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Gollee-Eyelash Box Customization

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Customer Profile

Two years ago, a young woman passionate about beauty established L**a. It first opened its doors as a beauty shop, selling a variety of cosmetics and other items to its customers. But the founder chose to make some changes around a year ago.

They started concentrating their efforts on offering cosmetic treatments, specifically on lash art as their primary area of concentration. Soon after, L**a became the place to go for customers looking for solutions to obtain effortless beauty at a price that was within their budget.

Now, L**a has an advantage over other brands that are competitive with it. To begin with, it was established after the pandemic. And all of us can remember the joy that came along with finally being able to leave the confines of our homes for the first time to get our lashes done! They positioned themselves to profit from the post-pandemic market by offering reasonably priced cosmetic items and providing free consulting services.

These products were eco-friendly and cruelty-free. But then, the year 2021 came along, and their owner noticed that the people who patronized her business were interested in cosmetic treatments and lash services.

She redesigned L**a based on the feedback she received from customers, which resulted in the brand’s evolution into the one that it is now, which offers services. They provide a comprehensive selection of procedures, such as eyelash extensions in classic, hybrid, volume, and lift styles, as well as facial treatments and consultations.

In such little time, L**a’s customer base has more than doubled! They owed this to the company’s commitment to not using animal testing methods and their successful marketing efforts. On the other hand, as is common knowledge, a rise in the number of customers is a sign that more work needs to be put in.

Utilizing the appropriate instruments and goods to deliver your services is vital to double your efforts. A comprehensive list of necessities is required for lash artists. Everything, from the instruments to the glues to the lash fans and lash tray boxes, needs to be of the highest quality.

The eyelash tray boxes provided by L**a started giving the company some trouble when the lash stylists used them. They needed lash tray boxes of a larger size. Therefore, they came to us seeking assistance; of course, we were more than eager and able to provide for them.

Customer Needs

  • There was a need to get larger lash tray boxes.


Every lash artist needs to make their first stop at Gollee. You will be given all you need to ensure that your services are as stress-free and competent as they possibly can be. Because L**a required a larger lash tray box, Gollee asked them to submit their customized dimensions for the lash tray before they could proceed.

Following the completion of L**a’s custom lash tray production at the factory, the lash boxes themselves were modified. Naturally, we accomplished this task in a timely and effective manner!

On the other hand, Gollee had to be sure that this was the optimal answer. Therefore, Gollee showed them all of the various lash tray boxes that were available. L**a purchased different lash tray boxes and circulated them among its staff. Gollee ensured that their product delivery was done in record time and no product was damaged. Alas! Every type of lash professional and do-it-yourselfer can find the perfect lash tray box to meet their needs.

Because the eyelash box has expanded, it now comes with a brand new eyelash tray, making it possible for the user to keep their eyelash extensions in pristine condition while keeping them in place.

Each box has space for five pairs of eyelashes, ensuring that they are organized, protected from moisture, and out of the way. Therefore, it would be possible for the lash experts at L**a to carefully secure their eyelash extensions without worrying about causing damage to them and still get a great appearance.

The plastic used to make the lash trays is non-toxic and extremely durable; as a result, they will not crack, bend, or otherwise damage your eyelash extensions in any way. They are compact enough to be carried in handbags and smaller totes. This freshly updated tray set has it all! Not only are they good enough for everyday use, but they are also attractive enough to give to a loved one who’s also in the industry on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries.

Gollee is committed to helping as many brands as L**a find their roots in the lash world. We understood how important this purchase was to L**a as a new brand. What did we do? We offered them their custom lash trays at a relatively cheap rate. L**a has remained one of our frequent clients.

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