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Is steam bad for eyelash extensions?

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

When it comes to eyelash extensions, asking if steam is bad is like asking if the shampoo is bad for your eyes. The response to that question is yes.

Did you guys see that coming? Yes, you were. The issue is that, much like everything else, steam is one of those things that are necessary for survival. Particularly so if you reside in an area where the average temperature falls below freezing.

Therefore, for our eyelash extensions to withstand steam, we must build them in a particular way (a little).

The correct response to this question is “No.” There are certain benefits to using steam while growing eyelashes. However, they should avoid inhaling an excessive amount of steam. But even with that, clients’ lashes won’t be damaged all that much if they go to a reputable lash artist who didn’t skimp on the quality of the extensions they used.

What is Steam? How Does it Help Your Eyelash?

Steaming one’s face is a time-honored and well-liked method of enhancing one’s appearance that dates back to ancient times. In most cases, it is applied to the skin to hydrate it and open and clean the pores. In addition to this, it assists in improving blood circulation and lessening puffiness around the eye area.

But steam may be used for more than just your face! It can also be applied to your lashes without extensions to promote the growth of lashes that are fuller and longer over time.

If clients want you to remove lash extensions, using steam in this area will be helpful. Because the adhesive that holds the lash extensions in place will become more flexible due to the steam, it will be much simpler to remove the lash extensions at the end of the day. You’ll have more time for yourself now that you won’t have to spend as much time removing the glue. After the steam has softened the adhesive, use an eyelash curler to gently curl the client’s lashes and eliminate any clumps that may have formed. Before moving on to the next stage, give them enough time to dry off properly.

The Impact of Steam on the Adhesive Used for False Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are entirely waterproof if applied properly and left to cure for the appropriate time. The first problem arises when low-quality lash extensions are used with a lash adhesive that has not yet been fully set. The second issue is that when the body is subjected to steam and heat, not only does it create oils, but it also sweats.

These two issues need to be addressed separately.

To begin, there is the issue of being confronted with excessive steam.

The manufacture of lash extensions currently uses PBT Fiber in its many forms. PBT is resistant to damage and can withstand high temperatures without degrading. The temperature of 433 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the perfect melting point for lash extensions. Around 194 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be the ideal temperature for a sauna in most spas.

There is no way that customers will experience their eyelash extensions melting at this temperature. The only effect it can have is to destroy the curl of their extensions which is recoverable.

However, if the person applying the extensions lacked expertise, a glob of glue could form at the base of the extensions. One way to approach these bumps is as pockets of uncured glue contained within a layer that is otherwise completely cured. It only takes a moment to harden when the temperature and humidity levels are correct.

The rapid curing of the adhesive causes it to split, and the Extension breaks off too quickly. Flash curing is useful for more than only blobs. This can also happen between 24 and 48 hours after getting eyelash extensions done. The drying time varies depending on the type of glue.

If the clients have poor retention due to this, they will have to get their prescription renewed much sooner than they had originally expected.

A second issue that might arise in a sauna is excessive sweating. Sweat glands in the human body secrete a wide variety of extra substances, any one of which is capable of wreaking havoc on the adhesive used for lash extensions.

Fatty acids, salts, and other byproducts of metabolism can be found in sweat. They weaken the effect of the cured lash adhesive on the eyelashes. The majority of contemporary lash glues are sweat-resistant, yet even so, they have their boundaries. As a consequence of this, the retention rate will also be negatively affected.

When it comes to eyelash extensions, are saunas safe to use?

After getting extensions, customers must refrain from using the sauna and steam room for a minimum of two days. However, they should try to steer out of these high-traffic areas for at least five days after their treatment.

Suppose clients go to the sauna or steam room too soon after getting their stunning new lashes. In that case, they may prevent the extension fibers from adhering correctly to the natural lashes, increasing the likelihood of their new lashes falling out. Imagine the irony of making something that should relieve stress into something that makes it worse, right?

After the allotted amount of time has passed, it is safe for clients to enter saunas and steam rooms; nevertheless, they are not free to spend as much time as they like basking in the heat.

The temperature in steam rooms averages around 110 degrees Fahrenheit, although saunas can reach temperatures as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

 If they add steam to the heat (some saunas also become steamy), the extreme humidity and blistering temperatures can, over time, melt and tear down the adhesive that binds their extensions to the natural lashes. 

In addition, saunas and steam rooms cause everyone to work up a good sweat, leaving them with a dewy sheen and a dripping forehead! Sweat has salt and oil in it, and if that sweat gets on the lashes, the salt and oil can build up, which might cause the extensions to lose their hold on the natural lashes. Sweat also contains water, which can make it difficult to remove.

Skipping the sauna and steam room is someone’s best bet for avoiding anything that can hasten the loss of their extensions.

Tips for Clients Keeping their Eyelash Extensions Safe in the Shower or Sauna

The good news is that getting lash extensions will not restrict clients from doing enjoyable and soothing activities like getting facials and going to spas.

Salt and oils should be avoided at all costs if they have lash extensions. Imagine if their body is continually secreting oils and sweat. How come their lash extensions appear to be in good condition?

In this regard, the concepts “too much” and “too soon” are important to keep in mind. Aren’t we being a bit vague?

Lash extensions have a reasonable level of resistance to salt and oil. After all, the cured acrylate bond, the adhesive used to make the glue, is one of the most stable bonds. One or two trips to the sauna are nothing for them to worry about. As long as they don’t overdo it, there is a decent chance that their eyelash extensions will last for a good amount of time.

Protective goggles and pads are available in the sauna for use in case they need them. As we stated before, using sunbeds after getting lash extensions, they can protect their extensions to some degree by purchasing decent swimming goggles. Due to the fog, they need to be extra careful not to walk into anything.

A challenge lies in the phrase “too soon.” There is no set time anywhere in this location. Some adhesives are fully cured in twenty-four hours, while others may take up to three days to reach their full potential. The amount of time it takes for an adhesive to cure is determined by its concentration and type.

The issue is that clients cannot just disregard this window in any way. The first twenty-four hours after getting their lash extensions is critical to the retention process. They must plan their steaming activities outside of this window with extreme caution because the problem of flash-curing adhesive is very serious.

The process of curing is, therefore, a significant factor. In addition, your clients need to ensure that you engage in hot activities in moderation.

The 3 R’s of Wearing False Eyelashes in a Sauna

In response to all of you who believe that the relaxing effects of heat are sufficient justification for a less stable extension hold, we have compiled a list of the top three things clients can do to minimize the damage done while they are in the sauna or steam room:

  1. First, ensure that their sauna sessions are brief and infrequent. To reduce the amount of time they spend in harmful conditions, such as heat and humidity, they should only use the sauna or steam room occasionally. In addition, they should t try to limit each session to no more than 5 minutes.
  2. The second piece of advice is to use a lash extension sealer. Applying a lash extension sealer before going into a sauna or steam room will help protect their extensions from getting damaged. To keep the extensions in place for a longer period, clients must apply a coat of sealer daily. This will protect them from elements such as steam and sweat.
  3. Give the eyelashes a good washing after their session. After using a sauna or a steam room, clients should use a light cleanser to gently remove any salt or oil that may have settled on the lash extensions. This will prevent the salt and oil from causing the extension adhesive to become less effective over time.

Can they get a facial with lash extensions?

Over the years, we have had several customers who wear eyelash extensions continuously inquire as to whether or not they can receive facials while they have eyelash extensions. It would be interesting to see how you would react if you were forced to pick and give up one of those services.

You probably put a lot of effort and expense into acquiring beautiful lashes for your clients, and the last thing you want is for them to have a facial or any other type of service to damage them after all of your hard work.

Facials are unquestionably one of the beauty treatments you need to be aware of to avoid any negative interactions between your lash services and those of other beauty professionals.

During a face treatment, clients can continue to wear their eyelash extensions. It is strongly suggested that a minimum of four hours pass between the two treatments to guarantee that the lash adhesive has properly hardened. It is important to keep the area around the eyes free of oil, heat, and steam while getting a facial.

A facial treatment combines washing, toning, moisturizing, and applying natural products, all of which work together to leave the skin looking refreshed and radiant.

Several items and procedures could be harmful to the eyelash extensions that are performed during a facial. Therefore, your clients need to converse with their esthetician about the method that will be utilized when performing the face treatment to ensure that their lash extensions will not be damaged in any way.

Maintaining open lines of communication with the esthetician who is performing the facial will ensure that any potential problems with the application of the eyelash extensions are avoided.

How to Avoid Damaging the Eyelash Extensions While Getting a Facial?

If clients want their eyelash extensions to remain in place when they have a facial, here are the five most crucial things for clients to keep an eye out for.

  1. Scrubs: Scrubs made with salt or sea buckthorn are two examples of items that are excellent for exfoliating dead skin cells and cleansing the skin. They are also quite abrasive, which means that applying them too close to the eyes might cause the eyelash extensions to fall off.
  2. Oils: Many facial creams contain oils, which can cause the lash glue to loosen and eventually disintegrate. This can happen if they use a product that contains oils. For instance, coconut oil is an efficient approach to removing eyelash extensions at home. The esthetician must avoid applying oily products too close to the eyelash extensions.
  3. Steam: As we’ve mentioned numerous times, lash extensions should not be done in the presence of steam. It has the potential to make lash glue less effective over time. Why? The hair follicle is opened by steam, adding moisture to the adhesive.
  4. Hot towel: It is common practice to apply a warm towel to one’s eyes before receiving a facial. If clients want their lashes to last for a very long time, they should avoid exposing them to excessive heat. Instead, they could inquire with their esthetician about having the towel wrapped around the eyes.
  5. Natural products: Products made from natural ingredients are typically utilized during a facial. These include toners, exfoliating scrubs, and moisturizers. During a facial, these products are frequently administered to the skin. Again, ensure the clients are not applied in such a way that brings them too close to the eye area.

When a client gets lash extensions, should they get a facial first or afterward?

When both of these rituals take, the place is an intriguing subject. Should clients get a face treatment before getting eyelash extensions, or should they get their eyelashes done first when planning their beauty routine?

Suppose they wear eyelash extensions regularly and get their extensions refilled once every three weeks. In that case, lash artists should always advise their customers to book a facial appointment a few days before their next appointment to get their extensions refilled.

Even if something bad happens during the facial and many of the lash extensions come out, they may still have their gorgeous lashes restored to their natural state during the appointment to get their refill.

On the other hand, if they get a facial immediately after getting their lash extensions, they risk ruining their brand-new set of lashes.

It is recommended that clients use this method to contain the damage. When they have a facial, a competent esthetician should be careful enough not to harm the lash extensions. In most circumstances, this will be the case. Despite this, it is nevertheless recommended that they do so just in case.

If clients have lash extensions, can they still steam their faces?

When getting a facial with lash extensions, clients should steer clear of the eye area when using steam because it can break down the bond created by the lash glue over time. Instead, they should use a heated cloth to relax their muscles and open the pores before beginning their facial.

When working with a hot towel, one must be aware of the possibility of lint becoming entangled in one’s eyelash extensions, which might cause the extensions to become snagged or pulled out of place. For this reason, we usually advise our clients to keep their eyes open while applying the hot towel treatment and covering the rest of the face with a towel.

Adjusting the curl of the Extension

After the clients go to the spa or get a facial, they are more likely to experience this issue than before. It is good knowledge that eyelash extensions will lose their form when exposed to heat. It’s possible that they don’t look quite as good as they did when they left the lash artist’s chair.

When an eyelash extension is being manufactured, the curl that it will have is determined by subjecting it to heat. It is possible for it to be lost when it is exposed to other heating mediums since its weight can cause it to be dragged down.

You will require some tools to reset the extensions. A round eyelash brush of high quality, in addition to a blow dryer.

A Handy Hint: Ensure the extensions are clean before setting them. It removes any debris or oil that may cause the client’s extensions to adhere to one another and keeps them from doing so.

When using the hair dryer, select a narrow and flat nozzle. It is important to position the dryer point upward and perpendicular to the direction in which the lash extensions are going. In any event, you shouldn’t have to worry about the wind getting in the eyes.

You can use a brush to adjust the curl of the extensions while the blow dryer is set to its lowest heat setting and blowing up. You may need to experiment, but the procedure itself is quite straightforward.

After achieving the desired curl, you can use cold air to permanently set it in that shape. It is important to take breaks frequently and prevent the eyelash extensions from becoming overheated. Because of their high heat output, hair dryers pose a threat to lash extensions.

The bottom Line

Treatments such as eyelash extensions and facials are not mutually exclusive procedures. Clients should not worry about their eyelash extensions coming off if they have a facial right after getting them done.

Even when getting a facial treatment, general suggestions like staying away from heat, oils, and steam should be followed at all times.

Before getting a facial done, I always suggest to my customers that they talk to an esthetician and evaluate their skin beforehand. Make sure the esthetician is okay with them having lash extensions and is aware of how to modify the treatment to accommodate them.

We sincerely hope that reading this post makes you feel more at ease about clients getting a facial along with eyelash extensions and that it assists them in creating a cosmetic routine that will last.

We sincerely hope that you were able to improve as a lash artist as a result of reading this post. If you have any questions, you can contact us at Gollee.

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