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10 Ways To Get New Lash Extension Clients

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If you’re considering getting into the lash extension business, you may be wondering how to get new clients for your business. After all, the process of doing lash extensions yourself can be quite time-consuming and laborious, so you want to make sure you’re actually making money from it and not just getting deeper in debt! Here are 10 proven methods that will help you find new clients and boost your business.

Approach Potential Clients

When you first get into lash extensions, you may want to start by scouting out as many people who currently have lash extensions as possible. Approach them and offer your services, or better yet ask if they can refer someone who can’t get their own lashes done locally. If they give you a name, follow up with that person and offer to be their fill-in until they find someone closer or new location of where they live. You’ll likely do a great job on their lash fill-ins anyway. You can also consider joining one of several Facebook groups for eyelash extension professionals—just be sure not to spam members or promote yourself too much since there are plenty of other beauty professionals in these groups as well.

Use Online Review

The beauty of reviews is that they are public and visible to new clients. Just look at other similar businesses in your area, how are they showing off their client list? Is there a ton of photos with happy, beautiful women? Does each photo come with a short testimonial from the client? Chances are your clients will go on Google, Facebook,  or another similar site and search for reviews. When they find you listed alongside your competitors, it’s a great opportunity to show that you’re just as good (if not better!) than other nearby lash salons.  As an added bonus, if you have any past customers who left positive reviews about your business online, make sure to ask them if they wouldn’t mind updating their reviews now that they’ve had time to see how long your lashes last! Even if they can’t update it immediately because they haven’t had time to visit again yet, remind them when it’s been three months since their last appointment so that when things get busy for them again during the back-to-school season or holidays, people searching online won’t see those outdated nice comments. If someone writes a bad review about you – don’t take offense! It happens! And unfortunately,  some people just aren’t very nice but thankfully most people are pretty reasonable.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Give Great Service

When it comes to winning over your new clients, there’s no better way than with great service. One of the most obvious ways to give great service is in how you talk about eyelash extensions. Whatever type of service you provide, find a way to be excited when speaking about your products or services; don’t treat them like they’re run-of-the-mill products that everyone has access to. For example, if it’s common for makeup artists (or whatever industry you’re in) to get lash extensions, make sure that you work hard not to sound like they’re just another part of your routine. Find something special and unique that makes your lashes stand out from everyone else’s—and focus on sharing it with prospective clients! This may seem counterintuitive, but often focusing on what’s wrong with your product can do more harm than good. Instead, try looking at all of its positive aspects and how much value it brings to your client’s life. After all, isn’t one of our main goals as professionals to help others feel confident? If so, what could be more valuable than helping someone gain self-confidence through their appearance?

 Create a Client Appreciation Day

Most salons treat their clients like a product. Customers are constantly reminded of what they’re paying for and how that keeps them in business. And, that is exactly how you should view your clients. Just as Apple doesn’t sell computers, you don’t sell lash extensions. You provide solutions to problems and make people feel better about themselves—that’s why you have such loyal repeat customers. To give back to your customers, you can host a client appreciation day where all proceeds go toward the improvement of your business or to another service that benefits your clients directly (like giving out free bottles of water during extreme weather). This will not only show them how much you appreciate their business but it’ll also help create a strong bond between you and your customers. A great way to do this is with live music!

Use a Referral Program

If you don’t know your clients well enough to ask them for referrals, how will you grow your business? Word of mouth is a fantastic way for your lash business to drum up a new business, but a referral program gives you more control over how and when your clients spread the word. With a referral program in place, every client that returns (and refers) will get some sort of reward or credit for their next service. This not only rewards those who are already helping you grow your business; it also encourages new clients to become long-term customers.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Have Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize repeat business, especially when you’re just starting out. Some common examples of loyalty programs include free lashes for referrals and discounts for returning customers. Whether you’re running a high-end lash studio or a budget-friendly practice, loyalty programs are sure to attract new clients and encourage loyal ones. Of course, your program will have different requirements depending on your target demographic, but don’t neglect your existing customers if you want your business to succeed. Loyalty programs can come in many forms and sizes, from offering seasonal specials (such as discounted packages during holidays) to having a rewards card system. The best method is likely dependent on what you offer; smaller practices may focus more on attracting regular clientele while larger operations may benefit from offering promotional deals and special offers based on usage patterns (such as quarterly dollar spend). The important thing is that every type of customer feels recognized in some way – whether it’s by saving money or receiving added perks.

 Offer Gift Cards for Free Lashes

One of our favorite ways to attract new clients is by offering free gift cards with every service. This seems like a small amount, but when it comes time for them to come back for another set of extensions, they’ll be in need of services again (especially if you did an amazing job on their first set). Be sure that you could offer gift cards to specific about your services. It’s important not to confuse potential clients and let them think that more than one service is being offered. Make sure you put out there what each gift card can be used for! You don’t want someone thinking they can get a full set of lashes for free after getting just one lash fill.

Create a Good Atmosphere

A good atmosphere is important for your business because it impacts how you feel and therefore your approach to doing business. To create a good atmosphere for your lash business, try using candles or relaxing spa music in your waiting area. You might also try lighting some lavender or mint-scented candles around your workspace. It may sound silly, but creating a calm atmosphere will help you relax and focus on providing a good experience for clients. If you’re more relaxed, clients will be more relaxed as well! Incorporate relaxation into your service. Many people who get eyelash extensions are already stressed out; give them an opportunity to decompress while they’re getting their eyelashes done by incorporating aromatherapy, chakra meditation, and other stress relief techniques into your service. As I mentioned above, listening to soothing music can also help make customers more comfortable during appointments so make sure that you have plenty of these types of tunes ready for playlists for yourself and customers who want something softer than club-style beats playing during their appointment.

If you want to bring in new customers, having a sale can be a great way to get people interested in your work. People who may not be willing to pay full price for extensions will likely jump at a 2 or 3-day sale that brings down your set price. You can also offer other incentives like coupons or complimentary products, which can give potential clients even more reason to visit your website and book an appointment. If you have any long-term members or people on your VIP list who’ve never had lash extensions before, now is a great time to use them as testers for your 2 or 3-day special price! If they like their results and continue returning, they’ll become regular clients that you can keep on schedule with those prices!

Earning Client’s Family and Friends’ Trust

The trust of clients’ family and friends is important when trying to get new lash extension clients. As we all know, a strong personal recommendation can be very persuasive in your favor. You should take every opportunity you can to show potential customers how happy existing clients are with your services; that’s one sure way to get their friends and family to recommend you! When it comes time for them to make a decision about their eyelash extensions, they’ll have no doubts about whether or not they should sign up for an appointment.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


Above are the 10 proven methods you can use to get new lash extension clients. With these in your mind, you will make them keep coming back from time to time again. Make them not only beautiful but also feel beautiful.

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