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Gollee-Custom Glue Bottle

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Customer Profile

When B**o Lash opened its doors five years ago, the only people on its customer list were relatives and friends. This company was founded by a young woman of 25 years old who had recently completed her training to become a qualified lash technician. She felt like she could take on the entire world!

However, building in a market as competitive as ours presented a number of difficulties. Today, this brand has grown into a successful medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Manchester, UK, and the narrative of how they overcame adversity is incredibly motivational.

And in May 2019, we became a part of that story when the Gollee 0.5-second eyelash adhesive passed the testing and certification required by the FDA and ROSH. B**o contacted us because they had difficulties organizing their glue bottles and needed our assistance. What specific kinds of problems were they having? Wastage had been an issue for them because of the low volume of customers as well as the challenges associated with storage. They wanted a specially crafted bottle of lash glue that would give them the ability to control the circumstances of their storage. They required a specially crafted bottle for their lash glue that would shield the adhesive contained within. Because of this, their bottles needed to include nozzles that were more protected than what is typically offered by standard bottles. Gollee was, without a doubt, capable of finding a solution to this issue.

Customer Needs

  • There was a need for a new lash glue bottle.
  • There was a need for different types of lash glue bottles.


Understanding the consumer is the first and most important stage in every customer satisfaction journey that Gollee undertakes. Gollee has discovered that having empathy for consumers is one of the most important factors in their overall satisfaction.

Gollee provided a solution to the issue that LBB was having. However, Gollee did more than provide her new lash bottles; but also provided her with feedback and guidance regarding her work. We provided her with knowledge regarding how she might make better use of her instruments and how she should best manage her lash glues, and she thanked us.

Lash artists are known to be skilled with a wide variety of tools, but they will never take any chances with their adhesives. This is due to the fact that they are aware that utilizing fresh lash glue is one of the most important factors in running a successful lash business that has customers who are happy with their services and come back for more.

In the end, it does not matter how big your sets are, what brand of lashes you use, or how fantastic your abilities are in terms of lash photography. If the lash glue you use isn’t performing at its optimal level, then neither will the lashes of your customers, and if this pattern continues, neither will your company.

Therefore, if you are dedicated to ensuring your company’s success, you will want to ensure that you are not only utilizing the appropriate adhesive for your environment but also storing that glue appropriately so that it is always at its strongest. This is something that you will want to make sure of if you are committed to ensuring the success of your company.

After providing B**o with a variety of storage solutions, such as compact airtight containers with silica/oxygen absorber sachets, Gollee moved on to the next step of the process, which was developing a new design for a custom bottle. After brainstorming, our design team developed some example 3D designs. After that, we developed a prototype of the product so that the owner of B**o could get a feel for it and test various aspects, such as how the glue was dispensed.

She expressed happiness with how things turned out! One month following B**o’s initial contact with Gollee, the first batch of B**o’s individualized lash glue bottles was manufactured by our facility. These bottles were quickly and carefully transported to their destination in pristine condition.

As per her instruction, the other batches were sent out for delivery at a later point in the year. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention this! Gollee did not only provide a single style of the bottle; rather, we provided a selection of three different bottles, all of which are still in use today.

Gollee is of the opinion that the best answers can be found by utilizing the fewest resources that are available. Despite this, we couldn’t be happier about how far B**o has come since its inception. They are freed from the burden of dealing with unsuitable storage conditions. Aside from that, they were well-versed in the proper techniques for storing lash glues. Their predicament has been remedied, yeah! But even now, B**o employs the utilization of our individualized lash glue bottles. Because of this, we are thankful!

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