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Awakening Your Lashes From It Root: Tips And Process

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How long can your natural lashes be? This is the new buzz question many women have been asking seeing some other set of women achieving longer and fuller natural eyelashes. A quick google search will show you testimonies of people claiming to have used smart lash serums and have gotten for themselves more voluminous and lengthier-looking lashes with diligent serum use. The before and after pictures show their natural lashes have grown double, some triple what they used to be. However,  before we talk about how to achieve the same result if that’s what you desire, let’s first get to know what these eyelash growth serums are really about. 

What is the eyelash growth serum?

Eyelash growth serums are growth-enhancing formulas that stimulate the growth of your natural eyelashes.  It enhances the strength and length of your natural lashes making them look full and fluttery. Your natural lashes have a cycle of growth where it sheds every two to three weeks but regular use of eyelash growth serums lengthens the telogen phase of this growth to keep your lashes thicker and stronger.

History of Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash growth serum was developed medically,  licensed for the treatment of glaucoma in the eyes and only gotten by doctor’s prescription. It was after a while that doctors discovered that their patients kept reporting changes in the growth of their eyelashes as they grew thicker and longer as a  side effect of the serum used. Soon enough, researchers were made to find out what was in the glaucoma medication serum that caused lash growth and as soon as it was found, it got packaged as a lash growth serum.

After a while, this became an over-the-counter, then cosmetic as it became FDA-approved. What is needed is a comprehensive clinical assessment that will be conducted to ensure the suitability of the product, before being prescribed off-license for its cosmetic benefits.  

What damages your natural lashes?

Lack of Healthy diet

We are generally taught that a balanced diet affects positively our general well-being, lashes inclusive. Therefore, how well you eat healthily with the level of your supplements and vitamins intakes like biotin, vitamin e components, vitamin b, essential fatty acids, zinc, iron, amino acids, and phytosterols will determine if your natural lashes will end up weak, bristle and flaky or strong, healthy and with great hair follicles. Unhealthy diet results in unhealthy lashes.

Waterproof Mascara

Using mascara, especially the waterproof types will generally damage your natural lashes. Most of these mascaras contain ingredients that cause build-ups on your lashes and lash lines. This build-up weakens your lashes causing them to shed prematurely.

Not Cleansing Hair Follicles

Dirty eyelashes result in dirty and clogged hair follicles which causes stunted lash growth. If attention is not paid to it long enough it starts to cause premature lash shedding. It is therefore important t to keep your lashes and eye area clean.

Lash Extensions

The chances of your natural lash shedding due to the heavy weight of lash extensions are very high. Also, using high-strength glues wrongly or tugging at them and pulling them out can cause damage to your natural lashes.  

Dirty Eyelash Curlers

Germs and bacteria breed on your curlers when you use them without cleaning them for a while. This bacteria as a result of old makeup, mascara and even stray lash hair that gets accumulated on your curlers damages your lash line hair follicles at its base. Make sure you clean your curler regularly to avoid this.

Rubbing Your Eyes Often

Being in the habit of constantly rubbing your eyes damages the roots of your lashes because of the friction generated during this process. The more you rub your lashes, the more they shed prematurely.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Dirty Lash Extensions

Many people use their falsies multiple times and that’s okay because falsies can be reused and it’s an advantage both to your pocket and the environment. However, what your natural lashes won’t accept is you reinstalling the falsies in their dirty state. Your natural lashes will react with the bacteria that has built up due to dirty mascara and makeup on the used falsies and get damaged.

Poor Curling Method

Care should be taken when using curlers on your lashes because if done roughly your natural lashes are at risk of breakage and damage. So make sure you use your curlers following the correct technique.

Other causes of thin and damaged eyelashes are; – autoimmune diseases like alopecia areata, lupus, hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiencies, and infections.

– improper or excessive grooming.

– hormones and medications.

– ageing, and genetic tendency.

Even though a lot of lash growth see users have seen an improvement in their natural eyelashes, a few people have experienced some challenges from its use. Some of these are darkening of eye colour, inflammation, irritation, redness and itchiness. Some others experienced itchy and swollen eyes because of sensitivity to lash serum products.

What is the best reaction/hormone-free eyelash serum?

If you have sensitive skin, you should be careful of the products you use. For a lash growth serum that has the safe, effective, and hormone-free option, it will contain Myristoyl Pentapeptidel which is a combination of 5 (Penta) amino acids and myristic acid. It is an oil-soluble fatty acid ingredient.   

What about Gollee’s eyelash enhancing serum?

Gollee eyelash enhancing serum is an eyelash growth serum that was formulated using clinically tested peptides that help boost your eyelash growth cycle and natural ingredients resulting in healthy, full and stunning-looking lashes.

Gollee Eyelash Enhancing Serum Properties/Ingredients

▼Myristoyl pentapeptide-4

Research has proven that Myristoyl Hexapeptide stimulates the production of hexapeptide in hair, skin, and nails. The presence of Myristic acid also increases the absorption of the peptides into the hair follicles through the upper layer of skin. This results in the secretion of high-quality keratin in a larger quantity that results in denser, healthier and thicker eyelashes.

▼ Nelumbo nucifera seed extract

Nelumbo Nucifera Seed Extract is a natural ingredient that boosts the volume and natural shine of damaged eyelashes. It adds density, strength and elasticity to brittle lashes and split ends making them shiny and thicker. It also acts as a natural conditioner for your lashes and reduces premature shedding and ageing.

▼ Taxillus Chinensis extract

Taxillus Chinensis is a herb used in traditional formulations. It helps your natural lashes fight against reactions for those with sensitive skin. It is also therapeutic and helps to relax and soften your natural lashes.

What is the rate of Gollee eyelash growth serum effectiveness?

With its anecdotal approval, a lot of Gollee eyelash enhancing serum users have reported visible improvement and growth in the length and volume of their lash line after 2-6 weeks of constant use. Also, after this period, a break in usage didn’t ultimately lead to loss of lashes as it is for other types of serum

How does Gollee eyelash enhancing serums work?

Gollee eyelash enhancing serum is made up of ingredients that support the growth phase of your lashes. For example, the presence of supporting nutrients, vitamins and peptides which are short chains of amino acids, metabolise protein and support the lashes in their growth phase to give longer, moisturized and darker-pigmented lashes.

Are Gollee eyelash enhancing serums safe?

While every lash serum is rigorously tested before being put on the market you are still advised to do a patch test, especially when opting for a new product. This will help you to find out early enough if a product will irritate your skin and if it does cause any negative reaction, please stop the issue.

This being said, the Gollee eyelash growth serum is made of natural ingredients and hasn’t recorded any case of irritation or redness. The ingredients are a mixture of peptides and natural ingredients that are soothing and with no ability to irritate the skin. Also, Gollee eyelash enhancing serum does not darken your skin, change the colour of your eye or cause immediate lash shedding when you stop using it.

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How to use Gollee eyelash enhancing serum?

  1. Apply serum only to clean, dry lashes

Applying your serum to make up free, clean and dry lashes will allow it to get absorbed properly into the right places.  This should be done nightly, specifically before bed for the best results. A dirty eyelash will only waste your growth serum as it won’t get absorbed.

  • Work with the roots of your lashes, not the lengths

No rule says you can’t apply the lash growth serum to the length of your lashes as you’ll get a nourished less brittle lash length but where it is needed most for a great result is the root. It’ll strengthen the hair at the follicle root for lasting results. Just like putting on eyeliner, just wipe the serum on the roots of your lashes with the help of an applicator.

  • Only apply once a day

The myth that applying your lash serum twice or more per day will make your eyelashes grow faster is not true. You’ll only end up finishing your lash serum way too quickly. You only need to apply it once a day.

The eyelash growth serum rules

Eyelash Serum Do’s

• Make sure you research the ingredients

A little research can save you a lot of skin reaction, irritation and redness stress. You have to make sure you are aware of all the ingredients before opting for a lash growth serum brand.

You’re advised to look for serums with natural ingredients as those are the safest compared to the ones made of synthetic compounds and or prostaglandin compounds which irritate and are not worth the risk. Bear in mind that the Gollee eyelash enhancing serum is made with natural ingredients for safe use.

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• Apply on the upper lash line Only

Some people go ahead to also add lash growth serum to their lower (under-eye) lashes and this is wrong. The skin on your upper lash is strong and the serum is specifically made for it, meanwhile, your lower lash line skin is thinner and isn’t as strong which will make it susceptible to irritation as the serum will be too strong for it. Also, there’s a high possibility that serum from the lower lash line can pass into the eye and this can cause irritation.

• Be consistent with your routine

To get the results you want from an eyelash serum, consistency in its application is key. If you keep skipping days of use just to apply once when you remember, you might think the serum is ineffective as it simply won’t work. Therefore, to get the right result, apply the serum consistently without fail and in a short while you’ll see the difference it’ll make to your eyelashes.

• Be patient

You will need to be patient during use as it takes a few weeks to see results. This depends on the brand you select but for Gollee eyelash growth serum, you’ll start to see results between 2 to 6 weeks of consistent use.

• Make sure you take off your eye makeup before use

Apart from the fact that it’s not healthy to sleep in your make-up as it can cause permanent damage to your eyelashes as they’ll get weaker by the day. For the sake of your lash growth routine, you’ll have to get rid of your eye makeup which includes your mascara, eyeliner, or any other makeup around your eyes every night before serum application. This will guarantee serum absorption and in turn deliver great results. Make sure you are gentle while cleaning so you don‘t end up pulling out your lashes in the process.

• Follow the instructions

Make sure you check for dosage and how to use and follow the instructions of the eyelash serum brand religiously. Applying too much might irritate and apply lesser than the dosage won’t deliver the best results.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Serum Don’ts

• Don’t dip the Applicator in the bottle more than once

Re-dipping the applicator in the bottle leads to contamination and waste. You’ll end up using way too much of a contaminated product and you won’t get the expected result. You’re advised to dip your applicator just once and apply it to both eyes swiftly. The serum on the applicator is plenty enough to coat both upper lash lines.

• Don’t share your serum with others

Your eyelash growth serum is personal because you don’t want it getting contaminated or catching infections. For anyone who needs the serum around you, inform them to get an applicator and they should only dip once. To avoid getting your serum contaminated it’s better not to share.

• Don’t apply makeup right after application

It’s advisable to apply your lash growth serum only at night but you might want to apply make-up to step out for an all-night event. If this happens, you should give the serum enough time to dry once it is applied. The general recommended time to wait is at least 5 minutes before you can then apply any other eye makeup. If you apply any other product before your lashes growth serum gets dry, you might be at risk of the make-up smudging or even reacting with the serum to cause irritation.

• Stay away if you have any allergies, eye or skin condition

If you are triggered by any ingredient the serum is made with then it’s better not to use it at all. Check for the serum ingredients carefully to make sure it doesn’t contain your allergens. If the ingredients are what you haven’t heard of or are not sure of then do a patch test to check for any reaction before use.  In this case,  it’s always best to consult with a doctor and get a safe prescription before trying a growth serum for the first time.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding women should avoid the usage

There isn’t enough research on the safety of lash growth serum for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The research made on animals with Latisse (the first lash growth product and the only FDA-approved serum) confirmed that bimatoprost (active ingredient) passes through their milk.

With this result, even though not enough, it’s best to be careful and avoid using eyelash serums as a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Expected results with Gollee Eyelash Enhancing Serum

  •  In 2-4 weeks, your eyelashes will be noticeably longer and thicker.
  •  Shredded eyelashes due to eyelash extension removal will start to grow back.
  •  Eyelashes lost during chemotherapy or from hypotrichosis may also grow back.
  •  There’ll be less need to apply eye makeup and you’ll end up ditching your mascara.
  •  A 12 weeks average result will have shown 40% longer, 109% thicker, and 30% darker natural lash.


A lot of people prefer natural lashes to lash extensions if only there is the chance to get the lashes longer, fuller and darker. Thankfully, Gollee Eyelash Enhancing Serums  are made with you in mind, giving you a natural and safe lash growth serum that:  

• Boost the appearance of length and thickness of your lashes in the space of 2-6 weeks, with full results in 3 months.

• Nourishes your lash’s hair follicles that enhance short or thinning lashes while also improving the appearance of brittle or damaged lashes.

• Is formulated with high-powered ingredients to defend against the appearance of free radicals and damage.

About Gollee

GOLLEE is one of the best china based beauty industries that deals in everything lashes which is the industry’s major. We care about your lashes as it lifts your eyes and enhances your beauty. Also, when you order from Gollee, you are assured of prompt delivery.

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