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Gollee-Tool Product Label Customization

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Customer Profile

When D**a Lash first opened its doors, providing unparalleled levels of service to clients was the brand’s primary focus. Since the brand’s inception in 2015, they have been successful in achieving its goal of making each and every one of its clients happy and satisfied. They have set the standard for quality, which has led to their development into a prosperous business. And they have become an outstanding training institution.

Since the company was first established by its founder, they have unquestionably improved and enhanced its procedures. One thing that has been abundantly clear to not only us but also everyone else in the industry is the fact that feedback does not lie! And D**a Lash has received nothing but acclaim up to this point.

Customers are loyal to the company because it is committed to meeting their needs in terms of both product and service quality. They also provide such client support that is unparalleled in the industry. Their services now include not only eyelash extensions but also lash lifts, teeth whitening and dermatological treatments.

In a relatively short amount of time, after establishing themselves as lash technicians, they launched a training academy. There, they teach people of all different backgrounds how to become skilled lash technicians. At this lash academy, they have demonstrated their dedication to the goal of cultivating highly motivated lash professionals. However, now that they had both a full academy and a lash salon, they had a need for a logo label. Moreso, there was a greater requirement for a variety of lash tools. Now, Da takes great delight in providing premium and quality service to its customers. Every lash professional is aware that providing a premium and exceptional service requires having the most appropriate and advanced tools. Contacting Gollee was one of the ways that Da found to move forward in order to improve the quality of their offerings and to better satisfy the requirements of their clientele. We were asked to assist them in meeting demand at their salon as well as their academy’s supply needs. After that, we made it our aim to provide unparalleled levels of service to our new client, D**a.

Customer Needs

● There was a need for a logo label.
● There was a demand for a variety of lash instruments that both students and professionals could use.


As a company, Gollee takes great satisfaction in the fact that they serve as a creative hub for lash professionals such as D**a. Gollee offers a one-of-a-kind customization service that you cannot find anywhere else. Therefore, you can never experience any delays in the delivery of their products.

Da needed a logo label that conveyed its message to the demographic it wished to reach. Keep in mind that we mentioned before that they give a variety of services, including treatments for dermatological conditions and lash lifts. The Da brand is committed to going above and beyond the expectations of its clientele.

They needed to communicate this on the label of their logo. It should come as no surprise that Gollee was easily able to find a solution to this issue.

Gollee wasted no time in getting started on the path of satiating D**a’s needs. Gollee started by telling its team of designers about the brand at the beginning. These designers worked with the fundamentals of design while focusing on the most effective ways to utilize empathy, and they produced a variety of samples.

Da was the recipient of these logo label designs that Gollee ultimately offered. Da moved on to the next step of the process, which was to select a label for their logo. After that, it became Gollee’s responsibility to produce a significant number of these labels. The mass production was finished in a record amount of time, and D**a was provided with the newly designed product.

Obviously, this was not the end of the work that had to be done. In addition, Da required an inventory of lash tools. The vast production capacity that Gollee possessed proved to be rather beneficial in this situation. They were successful in producing, packaging, and delivering to Da a number of lash tools that are appropriate for both professional and amateur use.

Since Gollee first opened its doors in 2017, they have welcomed a wide variety of customers, including Da, among others. And Gollee has managed to do so while also preserving solid customer relationship management (CRM). The comments received from Da’s pupils and lash technicians have been quite positive, which is further evidence that Gollee provides an outstanding service.

Every one of Da’s products bears the recognizable logo label, which has been in use for some time. Since then, Da has seen a significant increase in both its return on investment (ROI) and its organic traffic.

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