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Multi Colored Volume Eyelash Tweezer

This tweezer is made with hand finished chromium steel. Chromium steel privets great corrosion resistance against most chemicals as well as atmospheric conditions.

Stock Specification:

Model No.GV-10
MaterialJapan SUS304
Designed ForVolume Pick-up
ServiceWholesale, ODM, OEM

Eyelash Tweezer

This tweezer is made of Japanese high strength stainless steel which is held to high standard to ensure the handlers get the job done right

The tapering head is accurate to picking up eyelashes, 0.03-0.15 rough eyelashes are easy to volume.

GV-10 is Lightweight, Anti-acid steel, Anti-static and offers an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy reduce hand fatigue.

Our abrasion resistance and super precision tweezers provide a great grip and a stronghold on even the thinnest lashes is ensured.

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