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TREND: Colored Eyelashes

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Do you want to stand out and keep up with the latest makeup trends? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Color Eyelashes: Everywhere in Social Media

It is not enough to have long, full, and cat-eye lashes to make a statement. While the traditional black falsies continue to be elegant and classy, colored lashes are presently having a second that shouts “Fun!” As opposed to colored mascara, we still apply it to our lashes to suit our eye shadow however it fades quickly. Colored eyelashes keep their vibrant color. A splash of color on your eyelashes makes a big difference and draws attention to your eyes.

In comparison to standard falsies, lash extensions seem and feel more neutral. Additionally, colored lash extensions let you add a little spice and excitement to your appearance.

Makeup not only enhances your beauty but also reveals your personality and style. That is also true for colored eyelashes. Adding color eyelashes to your makeup will take it to the next level and jazz up your outfit.

However, how precisely do you wear yellow extensions? Will purple eyelashes complement your outfit? To understand more about colored eyelashes, continue reading and we will answer any question that you have in mind about wearing colored eyelashes.

Making a Statement with every blink.

This makeup trend is perfect for you if you like to be dramatic. With colored lashes, beauty divas all over the world are elevating their love of false eyelashes to a whole new level. You can find all the inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. You name it, everything’s there, from blue to purple to pink!

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How Colored Eyelashes Become a Trend?

I want to begin by explaining how colored mascara came to be popular. It began in the 1980s.

Blue mascara has become famous all through the 80s make-up trend. Then, in 2018, it came back to being in fashion. People went crazy about it. Colored mascaras were making a comeback.

*FACT: Pinterest searches for colorful lashes went up to 234%

It was no longer for the 80s, as celebrities including Cara Delevingne, Chloe Martnez, Emma Stone, and Lupita Nyong’o have demonstrated. Bringing back the 80s glam and punk-rock era gave a beautiful and edgy look. This beauty trend was around for a while.  Although it was bold, there was no excuse for anyone to be hesitant to use it. Certainly not in the opinion of the makeup artist.

Nick Barose, Lupita Nayong’o makeup artist said, “Blue is actually neutral to me because it’s the color of the sea and sky.” Rachel Goodwin, who collaborated with Emma stone on her blue look says, “We are seeing a lot of ’80s influence in fashion, and blue mascara is such a fun, quirky ’80s element. I think bright mascara has a playful quality for sure, but can also be very chic as long as you don’t overdo it with the rest of your makeup.”

Colored mascara not only changed the look of your eyes but it also complimented your eye shadow, eye color, and outfit.

Many people wear falsies or extensions to their lashes on a regular basis. That is how colored eyelash extensions came to be. Lauren B. Brown, a makeup artist, debuted this trend on Twitter in 2020, tweeting “Never going back to black lashes,” while wearing colored eyelashes that matched her lipsticks. Within a short period of time, people all over Instagram went insane over how stunning she looked and began posting their own versions. Then Lauren B. Brown debuted Rainbow lashes, another work of art.

This trend was supported by influencers, YouTubers, fashion bloggers, and even celebrities.

Makeup Artist Responding to this Beauty Trend

In 2021, during COVID everyone had to wear masks. As a result, the eyes became the main focus and makeup artists had to figure out how to make an eye look appealing. Professional makeup artists and lash artists predicted that the lash trend will be much bolder and more imaginative which is not surprising.

A celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, Clementina Richardson said, “The best thing about colored lashes is the fact that they enhance your natural eye color, shape, and appearance more than traditional extensions. Colored eyelashes allow you to express yourself. The subtle pops that add color to your eyes create a flirtier and sexier look.”

Here are some comments from makeup artists on this trend, as reported by TCR magazine:

  • Kate Lee, Chanel Makeup Artist

Kate Lee said in an interview that she was looking forward to glittery eyelids, colored mascara, and beautiful highlights. “I think this moment is about personal expression and experimentation, rather than following a specific trend,” she says.

  • Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga’s Makeup Artist

Sarah Tanno commented, “Building looks based on the energy around us, the story we are talking about, and the place we are currently in…that is what starts the trend rather than ‘follows’ it.”

  • Romero Jennings, Director of Mac Cosmetics Makeup Artistry

He told TCR, “We usually have to narrow down all that we see and highlight the most interesting and popular trends. This new normal makes it easier to notice and report on trend as soon as it surfaces.”

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Why Choose Colored Eyelashes?

For sure there are moments where you want to stand out. As you should. A vibrant color eyelash is the best approach to achieve your goal of walking into an environment and feeling as though you own it. Even though it could seem like a difficult choice, it might end up being the best, especially if you’re just starting off. The procedure is the same as for the black lashes. Only the color you desire needs to be selected.

Even if you are a natural makeup person, colored lashes are still appropriate for you. You can still experiment with color even though you want something to look natural.

Here are three reasons to think about colored eyelashes:

1. Compliments your natural eyes’ color

Other than adding volume and length to your lashes, you may require more to compliment your eyes. When you have colored lashes not only your eyes will stand out but also makes your eyes brighter. For instance, blue lashes complement both green and brown eyes and can make blue eyes look more attractive.

2. Enhances lenses’ aesthetics

Using lenses has been popular for a long time. If you are a person who wears lenses, adding colored eyelashes can be a good choice. Get eyelashes that go with your lens color, no matter what it is.

3. Get more than what mascara can offer

Even though colored mascara is a common product to use but colored lashes are the newest fashion. The ability to apply mascara is not on your hands completely. You can’t really pick and choose which lashes you want to leave out because it is applied to all the lashes at once. By using colored lashes, you can select the color and the number of lash strands. You decide whether to go all out with a full set or achieve something elegant with a few strands here and there.

Colored Eyelashes for Natural Looks

Wearing eyelash extensions are more natural than wearing falsies. So, why would you choose colored ones over black falsies?

Lash extensions are not only available in rainbow colors. They are also available in natural brown, auburn, and blonde colors.

Ombre lashes are also available. These extensions may begin black at the roots and gradually lighten to a light color at the tips.

Finally, you could use a higher proportion of natural-to-colored lashes. The fewer colorful extensions you use, the more natural the final result will be.

How to choose the best color eyelashes?

Most of the time we use black lashes, that’s what we usually go towards. Depending on how you look, you should choose the appropriate color.

First, your hair color or eye color should be the primary focus because you want your lashes to match it.

If you are a dramatic person, you can get away with wearing rainbow or ombre eyelashes, for example. It depends on your mood.

According to Richardson:

  • Purple makes green eyes look vivid. Even it looks good on brown eyes giving it the appearance of bigger eyes.
  • Blue draws attention to blue-eyed girls and brings out the inherent beauty of brown eyes.
  • When brown eyes are present, green is most effective in forming a lovely wash of color and making them look trendy.
  • If you have green, blue, or light brown eye colors that already stand out going with ombre lashes can enhance your eye color.

I’ll now go a little more in-depth.

Brown Eyes:

The most typical eye color in the globe may be brown. But if you’re blessed with brown eyes, count yourself lucky. Whatever color you choose for your lash extensions, they will highlight your eyes.

Contrasting colors typically draw attention to one another. Since brown is a warm-toned color, cool-toned green, blue, and ashy grey tones will complement you the best.

Hazel Eyes:

With hazel eyes, you can emphasize the blue, green, or brown in your eyes depending on the color you choose.

To bring out the blue, put on a pair of orange or yellow eyelashes. When you are seeing green, use red eyelashes. Change your extensions to deep green if you’re feeling like a brown-eye gal.

Blue Eyes:

Brown is an excellent color choice to bring out that blue eye color. In order to create greater contrast, you need to choose a darker color of brown, therefore deep brown eyelash extensions are ideal for blue-eyes beauties going out for the evening.

Purple adds depth to sky-colored eyes, whereas to brighten up dark blue eyes use yellow eyelashes. For a jaw-dropping appearance every time, enhance your colored eyelashes with a flick of bright liner or rich colored eye shadow.

Green Eyes:

Purple lash color favors green eyes. It provides some contrast to really make those eyes shine since it is almost directly opposite the green color of the color wheel.

Choose a similar shade of green if you want to utilize colored eyelash extensions to really highlight your green eyes. To emphasize the warmth, choose greens with undertones of gold, copper, and bronze.

Match Your Eyelashes with Your Hair Color

Have you recently dyed your hair that isn’t your natural shade? Finding mascaras to suit with your new hairstyle, whether you chose red, pink, or a bold blue or green can be difficult.

Colored eyelash extensions can help you with that. Almost every color you can think of is available in colorful eyelashes. Also, lash extensions offer a more vibrant flash of color to go with your hairstyle than colored mascaras do.

Popular Eyelash Extensions Color

The most popular shades are shown here:

  • White lashes
  • Green lashes
  • Red lashes
  • Purple lashes
  • Blue lashes
  • Orange lashes
  • Rainbow lashes
  • Wine lashes
  • Silver lashes
  • Hot pink lashes
  • Yellow lashes
  • Dark blue lashes
  • Light blue lashes
  • Blond lashes

Colorful extension used in daily life

The fact that colored lashes come in a variety of styles is their biggest feature. If you are a natural person and want to enhance your eye color without being overly noticeable, you can add a couple of individual colored eyelashes like light brown or blue shades. If you like bright colors get a few strands of color lashes and mix them with your regular lashes to make a statement.

Start with a neutral color, such as dark blue or purple, if you are a little hesitant. You can use our individual colored eyelash extensions that are easy to use and flexible. If wearing falsies isn’t your thing, get yourself some colored mascara and try it. Then see how you feel about it.

For Any Occasion

If you have an event or occasion coming up, colored eyelashes are the ideal addition. Use colored lashes to enhance your style and glam up your eyes.

Or if you’re going to a costume party/Halloween party, why not match your lashes to your outfit and makeup? Use colored eyelashes to give you a unique look and make a statement.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How to Master Colored Eyelash Extensions?

Here, I will explain how to use eyelash extensions, especially colored ones, if you are a complete beginner.

1. Use clear glue or eyeliner adhesive glue

By using clear adhesive glue it will make the color vibrant and pop out. But if you are an eyeliner person then use an eyeliner adhesive one.

2. Layering colored lashes

Apply the lashes in separate layers for various results. When you apply it to the top layer, you can get a subtle hint of color when you blink or close your eyes.

3. Mix colors

For an everyday style combine black and colored eyelashes or go all out for a specific occasion.

Colored Lash Extensions Used to Create Trendy Makeup Looks

The hottest beauty trend includes purple eye shadow and colorful mascara. And what better way to follow these trends than with eyelash extensions in vibrant colors?

To get the look many women were on the red carpet in 2021, buy a set of purple eyelashes. Issa Rae, H.E.R, and Saorise Ronan were just a few celebrities rocking this eyelash color.

With the help of a trio of vividly colored eyeliner, mascara, and eyelash extensions, you can create an even bigger impression.

Why You (Lash Artist) Should Include Colored Lashes in Your Business?

In the world of beauty and fashion, what is unique and special is constantly in demand. Using colored eyelash extensions, you can offer your customers a variety of new options. Your clients can wear rainbow eyelash colors in yellow, orange, pink, or purple to draw attention to their eyes or to give them a playful, dramatic look.

Be sure to:

  • Ask your client what effect they hope to achieve with eyelash extension, then provide suggestions based on that information.
  • To achieve a flawless look.
  • Promote colored lash extensions you provide so that your clients are aware of their alternatives when scheduling an application and you can manage your schedule more effectively.

Make the Most of the Benefits of Colored Lashes with Gollee

Our colored eyelash extensions make working with it easier than ever. Delight your customers with the eye-catching pop of color they create. By assisting customers in living colorfully, you’ll also gain from colored eyelashes by increasing your salon’s revenue.

Ready to up your lash game with colored eyelash extensions? Shop colored eyelash extensions here.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, lashes are the most popular beauty trend and there are no signs that this will change. There are ideal finishing touches to draw all eyes to your eyes and make an impression. Therefore, it appears that length and volume are no longer the only factors. Colored lashes are in right now!

If it is your first time trying out colored eyelashes, you could be hesitant. But after giving it a shot, you’ll develop feelings for them. You can still experiment with color even though you want something to look natural.

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