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What Are Wet Look Lashes (Everything You Need To Know About Wet Look Lashes)

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While the wet look lash trend may not be entirely new, it seems to be growing in popularity in the lash world right now.  If there’s one thing worth celebrating in the bright year of 2022, it’s that we’ve all had more time to think about what makes us truly happy.  I predict that in 2023 many of us will face our decisions in life with a YOLO attitude, simply not caring what others think but doing what brings us joy.

Wet Look Lashes are one of the most popular lash extension styles on Instagram right now.  This look mimics the look of lash extensions when you wet them;  creating a sharper, more subtle effect.  Slicked-back hair, dewy skin, and glossy lids are tried and tested summer favorites, but with wet-look lashes, you can never go wrong.  They’re not the latest lash trend on the block, but they’re definitely on the rise.  With travel (and vacations!) coming back, what better way to recreate that enviable poolside lash look?

What are wet look lashes?

The wet look style recalls the volume of the lashes when they are wet before drying and puffing up, hence the name.  The overall effect is somewhat similar to classic lashes.  The biggest difference is that wet look lashes look thicker and bolder.  Another advantage is that being technically voluminous lashes, the base can be wrapped around the natural lashes, improving retention.

Wet look lashes are always sexy, mysterious, and very seductive.  Something about a woman with wet eyelashes makes all men feel weak and women envious of the attention they receive.

Of course, if you don’t like that dramatic look, there are other options available.  Examples include natural-looking half-lash extensions or individual lashes that only reԛuire a little mascara to add volume.

Wet look lashes are essentially created by using lighter lashes to create narrow, virtually closed fans that must be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

The light, flowing feel of classic lashes with a voluminous, textured look, this is one lash trend we’re sure many of your customers will love.  It’s great for a wide-eye, exaggerated look.

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What are the basics of wet-look lashes?

These lashes will produce an aura of mystery and sensuality like no other type of lash extension.  They are made by coating the lashes with a gloss lotion to give them that wet look.  The most common ones are made from human hair.  However, it is also possible to find synthetic fibers that you have coated with wet-look products.

How to apply lashes for a wet look?

Clean client tabs

Before starting a full set or fill, always make sure the client’s lashes are clean.  After washing your lashes, dry them with a fan.

Apply the eye pads and tape

Carefully apply the eye pads and masking tape.  If your client is allergic to gel patches, you can use lash tape, micro-foam tape, or any other lash tape that does not contain gel.  However, the regular lash tape will work for non-allergic clients.

When doing this, make sure the eye pads don’t bother your customers.  Since they can close their eyes and the eye pads can move slightly, make sure it is comfortable and does not touch their eyes.  Ask if it’s good or bothering them.

Apply the primer

To start, apply the primer.  A primer will remove the natural oils from the lashes, allowing the extension to adhere to the natural lashes.  Any extra oil will be removed, making it easier for an extension to adhere.  A lash primer is a great option when it comes to lash retention.

If you want to remove oil and dust from your natural lashes and increase the hold of your extensions, a small amount is enough.  If you apply a lash primer, the extensions will last at least another week.

Just a quick tip, using a lash primer on a client’s dry lashes can cause them to dry out, even more, preventing the glue from fully penetrating the surface.  Use an eyelash primer if a client has oily skin and oily eyelashes.

Also, mixing brands and products is fine if you feel comfortable doing so.

Eyelash application

Apply in the same way as with classic lashes.  They are similar to classic lashes, although they are a bit thicker.  Wet lashes are known because these volume fans or tips are applied like classic lashes.  It is as simple as possible.  There is nothing complicated.

I understand that it looks complicated but believe me, if you wet your lashes as I told you and gather them like classic lashes you will get the wet lashes effect (no more than 10, maybe a little bigger and a little thicker )

It’s common to correct and replace your lashes if you don’t like the way they look, especially if they’re not perfectly spiky.

I would also like to stress the importance of not brushing the lashes at any point during placement.  I only brush them up to lift and see if they look the way I want because I didn’t want them to get fluffy.

How do you get the wet lashes to look?

First techniԛue

Use flower cups or sticky rings as a starting point.  Alternatively, you can use 0.03 tabs, which are much lighter.  You don’t want to use classic lashes for a wet look.

Grab a few lashes with your curved tweezers or your favorite shape of tweezers.  Make sure to use tweezers with a good grip.

To get the wet lash effect you will need a couple of lashes and you can make them as thick or as light as you like.

On the other hand, some lash extension clients prefer a very light look with no fans.  You can make them look spikier or like a classic lash base.

You can also make spikes by sticking the base into the flower cup and sliding it through.  Taking out your lashes and popping them into the flower cup is all you need.

TIP: Pinch the lashes with tweezers and make sure the ends are glued together.

Second techniԛue

You can use a glue aid for the second technique.

Glue aid is just what you need to speed up the drying time of lash adhesives that are not curing properly due to low humidity.  Blue aid should be the first tool you reach for if your joint takes too long to dry and you want to speed it up.

You don’t need a glue aid when working in high humidity environments because your adhesives will naturally accelerate due to high humidity levels.  It could be the key to solving the temperature and humidity problems of the lash room.

To create a wet look, apply the glue aid to the base and run it between the lashes.

Clean the entire lash line with a micro swab.  As you can see, the lashes are starting to get damp, so lift them up and brush along the lash line.

Take your tweezers and pull to the right where any small indentations show.  It’s almost as if there is a crack through which you can reach in and pull out.

Place the whisk over the flower cup.  It is very easy to achieve a wet lash effect.  By dipping it into the adhesive and sliding it through the flower cup, you are crystallizing it.  It will harden and hold its shape, so when you want to put it on your natural lashes, dip it into a small amount of glue and place it on your natural lashes, this will keep it closed.

Make sure they have the classic lash look.  You can also get ten tabs for each one.

Who are wet look lashes suitable for?

Natural lashes that are moderate to full. I generally don’t recommend this look to someone with sparse lashes, as sparse lashes benefit fans of more volume who are fat and baggy than thin and straight as the style demanded from this look.

This creates the effect of “water glued” lashes as if you just got out of the shower or the sea (the second option, of course, is more romantic). When we use long rays, they are also hidden and rest on all the lashes.

The wet look lash is great, but unfortunately, it’s not suitable for clients if:

1. They have curly eyelashes

2. Your eyelashes grow straight or down

3. Your eyelashes are very thin or grow unevenly

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Tips to keep in mind when applying for a wet look lash extension

Once you have decided to buy wet-look lashes, some basic tips will help you apply them successfully.  The first point is that before using any type of false eyelashes, it is advisable to test whether or not they are suitable for your eyes.  It means that you should place them against your eyelid to see if they trigger reactions (eg irritation, itchiness, etc.).  In this case, stop using them immediately.

When it comes to applying wet-look lashes, there are 3 key points you need to keep in mind:

Prepare your eyes

Always prep your eyes before applying false lashes.  You can do this by applying a little moisturizer on your eyelids to remove excess oil.  This is because the oily areas prevent the stickers from adhering properly, which won’t last long.

Choose the best sticker

When it comes to finding an adhesive to use for wet-look lashes, you want to buy ones that are a little stronger than the ones you use every day.  This will increase the chances of them staying longer and reduce the risk of getting an eye infection.  Also, if they start to fall off, it is easier to remove them with a stronger product.

Start by applying a little

As with any type of false eyelashes, even if they are wet-look lashes, you should only apply a little at first and then gradually build up the effect.  This is because too much will result in an unprofessional look that will be noticeable to anyone who sees your face.

Choose the right pair

Many stores now sell wet-look lashes, but it’s important to choose the best ones so you can wear them with confidence at all times.  To help you choose the perfect pair, here are some essential things to consider:


You should buy false eyelashes that are close to the natural length of your eyelashes.  However, if you have short natural lashes, it is a good idea to buy longer lashes to make them stand out more.  Also, do not forget to consider how thick your eyelashes are because if they are too thick, it will be even more difficult for your eyes to breathe, causing eye infections or irritation.


If you want to buy natural wet look lashes, your options will be short.  Instead, consider buying wet-look lashes that are made with thicker fiber and appear longer.  This is because they can add length and volume to short or thin natural lashes to give them a fuller effect that lasts all day.


The best material for wet-look eyelash extensions is mink fur because it is soft and flexible.  Plus, it means they are more comfortable to wear, giving you a flawless look all day long.


While false eyelashes of any kind can be expensive, especially if you buy them from a high-end brand, you should always buy the best ԛuality product that fits your budget. This is because it is better to pay more for a great pair than to spend money on multiple pairs of low ԛuality cheap lashes.

What are wet mascara look lash extensions?

The wet mascara look is currently one of the most popular lash styles demanded by customers all over the world.  It looks like this awesome textured lash style is here to stay!

As the name suggests, wet mascara lash extensions look like a series of volume lash extensions that are wet.  Imagine what your extension set would look like after you stepped out of the shower.  Yes, this is when all the volume fans go off.  Instead of looking soft and fluffy, mascara’s wet-look lash extensions are spiky and textured.  If you haven’t already noticed, textured lash extensions are SO all the rage these days.  Many clients find the spiky look appealing and they look much more like striped lashes.

Who would suit the wet mascara look?

Clients who would be best suited for the wet mascara look are those who love the texture of their lashes.  Depending on how much texture your clients want, you can customize the amount of texture by varying the length of the lash extensions.

The wet mascara look is also suitable for clients with a moderate to the full lash line.  Note that this style only uses closed lash fans, which is similar to classic extensions.  This look on clients with a sparse lash line will have more spacing and appear less full.  Clients with a sparse lash line benefit from larger fans and more volume instead of fanless extensions.

History of wet look lashes

The wet effect is created by using narrow, almost closed-volume fans.  This look is great for creating textures and bold looks.  These lashes got their name from the wet-looking appearance of the finished products after the entire procedure.  Therefore, they are also known as wet look lashes.  These lashes were first seen in the New York and London fashion shows in the early 1970s and have since become a popular choice among women all over the world.


Are you thinking of offering wet-look lashes?  Perhaps you can think of clients who would love this style of lashes.  It’s so easy to add an instant upgrade to your treatment menu with this trend.

If you want to enhance your smile and see people admiring your new look, now is the perfect time to shop for some wet-look lashes.  So, what are you waiting for?  No need for excuses as they are affordable and can last up to 25 times longer than regular false eyelashes.  Wet Look lashes are uniԛue and will help you find the perfect lash extensions for any occasion.  They’re easy to apply, look great, and come in different colors, which you can use to change up your overall look.

Never be afraid to try something new and offer different effects to your clients!  Perhaps the wet look will steal their hearts and make them fall in love with lash extensions forever!

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