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How to sell beauty services without feeling salesy, annoyed, or ignored

Launches are notoriously labor-intensive endeavors. It’s a constant flurry of action that requires me to come up every day ready to be seen and heard and communicate honestly (and frequently) about what I’m giving. Sending out sales emails, posting advertisements across socials, and recording ads and webinars are part of the constant flurry of activity.

Nerve-wracking? Every time! However, since I am fully aware that my success is directly proportional to my ability as a salesperson, I have made it a point to develop strategies for making sales that are enjoyable and extremely effective.

Selling what you do can be an intimidating experience. You may be hesitant to put yourself out there and sell your services because you’re afraid that people would become disinterested in you and never want to hear from you again. This could be the case. You are concerned that you will upset some of your most valuable customers. Above all else, you fear that no one will pay attention to what you have to say.

Now that we’ve established let’s address the most obvious fact of the situation: for our company to expand, we need to make sales! We must explain what it is that we do in a way that genuinely piques people’s interests, and we must do this even though it may make us feel awkward.

Today, I will share the ins and outs of selling without feeling like a nuisance on all your online marketing channels, including Facebook, Instagram, social media, and email. Anywhere you show up online!

At this moment, selling is the most important talent to hone, especially considering that unique occasions such as Mother’s Day will happen in just a few weeks.

Here are some tactics I’ve used to get over my selling anxieties. These methods will be useful to you if you are a hairstylist, salon owner, esthetician, nail artist, or specialist in self-tanning lotions and creams. Are you interested in selling gift cards, classes in lash extension, retail merchandise, or lash products? Read on, and don’t forget – let’s get you selling!

You need to get your head around the fact that you are running a business and not a hobby shop.

Do you seek financial success more than public acclaim?

Your favorite content creators on Instagram and Facebook may be very amusing, aesthetically pleasing, and popular, but do they do a good job marketing their services? Is that even a consideration for them? Or is it just something that they enjoy doing in their spare time that also happens to provide income?

As owners of beauty businesses, we understand that it is natural and enjoyable to post images of the flawless haircuts and colors your staff provides, the picture-perfect sunless tan jobs you give, and the picture-perfect nails you paint. But suppose all you’re doing is posting gorgeous photographs and not actively advertising your products and services or spreading the word about sales you’re holding. In that case, you’re thinking like a hobbyist and trying to keep it amusing and pleasant rather than a serious business endeavor. You will not observe the needle moving in that direction at all. 

This is a mental shift that every business owner needs to make early on in their path: determining that even though it may be simpler to share things that your audience likes rather than what makes you money, the real moves start when you take charge and do the difficult stuff. This is a mindset adjustment that every business owner needs to make early on in their journey.

No one else will expand your company in place of you. If you want people to pay attention to you, you have to be willing to stand out and be a little bit loud about it.

Are you going to walk on eggshells to maintain a high user engagement on Instagram, even if doing so requires you to forego the opportunity to turn a profit and expand your business? No. You no longer engage in that practice since a genuine businessperson never loses sight of the bottom line, and you are the owner of a beauty business to achieve.

Maintain a healthy balance in your business by alternating high and low sell cycles.

Because my company utilizes launch “cycles,” I can get away with sending ten sales emails in one week because my audience knows I will eventually return to my normal material. My communications, including sales emails, usually include content that is helpful to establishing businesses, which also contributes to maintaining a healthy balance.

The question now is, how do you handle these cycles?

Plan out your schedule many months or even a year in advance, and search for events that you can promote around, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, the Back to School season, Black Friday, and other similar occasions. Around these occasions, you may organize a “launch” for two weeks, including retail promotions, special packages, gift cards, and other similar elements. Emails and social media posts related to deals can be scheduled in advance for those two weeks or any other amount of time you desire.

Make the most of these phases by going all out! You shouldn’t be scared to advertise time-sensitive deals numerous times during the course of that timeframe. People are looking for unique gift ideas and deals, so you should tell them what you can provide them.

When we plan things out in advance, we experience less anxiety as opposed to when we do everything on the spur of the moment and run the risk of changing our minds at the very last second. Setting up a schedule for your sales cycles will provide you peace of mind and assurance that you are moving forward in a planned manner that your audience won’t find overwhelming.

It is also simpler for your mental health to complete high-sales cycles. If you know it will only be for a shorter period; you’ll feel less terrible about doing it. If they know that it is only for a short period, your neighborhood and customers will be more understanding and accommodating. They will also focus their attention more.

Sharing with your audience shouldn’t be limited to when you have something for sale.

The most effective marketing technique today is email. We made tons of purchases only from our email list during our most recent launch.

We use my email as a tool to create relationships with my audience, which is one of the reasons why we are continuously able to make efficient sales via email.

We send and receive emails frequently. We send out an email every week, come hell or high water, with content that is not promotional! As was mentioned earlier, we make it a point to include information that is beneficial to our company’s growth in every one of our emails. Our email subscribers have been with us for quite some time, so they are very open to the deals we present to them.

Be sure to continuously post and be active anywhere you appear online for your community and clients, whether TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. This plan shouldn’t only be for your email list, though; it should apply to all of the places you show up online.

When you focus on educating your customers, closing sales is a piece of cake.

Attention, please: If you fear selling, the following advice is by far the most helpful for you. Not only does it not feel at all like selling, but it is effective.

Education has proven to be effective in increasing sales at your salon. For example, you may have talked to customers about retail products, such as skincare or hair products, while they were shopping. When it comes to anything that has to do with sales, the same rule applies online!

You can also market your goods and services by educating customers during any of the following situations:

Consultations for lash extensions that are conducted online may include the recommendation of products and the provision of sales or other incentives throughout the session. Your customer places a lot of faith in your judgment regarding these issues. 

Free classes and training on Zoom or Facebook – educate your audience on the most recent fads or tips and tricks, and sell things to them while the class is in session. This is an excellent strategy for selling your retail products!

During Facebook and Instagram Lives, you should inform your audience about the most recently available laser lash treatments and provide links to book these packages.

This is the ideal method for promoting your online retail store and the things you sell, as it includes demonstrations of the products and instructions about their components and applications. Demonstrate to your audience what’s accessible and convince them of its merits.

When your customers better understand how your product or service will benefit them, they are more likely to make additional purchases. Education establishes you as an authority figure and fosters trust in others. When you educate your audience on a service or product, you also highlight all of the benefits of that service or product, which creates a desire among your audience. To produce sales, desire, and trust are two of the most important push points.

If you put a personal spin on your sales pitch, people won’t be able to ignore you.

We make it a point to be in as many of our promotional pictures and videos as possible. Even when we sell something and make a significant “ask” in an email, I always begin my email with a personal story or something else that establishes a connection with the recipient.

Your audience wants to see you show up and educate about the product or service you are delivering, which is true regardless of the platform you are utilizing to communicate and advertise your lash care products or gift cards for your salon.

Your audience wants to know that you are the one providing the message and representing the product or service you are advertising; therefore, be sure to include a lot of “me” in your conversations with your audience. Be genuine, charming humorous, and entertaining. After that, you can follow it up with your sales material, whether through email, Instagram, or Facebook.

5 simple ways to sell without coming off as pushy.

1. Make the connection first.

When it comes to it, sales are all about building and maintaining relationships. When potential customers see that you have tried to connect with them before bringing up your business, they are more likely to buy from you. There is no worse feeling than getting the impression that someone is simply interested in your money; therefore, you should ensure your potential customers do not get this impression from you. Building a rapport with potential customers is the most critical step in the sales process; you shouldn’t skip over it.

Active listening and asking questions without predetermined answers are two of our favorite ways to interact with customers and create rapport. To demonstrate that you are actively listening, you must give your customers your complete attention while letting them know they have it. When someone is talking to you, you can demonstrate that you are paying attention to what they are saying by using nonverbal clues such as nodding your head. This will show that you are engaged in what they are saying. Open-ended questions are those that require responses that are more in-depth than a simple “yes” or “no.” Asking your customers questions of this nature encourages them to be open and honest with you, which can contribute to the formation of a connection between the two of you and encourage them to like and trust you.

2. You should focus more on listening than talking.

There is a logical explanation for why humans have two ears but only one mouth. Be sure that you are paying more attention to what your potential customers have to say than you are to what you have to say to them. If you focus on asking open-ended questions and listening to their comments, you may find that they talk themselves into why they need or want what you’re giving. This may be quite helpful when trying to persuade someone to buy anything. It is a powerful technique to not only create a relationship with customers but also let them realize that you are coming from a position of service rather than simply wanting to make a sale. This may be accomplished by listening more to what they have to say.

3. Instead of selling a product or a service, try to sell a transformation.

Nobody gives a damn about web design services, consulting services, or coaching services in and of themselves. People are interested in the benefits that a service can provide for them. Ask yourself this question whenever you are writing marketing materials or presenting a service: Why should my ideal clients care about this? It is likely that the response to that question will provide you with some direction regarding how you might sell to your customers.

It’s an easy habit to get into to talk about what you’re selling rather than why you’re selling it, and it may be detrimental to your business. Be careful that you don’t put yourself in this predicament. Some useful techniques to guarantee that you are concentrating on the “why” include talking about the transformation that clients may expect to experience in your marketing content, as well as presenting the results and testimonials of previous clients.

4. Instead of talking about yourself, focus on the other person.

Consumers are interested in learning how a product or service might influence them personally. Regardless of how much you tell them, they care more about it than how it has impacted you. For instance, a client will care much more about how a face wash will clear their acne than how it clears your acne. This is because the customer’s acne will be different from yours. Keep this straightforward fact in mind when speaking with potential customers, and make it a point to direct the conversation back to them at all times.

5. Permit yourself to move on.

Take the time to develop a relationship with potential customers and listen to what they say. You will likely have a fairly decent notion as to whether or not someone is interested in what you have to offer. It is acceptable to move on if the person is not interested in what you have to offer. To achieve financial success, it is not necessary to sell to every single person. Usually, the other person will feel more at ease and may even wind up referring other individuals to you in the future if you allow yourself to move on from that relationship and permit yourself to do so.

5 Tips to Help You Sell Without Being Annoying.

These five tips will get you off to a good start and help your company increase sales without alienating its existing or future clientele.

Traditionally, traditional sales approaches have occasionally featured being forceful or authoritative. This kind of sales approach is not used in today’s world, particularly in the digital environment, because it is ineffective. Or, what’s even worse, it drives potential customers completely away from the brand. Even while you can’t completely give up on the sales strategy, you can discover a way to sell without being bothersome to your customers. These five tips will get you off to a good start and help your company increase sales without alienating its existing or future clientele.

1. It’s important to answer the real questions that customers have.

People typically use search engines because they have a question in mind when they go online and look anything up with one. If you want to create credibility within your field, one of the most effective methods is to provide people with the answers to their questions. It is essential to refrain from pressing these questions. Instead, you should try to find out the questions that your target audience genuinely has.

I recommend checking your mailbox first if you are unsure where to begin. It’s likely that you already get a lot of messages and emails from members of your audience. They could be inquiring which of your items is suggested for a particular use when the optimal moment is to purchase one of your products or how to use one of your products effectively. Make use of this information if you find that you are often being asked the same questions. If you respond to the questions posed on social media, in an e-book, or in a post on your blog, you will naturally draw users who are interested in hearing what you have to say.

2. Determine the Most Appropriate Posting Frequency for Your Content.

Anyone who has used Facebook for more than a few minutes is aware that some companies and individuals can post so regularly that it comes out as spammy. When this occurs, the likelihood that other users may ban the profile or unfollow it increases. As a company, the last thing you want is for something like that to happen because it will cut into your customer base. Consider the frequency of your posts before publishing them on Instagram or sending emails to the people on your client list, whichever comes first.

It is possible that posting more than once a day is acceptable for your business if it is a large multinational corporation with millions of followers. If you own a tiny business, daily posting on social media is the best strategy. Sending more than one email each week carries the danger of being bothersome to customers and ultimately leads to an increase in the number of people who unsubscribe from a company’s mailing list. This is true for the majority of organizations.

3. Establish Two-Way Communication with Users.

It’s possible that your overarching goal is to increase your number of sales. Even if there is nothing inherently wrong with that objective, you do not want your users or customers to believe that it is the only thing you are concentrating on. Make sure to engage your audience and start interactions with users so that this doesn’t happen.

This necessitates incorporating a human voice into the information you produce. Even if you write in the second person, you can still maintain a professional and authoritative tone. In addition, you need to ensure you answer people’s questions and comments whenever you can. If someone gives you a positive review, you should thank them. Respond as quickly as possible whenever someone asks a question in the comments section of a blog article. All of these acts demonstrate that you care deeply about your clients, and they have the potential to go a long way toward generating additional sales and interactions in the future.

4. Make Sure Your Content Has Value.

First and foremost, check that whatever you write, send, or post is useful to others. Always remember that the concept of worth might be interpreted differently depending on who you ask. Sometimes, a blog article is valuable because it teaches readers how to do something they haven’t done before. In other circumstances, the value of a post on social media lies in the fact that it is comedic or entertaining.

You shouldn’t force yourself to believe that every content you produce must bring the same level of value. When you have a varied readership, providing a wide variety of content is appropriate to pique the interest of as many different sorts of readers as possible. It is sometimes advantageous to maintain the same tone of voice whenever practicable. This assists you in defining your brand and provides users with specific information regarding the type of company you are right from the beginning.

5. Always do your best to fulfill the requirements of the users.

The final piece of advice that will assist you in increasing the number of sales you generate without being bothersome to your audience is to satisfy your users’ wants whenever possible. Before publishing any new content, seriously consider the audience you’re addressing. In the end, ask yourself whether the primary purpose of your content is to assist the reader or to advertise your items. In order to provide the user with something of value, you need first make an effort to determine what those needs are and then produce content that addresses gaps that already exist in your sector. Step back and rethink what you want to accomplish with your content if it appears and reads too much like a direct advertisement.

Increasing sales without being pushy is a challenge that might sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. Even if you want to earn sales, you don’t want to scare away customers by being too pushy or aggressive with them. By utilizing the following six pointers, you will be able to successfully negotiate the middle ground, give quality information, and position yourself well for future sales.

Final Thoughts

When making sales, have confidence and be willing to take risks.

We are aware that it might be nerve-wracking to put oneself in front of an audience and request that they invest money in oneself. However, your company will continue to suffer damage unless you can overcome your anxiety and begin taking action.

Always keep in mind that your customers adore your company. They adore what it is that you do. They adore you for being who you are. The more you give to others, the more they will give back to you.

If you withdraw into yourself, you eliminate the possibility that someone will discover and fall in love with your company for the very first time.

Although it’s not simple, doing so is very vital. The difference between “waiting for things to happen” and “going out and grabbing it” is a mountain regarding the importance of learning the art of selling your services with self-assurance.

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