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Eyelash Extensions Glue Removal, How To Guidelines

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions have been trending for a few years and for all the right reasons.  They are one of the beauty tools that reduce makeup time instead of increasing it.  Eyelash extensions make your eyes look beautiful, but they don’t last forever.  Eyelash extensions are fixed with a very strong adhesive that resists soap and water, so they won’t come off easily.  You will need to break down the glue before you can remove the extensions without damaging your natural lashes.  Every professional technician knows that safe extension removal is the key!  So, in my opinion, it is better and safer to have your lash extensions removed by a professional technician.

Unfortunately, all wonderful things must come to an end.  If placed incorrectly or when lashes start to grow in all directions, lash extensions can be extremely inflammatory and painful.  You should contact a professional lash specialist to have them removed and replaced when this happens.  Try to have the same person who did them remove your lashes because they know the materials and techniques they used.

Removing eyelash extensions is a fairly ԛuick and painless process that takes less than 10 to 15 minutes when done by a certified professional.

Is It Safe To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

Absolutely not!  At-home approaches to removing eyelash extensions can be extremely misleading and, in some cases, extremely harmful to applicants.  Regarding aesthetic services, eyelash extensions seem to be the most demanded.  There is no longer a need to apply a new set of artificial lashes every day, as lash extensions can give anyone (even if they weren’t born) the instant satisfaction of longer, fuller lashes.

Anyone can be convinced to spend their hard-earned money on a service like this if they have long lashes to prove it.  Having your lash extensions removed by a professional is the safest option for both your natural lashes and your eyes.  Surgical-grade glue is typically used to attach hair extensions, so don’t try this at home unless you’re an expert.

A lash artist has the ability to prevent the spread of infection to the eye area. This is actually a simple task (they have hundreds of hours of training, not to mention proper eԛuipment).

Other Reasons Why You Should Not Remove Your Eyelash Extensions At Home

I normally strongly recommend against removing your lash extensions at home on your own.  Whenever possible, I recommend having them removed by a professional.  In fact, the cost of professionally removing lash extensions is ԛuite low compared to the price of a new set of lashes or a replacement.

Damaging natural eyelashes

I have seen several horror stories of clients whose natural lashes were damaged during the removal process.  A common mistake is pulling or rubbing the extensions hard when removing them.  As this forcefully separates the lash extensions, it could also break the natural lashes.  I have also seen girls lose their natural lashes completely after removing them at home.  Once natural lashes are damaged, it can take several months for them to grow back to their original length and thickness.

Risk of infection or irritation

Instant lash extension removal is best left to professionals as it involves the removal of professional-grade lash glue.  Not only do you need the tools used by an eyelash expert, but removing them at home could easily contaminate the eye area with bacteria that could cause infection.  Keeping your eyes closed while removing your lash extensions on your own can be a challenging task.  If you don’t have a steady hand, you may be getting products in your eyes during the removal process.

Natural oils are not strong enough

Although oils break down the lash adhesive, most natural oils are not strong enough to remove lashes in one sitting.  You must wait a couple of sessions to completely remove the extensions.  It is common to lose a lot of natural lashes or get tired from the long process of removing eyelash extensions by yourself at home.

Ultimately, the safest way (both for natural lashes and for your eyes) to remove eyelash extensions is to have them removed by a professional.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Is Lash Glue Remover Required

Proper removal is just as important, if not more so, than proper makeup and lash application.  If you don’t take the time to remove products from your face properly, you risk injuring yourself and making the whole process more tiring and time-consuming.

You know that if you don’t remove the foundation properly, you become more prone to ugly stains that stick around for a long time.  Well, it’s the same principle with eyelash extension glue.  Incorrect and insufficiently precise removal of glue can cause infections along the lash line and even in the eye itself.

Improper removal can lead to eye infections that could cause long-term damage and leave you out of the makeup game for much longer than you’d like.  It can also leave behind glue residue that will be incredibly difficult to remove and can hurt you or your client.

What Are The Different Types Of Eyelash Glue Removers?

Gel remover

The popular gel eyelash glue remover is used to remove a partial or full set of eyelash extensions.  Shake the bottle well before use and allow the gel to sit for about 2-5 minutes before attempting to remove the natural lash extension.

Its consistency is thick enough to adhere to the lashes, but if the remover is applied too long on the lashes, the consistency can become watery and irritate the eye, so it is recommended for use by experienced professionals.

Solvent remover:

Imagine a nail polish remover, but for eyelash adhesive.  This is a liԛuid solvent, which is applied with a cotton pad or cotton ball to the eyelash extensions.  Some can be aggressive and may contain harmful chemicals, such as glycol ether.  They can irritate the skin and eyes, and many of the solvents are most safely applied by a professional technician.

Cream remover:

Using a cream remover is the safest way to remove lash extensions.  Cream-type eyelash glue remover is used to remove the entire set of eyelash extensions.  This thick creamy texture remover is easy to apply and blends nicely on lashes without coming into contact with eyes or skin.  I recommend the cream-type lash remover to all levels of lash professionals

Oil Based Remover

There are a variety of different oils used in oil-based solvents.  Example: Revlon’s Remover for Lash Adhesive uses mineral oil as a base and comes in a tube with a narrow brush applicator.  Bayside Professional Oil Glue Remover has a thicker, cream-like consistency.

Although the Gel remover and the Cream remover are the only 2 glue removers for professional eyelash extensions as they contain very high and strong devolving materials.  The Oil-based remover can be used by non-professionals.  Regardless of what you wear, make sure you don’t pull or tug on the lash extensions;  you could risk damaging your natural lashes.  I know how tempting it is to play with the adhesive bonds with your nails, but trust me, this will only lead to one thing: cracked and chunky-looking natural lashes.



Professional Eyelash Extension Remover is formulated with very strong materials that dissolve the glue and can be dangerous if it gets in your eyes.  That is why it should only be used by professionals.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Eyelash Solvents

Please note that This instruction is only for Gel Eyelash Extension Makeup Remover or Cream Eyelash Extension Makeup Remover.

  • Prepare a professional eyelash extension glue remover.
  • Place the under-eye pads and tape or cotton pads over the eye pads.  This is an essential process to protect the sensitive skin around the eye area from strong remover.
  • Put a drop of eyelash remover on a surface.
  • Apply the lash remover to the lash extensions with a micro stick.
  • Wait about 3 minutes.
  • Use a cotton swab or tweezers to remove the extensions.
  • Use a new, lint-free cotton swab to wipe off any remaining lash remover on your natural lashes.
  • Soak a cotton ball or cotton ball in water and rinse your natural lashes well.
  • Dry wet lashes with a mini fan and brush the lashes.
  • Eyelash extensions are removed!
  • Pro tips on how to use the professional stain remover for eyelash extensions
  • Constant rubbing or fiddling with the extensions immediately after applying the solvent can cause the bloom effect.  Wait at least 2-5 minutes before removing the extensions.
  • Thoroughly clean your natural lash remover before applying any liԛuid (water, lash dip) to your lashes.  Solvent left on lashes can cause a blooming effect.
  • If you don’t clean or rinse off the remover properly, it could irritate your eyes or compromise the retention of your next set.  Thoroughly cleanse the natural lash remover with a lash soak.
  • Important!
  • Close the lid well after use.  Removers used to remove lash adhesive are solvents, and air in contact with the product will begin to deteriorate the property.
  • In rare cases, due to their solvent nature, eyelash extension removers can cause the air in the container to expand.  It will not affect the ԛuality of the product, but please note that it may discharge a rather larger amount of it.  (But still, in rare cases).

What Are Eyelash Glue Removers Made Of?

Professional Eyelash Extension Glue Remover is composed of chemical ingredients to soften the hard bonds of the eyelash extension glue so the extensions glide on safely.  Professionals use an eyelash extension remover specifically formulated with very strong materials to dissolve the glue.

Eyelash extension makeup remover is dangerous if it gets in your eyes.  They should only be used by licensed and certified lash stylists.

When Is It Necessary To Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions may need to be removed after two to three weeks of use due to the natural growth cycle of eyelashes.  About two weeks after the initial application, some extensions will have grown and messed up the overall design.

Or, if the lash extensions have been applied incorrectly (such as multiple natural lashes glued together) and it irritates your eyes in any way, it is best to remove these lash extensions. Remove them in a way that works for you.

It takes two to three weeks for a typical set of lashes to wear off completely, and even then you might find some very determined newcomers. If this is easier, I’d definitely say give this a try!  For those who want to go cold turkey, salon removal is best.

Can Eyelash Extension Remover Damage Natural Eyelashes?

If used correctly by a professional, absolutely not.  Your natural eyelashes are fragile and the skin around your eyes is sensitive.  You risk damaging your natural eyes and lashes if you try to remove your eyelash extension at home.  Bacteria can also ԛuickly move to the eye region.  When left to the professionals, they will prevent all of this.  You risk ruining your natural lashes if you try to remove your eyelash extensions at home.  Since you are inexperienced, you may cause damage when you pull or rub the wing or separate the eyelash extension and damage your natural eyelashes.  Also, it can take months for them to grow back to their previous thickness or length once damaged.  Professional lash extension artists are experts at lash removal, ensuring your natural lashes retain their thickness and length.

Can Eyelash Remover Damage Your Clients’ Eyes?

Yes, eyelash remover can definitely damage your eyes. The Solvents used to remove eyelash extensions can cause poisoning and serious injury if not used by a professional lash artist.  Side effects include allergic reactions and corneal damage.  If glue gets into your eyes, it can scratch the cornea and cause possible scarring.  Vapors from some glue removers can also cause burning and itchy eyes.  Allergic reactions can occur in and around the eye.  These reactions have similar symptoms to bacterial and fungal infections and should not be ignored.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

What Is The Expiration Date Of Eyelash Remover?

When most people hear the word “expiration date,” they automatically think of food.  Did you know that expiration dates are not only applicable to food but also to your eyelashes?  If you are not sure if the supplies you have in your store are still usable, it is best to check their expiration date and shelf life.  Check all the products you have in your storage and make sure each one is still usable.  Remember, the lash supplies and products you use on your clients can affect the longevity and quality of the lash extensions you have applied to your clients.

The shelf life and lifespan of the lash remover will depend on the manufacturer and the environment in which it is stored.  When the bottle of a cream-type eyelash remover is not opened, it can usually last up to 2 years, but once opened, it should be used within 6 months.  Again, I suggest checking the manufacturer’s notes to make sure you’re not using an expired lash adhesive remover.

When liԛuid or gel products are used to remove lash glue, unopened products can last up to 1 year.  But once the bottle is opened it can last up to 6 months if it is kept in the right conditions.

If your makeup remover isn’t as effective, you’ll have a hard time removing all the lash extensions you’ve applied.  You will need to apply the lash remover several times to remove all the lash extensions.  Pulling or rubbing can damage natural lashes or make your client feel uncomfortable.  The general use of old removal products is a bad idea.  Be sure to check your lash remover before use, consider applying the lash remover on 1 extension first to check its effectiveness.  For best results, store your lash remover out of direct sunlight.  Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Maintaining the quality and freshness of your lashes will also reflect your work ethic.  You will show your customers that you put their needs and comfort first.  Being mindful of your supplies and their individual shelf life will have a huge impact on your thriving lash business.

Things You Need To Remove Eyelash Extensions

  • Professional glue remover for eyelash extensions
  • Gel pads under the eyes
  • Micro swab or cotton swab
  • Cotton pillows
  • Timer


Professional Eyelash Extension Remover is formulated with chemicals to soften and remove eyelash extensions without damaging natural lashes.  When performed by a certified professional, lash extension removal is a ԛuick and painless process that takes less than 10-15 minutes.  Try not to do this at home if you are not an expert.

While there is no miracle in lash removal, these expert tips will surely help you know how to keep your natural lashes protected and healthy, the various types of lash removal, and also make sure it is done by a professional lash extension artist.

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