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How to design a logo for your business, even if you are not a designer

A salon logo is essential to your brand identification and significantly determines how customers think of your company.

Additionally, it will assist your customers in comprehending what it is that you do, as well as your brand identity and fundamental principles.

In addition, all of your customers will come to connect the logo with your salon; as a result, they will instantly recognize your company whenever you include the logo in any branded materials, promotions, or advertising that you produce.

You must have been able to identify this brand in significantly less than a second, right? That is a perfect example of what I’m referring to. People will remember your salon more frequently if you create a meaningful logo and use it on all your advertising materials. People will learn to associate that logo with your salon if you use it on all your advertising materials.

Because of this, your salon needs to have a logo that exudes professionalism; fortunately, accomplishing this goal is not particularly challenging.

Therefore, whether you are just beginning the process of designing it or need to make some adjustments to the one already in place, free tools enable anyone, regardless of their degree of design talent, to build a salon logo for free.

First, let’s go over some of the fundamentals so you’ll better understand what a logo is and why it’s crucial to design an interesting one for your company before we show you how to make a logo for your lash clinic.

What Exactly Is a Logo, and Why Is It So Crucial to Have One?

A visual symbol is known as a logo, and it can be shown by an image, a form, typography, or a combination of two or more of these components.

When designing your company’s logo, you must pay careful attention to every aspect because you will use it in various places, including on your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.

It’s a visual representation of your company’s values and mission that reminds customers of who you are and what you stand for.

Your messaging can be more consistent across all channels if you use a salon logo in all locations that were previously stated. This is another major benefit of employing a salon logo.

How Can I Make a Logo for My Without Spending Any Money?

Your company will become more reliable if its logo has a professional appearance. Consider the number of times you have visited a website, only to exit it almost soon because, even though 2022 has passed, it appeared to have been designed in the 1990s.

There are certainly some vintage logos that have retained their attractive appearance throughout the years, but this is only possible if the original designs were strong.

Designing a logo for a salon requires a comprehensive knowledge of the core beliefs held by the business and its objectives for the foreseeable future. Even while current logo trends are beneficial and beneficial, the question is: Will they continue to fulfill their purpose in the future?

If you want to keep people for further discovery when they find your website or social media accounts, you need to design a free salon logo that is anything but simple and not easy to forget. If you want to keep people for further discovery, you need to keep them for further discovery when they find your website.

Let’s look at the process you must go through to design a logo for your salon.

1. Define the identity of your brand.

As we mentioned before, the design of your logo should incorporate elements of your brand identification because you can’t have one without the other.

You can take some time out of your day and ask yourself the following questions to assist you in getting a better start and defining this process:

• What is the backstory of your company?
• Who is your intended clientele, and what do you want their impression of your salon?
• What words would you use to characterize your brand’s personality, such as fun, minimalist, quirky, elegant, etc.?

Find the answers to these questions, then hold a brainstorming session to compile a list of the organization’s defining terms, qualities, and core beliefs.

2. Find logo inspiration

At this stage, you need to focus on thoroughly reviewing everything.

First, compile as much inspiration as possible by gathering images, fonts, and well-known logos, then move on to the next step. You can get assistance with this part by visiting websites such as Pinterest, Dribbble, or Behance. This will influence the concept for the future logo of the salon.

Second, you need to look at other companies in your industry to see their logos. This will not only provide you with further inspiration, but it will also prevent you from inadvertently copying their company logos.

You should also look at the standard operating procedures used in your sector.

You should make a mood board with everything you uncover to keep things organized and ensure you do not lose any fantastic ideas while going through this process.

Include everything in your presentation, including colors, fonts, pictures, patterns, and textures.

You can create a physical mood board or digitally have everything you need at your fingertips through a graphic design site like Canva.

3. Examine what other businesses are offering.

Although this was only briefly touched on in the previous step, it is necessary to investigate the available options. This will prevent you from designing the same logo, but more importantly, it will allow you to create something unique that will grab the interest of the people viewing your website.

Therefore, when researching your competition, determine what sets you apart from them and how you can build a free salon logo that will distinguish your salon in a readily apparent way to your customers.

For instance, if you frequently come across logos that have vibrant colors, you may try designing a salon logo that incorporates muted tones.

4. Pick the kind of logo you want.

Before you can move forward with the design process, a few more considerations need to be made, such as the kind of logo that will be used.

You have a choice between the following seven varieties of logos:

• Emblems. A geometric form containing words or a symbol can define this. Consider Harley-Davidson as an illustration in case you require one.

• Pictural marks. These are only symbols that contain the entirety of an organization’s brand identity. Apple is a good example of the successful use of this strategy because it does not require the company to constantly announce its brand.

• Logotypes. They rely on typography because the complete corporate name is included in the logo, such as in the case of Google.

• Letter marks. These are abbreviations of a company’s name, and they are particularly useful for businesses with lengthy names, such as HBO (Home Box Office), an acronym for the company’s name.

• Abstract logos. They are a graphical representation of anything you want people to associate with your business. Consider the logo that Pepsi uses.

• Mascot logos. They take the form of a portrait of a person or an anthropomorphic figure, such as the one used for the KFC brand.

• Combination logos. They combine aspects of two different kinds of logos. For instance, if you combine a symbol with the appropriate font, like Dove, you could design a logo for a beauty shop.

This is a very crucial choice to make, and you need to make sure that you pick the option that will be the most accurate representation of the components that you select for your salon logo.

This brings us to the next stage in the process.

Three components can make up a logo: the text, the imagery, and the color.


Before deciding on the fonts you desire for your salon logo, remember that they must be legible everywhere, regardless of the logo size. The best font for your salon logo is the one that suits the personality of your firm.

The most common logo fonts include serifs, sans-serifs, slab serifs, script fonts, display fonts, and handwritten fonts. You can select one of these primary categories to use for your logo.

If you want your logo to be straightforward and uncluttered, a good rule of thumb is to limit the number of typefaces you use to no more than two.


The term “imagery” can refer to anything from a straightforward form or piece of geometry to a more intricate picture, and you are free to select anything that appeals to you as a candidate for your company’s logo.

The only thing that needs your attention is making sure that the typefaces and the pictures are consistent with one another.

However, suppose you decide to build a salon logo using pictures alone. In that case, you should consider whether or not your brand will be easily recognizable to your target audience and whether or not it will make your business stand out in this way.


Because color can form more than simply your salon’s personality, it plays an important part in the design of your salon’s logo. In addition, it is a method of presenting your brand in how you would like the target audience to feel about it emotionally.

Because of this, each color is associated with a distinct psychological theory, and when placed in the appropriate setting, each color conveys a unique message.

Therefore, before selecting your colors, you should educate yourself on color theory and choose the feelings you want to elicit through those hues.

In addition, you should make sure that your logo looks nice on light and dark backgrounds since the dark mode is the preference of many individuals.

6. Start Designing

Put everything together after you have everything you need to start the design process, and you will see all of your ideas taking the appropriate shape. After you have everything you need, you can start the design process.

You can make any necessary adjustments and return to the previous step if the final product does not appear as you envisioned.

You could even have additional logo variants and then evaluate them to determine which is the best.

Define your brand and strive to make it the best it can be.

A brand is how people outside of your salon think of it. But before others can form an opinion of you, you must establish who you are by knowing your values, mission, and vision.

Ask yourself: “Who are you as a salon, and what are your beliefs?” When answering, be honest. Certain salons are not premium brands, and it is not necessary to pretend to be something you are not.

Take, for instance, the NAF! Salon, which is located in Glasgow. In front of a backdrop of basic white, they subtly combine millennial pink and wacky deco fashionably. They are aware of who they are and are not afraid to interact casually with their customers; their website states, “We pride ourselves on our badass nail skills, friendly chat, fab customer service, and catchy playlists.” They also play catchy music. NAF! Eliminates their rivals by being forthright about the principles that guide their business, attracting their cool and offbeat clientele to their brick-and-mortar store and the product selection made available online.

Untangle your competition

The next step is to consider how your beauty parlor will differentiate itself from the competition. Given its substantial amount, immediate comprehension of this topic is unquestionably necessary. Take, for example, Drybar, which, while not providing haircuts or coloring services, has become one of the most successful hair salons in the world. That’s accurate, “No cuts. No color. ” is their company philosophy. Nothing but blowouts” How did they quickly expand to the point that they now have 92 salon locations across the United States and Canada? A combination of excellent self-assurance and astute branding.

The Drybar brand was developed with the language commonly used at bars in mind. The personnel are referred to as “bartenders,” and the names of the various hairstyles are derived from well-known libations. It’s just a fun little twist, but it helps set the brand apart from its competitors. In addition, there is no denying the self-assurance they exude. The phrase “Focus on one thing and be the best at it” is their motto, and they live up to it in every way. They are proud of the fact that they are really, incredibly adept at blowouts. They have already accomplished their goal by earning more than one hundred million dollars in revenue.

Consider the needs of your clients.

When working on defining your brand, it is important to pay attention to who your customers are because you will keep them in mind throughout the entire branding process.

For example, do you specialize in coloring and cutting hair for women at your salon? Are you a barbershop just, or do you offer other services? Do you think that it would be appropriate to include children in your target audience? Do you concentrate on providing just one particular service, or do you encourage your customers to spend more time with you by providing them with a comprehensive range of beauty and lash treatments?

You must comprehend who your target audience is and who you are as a brand. Consider the children’s salon Pigtails & Crewcuts, which promotes itself with the slogan “Where fun and style meet.” The hair salon offers a one-of-a-kind experience by providing chairs in the form of cars and airplanes, which are whimsical and fun. However, where they truly shine is in the comprehensive nature of the services that they offer.

Plain and simple: the services you offer and the areas of expertise you focus on should directly reflect the interests and needs of your consumers. Remember that lash extensions are something everyone will require at some point.

Establish a clear direction for your brand identity

The steps you take to establish a particular image for your salon will, in the end, result in the development and implementation of your branding. Your company’s brand identity may be broken down into a collection of physical brand aspects that, when combined, form your company’s image.

Begin with a fantastic logo for your salon. It is the most effective method of informing someone about your salon before they have scheduled an appointment or entered the building. Let the logo represent who you are and what you’re all about, whether that’s the most colorful purple hair dye on the market, an experience at a boutique salon, or a peaceful lash treatment.

Then, see the logo in other contexts, such as billboards, business cards, and product packaging. Making a strong first impression and displaying your real colors from the get-go is easy with the help of a well-designed logo.

Once you have a logo, you may include it in your salon’s brand guidelines alongside the colors, fonts, and images you plan to use.

Color Palette

Your salon’s signature color scheme will be a cornerstone of your brand’s visual identity and can be implemented in various ways. Injecting your life with color gives it character and meaning. Your choice of colors can be used to help people recognize your brand.


Typefaces are up next. Remember that the visual presentation of your words and letters is just as important as their meaning. Do you have a creative salon that thrives on retro furnishings, alternative tunes, and out-of-the-box color techniques? Use a handwritten typeface to convey this to show off your salon’s lovely character. Or maybe you own a sleek, stylish, high-end salon that attracts a notable clientele. Own it! Introduce yourself with clean, sans-serif text set in a traditional color scheme.


The visuals you use to represent your salon are likely to significantly impact how your target audience perceives you. If you want your website and social media pages to look professional and cohesive, you must carefully consider the photographs you use.

You can convey your point without using a gazillion pictures. By taking the “less is more” route, you may effectively represent your brand through a unified visual presentation.


Packaging any products you sell at your salon should reflect your brand’s image. Customer retention can be improved by providing branded paper bags for them to take their purchases home in. The pieces are finally falling into place now. Your packaging’s logo, color scheme, and typography must work well together. You shouldn’t pass up the chance to wow with beautiful packaging for everything from your distinctive shampoo to the adorable envelope holding a gift card.

Packaging in the cosmetics sector should be as stunning as the products themselves. The packaging for Zomer’s skincare products is brilliant, with a striking color scheme, a contemporary serif type, and a handy tote bag. It’s uniform, memorable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Add volume and stand out from the rest.

You must innovate after establishing your brand’s identity to make a splash and set yourself apart from the competition. Competition in the beauty industry can be fierce, but you can set your salon apart with clever marketing.

Create a branded environment.

Finding a site that fits the vibe you want to generate for your salon means looking for communities that share your values. Customers prefer not to travel far to get their hair trimmed. Hence they are more likely to reside near the salon. Consider the demographics of the people you hope to draw before settling on a spot, whether they be frugal parents, young artists, or high society types. Put up shop in their neighborhood, whoever they may be.

Once you’ve found the perfect location, you can start decorating to create a consistent brand experience for your customers. Remember that even seemingly inconsequential elements, such as the bike parking space for the environmentally conscious folk, can be branded. Everything, even the restroom, is fair game for advertising.

Pink Confessions is a Qatar salon focusing on nail art, stylish hair, and great coffee. Their modern, geometric interior design immediately immerses customers in the brand. The interior designers kept the hair section distinct by lessening noise and retaining a sense of tranquillity in other areas, such as the nail art area and the in-house coffee bar, despite the salon’s otherwise open layout.

Take advantage of modern technology.

The most forward-thinking salons strategically employ digital tools to expand their clientele and strengthen their reputation.

When it first opened, Bleach London was primarily concerned with color. Then it exploded into a global phenomenon, with three thriving outposts in London and one in Los Angeles. Technicolor dye jobs and popular at-home hair kits may get them noticed, but client connection is where they truly shine.

The salon takes advantage of technology by holding frequent “hair parties” in an online hair salon, where clients are encouraged to “self-dye-isolate” and A-listers like Georgia May Jagger share their “hair stories.” It’s entertaining and engaging but also somewhat elitist.

You can enlist a designer’s assistance, or you can carry out all of the work on your own. I am aware that you may find this to be rather unsettling, but you should not be.

You can develop a free logo for your salon using tools that are quite simple to operate, and if you become creative and draw some ideas from your research, you can create a fantastic logo.

Let’s look at some of the many platforms available for graphic design.


Canva is the go-to tool for graphic design when you require an editor that is highly intuitive and has numerous features for producing visually powerful content, including logos. The free plan already includes many creative components, but you can always submit more if you want to make your logo even more unique.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker provides you with two possibilities, one of which is to commission the work of a professional graphic designer, and the other is to design your salon logo. If you select the second option, you will be asked a few questions before being presented with a choice of colors, fonts, and icons. After that, modifying your logo to look exactly how you want it to is a breeze.

Hatchful, a user-friendly logo generator offered by Shopify, can provide suggestions for your company’s most suitable logo style after analyzing a few key aspects of your business. When you’ve decided on one, alter everything using your gut.

Another basic and free logo maker is LogoMakr, which you can get here. Once you have entered the editor, you can search for a shape, add text, modify its colors, and do much more. It should just take a few minutes to complete everything.


DesignEvo is the ideal platform for producing a logo for your salon because it provides thousands of templates that you can choose from whenever you want to get started already inspired. If you do not require a template, you can begin the process from the beginning. It’s just as simple as that.


In the same way that a salon appointment scheduling system will assist you in maintaining order in your day-to-day work activities, branding materials, and other marketing assets will contribute to the formation of perception regarding your salon and will make it simple to identify the local community. As you can see, designing a free logo for a salon takes very little effort. You just need a little bit of creativity and some time to do some research.

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