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Gollee-Eyelash Glue Label Customization

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Customer Profile

L**B Supplies is an initiative being managed by L**B lash, one of our many clients in the beauty industry. But unlike many salons you’d meet out there, they focus on only one thing. And that’s the eyelash extension. They’ve built years of experience around this. Hence, they are one of the lash stylists who ensure you get the best — even if it were to be your first time getting extensions.

For a while now, they’ve gone for a rebrand. Formerly called S**y, they’ve had to change their name to show clearly their focus. And that’s lash extensions. Hence the new name L**B lash. But that’s not all.

With the new name and ownership, they’ve taken up a lot more changes to their business. Such is the privacy afforded every one of their customers when they come in for lash extensions. They boast lofty chairs and a nice environment to have your kids and animals around. With all these perks, they’ve since enjoyed a surge in the number of their customers.

However, with more clients to serve comes the need for more supplies. And for a lash stylist, supplies go beyond having the lashes themselves. There’s the need for glue, which is just as important, tweezers, and many more.

Moreover, L**B Supplies also provides wholesale supplies to many other lash stylists. With the increasing demand, without a facility to meet up, there was the risk of losing their clients from being unable to meet the demands. Hence, they contacted us to keep up with their increasing demand and ensure their clients leave with the L**B Brand imprinted not on their faces but in their hearts.

Customer Needs

  • There was a need for the fast delivery of supplies to avoid losing clients due to the inability to meet increasing demand.
  • There was also a need for label designs without the excessive charges of hiring designers.


Gollee provides every one of their clients with a customization service where you can develop your ideas. With Gollee’s available manpower and resources, you can get your products ready in only a matter of time, with your preferred label on them.

In this case, the focus was really to create glues with L**B Supplies’ desired labels. And this is just one of such services Gollee prides in. Gollee makes it possible for you to create your own brand of lash extension supplies. In addition to making it possible for you to have your brand of supplies, they also ensure you get to do so at the cheapest cost possible!

Moreover, Gollee can take down its MOQ to 50% below its normal output so that you can have just the quantity you require — at your preferred budget.

Now, what are the other things you’d need when setting up your own brand of glues? Most importantly, you need the label designs. You need the bottle designs. Also, you’d need to decide on the type of stopper you want, colors, packaging, and a lot more!

Gollee’s solution to this, so you won’t have to break the bank, is to provide free professional product design support. And this was also the case with L**B supplies. By providing free label designs, among others, Gollee was able to help L**B start up its own brand of glues at a little cost.

After consulting and confirming what was needed, Gollee went on to share the ideas with its designers, and they came up with the label design. Next was for L**B to confirm the label design and move on to the next stage of production. 

However, one other need was the fast delivery of supplies. So, what was the solution in this case? Efficiency and Speed!

Gollee has been in this business of production, packaging, and delivery since 2017. And has, over the years, built both efficiency and speed. Hence, their delivery rate is top-notch, and reviews from all over the web confirm that. Gollee has a 100% on-time delivery rate on Alibaba. And that’s not something you come across quite often.

For L**B, all that was indeed needed was a quick but careful confirmation of details. After all, a strict confirmation of packaging is carried out. Hard cartons are used. And this is perfect for delivery, even to foreign countries. Gollee currently delivers its products and services to lash suppliers and stylists all over the world, including North America, Oceania, and Western Europe.

Moreover, all glues are packed with desiccants and needles. So, at no point will any client have to be concerned with ensuring a steady supply of needles too. That’d be too much stress. When all’s done and confirmed, the products are all shipped out for delivery. In the end, what Gollee wants is a happy smile from their clients. And that was just what they got from L**B supplies, who held nothing back at giving positive feedback. 

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