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Tips For Better Eyelash Extension Bonding

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are important beauty items. When they are done right, they enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. A critical aspect of applying eyelash extensions is bonding. This article will focus on providing important tips for better eyelash extension bonding.

What is eyelash extension bonding?

An eyelash extension is a small and artificial product that looks like your natural eyelash. Because these extensions do not come with strips, they are applied directly on top of the natural eyelash. The process of placing the artificial eyelashes directly on the natural ones takes an hour or thereabout. Also, it requires some level of precision and accuracy. This is where eyelash extension bonding comes in. 

The eyelash extension bonding is the process of carefully laying the eyelash extension over the natural eyelash with the aid of an adhesive. 

Importance of eyelash extension bonding and retention 

When done right, the eyelash extensions add to the beauty of the eyes and also improve the overall beauty of the user. This is why getting the eyelash extension bonding and retention right is very important. When the adhesive holds the artificial lashes very well, the eyelash extensions stay longer, won’t fall off, and make you look more beautiful.  

This means that when you get the eyelash extension bonding right, you can do a lot of activities. This includes swimming, attending an emotional event, or even working out without worrying about the eyelash extensions falling off. This is because getting the bonding right means that water, sweat, and even tears would not affect the eyelash extensions. 

Tips for better eyelash extension bonding

As a beauty expert or a person that uses eyelash extensions frequently, you need to perfect the process of eyelash extension bonding. There is no other way around it. If you don’t need the knowledge for yourself, you will need it for your clients and customers. 

This article seeks to provide tips and suggestions for better eyelash extension bonding. These tips have been tested by experts and they include.

Start with a consultation before treatment

If you provide eyelash extension bonding as a service, the first line of action is to hold a consultation session with your customer. This consultation session comes before the treatment. This is the part where you try to understand your client’s expectations concerning eyelash extension bonding. This step is also where you try to understand the type of look the client is trying to achieve. 

You need to understand the peculiarities on the part of your client, say for instance, if the person has weaker natural eyelashes. You also need to understand what they are looking to achieve with the eyelash extension. An example is if the client wants a full Russian set. This is also where you provide professional advice on the suitable type of lashes that fits the clients based on their peculiarities. Understanding the needs, requirements, and peculiarities of your clients helps you plan how to manage their expectations. 

Once this part is out of the way, you can proceed to clean and prepare the face for the eyelash treatment. You need to ensure that there is no make-up dust or grime on the eyelashes. You can use shampoo or face cleansers to ensure that all oils and residue are removed. 

You need to do Lash Mapping

Mapping is an important process when fixing eyelash extensions. If you want perfect eyelash extension bonding, you need to start by getting the basics right. One of the basics that you need to get right is mapping. You need to map out the type of eyelash extension you will use and how these extensions will lay on top of the natural eyelashes.

Most professionals do lash mapping with the help of a lash pad.  When you do this right, you will have your client sporting symmetrical lashes regardless of the type of look your client wants. Be it the full volume look, the natural lash look, or something in between. With appropriate lash mapping, you are sure to get it right. 

Use high-quality Adhesive

This should go without saying. High-quality adhesives are synonymous with better and lasting eyelash extension bonding. The higher the quality of adhesive used, the better the bonding will be. This is why you need to get a high-quality eyelash extension adhesive. 

One of the best quality products in the industry today is Super Bonder from Gollee Pro. This product is not an adhesive itself. However, it works effectively with adhesives to provide elasticity and also adds flexibility to the adhesive bonding points. These features make the eyelash extensions seamless to touch and improbable to break. Also improves the retention of the extensions as well as your customer’s satisfaction. 

Apart from getting a high-quality adhesive, you should also consider the usage of the adhesive. After using the adhesive for a while, you should consider changing it, as it might have lost its efficacy. Here is why. When you open a bottle of adhesive, a little air finds its way into the bottle. The moisture content in the air reacts with the glue in the adhesive. This reaction weakens the ability of the adhesive to effectively glue eyelash extensions. This impairs the retention and bonding of eyelash extensions. 

Therefore, as a rule, you should stop using any adhesive five weeks after the first use, especially if you use it recurringly. This rule stands even if the bottle still has some glue left. To help you remember, write the date you started using the glue at the bottom of the bottle. 

It is important to state that storage also affects the quality and efficacy of the adhesive. Thus, you should follow the storage tips as stated by the manufacturer. Some of the general storage tips include storing the adhesive bottle upright and ensuring that it is in a cool and dry place and at room temperature. 

If the adhesive bottle has not been opened, you can store it inside the fridge for not more than 90 days. This helps to keep the adhesive fresh. This tip works only for unopened bottles. The glue bottle that has been opened needs to be stored in the fridge after tightening the cap. If the cap is not tightened, storing opened adhesive bottles in the fridge will only cause the moisture content in it to condense, thereby causing premature curing of the adhesive. 

Consider the humidity level

Every glue and adhesive has an ideal humidity level that works best for it. This is why you need to read and understand the manufacturer’s manual. It will help you identify if the adhesive is still usable. You may also need a hygrometer in your lashing room to measure the humidity therein and determine if it works with the glue you are using. 

If the hygrometer shows that the room’s humidity is higher than that recommended for the glue, you may need to open more windows or get a dehumidifier. Also, if the room’s humidity is lower than recommended, you need a humidifier to get more water vapor into the air and increase the room’s humidity.

Finally, if you cannot get different glues and cannot control the humidity in the lashing room, you can opt for Ziploc bag storage. Store the adhesive bottle in a Ziploc bag containing silica and dry ice. This storage process helps to draw moisture from the air and this protects the glue from adverse humidity. However, if you are using this option, you need to use the glue as soon as possible as it would soon start stringing or getting tacky, which affects the glue’s drop effect. 

Also, you should shake the glue bottle very well before use and discard the first drop before usage. 

Use the right quantity

Apart from the quality of adhesive, the quantity of adhesive used also matters. Regardless of the quality, if you use the wrong quantity, there is a very low chance of the extension bonding well. If you use too much glue, you may end up with a thick base which makes the eyelash feel heavy. This makes the client uncomfortable. Using too much adhesive also affects the isolation of the extension and natural eyelashes as more than one lash may end up getting stuck together. 

Also, if the quantity of adhesive is lower than required, the eyelash extension may start falling off prematurely. This is due to poor bonding, especially while brushing the eyelash.

To get the right amount of adhesive, dip between 1 and 3mm of the base of the lashes into the adhesive. A small bead is formed after dipping the eyelash extension into the glue. This bead helps in determining if you are using the right quantity or not. If you are using the right amount of glue, the bead should disappear after laying the extension. 

If you can still see the bead after placing the eyelash extension, it means you are using more than enough glue. However, you should not dab or drab the excess glue.  It will only cause the glue to spread out unevenly and this weakens the bond and leads to poor retention. 

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Prevent Fidgeting

This tip is important although it has very little to do with you. You need to prevent your client from fidgeting during the eyelash extension placing and bonding. More often than not, many clients find the application of eyelash extensions somewhat ticklish or fiddly. As a result, you need to find ways to make your clients relaxed and still while placing and bonding the eyelash extensions. 

One of the methods that have worked for experts includes placing a heated blanket on your bed. This helps induce a natural feeling of calmness, relaxation, and stillness. You can also advise your customers to avoid taking caffeine ahead of their lashing appointment. 

 Another reason why clients fidget during the application and bonding of the eyelash extension is that they cannot see what you are doing. Thus, you may want to avoid any sudden movements during the process and inform your client of every step you are taking. While all of these may sound like too much work, it is quite important. It may be your only way of preventing fidgeting and ensuring that your clients get a better eyelash extension bonding.

Educate your clients

It is not enough that your clients remain still and calm during the bonding process. You also need your clients to consider certain things after the application and bonding of the eyelash extensions. This is why you need to educate them after applying the eyelash extension and the adhesive. 

Clients need to know that even if you have done a great job with the bonding, their actions after bonding affect the retention of the extensions. Thus, you need to provide them with aftercare tips for eyelash extensions. While it takes time for many people to build an effective aftercare habit, you will get better with it. This is because your customers would soon have better retention and it will be thanks to you and your tips. 

Therefore, give your clients tips on how soon they can get wet after getting eyelash extensions. You should also include things that affect the adhesive ability of the glue, and other important tips and details. 

Allow the adhesive to cure properly

This is one of the tips that you need to give your clients concerning the last point. Your clients must keep their lashes dry for up 48 hours after application. This is to allow the adhesive to cure properly. You can also help the curing process by giving it a head start by using nano mister when you are done applying and bonding. 

The nano mister also helps in case your clients fail to follow your instructions. It limits the damage of getting the eyelashes wet before the 48-hour mark. Finally, it prevents the emission of fumes from the adhesive which means the client will be more comfortable. 

However, it is important to know that if the nano mister is not used appropriately, it may result in damage and breakage of the extension. It can also cause the lashes to fall off sooner. You are not to use the nano mister until, at least, two minutes after the application of the lash extension. 

If you do not get this process right or you use too much nano mist, it may cause shock curing of the adhesive. When this happens, the adhesive hardens prematurely. The premature hard shell formed by the adhesive prevents air from curing the remaining adhesive beneath. This leads to poor bonding and poor retention by extension. 

Consider the angle of the lashes

It is a serious error if there is a bad angle to the lashes. The lash extensions should not be placed at an angle to the natural eyelashes, they should be placed parallel to them. This is the only way that the base of the eyelash extension can firmly latch to that of the natural eyelash. If this doesn’t occur, there is a huge probability that the lash extensions will come off almost as quickly as it is applied. Also, if the angle during the placement of the eyelash extension is too sharp, it may affect retention. The absence of enough space for the bonding of the two lashes means that the lifespan of the eyelash extension is impaired. 

To get the ideal angle, isolate the natural lashes before dipping the extension into the lashing adhesive. If you dip the lash extensions into the adhesive before isolating the natural eyelashes, the adhesive may start curing before you place the extensions. This may result in getting the wrong lashing angle. As a rule, the right sequence for the bonding process is isolate, dip, and place. 

Clean the lashes very well

You need to take the treatment and cleaning of the lashes very seriously if you are to have a smooth bonding process and a longer retention period. Regardless of the time, an adhesive works better on a surface that is devoid of debris, oil, or dirt. Therefore, you are increasing the bonding ability of the adhesive by using an oil-free cleanser to clean your face and lashes. 

You need to wash the face thoroughly and also rinse out any soapy residue after washing. This is because the soapy residue can act as a barrier to the effective bonding of the extension. After washing, you also need to comb the lashes with a lash wand and dry the lashes completely before starting the bonding process. 

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


Eyelash extension makes users look more beautiful in a way that enhances natural beauty rather than replaces it. However, for the eyelash extension to work properly, you need to make sure it bonds well with the natural eyelash. The tips discussed in this article will help beauty experts and people who use eyelash extensions regularly fix and bond the extensions better. The tips will also help with better eyelash extension retention.   

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