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Gollee-Eyelash Label Customization

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Customer Profile

The story of A**y Lash begins with a young woman in a small town with love for the beauty industry. After discovering that lash art helped her exude an air of self-assurance, the proprietor of the business chose to focus her efforts on this area from the very beginning. She wanted to empower women in that same way. As a result, A**y Lash evolved into a place where ladies could come to rest, relax, and receive beauty treatments.

At A**y Lash, each appointment concludes with a memorable “wow” moment. The satisfaction shown on the face of each customer as they leave the establishment is what the proprietor considers to be the measure of a job well done.

It’s been five years of service at A**y Lash — 5 full years! However, A**y Lash did not get in touch with us until last year. Gollee was first brought to A**y Lash’s attention by an eyelash extensions retailer, who reassured her that Gollee would be able to fulfill their immediate requirement.

This need was for a bulk supply of 17mm and 18mm eyelash extensions rather than eyelash extensions measuring 16mm. Was this something Gollee Cosmetics could handle? Yes, it was. The extension lashes produced by Gollee Cosmetics range in length from 5mm to 20mm, and the company ships them to retailers and wholesalers located in every region of the world.

Customer Needs

  • A**y Lash needed a bulk supply of 17mm and 18mm eyelash extensions more than the readily available supply of 16mm regular lashes in her local market.
  • There was a need to equally provide an eyelash label customization.


The first step for Gollee was to have a virtual meeting with A**y Lash. During the meeting, questions were asked, and stories were shared. But at the end of the day, Gollee understood why A**y needed what she did — her clientele’s needs had changed. You see, eyelash extensions have different lengths and diameters. A proper understanding of how each of these varying lengths and thicknesses works is essential for any lash installment.

Popular extension lengths range from 11mm to 12mm. Extensions between 5 and 9 mm are typically utilized for the inner corners and under the eye, while extensions between 9 and 13 mm are used for the bulk of the set.

Some technicians create hybrid eyelash extensions by combining lashes of different lengths. A**y’s clientele began to demand more hybrid eyelash extensions and longer lashes. Also, the absence of these longer lengths meant she could not cater to her clients with hooded eyelids or droopy eyelids. To satisfy her clients, A**y needed to have a bulk supply of lash extensions of lengths 17mm and 18mm.

Given that Gollee had already produced lash extensions of those lengths, all that was required was to send her some samples. A**y’s order for 17mm and 18mm lash extensions was placed after she received her sample delivery and was pleased with it. On the other hand, that was not the only thing that was required.

A higher box is required to accommodate the lashes when applying for longer lash extensions. Therefore, Gollee did exactly that. Gollee created a higher box for A**y Lash that was capable of accommodating 18mm lash extensions. At long last, these lash extensions required labels to be affixed to them. Our team of designers began their work during this stage of the process.

Their method of creative production is unparalleled! They were able to create two different design samples for A**y to choose from. And as soon as she made her decision, the production process got underway. The bulk supply of 17mm and 18mm lash extensions, a higher box to fit them in, and A**y Lash’s customized eyelash label were all delivered to A**y Lash within a month.

But the story did not end there. Suffice it to say that we ended the transaction with a piece of advice to A**y Lash. Although, it was just a reminder to her then. We will say it now because every lash artist needs to remember this, especially now that a beauty rave is going around. Anyway, here’s a summary of what we said:

Naturally, many customers desire the longest lashes possible, but it’s important to remember that the client’s lash condition should determine the length of the extension. If the extensions are too lengthy for the client’s natural lashes, the client may experience premature loss of the lash.

Customers with hooded eyelids or sagging eyelids should opt for slightly longer lashes. When their eyes are open, their eyelashes often “disappear” under the lids. False lashes with a strong curl, such as D or U curls, will give the impression that they are shorter than they are. Your choice of lash length should reflect the type of curl you intend to use.

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