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Difference between Magnetic Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

This article compares the difference between magnetic lashes and eyelash extensions. The comparison was done based on certain features such as convenience, price, safety, and required maintenance. 

For some time now, experts in the eyelash business have debated for and against the two popular types of artificial eyelashes; magnetic lashes and eyelash extensions. While some people are for magnetic lashes, others believe in the superior features and aesthetics of magnetic lashes. in this article, we will discuss the difference between these two types of artificial eyelashes and decide which is better and the best use cases for both artificial lashes.

Eyelash Extensions

This class of false lashes was one of the first products to come on board concerning facial beauty enhancement. These lashes are made from silk, synthetic materials, or mink. To use them, one needs a professional lash technician. This is because the extensions come directly over the natural eyelashes, creating an extensive look for the eyes. This process requires a certain level of accuracy and precision that only a trained and professional technician can perfect.

This type of false lashes has been in use for a very long time, and until recently, it was the only option for false eyelashes. Now, magnetic eyelash offers some competition to the use of eyelash extensions. We would later touch on how eyelash extensions fare against the competition of magnetic lashes. however, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions first.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

Enhances the facial beauty

This is the first and most important advantage of eyelash extensions. The extensions bolden the outline of the eyes and this makes the eyes look bigger. Studies confirm that large eyes are attractive to most people. Thus, people can enhance their facial looks with the use of eyelash extensions.

However, more than enhancing the looks, eyelash extensions also help maintain this gorgeous look at all times. Unlike other types of lashes that you have to remove when going to bed, eyelash extensions can stay on the eyes throughout the day. Thus, people can go to bed and also wake up looking pretty.

Ultimately, this advantage helps to boost the confidence of the person using eyelash extensions as it means that they don’t have to put extra effort into looking beautiful. Whether at home, in the gym, or at work, as long as the eyelash extensions remain on, the facial beauty increases.

Reduces the Overall Makeup Time

Some experts in the beauty industry noticed a trend some time ago. The total makeup time for most women dropped from 55 minutes in 2014 to about 11 minutes in 2020. While they attributed many reasons to this drop, the use of eyelash extensions also took center stage. This is because this period was when the use of eyelash extensions became mainstream.

The argument for eyelash extensions reducing the overall makeup time is also logical. With eyelash extensions, many people do not use mascara, eyeliner, or other types of eye makeup because the lash extensions do enough to highlight and enhance their beauty.

Ideal for No Makeup Situations

There are situations when your clients do not want to have makeup on. Eyelash extensions allow them to go into these situations while still looking gorgeous. This is because the lash extensions are already enough for the enhancement of beauty.

Avoidance of Eye makeup Accidents

People can avoid unsavory occurrences with eye makeup by using eyelash extensions. Because eyelash extensions increase the beauty of the face in the first place, most people stop using other eye makeups. This eliminates the chances of eye makeup accidents such as pricking the eye with a mascara wand or smudging the eyeliner over the face.

Certain makeups ruin eyelash extensions. Thus, the use of makeup reduces once people have the extensions on and this minimizes the occurrence of these accidents.

Personalized enhancements

Another advantage that eyelash extensions have over other types of false lashes is that they work primarily with the user’s eye or face. It is not a pre-made or ready-made beauty option. The professional lash technician would have to work with the natural eyelash, understand the look that the client is trying to achieve and then proceed to use the appropriate eyelash extensions.

When done right, it can enhance the shape and size of the eyes and face, while also making the person look beautiful. Thus, people with thin natural eyelashes can get a voluminous look while those with short lashes can get a longer eyelash look, all thanks to eyelash extensions.

Painless Process

The process of applying eyelash extensions to the eye is smooth and painless. As much as it is a complex and intricate procedure requiring a high degree of accuracy and precision, users do not have to worry about that. The complexity and intricacy are the forte of the lash technician. The person getting the lash extensions need not worry about the process.

The process of applying the lash extensions is also an upgrade to the previous methods of application or attachment. Before, the false lashes used to be sewn on the eyelids giving them a fluffy and voluminous look. this method is a bit invasive and holds a lot of risk to the eyes. However, with the popularity of eyelash extensions, people can get their lash extensions in a painless, less risky, and non-invasive procedure.

Lasts Long

When compared to other types of false lashes such as strip lashes, eyelash extensions last longer. With good maintenance, eyelash extensions can stay on for about three to four weeks. This is an average timeframe as the longevity of the lash extensions depends on the natural shedding cycle for the natural eyelash. Thus, for people who do not lose hair easily, eyelash extensions can stay on for up to six weeks. However, strip lashes only last 24 hours regardless of the type of eyelash or its natural shedding cycle.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

It is not all rosy with eyelash extensions. The reason why magnetic extensions are popular today is that it corrects the downsides of eyelash extensions. Here are some of the downsides of using eyelash extensions;


While this is rare, some people have reported cases of allergy to the adhesive used to attach extensions to natural eyelashes. These allergies could be in form of discomforts or eye infections. They include redness, swellings, itchy sensations as well as styles. These symptoms usually occur a few hours after the application of the lash extensions. To avoid these occurrences, the lash technician should carry out allergy tests on the client before affixing the lash extensions.

Causes Traction Alopecia

As much as this is a downside, it could be prevented by a professional lash technician. This disadvantage occurs when the eyelash extensions used are too heavy for the natural eyelashes. When this happens, the false lashes weigh down on the natural eyelash and this causes the eyelashes to fall off prematurely.

To avoid this, a professional lash technician must choose the ideal lash extensions in terms of curl, length, and thickness.

It is Expensive

Using eyelash extensions is relatively expensive. Depending on the type of extensions and the place you are getting the lashes affixed, you may have to part with hundreds of dollars for the eyelash extensions. However, this downside should not be conflicted as a nudge to go for cheaper options like strip lashes.

Strip lashes last only 24 hours while the lash extensions work for about four weeks. This means that people have to part with money every time they want to use lash extensions. In the long run, those who opt for strip lashes would have spent as much (if not more) than those using eyelash extensions. Thus, it makes more economical sense to go for eyelash extensions, although this doesn’t deny its expensive nature.

Having touched on the pros and cons of eyelash extensions, let us discuss magnetic lashes and see how they fare in comparison with eyelash extensions.

Magnetic Lashes

As the name suggests, this type of false lashes uses tiny magnets to affix themselves to the natural eyelashes. These magnets are attached to the lash band and they help to hold the false lashes along the natural lash line.

In most cases, there are two ways of applying magnetic lashes. The first is by sandwiching the two strips of magnetic lashes over the natural eyelash. So, the natural eyelash would be in between the two strips of magnetic lashes. The second mode of application involves the use of a magnetic liner. This liner serves as the base upon which the false lashes sit.

Pros of Magnetic Lashes

The following are some of the reasons why magnetic lashes became popular among people using false lashes;


This is the first reason why a lot of people opt for magnetic lashes. with magnetic lashes, it is quite easy to attach and remove false lashes at will. It is also very easy to buy and reuse magnetic lashes online. Also, many people attach and remove their magnetic lashes by themselves without any assistance from a lash technician. This also contributes to the convenience of using false lashes. however, it is important to state that there is a steep learning curve that people need to overcome before they can remove and attach the magnetic lashes by themselves.


This is another reason why many people prefer magnetic lashes. with magnetic lashes, there is no need for any harmful chemicals or ingredients. This also means that the possibility of an allergy surfacing is greatly reduced. Its mode of attachment also contributes greatly to its safety. With eyelash extensions, false lashes rely on natural eyelashes for support. This may put a strain on the eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to fall off prematurely. This doesn’t happen with magnetic lashes as the lashes rely on the eyelid for support.

However, people who are allergic to nickel or iron cannot use magnetic lashes as the magnets contain these elements. Also, although magnetic lashes are safe to use, failure to maintain them properly can lead to infections such as conjunctivitis affecting the eyes.


The magnetic lashes are easy to maintain. There is no fuss with it as they can be put on and removed at will. When they are not in use, users can simply store the magnetic lashes in their storage box till they are needed again. To keep the magnetic lashes functional and usable, all they have to do is avoid touching the lashes unnecessarily and ensure that the hands are clean when touching the false lashes.

Cheaper Option

This is arguably the reason why a lot of people use magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes are less expensive and budget-friendly. A strip of magnetic lashes costs about $15 to $20 and people get between 50 to 100 uses from a strip of magnetic lashes. of course, the number of uses gotten from the magnetic lashes depends on the maintenance culture of the user.

Ease of customization

Magnetic lashes provide some liberty to people that use false lashes. despite being ready-made or premade, there are different types and sizes of magnetic lashes, thus, many people can get the type that works for them with regard to their natural eyelashes and the type of look they want to achieve. However, there is some limitation concerning the ability to customize. Your clients will have to work with the available designs and lengths.

Cons of Magnetic Lashes

It also causes allergies

Indeed, magnetic lashes do not use harmful chemicals and the magnetic liners used in their application are cleared by the FDA as safe. However, there is still a possibility of an allergic reaction occurring when magnetic lashes are used. The chances for these allergies increase when the user is allergic to iron or nickel.

One of the ways to prevent this allergic reaction is to have an allergy test carried out on the user before the application of the magnetic lashes.

Steep Learning Curve

It is also true that users can attach and remove the magnetic lashes at will without help from a professional lash technician. However, the process of learning how to attach and remove the magnetic lashes is steep and a bit difficult to learn. Most people would rather go to a technician than go through the learning process themselves. When people who rush through the learning process start to attach the lashes by themselves, the lashes look messy and awkward defeating the purpose of using magnetic lashes in the first place.

Comparison: Which is Better Between Magnetic Lashes and Eyelash Extensions?

Both of these false lashes have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Thus, let us compare the two and see which one is the better option.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


It is easy to go with magnetic lashes as the more convenient option as it is easy to use and remove by users. However, let us not forget that it has a learning curve that is hard to complete. Thus, the time cost of learning about the usage and attachment of magnetic lashes could be almost the same as the time spent at the lash technician’s salon.

To affix the eyelash extensions takes roughly an hour or two and this includes the time for consultation. After attaching the eyelashes, there is no need to see the technician again until about four weeks later. Thus, the time spent attaching the eyelash extensions is roughly an hour or two for four weeks.

When compared with magnetic lashes, it is more convenient to use eyelash extensions than magnetic lashes. This is especially true in situations when the user is not that proficient with the use of magnetic lashes.


Both magnetic lashes and eyelash extensions are safe to use. The risk factor with their usage stems from two things; allergic reactions and the expertise of the lash technician. If users are allergic to any of the ingredients used to make the adhesive or the magnets, there is a high chance of an allergic reaction occurring. Also, if the person affixing the lashes is not a professional, there is a high probability of an error that affects the eyes occurring.

Thus, it is difficult to say either of these eyelashes is better when it comes to safety.


The magnetic lashes are better in terms of maintenance. Here is why. Once a user gets the magnetic lashes and learns how to attach and remove them correctly, they can use the false lashes about 50 to 100 times. All they have to do is avoid touching the lashes unnecessarily and ensure that the hands are clean when touching the lashes. However, for eyelash extensions, there are a lot of maintenance practices that start from the point of affixing the lashes to weeks after fixing the lashes.

Thus, magnetic lashes are easier to maintain than eyelash extensions.


This comparison is simple. Magnetic lashes cost less than eyelash extensions. When you need to spend as much as hundreds of dollars on eyelash extensions, magnetic lashes only cost between $15 and $20.


Users get more customization options with eyelash extensions than with magnetic lashes. This is because magnetic lashes are pre-made, and this limits the options available to the technician.


Both magnetic lashes and eyelash extensions are ideal options for facial beauty. However, depending on preference and superior features, people may decide to go for either of the two options. Hopefully, this article is able to help you provide quality advice to your clients concerning the better option between magnetic lashes and eyelash extensions.   

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