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Lash Extensions And Heat: Risks And Solutions

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions can be really durable and beautiful to behold as most lash technicians put their best into making sure of that. At least this remains true until the lashes are affected by bad maintenance and or weather conditions thereby getting worn out before their time. The good news is that in this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about protecting, caring for and maintaining your lash extensions.

What affects your lash extensions generally?

Shedding natural eyelashes

Nature cannot be cheated. It’s normal for every human’s natural lashes to shed the moment it has completed its life cycle. There’s no given time for when this happens as it’s different for each person, some shed every two weeks and others three weeks. Chemotherapy can also affect the growth and shedding of your lashes. This shedding phase gets your fixed lash extensions looking scantier than when it newly got fixed as your natural lashes falling off leaves little spaces resulting in fewer full lashes.


When you apply mascara to your eyelash extensions, the adhesive will get weakened. This is because mascara affects the adhesive ingredients and weakens its bond, therefore leading to shedding and lifting off of the eyelash extensions.   


When eyelash extensions come in contact with oil, it reduces the retention strength of the lash adhesive. To an eyelash extension, oil, whether it be from the product’s ingredients or produced from the body is a proven enemy as it causes lashes to fall off prematurely.              

Lash Conditioners and Growth Serums

If you tend to use Lash Serums and conditioners when your lashes are fixed, your natural lashes while growing longer, stronger and thicker will disrupt your lash extension arrangement. Although the results on your natural eyelash can be really amazing, you might experience more shedding of your lash extensions. Note that Serums that have oily ingredients will double up it’s shedding and falling off.

Sleeping position

When you have your lash extensions on, sleeping with your face down will be a bad idea. You’ll wake up to some of your lashes in the pillow.

Constant touching

Touching your lashes can seem harmless but the oil in your hands can transfer to your lashes and affect them. Also, your lashes can pull out accidentally through frequent touching.

The life span of adhesive

Different lash glue is known to tender to different needs. This is why lash technicians’ use of them depends on their preferences and sometimes their client’s needs. Adhesive bonding life lasts between one to eight weeks and some stay longer but if your lash technician uses an adhesive with a shorter life span, your lash set will be short-lived as well.

Getting your lashes wet too soon after application

It is a general rule of thumb to keep your lashes from getting wet for 24 hours after your application.  This is because your lashes need 24 hours for the lash and adhesive to fully bond. If it gets wet before 24 hours, the drying process is disturbed and the bond weakens. This results in your extension lifting off the lash.

Error in application

Wrong eyelash extensions selection and application cause your lashes to be short-lived because the extensions will end up lifting. Wrong extension selection in the sense of the wrong type (too thick or too long or not thick or long enough) for the style wanted and this causes the proper application to be almost impossible. This causes the extensions to end up falling off.


Weather plays an important role in how properly your lash extensions stay and behaves after application. For example, in a windy environment, you may tear up and mess with your lashes in the process of wiping the tears away.

Even though eyelash extensions can stay on until your natural lashes shed because of their durability, it is still important to note that they can behave differently under different weather conditions. And remember that as weather affects your natural eyelashes, it sheds prematurely and in turn, damages your lash extensions.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Lash Extensions and Humidity

Your lash extension process is bound to get complicated when you step into a humid environment immediately after your lash appointment. Humidity too high or too low has negative effects on your lash extensions.

1. Humidity too low

Low humidity slows down the curing speed of your adhesive which leads to blooming, slipping of lashes and sticking together of adjacent lashes.

2. Humidity too high

High humidity speeds up the curing of the adhesive and leads to blooming, poor attachment of the lash extensions, and clumping of the adhesive to form beads.

Lash Extensions and Heat

There are two types of heat, Direct and Indirect heat. They both have quite an obvious effect on the lash extension, some of them being reversible while some are not. This is why attention should be given to the understanding of these two for any lash extensions lover.

Direct Heat & Lash Extensions

Direct heat burns your lashes extension alongside your natural lashes leaving them scorched. Examples of direct heat that can melt your lash extensions along with your natural lashes include:

1. Face too close to open flame from cooking and grilling

2. Campfire/smoke

3. Sticking your head into hot appliances like oven, toaster e.t.c

4. Cigarette smoke close to the face

How to minimize the effects of direct heat on Eyelash Extensions

The only way known to reduce damage from direct heat is to avoid it as possible as you can. If you have to go close to heat, bear in mind you might leave the area with scorched lashes. This means you only have one precaution.

How to tell if your lashes are singed, scorched or melted?

After coming in contact with heat, try combing through your lashes with your mascara wand. If it gets stuck in the process of combing, then the lashes are melted together. The physical way to tell is if the tips of your extensions have crispy-looking tips.

Indirect Heat & Lash Extensions

Indirect heat does not melt or damage your lash extensions as direct heat does as it is not a high enough temperature to melt your lash extensions but it also has its negative effects. Examples of indirect heat that affects your lash extensions:

1. Hot water from the bath

2. Radiator

3. Sun

4. Steam and Saunas

5. Sweats from sports and yoga

This kind of heat causes the lash to become soft and straightened making your lash extensions lose their curls. Although they get to cool down after some time they can’t go back to their original curls.

The summer heat is not left out of this.  When you sweat under a hot temperature, it can work its way to your lashes extensions, breaking down the adhesive bond.

This type is hardly avoidable, especially during the hot season so you should get the 100°c undeformed eyelash extensions from gollee to reduce lash straightening and deformity worries during this season.

How to minimize the effects of Indirect Heat on Eyelash Extensions

Indirect heat activities only need moderation as they are a lot safer for your lashes compared to direct heat. Gollee 100°c undeformed eyelash extension even makes it easier to enjoy these activities as these lashes do not lose their curls when in contact with indirect heat.

How to protect your lash extensions?

There’s a great feeling of excitement that comes with lash extensions application but most importantly the lasting excitement when you see how well and intact your lashes last. It’s quite a task to make sure the life cycle of your lashes is pleasing enough. Unfortunately, a lot of lash extension users do not know how to properly care for and protect their lash extensions. Many complain of preventable and unnecessary experience of lash loss that ruins their lash look and leaves them wondering whether perfect sustainable lash application exists. Of course, it does exist and you could be wearing one now, only if you know how to keep it that way as long as its cycle permits. The following are steps you can take to protect your lash extensions for sustainability.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Lighter Application

Different natural lashes have different strengths and different types of lash extensions they can handle. If you request heavy extensions from your lashes technician and your lashes are not strong enough to hold them your lashes might start to fall out. Make sure you work with your technician to ensure that your natural lashes can handle the weight of whichever application you choose to go for. This means you should put the impact the weight of the lash extensions will have on your natural lashes into consideration even if it seems it can handle the weight of the lash extensions.  

Consider non-oil-based products

If your face cream contains oil as an ingredient you might want to consider changing it to a non-oil-based cream so that the adhesive that binds your extensions to your natural lashes won’t weaken and distraught your perfect lashes.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Face

This is a simple yet difficult rule to follow but it has to be managed. This is especially for people used to sleeping positions that cause them to rub their faces on their pillows. Sleeping on your face guarantees you’ll pick up several extensions on your pillowcase the morning after. It’s better to learn to sleep on your back instead.

Avoid waterproof Mascara

The myth that you still have to use mascara after getting your lash extensions applied is one to unlearn. Although you get a dramatic look when it is applied so the reason for its use is understandable. It’s advised that if you’re in so much love with how your lashes look when you apply mascara you should avoid the waterproof varieties.  You’ll struggle to remove it when you have to and the process could damage your extensions.

Avoid Excessive Heat

While cleaning and brushing your extensions is important as an everyday routine, you should make sure to avoid hot steam and high temperatures. These elements will break down your adhesive and cause lash loss.

Less Touching

You should be careful with where you put your hands and how often you touch your lashes when fixed. If you are in the habit of tugging on lashes, twisting or twirling them and so on, you’ll have noticed the unpleasant result already. It is important to let go of these habits when you’re wearing lash extensions as no matter how gently you tug at your lashes it will result in weaker bonds and lost lashes. It is better to touch your lashes less frequently.

With these aforementioned steps, you’d realize that proper lash extension protection and care is not that complex. It just requires conscious effort here and there. Some are even habits you are basically practicing already anyway. To keep at the routine, just keep reminding yourself that the feeling of excitement you enjoyed when you looked into the mirror right after getting your new extensions can be maintained and you can feel that great every single day. That should be enough motivation.

How to care for your lashes in hot temperatures?

When it comes to hot weather and summer seasons, your lashes just like your hair does need a sustenance routine

Use an eyelash extension-friendly cleanser to wash and clean your lashes.

Get a mascara kind of brush and gently comb through each day.

To keep your lash line full and fluffy, don’t miss your regular refill appointments with your stylist.

Although high temperatures from weather conditions seem manageable especially when you opt for 100°c undeformed eyelash extensions from gollee and also care for them properly, the same cannot be said when it comes to heat sources. This means that for heat sources if you’re not careful enough, you might need a new lash extensions appointment. If you’re wondering what 100°c undeformed eyelash extensions from Gollee are, here is an explanation.

What are undeformed individual lash extensions?

These are lashes that can withstand temperature change without damage. Some lashes tend to get deformed and straightened when in contact with heat or in places with high temperatures but this is not the case for undeformed individual lash extensions. It has been produced technically to withstand heat running to 100°c which is the degree of hot boiling water.

How to care for your lash in HUMIDITY?

Some of us can’t escape the high humidity location we live in, and neither can we stop the tropical season that comes with humidity. Getting a lash sealant will help you keep your lashes intact by:

Keeping your adhesive dry while elongating its bonding strength life.

An additional layer of protection for your lash line and lash extensions.

Don’t forget to fix your lashes in a well-ventilated room with a 45 – 60 % humidity range. You can make use of a humidifier or de-humidifier to add or reduce humidity as required.

Take away

How to care for lashes that come in contact with SALTWATER?

For saltwater swimmers with lash extensions, don’t be surprised if your lashes fall after that beach getaway. Saltwater is reactive to adhesive thereby weakening its bonding strength even quicker than water. To care for your lashes in this situation, don’t forget to take your lash extension-safe cleanser with you to cleanse your lashes immediately after exposure to saltwater.

Why 100°c Undeformed Individual Eyelash Extensions?

It is a well-proven fact that Lash Extensions and heat are sworn, enemies. The good news is that improvements in the quality of eyelash extensions are being made to make them more tolerable to heat. With a product like Golle’s 100°c undeformed individual eyelash extensions and its heat resistance of 0.05-0.2mm thickness at 100℃ and 0.03mm thickness at 70℃, you don’t have to use a curlier and spoolie to set your lash curl after hot showers again. This means you are no longer concerned about your lashes getting deformed and you still have your soft, natural, lightweight and breathable A-class silk lash extensions intact!

Gollee’s 100°c undeformed individual eyelash extensions also have a NANO tapered at the last quarter of the extension so that it merges easily with your real eyelashes giving you a natural and flawless look.


Your unhappiness when you look at the mirror to see how your lashes aren’t as pretty as they were when they got fixed and the frustration of many lash technicians when they find out your lash extensions has ended up straightened when you go for fillings is understandable. Gollee had both you as a lash stylist and you as a lash extension consumer in mind when producing the 100°c undeformed individual eyelash extensions. Its different curls (J, B, C, CC, D) stays the same under hot temperature to give you a lush and lasting gorgeous look!

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