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Rose Gold Isolation & Eyelash Tweezer

GV-30: These surgical grade tweezers are made of Japan Steel for more durability and the most precision for the thinnest lashes and volume techniques.

GV-40: Each handcrafted and hand-tested to ensure top quality and performance. This curved tweezer works perfectly for fanning lashes.

Stock Specification:

Model No.GV-30GV-40
Designed ForIsolation &
One-to-one Application
Volume Pick-up
MaterialJapan SUS304
ServiceWholesale, ODM, OEM

GV-30: Rose Gold Isolation
GV-40: Rose Gold Eyelash Tweezer

This hand-crafted eyelash extension tweezer has low Tension that reduces stress on the hand.

These volume eyelash extension tweezers have easy. To hold a grip that feels comfortable in your hands. Use these volume tweezers to easily pick up small-width eyelash extensions to create and place volume fans. Specially designed for 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and volume eyelash extensions.

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