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Eye Cream/Gels And Eyelashes, What You Need To Know

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Your customer has recently gotten a fresh set of lash extensions as well as an infill, and everyone has remarked on how stunningly beautiful they look. They went on an excursion throughout the city and are now back at their residence. The next part of their nightly regimen is getting ready for bed.

The majority of us often begin by washing our faces with water, followed by the application of a serum, and then finishing with a moisturizer. On the other hand, will you think twice about putting eye cream on the area directly below your eyes?

When you get lash extensions, can you still use eye cream? Will it cause your lash extensions to shed or fall out, or will it damage them in any way? There is a wide variety of eye creams available at a variety of pricing points; the question remains, however, whether or not an eye cream is beneficial for eyelashes. Here is the information that you require.

Your client’s eyes are stunning, and they should be aware of this because they spent a sufficient amount of money on eyelash extensions. One thing that they definitely do not want to happen is for their beauty treatment to be ruined by some eye cream. The use of eye cream will not damage their natural eyelashes, however, certain eye creams may cause damage to lash extensions. Eye cream and eye gel are both potentially beneficial to the skin that is found around the eyes.

This may result in an improvement to the eyes and lashes’ appearance as a whole. It may also be helpful in preventing the loss of eyelashes. Let’s look into this matter deeper.

Benefits of eye Cream

The primary benefit of using eye cream is that it provides intensive conditioning to the skin around the eyes.

It’s possible that younger people with skin that retains a lot of moisture don’t require eye cream, but it’s still a good idea to take care of the skin around your eyes nonetheless. It’s possible that all you need is a simple moisturizer or perhaps simply an eye gel.

However, the likelihood that your customers may benefit from using an eye cream increases as they become older. The most important ones are listed here.

It works to soothe and calm a particularly sensitive area of your skin.

Reduces the appearance of age and its effects.

Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Provides your eye region with the appropriate amount of hydration

It makes your skin tone more even and prepares your skin for makeup at the same time.

If the skin on your eyelids is in poor condition, it will not provide a stable foundation for your eyelashes, which will cause them to become more prone to falling out. To put that in perspective, if it is in good condition, then it will be able to firmly retain your eyelashes.

Does eye cream cause damage to the eyelashes?

The use of eye cream on natural eyelashes does not harm them in any way, but it also does not benefit them in any way. It is not intended to condition hair but rather the skin.

There are several instances in which eye cream might damage lash extensions. This is due to the fact that the cream is often made of oil. This indicates that it has the potential to dissolve the adhesive that was previously used to fix them in place. Oils that smooth the skin and substances that nourish the skin but are greasy are common components of many of the treatments that are marketed specifically for use in the eye area.

It is not suggested that people who wear eyelash extensions use these kinds of products because they have the potential to dissolve the adhesive used for the extensions over time and lead to poor lash retention.

It is essential for individuals who wear eyelash extensions to abstain from using any products near their eyes, particularly those that come into contact with their eyelids if the product in question contains oils or oily ingredients. Some examples of such products include mineral oil, paraffin wax, lanolin, petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, petrolatum, and others. If you have noticed that your eyelashes are falling out after incorporating an oil-based product into your daily routine, such as an eye cream, you should look for a new product that does not contain these kinds of oils so that you can apply it to the skin around your eyes.

In a nutshell, the answer is yes; however, the eye cream that you use must be specifically designed for use with eyelash extensions.

Should eye cream be applied to the lashes?

Your customer needs to be in the habit of applying an eye cream that has hydrating ingredients by the time they reach the middle of their twenties. This is due to the fact that the skin surrounding their eyes is very thin, making it exceptionally fragile and sensitive. Furthermore, in comparison to other parts of their body, it is significantly more open to the sun’s rays. If the person in question is in their twenties, an eye gel can be the most suitable product for their needs.

Another option would be for your client to make use of eye cream in the morning and eye gel in the evening. It is likely that as they age, they will require a transition to applying an eye cream both in the morning and in the evening.

Eye cream vs eye gel.

Eye creams and eye gels are the two primary varieties of products designed for use around the eye area that can be purchased nowadays. The primary component of an eye gel is a liquid, whereas the primary component of an eye cream is oil. This distinction is what differentiates an eye gel from an eye cream. You might come across products that use both liquid and oil in their construction. In this instance, the ratios will determine whether the product in question may be classified as a gel or a cream.

Eye creams: Eye creams are often formulated with a higher concentration of oils and other emollient-rich substances than gels. It’s actually a desirable trait to have dry skin around your eyes, so don’t worry about that.

If your customer desires that particular area of their skin to be well-nourished, a cream will provide more of what is required to do so.

Eye gels: Eye gels are formulated to hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Eye gels also help to smooth the look of wrinkles. They include a wide range of components, such as glycerin, aloe, vitamin c, and numerous minerals. They also often contain certain preservatives, the likes of which are typically discovered in facial moisturizers. Eye gels typically have a viscosity that is closer to that of a liquid than eye creams do. When compared to eye creams, they have a far higher probability of being oil-free.

Before making a purchase, it is important for your customer to consider the following five factors, regardless of whether they decide to go with an eye gel or an eye cream:

1. Is it appropriate for the type of skin they have?

2. Is it an oil or a liquid

If your client has eyelash extensions, they should use liquid mascara rather than the other options. If, on the other hand, their skin requires the utmost amount of hydration, then they should use an eye cream that contains oil.

3. Does it only contain natural elements, or does it also make use of synthetic ones?

4. Does it contain any additional vitamins, minerals, or conditioners?

5. Does the product have an expiration date?

There is a possibility that some eye creams will become stale regardless of whether or not they have been opened. Once opened, certain things have a finite lifespan yet can be preserved for an infinite amount of time provided the packaging is kept intact.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

What kind of eye cream do you choose?

When you look at all of the different brands of eye creams, you should notice that they can be broken down into three primary categories. There are choices available that are water-based, oil-based, and eye-gels. Although some are more affordable than others, this does not necessarily make products in either price range the most suitable for usage with eyelash extensions.

An eye cream that is oil-based

When the client has just spent a significant amount of money on their extensions, these are not the ones they will want to get as replacements. Around their eyes, the buildup and irritation caused by the oil-based products will be caused by the oil-based products.

In addition, there is a chance that the oil-based alternatives will render their expansions useless.

Eye gels

These eye creams are a significant improvement over those that are oil-based. Because these products are water-based, not only are they simpler to use, but they are also lighter and safer to employ.

Your customer should not experience any irritation or other adverse effects associated to it, although their skin may react differently to the gel-based products depending on the formulation. Advise them to take their time because even eye gels may not work perfectly for everyone, and it is possible that they will need to do some tests to determine this for themselves.

Composed of water

Out of the three possibilities, this one is the best choice. They are not only an easy product to apply to your eyes because of how light they are, but they are also incredibly safe for them because of how they are formulated. There shouldn’t be any adverse effects like irritations unless the customer has some strange allergy that causes a reaction to everything.

The challenge that your customer may have is that this choice is far more difficult to locate than the oil-based eye creams. It would appear that the vast majority of these items are composed of oil. Because of this, your customer will need to exercise greater caution and read the product label with even greater attention than usual.

Can eye cream help grow eyelashes?

The eye cream does not have any effect on the growth of eyelashes. Eye cream is a source of nourishment for the skin. It has no direct effect on the hair that grows on your eyelashes.

Having said that, the skin that covers your eyelids absolutely needs to be in good shape in order to serve as an adequate foundation for your eyelashes. This issue can be helped by using an eye cream.

Additionally, it has the potential to enhance the overall appearance of your eyes.

Tips for using eye cream when you have lash extensions.

Make sure that you tell your customer to be careful and delicate if they are concerned about making a mess and merely want to increase the amount of time that their lash extensions will last. In just four easy steps, here is how to properly apply eye cream.

Step 1: Ensure that you are working with a clean base.

It is important to cleanse and remove any traces of makeup. Additionally, it is important for them to wash their hands and clean under their fingernails in order to provide a clean, even, and smooth application.

Step 2: Apply the cream on your fingertip.

Take care not to handle the product with too much force. There are moments when less really is more. They shouldn’t forget that it is always simpler for them to re-add the product than it is for them to take away or remove the residue. This is something they should keep in mind at all times. Let them use a portion the size of a pea and instruct them to apply it, if possible, with their ring finger.

Step 3: Press it into the skin

They should be very careful not to wipe eye cream on their eyelids or skin when applying eye cream. The premature appearance of fine lines and other visible indications of aging can be caused by rubbing or scrubbing the skin. They should ensure that they tap their under eyes in a soft and slow manner, moving inward to the outer corners of their eyes, and repeat this several times. Maintaining light pressure is required.

Step 4: Keep your eyes wide open

Because they want to be careful and cautious about their lashes, we strongly urge that they keep their eyes wide open and attempt to blink as little as possible. This is because they want to be careful and cautious about their lashes. It will prevent their extensions from coming into any kind of contact with the product itself by doing it in this manner.

Give your customer this insider tip: If they are running behind schedule and need to speed up their skincare procedure, recommend that they get a small fan. With it and by drying their face/eyelid area, the product will sink in and be absorbed ten times more quickly!

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Three substitute substances are beneficial to eyelashes.

The following are three alternative ingredients that are good for eyelashes.

Eye gel

If your customer needs only a small amount of additional hydration, eye gel may be a better option than eye cream for them. It offers almost the same advantages as the original, but it is more portable.


One of the fundamental components of hair is called collagen. Your client’s body will gradually lose the ability to make collagen on its own as they become older. This can cause their hair to become finer and thinner over time. Adding more collagen to their diet or taking a supplement containing collagen can assist to counterbalance the effects of this.


Eggs contain a lot of different kinds of protein, including keratin. The primary protein found in hair is called keratin. Eggs are an excellent source of a variety of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Your client’s new set of lashes will provide them with the ultimate confidence boost while also making them appear to be a beauty lover who appreciates the simplicity of feminine beauty.

Your client has to locate the correct products that nourish their skin in order to preserve their attractiveness and youthful appearance. This is the only thing they need to do. This search might take a little bit longer than usual, but at least they won’t be causing any damage to their skin or setting themselves up for a health problem in the future.

Eye creams are an excellent method for preventing and combating the effects of aging, as well as providing your eyes with the illuminating boost they so well deserve. Nothing can stop you from feeling and looking your best if you mix things like natural skincare products, a good diet, plenty of water and sleep, and sunscreen.

Know that if you incorporate the appropriate skincare products into your beauty routine and you pay attention to the habits you engage in on a daily basis, you will radiate from the inside out.

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