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Effective ways lash artists can build clientele

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How can you bring in new customers for your lash business? What makes lash technicians stand out? It appears there is no end in sight. As a lash artist, your goals should include increasing your clients, optimizing your sales, and providing your customers with an improved experience. However, it would be best if you also strived to do all these things. We desire to see growth. If your company does not use marketing to attract new customers, it is passing up an opportunity to take advantage of a valuable resource.

You are always looking to get new lash clients, regardless of whether you are a rookie lash artist or one who has been in the business for a while. You should be able to expand your offerings and services if you maintain and attract new customers.

Your main queries are probably:

  • How can I bring clients to my door?
  • What steps should I take to develop a clientele?
  • How do I differentiate myself from the other lash artists out there?

Can we read your thoughts? Let’s say that we’ve been in your shoes, pondering the same kind of concerns and questions that you have.

You’re going to understand quickly, and we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you. Even if your lash abilities are incredible, there’s more to bringing in new customers than that. You will need to be proactive with your techniques to get clients if you want to ensure that you pay customers coming through your door for lash services.

Keep reading this blog post through to the end because we will give you some advice on getting booked. These ideas have been tested, and we are confident they will benefit you and your company.

Why is it essential to build clients?

Being a lash artist involves a significant amount of marketing. You’ll have more customers when you meet more people and build relationships with them. You probably won’t have a large marketing budget if you are getting your firm off the ground. That’s okay! If you are prepared to put in some effort and be innovative, you can accomplish a great deal with very few resources.

There is certainly room for advancement in your lash artistry, even though you already have a substantial customer. Or you may have been looking to increase the size of your client base but do not have a budget for marketing.

Are you prepared to dive straight in?

The eyelash industry can present several obstacles to one’s path to success. On the other hand, given the tools and technologies available today, we can rely on modern solutions to solve the difficulties we face. Therefore, to be of assistance to you, we have compiled some pointers on how you might grow a substantial lash clientele to maintain the viability of your business.

It is increasing one’s clients through one’s online presence.

In today’s highly connected society, one of the essential questions to ask yourself is how to leverage the many forms of social media to your benefit. It is crucial for the growth of any eyelash business to go on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This is especially true when considering the creative nature of the eyelash market.

These platforms are quite useful since they enable users to post photographs of their completed work. Your eyelash clients might even take photos of your work on their lashes, promote them online, and credit you as the lash expert who helped them achieve their new appearance. Social media platforms are a fantastic technique to spread awareness of your brand and a vital requirement for success in the lash industry.

However, to establish a clientele through social media, you will need to be active, and the following are some suggestions that you should follow to get successful outcomes:

  • Make sure you maintain a constant posting schedule, so there is always something new!
  • Always check with your customers to ensure they are okay with uploading images of your work on the internet. Some individuals might prefer to keep their pictures private, even if only the lashes are shown.
  • Maintain a professional and respectful presence on social media, but don’t be afraid to add some of your personality to your posts so that potential customers can get a sense of who you are.
  • Remember to include your contact information and your company’s name whenever you post on social media.
  • To ensure that others see your posts, add appropriate hashtags.
  • If you want the most exposure, sign up for various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, you should only do so if you have the time to manage these accounts.

Increasing one’s clientele through receiving favorable feedback.

When developing a client, having positive reviews will also be of tremendous use. Word of mouth is one of the most effective methods for expanding a customer base, and if you need more time or money to develop an internet presence, this is likely one of your only options.

Outside of encouraging positive ratings, there is nothing else you can proactively do to achieve this goal. Instead, it would help if you concentrated on providing exceptional service to every one of your clients in the hopes that they would be more likely to refer their friends to your company. Developing a client referral program is one approach that might be taken in this direction.

Your clients will be motivated to tell their friends and family about their positive experiences at your salon if you offer a referral program. It could be a discount of 20% off their service if they bring a friend to your salon, but it could also be something else entirely. It is possible that you could provide a discount to both the new customer and the existing one so that everyone who contributes to the expansion of your company is rewarded for their efforts.

It can be challenging to build a clientele in the lash industry; however, if you engage in social activities and make the most of the networks and contacts available to you, it is possible to establish a solid clientele that continues to expand as a result of the high quality of your work and the recommendations of your satisfied customers.

How to Attract Customers to Eyelash Extensions?

Increasing your customer base can sometimes be overwhelming, but remember that everyone has to begin somewhere. Every lash artist has experienced exactly what you are going through right now.

It will take some time, just like everything else in life, but if you are persistent, you can achieve your desired objectives very quickly. If you are prepared to increase the number of lash clients you serve, the following five simple steps will get you there. With the help of Gollee, you will discover a few easy techniques to bring in clients for eyelash extensions.

Join Some Groups

In today’s hyper-connected world, social media plays a significant role in promoting a company’s brand. Facebook and Instagram’s photo-sharing platforms make it simple to show off your workspace and accomplishments. Even more fantastic is that potential customers may locate you by searching for pertinent hashtags, locating a repost of your work, or simply browsing through photographs.

Maintaining a professional demeanor while demonstrating your personable side when you post on social media. You’re in luck since we have a list full of Instagram tips and tricks that you can use to help you out! Your prospective customers are interested in learning more about you than just the quality of your lash work. Do they want to hang out with you for the next two hours? Are they interested in being in your company once every two weeks?

Show the world your incredible personality that makes you who you are! Posts, quotes, lash looks you’ve designed, and personal accomplishments like getting certified as a professional lash specialist are all appropriate topics for discussion in this group. You can expand your lash extension business through social media by sharing what you do best, providing lash extensions.

The use of social media has provided lash artists with a fantastic new channel through which to cultivate strong relationships with their existing customers and attract new customers. Don’t pass up the opportunity to use this free marketing tool! Have some fun with it, and show some originality in your posts. It could be an effective method for gaining eyelash extension clients in a hurry.

Ask for Reviews

Request feedback from your customers. Reviews have the potential to speed up the process of growing your lash clientele. When prospective customers are looking for a new lash artist, the vast majority of them will check reviews online first, particularly if they have yet to make any personal recommendations. Consider the implications. Would you purchase a mascara on Amazon that had no ratings or one that had fifty reviews that were all positive? It seems like a very easy decision.

Google and Yelp reviews can bring you more customers or drive potential customers away from your business. It is crucial to stand out on these review platforms to develop your lash clientele; therefore, you should spend some time adding images of your work and your lash space, comment publicly for feedback, and don’t be afraid to ask current clients for recommendations!

Provide an Incentive to Your Customers

Develop a scheme to reward participants or encourage referrals. Marketing by word of mouth encompasses everything and more! And there is no charge. Most people will get a suggestion from a close friend or member of their family to select their lash artist.

“Oh, my goodness, I adore the length of your lashes. Who was behind them?” This inquiry is an effective tool for attracting more customers to your lash business. It’s possible that some of your customers already speak well of your company to their friends and family members, but implementing a referral program will take things to the next level.

We suggest you provide a discount to your customers, or even a free service or product, for each referral they send your way. You should provide the best eyelash extensions possible so that people notice you and start talking about your brand. Then, consider offering an incentive to your customers to sell to you as well.

Seek the Assistance of Your Family and Friends

Put out the call to your loved ones and see if they can assist in spreading the word about you! When considering expanding your clientele for lash extensions, make sure you remember the people closest to you! Family and friends are excellent options when acquiring additional clients for eyelash extensions.

They may assist you in expanding your clientele for lash extensions by sharing your work on their social media platforms, recommending you to their friends and coworkers, and even handing out your business cards to those individuals. We promise that the people around you want you to be successful, and if you ask for their assistance, they will provide it to you.

So don’t be nervous. We do not doubt that the people you know and trust will jump at the chance to assist you in expanding your lash business. They may know someone interested in trying lash extensions and refer them to you if they know that person personally.

Get ready to expand your clientele by offering lash services.

Always have some business cards and a price list on hand. Give your business card to the person who compliments your lashes if they ask for it. If you overhear someone discussing lashes, you should provide them with your business card and costs. Or, if you come across someone with lashes, you should complement them and give them your contact information.

It will not be sufficient to employ a generic and boring design because this will not attract their attention. Make sure that your business cards and price sheet stand out from the crowd by giving them some personality and choosing a design that is adorable. To make matters even more favorable, you can offer first-time customers a unique discount that can be printed on your business card or price sheet.

Provide lash sessions at a discount to the first new customers who book appointments with you.

If you are starting out and feeling a bit uncertain about your lash talents, there is nothing wrong with offering a discount to the first few new clients that make appointments with you. If you are just starting out, there is nothing wrong with offering a discount. It provides you the opportunity to hone your skills and enables you to add to your portfolio and receive good feedback from actual lash clients. Your pricing and the demand for them will go up as your level of self-assurance in your abilities grows.

It will allow you to demonstrate your talents while also offering customers an incentive to test out a new service. This is the optimal price point for most customers since they get the impression that they are getting a “bargain,” yet you still maintain a healthy profit margin.


You can encourage satisfied customers to recommend your business to their friends by providing them with an incentive, such as a discount of 10% off their next session if someone else sets an appointment as a result of the suggestion they made. It will motivate customers to recommend your business to their friends and attract those friends back to you for services.

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. When you’re a lash artist, nothing makes your heart feel as good as when a client recommends you to their loved ones and acquaintances. However, referrals from satisfied customers are one of the most successful ways to expand your company, so they do more than make you feel good.

Offer discounts for lash clients “bringing a friend.”

As we said, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most efficient strategies for growing a company. If you provide your consumers an incentive to bring in new business by referring their friends, you will see an increase in the number of people coming through your door. Make them an offer for a discount on a product or service if they bring in a new customer, a family member, or a friend (or a set number of friends).

They receive a discount, and their buddy can become acquainted with you and your company. Everyone comes out ahead! If you want to bring in new customers, you’ll need to do more than provide excellent lash extensions. You must also remind satisfied customers to tell their friends and family about your business.

Make sure your clients know they will receive a price reduction on their upcoming session.

Building a social media presence for the lash business

Using social media platforms is the primary method to acquire additional customers. Because it is free and may reach thousands or even millions of people in a matter of seconds, marketing yourself as a lash artist online is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.

Engagement is essential to expand your customer base through social media. It is not as important to share aesthetically beautiful photographs as it is to connect frequently with the people who follow you on Instagram. Maintaining your regular posting schedule and participating in natural conversation with the people that follow you can assist you in bringing in more customers. Acquire the skills necessary to produce material of a high quality that engages your audience.

Why branding is so important?

Many lash artists have posed the following question: “Should I design a logo for my lash business?” “What are the benefits of establishing a brand?” “What are some ways that I may brand my lash business?”

As a lash artist, branding is one of the most crucial elements to consider to grow your clients and spread the word that you are a qualified beauty industry professional. Even while lash artistry has been around for quite some time, many individuals are just becoming familiar with it.

Take into consideration the bigger picture of your lash business. What do you want the people who buy your work to think about when they look at it? You have to maintain the same mood throughout all of your platforms, as well as be consistent with everything else. It encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following:

  • The feed on your Instagram account (how it looks like a whole)
  • The stories from your Instagram account (themes, colors, fonts)
  • How you communicate through social media.
  • The experience of the consumer (how you treat them at appointments)
  • Email marketing messages (subject lines, content)

You want to convey the same message across all your platforms so that prospective customers can get a sense of what it would be like to do business with you. A passion for making stunning eyelashes drives lash artists eager to demonstrate to their clientele that they are skilled professionals. Therefore, you must develop a strong brand that may assist you in luring customers who have faith in your company and continue to purchase services from you because of the quality of those services.

Lash Extension Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

Marketing is a complex idea that has the power to either bring in new customers or send prospective customers looking for another lash artist. But exactly what does it mean to promote something?

The practice known as marketing involves disseminating information about your products and services to present potential clients to persuade them to select your company rather than one of your rivals. Getting good at marketing is a skill that can open many doors for you. Continue reading for some advertising and marketing strategies for lash extensions that you can use to gain more customers.

Adopting Some More Time-Honored Marketing Strategies

Traditional strategies retain great value precisely because so many individuals are eager to look down their noses at them. Everyone needs to utilize them. However, there is a rationale behind why they are still in existence. The tried-and-true methods of marketing do produce results. These are some of our favorite advertising and marketing strategies for eyelash extensions, which can help you develop your customer.

Create collaborative alliances.

The importance of forming strategic alliances with other local business proprietors and mutually supporting one another’s products and services cannot be overstated, particularly in the aesthetics sector.

Consider running a campaign via direct mail.

This method may seem archaic, yet it gets your company’s name right into the hands of potential customers! People can quickly swipe over your Instagram post, delete your email, or navigate away from your perfectly produced advertisement for eyelash extensions. This is true even though digital marketing may appear to be more modern. On the other hand, they must stay within the marketing materials for their physical eyelash extensions! Even if they decide to put it in the “Junk” mail pile, they are still more likely to remember your brand’s name the next time they are in the market for some lovely new lash extensions.

Spread the word about your clean habits.

You might not believe that promoting your sanitary safety procedures is a very effective marketing approach, but in a world shaken up by COVID-19, practicing appropriate hygiene can make all the difference. When lash artists make a concerted effort to keep their workstations clean and use sanitized tools to produce dazzling lash looks for their clients, the clients will feel more at ease with the lash artist. Eyelash extension advertisements that include a brief description of how the cleanliness of the studio is maintained have the potential to result in a rise in clientele and revenue for your company.

Provide Free Trials of Your Product.

When a customer walks through the door, think about giving them a sample of one of your products, such as a little eyelash extension-safe mascara wand. They will not only have fun trying out new items from a lash specialist in who they have confidence, but it may also motivate them to come back and make other product purchases. When people discover your products’ exceptional quality and practicality, they will surely desire more.

Promote your eyelash extension company through digital means.

One advantage of marketing your lash business on the Internet is increased exposure to a larger demographic of potential customers. Because the internet is available to everyone, your company and its information will also be readily available to everyone. The following is a list of potential ways to initiate the process:

  • Make sure your company has a Google My Business account. This is a foolproof method for ensuring that your listing will be seen on Google Maps! This will make it possible for individuals in your neighborhood to find your business if they search for “lashes.”
  • Design an intriguing website. Include individual pages for each of your products, each of which should contain a description that is distinctive and compelling. Include a description of the services you offer, links to your various social media platforms, and an explanation of why customers should choose your company. Your website should appear at the top of potential customers’ search results when they are looking for experts in eyelash extensions.
  • Experiment with advertising eyelash extensions on social media. Showing off your excellent work can be done through blog entries, demo films, or before-and-after pictures. It is highly recommended that you create a professional page on each social network and then use that page as a platform for marketing your business. Interacting with prospective customers on social media in the form of comments, live videos, and question-and-answer sessions are all excellent ways to do so.
  • You may grow your company by participating in online contests. Who doesn’t get excited about the chance to win free stuff?! The most successful contests are raffles and giveaways. You might want to think about including free product samples as one of the contest prizes so that customers will keep coming back for more.
  • Start a blog! When looking for a new lash artist, potential customers want a boss chick that is knowledgeable in the field to create the next dazzling appearance for their lashes. What better way to show off your abilities than to create a blog that is solely devoted to lashing? Performing a speedy search on Google can bring a potential customer directly to your website, where they can then make an appointment for the following week.

Final Thoughts

Making a plan for how you will attract new customers is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your lash business. However, in order to accomplish your ultimate business objectives, you will also need a strategy to keep your existing customers happy. The more planning and preparation you put into these systems in advance, the more efficiently and smoothly your company will function going forward.

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