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How to Level Up your Lash Photos

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Let’s face it: having a presence on Instagram is one of the best things you can do for your brand to assist in its expansion. If you are new to photography, that can be very intimidating. The main point in growing and developing your business as a lash artist, whether you are self-employed or working in a salon, is learning how to photograph the eyes. Well, that is the topic of this blog! We can help you get better at photography with a few tips and tricks. With a bit of practice, the correct accessories, and expert advice, you will quickly have a stunning Instagram feed!

One of the best methods to spread the word about your brand, draw in new clients, and build a solid audience of dedicated customers is by sharing high-quality photographs of your work. Instead of sending potential clients to a competitor, creative, high-quality photos can demonstrate your professionalism and individuality.

Why is it essential?

You might wonder how a lash artist has anything to do with capturing great photos. And how may it bring you more clients?

Everyone can take pictures, but let’s speak about GREAT pictures.

Let’s say you want to hire a makeup artist. The images on the artist’s Instagram page are too dark and possibly even grainy due to the camera’s quality and a lack of natural light. No matter how much it costs, even if the makeup artist is AMAZING it makes you have second thoughts.

Cafes and restaurants are yet another instance. Natural food colors and aesthetics are amazing, and an owner who spends money and effort taking quality pictures of the dishes offered on his menu is immediately growing his business.

The more impressive a photo appears, the more intrigued you become.

The same is true for lashes!

One of the best methods for a lash artist to keep clients coming through the door is to constantly take pictures of their most recent creations and post them on Instagram.

We are aware that not everyone is gifted with photographic talent, but with the appropriate accessories and some expert advice, you can produce eye-catching images that highlight your stunning lash looks.

Benefits of taking photos

Your pictures will be used as a timeline of the client’s lash health. On occasion, a client can show up and claim that the extensions have made their natural lashes shorter or damaged. That’s typically not the case if you’re correctly applying the lashes. You may show them that there isn’t any damage to their lashes by taking a picture of them at that time and comparing it to the one from their first session. The client frequently forgets how their natural lashes appeared before they started since they are so accustomed to seeing themselves with the extensions on. The best technique to convince them that their natural lashes won’t be harmed by improper application is to show them a snapshot of their initial application.

Additionally, before-and-after photos are a fantastic method to show potential clients the excellence of your work. Be sure to include a line in your consent form stating that you have permission to use their images to promote your work.

Occasionally, someone may protest against having their picture taken. You should inform them that you typically only include their eyes and crop off the majority of their face. They will feel at ease as a result. If not, you should inform them that you must take pictures for documentation purposes and that you won’t post the pictures if they don’t want their eyelashes used for marketing or social media posts. Respect your promise to the client in that case and refrain from posting their images online. It’s uncommon to encounter someone who entirely disagrees, but it does happen occasionally.

After discussing the benefits of documenting your work with photos, let’s speak about how to take effective ones.

Here are our top suggestions for taking photos of the best quality that will make a significant impact on your social media feed and advance the professionalism of your career!

Accessories Needed:

Camera (or Phone) and Lens

Sincerely, a high-end camera is not necessary to take quality pictures at the beginning of your career. Most of the time, lash artists capture beautiful shots with their phones.

There are different kinds of lenses available on the market that may transform your smartphone into a high-end instrument for snapping stunning pictures of your lash work. On Amazon, you can easily find them in a kit form.

If you want to show detailed lash work, use a macro lens. Macro lenses are used for extreme close-up photography, typically of tiny subjects and living things like insects!

Although modern phones have excellent cameras, you should also think about buying a DSLR. Having a DSLR and the appropriate lens can help you improve your photography skills. Enabling you to take images with a blurred backdrop and macro shots. Additionally, it gives you a lot more options for photo editing. Photos taken with a DSLR camera have a lot more information in them, making editing them much simpler and producing superior results.

They are wonderful for your profession because they can catch a lot of detail, including beautiful fans, outstanding attachment, and natural lashes in various phases of growth. Your aim is to create photographs that will draw more lash clients, so use a distinctive lens, such as a wide-angle lens.

Instead of posting a close-up image of the lash fans, you should post more of your overall designs that show the complete eye or the entire face of your client. Your goal is to gain more clients by showcasing your work on social media.

What your clients want to see is how they will appear after getting lashes from you. Naturally, before and after images always get the most attention.

You don’t absolutely need a particular lens to capture the overall design. Not to zoom at your client from a distance; that’s the trick. Instead, take a picture of the client while holding your phone as close to their face as you can.

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What good lighting can achieve for a picture is remarkable. Why do you believe that professionals who take pictures rely on it so much? Even if you only use a mobile phone to take pictures, it’s crucial to have a decent, wide, even source of light.

Your Instagram feed will look amazing with clear, high-quality photos if you invest in a good ring light because good lighting makes a bigger difference than you can possibly imagine. The final product and photographic quality will greatly depend on how you lit your images.

You need a lot of consistent light for flash photography. You can relocate the lash bed near a window for natural light or purchase a nice light.

But the best choice, in my opinion, is natural light. It makes the skin appear brighter and contrasts the lashes with the skin. Try using a ring light with different settings if you’re performing a close-up or don’t have access to a suitable natural light source. Make sure there is enough light, regardless of the light source you select so that your camera can concentrate on the tiny lashes.

Tips and Tricks to Take Great Photos

Get your client’s permission first

You must obtain your client’s consent before taking and publishing their images online. Get your clients thrilled about their lashes to calm their worries. Inform them of your admiration for their eyelash extensions and request permission to take pictures of them. Show the client a couple of images of your outstanding work so they may see it for themselves. The majority of the time, your clients can be so satisfied with their lashes that they may ask you to send them the photo so they will post it themselves.

Experiment the angles

When capturing attractive pictures of your clients and your lash job, angles are crucial. Always pick your angle carefully. Experiment with different views! Ask yourself, “What am I attempting to capture in this photograph?”

You already have your client’s consent to take images. The greatest work will be captured if you take lots of photos, and you’ll have contents to draw from when your social media accounts want some new content. Try out various angles, positions, and depths to get the most out of each photo opportunity. Taking pictures from all angles, such as those with open eyes, closed eyes, and full faces, will demonstrate your photographic skill and highlight the joy your clients experience as a result of your work.

Here are some common angles to get you started:

Straight on an angle: have the client stare straight ahead when they are sitting or standing. Redirect them if they attempt to look up sometimes. Before shooting the photo, instruct them to focus on your finger and direct their gaze in the direction you want. This position is wonderful for showing forward impact but does not display the detail in your work.

Side profile: a fantastic way to demonstrate what lash extensions can achieve for customers with straight or downward-pointing lashes is from the side profile.

Below the eye area: when the client is lying down, ask them to keep looking straight ahead while you position your camera so you can see the lashes from below.

Full face: either lying down or sitting up, depending on your client. Use a mascara brush as a signal to direct your client’s gaze upward and encourage them to tuck their chin in slightly.

Single eyeshot: using close-up shot are perfect because it shows the tidiness of your work.

Before and after shots: this is the perfect chance to show your work. They are able to clearly see the benefits of wearing lash extensions.

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Clean the lens

  • Make sure your lens is constantly clean before shooting pictures. You don’t want your pictures to be fuzzy.
  • Make the application of eyelash extensions appealing
  • Make absolutely sure your work is picture-perfect before taking any shots by brushing through the lashes and removing any fallen natural lashes or extensions. Also, brush your client’s eyebrows to keep them in place.
  • Make sure your client’s eyebrows are well-groomed.

Clean Background

You want the lashes to be the only thing that people can see in your pictures! Photos with a cluttered background can distract others from seeing the eyelashes or make your work disappear into them. Take pictures instead on a plain background that complements the design and color strategy of your brand. Let the lashes stand out with a white or cream background, or express high fashion by selecting a background that is brightly colored. To set up a fantastic photo opportunity, you don’t need much room. Even if it’s outside or down the hall, look for a place to acquire indirect lighting or purchase a backdrop.

Alternatively, we advised decorating a space for you to take photos and for your customers to take images of themselves in our “Tips for Beginners for Lash Salons Interior Designs” article. You can check that out.


The content and arrangement of the photo itself should then be considered. The trick in this situation is to remove unattractive components from the image and direct the viewer’s attention to what you want them to see.

The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a favorite among photographers, and it will soon become your favorite compositional technique as well. Imagine the scene is divided into nine equal sections when you are getting ready to take a picture as if there are two horizontal and two vertical lines dividing the portions.

Your objective is to position the subject of your photograph either along the lines or at their intersection. The finest places for lash work are crossroads. For instance, the pupil and the outer wing of the cat eye are the key elements.

Crop and fill the frame

We don’t always have the advantage of having a lovely backdrop when we take shots, especially with our lash job. If your surroundings aren’t ideal and may interfere with the shot, cropping in close around your main focus area will eliminate the distraction and quickly improve the photo.

Another approach to achieve this is by filling the frame, but you should only do this if you are actively thinking about the final image when you take the picture. You have two options: either select to take the shot exactly as you want it to look when it’s finished, or leave some space around the main subject so you may crop and rotate it in an editing program.

Create Depth

You can give your picture more depth and attract the viewer’s eye by including details in the front, the middle way, and the backdrop.

How can we add depth to a picture of lashes? Tap the phone screen and concentrate on the eye that is closer to us to take the picture at an angle where the background is far away and the eye closest to us is in the forefront. Gently blurring what is in the distance, will naturally add depth to the scene.


If you’re taking pictures with your phone, you should combine them to display the before and after in a single image for your social media. You might also wish to add your logo and cover a spot or two of creases. Just be careful when using some of the skin-smoothing apps because they may significantly alter the appearance of your lashes, which could jeopardize the integrity of your job. Avoid filters that make the lashes appear darker than they are because we don’t want to mislead anyone. Here are some app recommendations for apps to make quick changes to your client’s skin:

  • Facetune: It enables you to maintain a more genuine appearance. This app lets you concentrate on a single area of the skin rather than changing the full picture, which is helpful for blemishes.
  • Presco: Presco may seem familiar to you if you have experience using presets. If not, this program is fantastic for those of you who don’t like to spend additional time manually editing photographs. Professional photographers built the Lightroom presets available in Presco to quickly and expertly improve the appearance of your images. You only need to scroll, pick, and apply.

Remember, to show off your lash work as accurately as possible, keep it natural. Don’t over-process the photo or use too many filters.

Content Ideas

Post a variety of stuff on a regular basis to make your feed stand out. Here are some suggestions:

  • Post many lash styles to demonstrate your skill to create unique looks for each client.
  • Describe the significance of cleanliness and safety for the application of eyelashes.
  • Posting a photo of your tidy lash workstation or disposable application equipment is a wonderful example.
GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


We hope that these suggestions will enable you to improve your photography so that you may amaze your clients and have lineups forming outside your door to schedule an appointment. Like lashing, perfecting a technique takes practice. Try out these suggestions at home, with a friend and you’ll soon be taking stunning photos.

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