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Reasons why you should take more eyelash extension courses

Learning should not stop once you have obtained your certification and made your first few dollars from performing your first eyelash extension, as previously said. Pursuing a profession will feel more satisfying if you continually look for methods to better yourself and expand your knowledge.

As a result of the training, you will have an improved portfolio and be able to provide your most valued customers with additional services. Participating in such courses is a great method to keep the fire burning in you for learning new things and breaking away from the monotony of your usual activities.

This post will enumerate four reasons you should not refuse or disregard improving yourself and being regularly trained. If you are still not convinced, you can continue reading this text.

Reasons why you should always attend extra classes on eyelash extension!

Aside from how difficult it is to apply false eyelashes (raise your hand if you were one of those people who believed it would be a piece of cake until you did your first set!), It is quite simple to become a lash technician; all you have to do is take a course (it must be accredited), complete your case studies, and pass an exam, and then you will have a whole new career and a secure future.

Why bother taking additional classes if becoming a lash technician can be accomplished with very little effort? If you’ve completed one course, you’ve probably completed them all, right? Wrong! You ought to do the same because the eyelash market is always advancing. Although traditional lashes will never go out of style, techniques are always evolving, and it’s never a bad idea to have a wider range of skills and treatment options at your disposal!

Let us take you over some of the TOP reasons why you should be actively searching out extra lash extension training courses, just in case you’re still on the fence about it after reading this!


We briefly discussed this in the introduction, but we’ll go into more depth now in case you haven’t been working in the lash industry for as long as some of us have. Because there was so little education available back when the lash industry started becoming more or less what we know it to be today – lashes weren’t isolated before placement, clients were advised against washing their lashes or even getting them wet – lash extensions got a bit of a bad reputation for being uncomfortable or even unsafe because of this lack of education. However, the education that is available today has helped change this perception.

Because education and knowledge have progressed since then to the point that they are now, thank goodness, you will be able to securely and elegantly extend your lashes for years to come as long as you complete a certified lash extensions course taught by a properly insured trainer. But could you even begin to fathom what the eyelash extension market would be like if those early lash technicians hadn’t sought extra training and had instead continued to make the same mistakes and do the same things repeatedly?

In 2017, it was common knowledge that you needed to clean your lash extensions daily to maintain the health of your natural lashes and eyes. It was recommended that you use baby shampoo, which, while it is gentle and wasn’t necessarily causing any harm, wasn’t designed, developed, or safety tested specifically for use on eyelash extensions. This is where foam cleanser comes in.

Suppose you use products not designed specifically for eyelash extensions, whether it be your pretreatment, glue, or aftercare. In that case, you are setting yourself up for a potential problem if your client has any kind of reaction or problem with their lashes. This is because insurance companies have become more educated on the process of lash extensions in the same way we have. If your client has any kind of reaction or problem with their lashes, you cannot file a claim with the insurance.

Over the course of the last few decades, the lashing industry has been moving at a breakneck speed. From time to time, novel discoveries and technological advancements are made available to the public. As a lash artist and a business owner, the only way to stay in the game is to stay current, adapt, or fall behind the competition.

You certainly do not want to be the last artist to hear about the trending-colored eyelash extensions that have been the talk of the lash business. Instead, you should aim to be the last artist to be introduced to the various lash extension products that have created miracles in the eyelash extension services of many lash technicians. Attending courses is one method to stay abreast of the latest developments in the lash enhancement sector, which is constantly changing.


As was just discussed, how insurance companies collaborate with lash technicians has undergone significant change as a direct result of the evolution of the sector as a whole. Insurance companies required you to perform a patch test with your lash glue on the skin a short time ago. Lash technicians eventually fought against this requirement, and now the vast majority of insurers only require you to check with your supplier or manufacturer about the process of performing a patch test. This is because (as a result of developments in education) we now fully understand that patch tests with lash glue on the skin are dangerous and give us wildly inaccurate results.


If someone has even one certificate hanging on their wall, I know I can trust them, but I’m quite impressed if they have a whole wall full of them! I don’t know about you, but that’s a sign that I’m in good hands. If you’re already qualified in classic lash extensions, that doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about single lash extensions. Taking an additional course from a different trainer could give you a new hack for isolation that speeds up your work; this could be the thing that sets you apart from the rest of your competition. The fact is that different courses offer different perspectives.

Now, keep in mind that every single trainer has had completely different experiences – they’ve worked with a wide variety of customers and faced a wide variety of challenges they’ve had to solve. Take advantage of the opportunity if it presents itself to train with a respected trainer.


It is the simplest and quickest method to increase your clientele by two or three times to be able to provide a variety of styles and types of eyelash extensions, as well as a few additional treatments, such as lash lifts and lash perms, on the menu. This will allow you to attract more customers. Your adaptability draws in a sizable number of consumers, and the only way for you to increase that number is to participate in relevant training and courses and obtain relevant certifications for the services you offer. When you can achieve a new look in only one salon, what is the point of traveling to the other two? One more thing to remember is that it is far more likely that a customer will remain loyal to your business if they can receive various services from you.

It is well worth your time to either acquire new abilities or improve upon those you already possess. If you take a lesson taught by a different lash instructor or trainer, they may teach you new approaches and tactics, which will enable you to amass and store knowledge that could be useful on any given day. Providing support for your professional development and career advancement will therefore open up options for you along your lashing path.

Classic lashes will always be in style, but why wouldn’t you want to potentially triple your client pool by being able to offer Volume lashes and Hybrid Lash sets? It goes without saying that if you’re qualified in Classic Lashes, getting trained in Volume Lashes is well worth the time and money.

Can’t you just utilize prefabricated fans? However, you still need to know how many lashes you can apply without putting yourself in danger. In addition to that, do you not want the independence of hand-making your fans? Building fans by hand essentially allows you to lash without any restrictions since you can choose when to use broader fans, when to use narrow fans, or when to employ spikes. You can get any appearance you like, including volume and density, spiky or fluffy lashes, or any combination of the three. There is, in all honesty – and our marketing team may have my head for saying this – no replacement for fans that are hand-built. (However, of course, we feel obligated to remind out there are situations in which it is quite beneficial to utilize readymade fans, and you really ought to look at them if you haven’t already!)

Also, remember that if a customer can come to you for various treatments, you can certainly count on their continued business. After all, why visit three different salons when you can have an entirely new appearance at just one? Expand your business beyond lash treatments by also offering brow grooming services.


You’ve undoubtedly heard this a hundred times, but it bears repeating: you should get paid for your worth. Getting qualified and completing courses will lead you to the next level on the expert ladder. Although the diplomas that are framed and hung up in the foyer of your lash salon may appear to be nothing more than pieces of paper, they are, in fact, living proof of your expertise and should be considered fluffy and fuzzy feathers in your cap. These qualifications distinguish you from other candidates in the field.

In addition to the quality of the job you create, your level of expertise and knowledge is one of the most important variables that will determine the price range you can charge for your lash services or your lash salon business. In addition, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the trade inspires faith in you on the part of your clients and your abilities.

You already know that when it comes to us, we will always be the ones to encourage you to ask for what you are truly worth. Because taking additional classes makes you more qualified and raises the regard others hold you, you can command a higher price for your services. This demonstrates that the cost of those training courses can be recouped in as few as five successful treatments.


Attending training classes will not only teach you how to create magnificent eyelash curls, pull up your very first eyelash decals, or teach you new methods to treat issues and concerns in the administration of lash extensions, but it will also equip you with various other abilities. Courses can also cover other key areas of your journey as a lash artist, such as building up your clientele, handling last-minute cancellations, and following best practices if you work as a mobile lash artist.

When it comes to becoming the lash professional you should be, the lash extension procedure and the lash business as a whole contain a vast amount of information that can be useful to you. To get this information and knowledge, all you need is to devise means.

Invest in your future

A course in eyelash extensions is a fantastic way to invest in your future, whether you are interested in learning how to perform eyelash extensions or would like to improve your abilities. Let’s look at five compelling arguments for why you should consider being certified in lash extensions.


The art of lash artistry requires a significant amount of practice. If you want to become a superb lash artist, taking a class will guarantee that you get the direction, expertise, and practice hours that you need. I take it that you want to stand out from the crowd. Of course, that is the case. Everyone who has achieved success in anything has done it by absorbing the knowledge and wisdom of those who came before them.

Watching video lessons on YouTube will not provide you with the same kind of personalized, hands-on care and attention you would receive in a lash extension class. You should give yourself every opportunity to excel at this endeavor.


Think about it: would you rather have someone who claims to be self-taught apply for your lash extensions, or would you rather have someone who enrolled in and graduated from a respected course taught by qualified professionals apply for your lash extensions? Think about it. The response is completely obvious. You get the right to talk about completing a reputable program when you graduate, and you can use that accomplishment as a selling point for your company. You are backed up by a reputable lash company’s power and brand awareness, which is a wonderful selling factor in gaining new customers.


You may go from being a lash novice to a lash professional by taking a course, and there is simply no alternative to receiving in-person tuition from a lash professional. You will receive training on the most recent methods and products, including how to apply and remove lashes, correct hygiene, and ensure clients’ safety. Suppose you attend a class from a company that has developed exceptional talent in the industry rather than learning independently. In that case, you will ultimately save more time since you will receive material more relevant to your needs.


If you ask any lash artist, they will tell you that one of the most beneficial aspects of taking a class was the opportunity to make new friends and professional connections. If you work alone as a lash artist, you may find that your job can be somewhat isolating at times. When you enroll in a course, you can form relationships with other students who share your interests and have the same professional aspirations as you do. A good number of these individuals will go on to become dear friends in addition to becoming excellent business contacts. We know a few who have even started a business together, given each other referrals, and shared salon space. At Lash Affair, our trainers place a high value on the students they instruct, and those students are provided with their trainers’ personal contact information so they can receive continuing assistance and insight.


The field of lash artistry offers a lot of freedom and enjoyment, but ultimately, you are in it to make money, right? That conclusion may be drawn from each of the previous four points. By enrolling in a lash extension course offered by Lash Affair Academy, you can make all the goals above reality and earn a job doing something you truly enjoy. Discover a course in your area and start a stunning new profession in the lash business right now – we even have scholarships available for you to take advantage of.


When taking a school to become a lash extension technician, it is essential to study from instructors with theoretical and practical experience in the field. Lessons in lash extension application given by our highly qualified and credentialed instructors will provide you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to become an industry leader. In addition to providing you with the appropriate training, we will also equip you with the real-world tools necessary to assist you in expanding your clientele while maintaining the greatest possible standard of service.


Because fashion is in constant flux, it is essential to keep up with the most recent techniques, goods, and designs to assist your customers in projecting the most attractive image possible. In addition to instructing you on how to become a lash extension technician, the team of teachers we employ performs much more. Our training programs equip you with the most up-to-date information to serve your customers with the most cutting-edge and in-demand services possible.


Putting on eyelashes is only one aspect of what it takes to become a qualified lash extension technician. Technicians who specialize in lash extensions are highly skilled in the arts of artistry, creativity, and individuality.

Because we are current on the most recent developments in lash extension technology and services, we can assure you that our customers leave looking their absolute best. You can offer an even greater service to your customers and expand your business if you become certified as a lash extension technician.


Have you ever wanted to make other people happier with how they appear and feel about themselves? Classes on lash extension techniques are an excellent way to get started. Our seminars on lash extension are meant to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to either start your own beauty business or improve the quality of the beauty services you now provide.

We will provide the resources and education required to take your beauty profession to new heights, enabling you to become your boss or increase your marketability within the industry.


Working as a lash artist allows you to spend significant time engaging in one-on-one interaction with customers, unlike jobs in fast-paced retail stores or demanding offices. The environment of a lash studio is typically one that is aesthetically beautiful, soothing, and inviting. This creates an environment where customers can feel relaxed and at ease, as well as you (plus!). You may cultivate deep relationships with your customers and transform them into long-term, devoted patrons by scheduling one-on-one appointments with each of them. If your customers are pleased with you and the job you provide, they will tell their friends about your company, increasing both customers and revenue.


The ability to influence other people’s feelings makes being a lash artist such a satisfying profession. It is given that beautiful lashes will alter the appearance of a person’s eyes and their perception of themselves. Your client’s eyes will appear to have more definition and space around them when you use lash extensions to enhance their natural beauty. They will adore gazing in the car mirror at the school drop-off and feeling put together and alert. This is a fantastic service for busy moms who don’t have the time to apply a complete face of makeup every morning. Those with naturally thin, short, or light-colored eyelashes may find that lash extensions are an excellent technique to make their eyes appear fuller and more defined. After a lash appointment, if a customer leaves grinning and exuding self-assurance, you can’t help but feel good about yourself.


You may be curious about “how much do lash techs make?” When you offer premium services, you must also charge luxury costs. The accuracy, attention to detail, and amount of effort that goes into lash artistry merit substantial pay, and the fact that the finished product is almost always faultless can bring in a significant amount of money. The annual income potential for a lash technician who works independently might be as high as $138,000. This calculation was made using the typical rates for the industry. It was based on the assumption that you performed hybrid lash sets, performed lash services on two new clients each day, and performed two infills each day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year. The price you set for your eyelash extension services will be determined by several criteria, including your level of skill, the types of styles and materials that you offer, and the location of your lash studio. It is possible to earn back the money you spent on training and equipment in a relatively short period of time, thanks to the fact that a full pair of professional lash extensions can cost anywhere from $80 to more than $200.

The more experience you have and the faster you can complete your meetings, the more clients you will be able to schedule each day, which will increase your daily income. Also, remember that after your customer has had their lashes for a few weeks, they will need to return for a fill, which typically lasts about half as long as the initial application but costs about half as much. Having long-term clients will bring you a consistent and stable income, and having your work on their faces is like having walking ads — if someone loves their lashes, they will probably be asked where they had them done.

Final Thoughts

As a lash artist, you are likely well aware of the many benefits of lash extensions, which contribute to their rising popularity. The benefits that may be obtained from using this lash treatment prove that it is well worth the hype. As a result, if you want to become more skilled at providing the service and learning more about the craft, you need not wait out and instead enroll in classes as soon as possible.

In general, enrolling in classes that teach eyelash extension application is something that we will always strongly recommend. We look forward to watching where your professional life goes from here! You will never look back and be sorry that you decided to invest in yourself by signing up for a lash course immediately, regardless of how long you’ve been working in the industry or how recently you entered it.

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