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Radiant Expert+ Eyelash Glue Review: the Ultimate Glue for Super Fast Lash Stylists

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

In the world of lash extension stylists, we’ve got two categories. There is the fast, experienced one. And there is the other who is a beginner and just learning to build some speed. Now, if you fall in the beginner category, this review is not for you. You should check out the invisible and soft eyelash glue, which gives you enough time to build your speed. But if you are among the super fast lash stylists, I welcome you to this review of that one glue that matches your speed!

The radiant expert+ eyelash glue sets in just 0.5 seconds, and that’s nothing like the setting time you hear every other day. With this, you can cut your sessions in half, have more time for more clients, and have more money in the bag. If this is what you’ve been looking for, head to Gollee’s to get a price quote that fits your budget. But as is my plan, you can stay here a little bit more and see all I have to say about this ultimate glue for every fast lash stylist out there.

At a glance, what interests me the most about this glue?

  • First, as earlier mentioned, is the setting time of 0.5 seconds. Superb!
  • Retention goes for as long as six weeks
  • The bonding power is quite strong and doesn’t break easily.

So, what created the need for glue that sets as fast as this?

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s a common rule in our everyday life that the more we do a particular activity, the more efficient we become with it. And with efficiency, we gain speed. Now, it’s never a good feeling to know you’re quite fast with putting the strips in place, but you always have to wait for minutes until the glue sets in place. As you become faster, you desire a faster working glue. Besides, customers don’t love the idea of staying for so long to get their extensions. It’s always the better option for them if they can reduce their session times.

Moreover, some customers have watery kind of eyes. And you know the rule, the longer it takes to finish the set, the higher chances you’d get the extensions all wet with tears. And with that amount of moisture, you face a new problem of shock curing and possible consequences.

While there might be a way to stop the tears from flowing to the extensions, we all know the best option is to get the whole set done in as little time as possible. And Gollee must have recognized this as their 0.5-second setting time is perfect for the fastest lash stylists out there. With this time, you can avoid all these problems with slower glues and end up with more satisfied clients.

However, this is not all radiant expert+ eyelash glue has to offer, and it is time to view many other features that set it as my ultimate glue for all fast stylists out there.

Radiant Expert+ is a New Generation Eyelash Glue

Not letting the new generation term confuse you; it simply infers this eyelash glue contains a new ingredient not seen in older generations. And that is the acrylic rubber that is chemically bonded to the rest of the glue’s formula. This new addition improves the glue’s strength while maximizing softness and flexibility.

I’m sure you want to know how the same glue improves strength while enhancing softness. The fact is this: not only does it have a super-fast setting time, but it also forms a much stronger bond than most glues. And that is why you have its retention reaching as long as six weeks, which is not common among all others. Besides this, this new addition to the formula also helps keep it smooth and liquid. This way, it’s easy to spread the glue and keep the lash extension at all bonding points rigidly to the natural lashes.

While the above points out what makes it unique from the other eyelash glues from Gollee, it still very much falls in with the rest. For one, it maintains the rich blackness that effortlessly joins in with the extensions. At no point does it become obvious that a certain glue had been used or formed white films, as some might. This keeps your service safe from complaints.

Moreover, there is also the case of fumes, which have been reduced to the minimum. Customer reviews of this glue show little to no irritation problems. And that is a feat not many types of glue are capable of.

Regarding the recommended temperature and humidity. The best use of the radiant expert+ eyelash glue is when the temperature is between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the humidity is best set to 50-60%RH. And if you’ve measured your room humidity and it is different from these recommended values, you could try using a nano mister to get it all right. Why? It would be best if you had these values in place to ensure the expected setting time of 0.5 seconds is not unnecessarily prolonged.

If you are wondering, you can use this glue for all types of lash extensions, be it the classic or volume type. And something else to consider about the radiant expert+ is its shelf life. As its setting time is super fast, we also have the radiant expert+ expiring in about three months, even without use. And once opened, you want to be sure you’re done with the bottle in about a month.

Something else I regard as a special addition to the radiant expert+ glue features is the customization options. If your wish is to have it delivered to you in your own unique brands or as finished products, Gollee has you covered. Their services include wholesale, ODM, and OEM supplies. So, when you reach out to them for a free quote, you can select your cap design, bottle color, size, etc. The ordering experience at Gollee is always such a nice one.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How to Use the Radiant Expert+ Eyelash Glue

Knowing how to use this glue is vital, especially now that you know it works in a super fast environment. You wouldn’t want a situation where you missed a step out of hurrying, as that could destroy the quality of the bottle. So, how do you go about using the glue?

You start with actually shaking the bottle before use. Now, shaking is pretty straightforward if you are picking up a particular bottle. But it is a different case when you’ve already punched a hole through the nozzle. Why? Shaking the bottle will, of course, lead to the displacement of its content. And if you have glue sticking to the nozzle space, there could be clogging of the opening. This reduces the opening space, causing clumping, and is often not the best condition your glue bottle should be in, especially when speed is part of your services. So, how do you avoid this?

You’d need a pin of some sort to punch a hole through the nozzle. Using this same pin after, you can stop the glue from coming up into the nozzle when you shake the bottle before your subsequent use.

Once you are done shaking, you can drop your glue into your ring or jade stone and avoid the nozzle tip from touching the surface. This could contaminate the glue. And when you are about to close up the glue bottle, always remember to remove excess air from the nozzle. You can do this by gently squeezing the bottle. You also have to remove excess adhesive using a lint-free applicator. All these are important before you put back the cap and place the bottle back upright on the shelf.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Alternatives to Radiant Expert+ Eyelash Glue

At the start of this review, I mentioned how this glue works best for the fast stylist. Hence, here are some alternatives if you’d love to know the other options available to you from Gollee, especially if you’re still learning to build your speed.

  • Invisible and Soft Eyelash Glue (3-4 Seconds)
  • Thin and Fast Eyelash Glue (1 Second)
  • Banana Eyelash Glue (1-2 Seconds)
  • Master Glue (0.5 Second)
  • Fast and Long Eyelash Glue (1 Second)


So, what is my verdict? One, I believe to every skilled stylist out there, the radiant expert+ eyelash glue offers the best of the best. The 0.5-second setting time is just perfect. And even though it sets so fast, it doesn’t sacrifice its strength. Nor does it sacrifice its flexibility.

Besides, it cures just as perfectly as a longer-setting glue and retains its black coloration all through. Something else all customers love is when the eyelash glue has a low odor. And this fits into that category just well. Not just the reduced odor, but it also gives off fewer fumes, which makes it of little irritation. But all these would only benefit you if you have put in the work and are now recognized as a skilled and fast stylist. If not, I’d suggest going for alternatives that take a longer setting time.

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