having eyelash extensions. While some men are scared to explore the unorthodox cosmetic procedures categorized as “girly,” others have the guts to share their experience of getting eyelash extensions. These are their statements, in their own words:

  1. Two members of the BuzzFeed team, Luis and Steven, have discussed their experience of getting eyelash extensions and asking their coworkers for feedback on the procedure after they had it done. Following the eyelash extension operation, Luis claimed he had wonderful eyes and looked like he was in an anime following the procedure. At the same time, the girlfriend of Steven’s boyfriend was envious of his boyfriend’s eyelashes. Take these off and hand them to me, Steven’s girlfriend replied. “Take them off and give them to me!” While they were reporting in their office, most of their coworkers observed their glamorous eyelash extensions and made pertinent comments. At the end of the video, both YouTubers reflected on their experiences with eyelash extensions as a confidence booster, noting that even a seemingly insignificant change can have a noticeable and favorable effect on an individual’s whole demeanor.
  2. YouTuber Karive has challenged her partner Thomas to get eyelash extensions in the first half of a two-part series of videos she posted on her channel. Thomas first displayed some signs of reluctance, but he eventually accepted the challenge to sit on a lash table in a game-like manner. When the treatment was through, Thomas took a peek in the mirror and was taken aback to see that his eyelashes had been altered beautifully. In the second segment of their video, Karive and Thomas both paid visits to members of their respective families. The other people in the house were shocked by Thomas’s change to his eyelashes, and they complimented him on his work. A member of Thomas’s inner circle jokingly complimented his eyelash extensions by saying, “You look young.”

Final Thoughts

Makeup has a long and storied history of being worn by people of both sexes since the dawn of time. Why, in this day and age, shouldn’t it be the same, particularly with lashes? Clients who are hesitant to obtain lash extensions because they are concerned about what other people will think should be reminded that the decision is ultimately theirs.

Even if society does not embrace gender-inclusive cosmetics (including lashes), reassure your customers that they should do whatever makes them happy. Gender-inclusive makeup is gaining more and more acceptance in today’s society.

We have high hopes that this blog post will assist you in acquiring a greater number of male customers.

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