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Gollee’s Super Bonder Review: Your Superhero for a Perfect Glue Retention

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

What in the world is a super bonder? Simple! Here’s your ticket to ensuring your glue sticks are faster — and stronger. It reduces the curing time for your glue. It offers your glue some flexibility, making it unbreakable. And it also locks in the adhesive fumes you can’t seem to stop, keeping away all irritation.

Now, while many super bonders out there boast the same, only Gollee’s gives you a retention enhancement of up to 50%! And that’s almost double whatever good deal you can get anywhere else.

Still, it comes down to your choice. And that is why I have prepared this review for you. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about Gollee’s super bonder, determine if it is the best for you, and learn how to acquire and use yours. Enjoy!

But if you can’t wait to try it out already (probably because you know Gollee only puts out its best), contact them today for a free quote.

At a glance, what are the key benefits to keep in mind?

  • Gollee’s super bonder cures any eyelash glue in a flash
  • It increases retention by 50%
  • It reduces irritation and sensitivity issues

Now with that little summary out of the way, what do you need to know about the super bonder?

An Introduction to Super Bonders

Every time clients work in your shop; they want to look their best with new sets or fillings of lash extensions. And if you are no newbie in the business, you’ve had or merely heard these complaints. Clients complain about how long it takes before they can go for a lovely swim after a session for lash extensions.

Others complain of having eye stings and irritations when they have their shower the following day. And if not any of these two complaints, you’ve probably had some clients come in because of some whitish powder over their extensions, or even worse, the whole extension is starting to break off. But with all these complaints, what have you done?

You’ve probably lectured your clients on why it’s important not to jump into a pool immediately after leaving your shop. Maybe what you did was to get a nano mister and control the humidity in your workspace to shorten the curing time. Or maybe yours was to do a whole new filling for your clients. Either way, you do know how stressful all of these can be.

What if there was just a product that could save you all this trouble? What if some potion could work magic and cause the glue to cure in the blink of an eye, and you wouldn’t have to care about shocks, blanching, and irritations? Well, the good news is there is. And the super bonder is that product you’ve waited for all this while.

We owe a lot of the ease we enjoy today to our scientists. Well, it’s common knowledge that with every solution comes a new problem. But since we still have our scientists, they only develop a new solution for every problem. So, with them around, as we have with Gollee, we are never stranded. And that is just the case with the super bonder.

The super bonder is that breathtaking (literarily!), ground-breaking invention that completely solves the problems of a slow curing time. It does it in such a way that there is no shock curing, no blooming effect leading to all these weird whitish films, and it cuts down on the irritations. So the big question is how does the super bonder achieve all these?

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

The Curing Process of Lash Extensions

Curing is a common term in adhesive language. It describes how that adhesive bonds are much stronger and won’t break easily. And every time you apply extensions to your clients, you want to be sure the glue holds for a long time. That way, your clients do not keep coming back for refillings.

As you’d know, cyanoacrylate remains the major ingredient in our lash glues. This is due to how it easily cures in the presence of moisture. Hence, the importance of a humid room when applying for lash extensions. However, if you were to add water directly to the glue, it would cause the glue to cure abnormally. It causes the rapid drying of the adhesive, not giving it enough time to cure and form lasting bonds with the natural lashes. The resulting situation is a brittle bond that breaks easily. So, since you can’t add water directly, what do you do?

The next thing, which is the popular thing, is to let the glue absorb moisture from the air. This way, the glue takes in just what it needs, at its own rate, to ensure the proper curing takes place. However, this takes about 24 hours. And that is why it is common practice not to have your clients in water until 24 hours have elapsed. But that itself is an issue. Not everyone likes to be kept out of water — especially in summer! So, what do you do?

Another solution came up — and that was the nano mister. This meant you could now control the amount of humid air flowing around the extensions. This way, you could create the perfect surroundings that allow the glue to cure properly and wouldn’t need to stay 24 hours. But this comes with its risk.

A little too close to the eyes or extensions, and you could have a case of shock curing. The worst situation of this is the blanching or blooming effect where there’s even excess moisture causing the glue to micro shatter. Thus, you have several crystalline substances forming beneath the extensions. This leads to customers complaining of whitish colorations around their extensions. So, what was the super solution when all this failed to give a perfect way out?

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Here’s How Gollee’s Super Bonder Changes the Whole Curing Game

The traditional way of curing was for moisture to come in from outside the adhesive. But the super bonder works differently. In this case, moisture is sent out from the center. In other words, when you add the super bonder to your adhesive, the adhesive doesn’t cure from the outside inward but does so from the inside out. And with this new approach, curing now only takes about 3 minutes.

Comparing that to 24 hours, there’s no denying super bonder is truly the hero that saves the day. And that, in literal terms, means your customers can now have the rest of their day to themselves and can wade in any body of water with no fear of damage to their lash extensions. What more? As the super bonder works on shortening the curing time, it does two other things.

First, it shrinks the bonds, causing the extensions to be more tightly joined to the natural lashes. This tighter bond results in increased retention of the extensions. And from multiple tests and uses, Gollee boasts a 50% improvement in glue retention!

The second thing it does is also related to its shrinking effect. As it does this, it locks in fumes often given by the adhesive ingredient. If you’re a veteran stylist, you’ve probably been faced with clients with sensitive skin and eyes who can’t handle these fumes.

The previous solution has been to use adhesives with smaller quantities of the bonding agent. But we all know that wasn’t perfect as it reduces the drying time, which keeps the fumes a little longer. So, that didn’t stop the fumes from coming around. It only reduced the quantity your clients had to deal with.

However, with the super bonder, that is no longer the case! As it locks in the fumes, there is now little to no chance of irritation and sensitivity issues among your clients. And you’d have guessed; the super bonder works with all glues. So you won’t have to worry about using a glue type. The super bonder provides you with all the solutions you’ve ever wanted as a lash stylist.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How Do You Get and Apply Yours?

Gollee makes it easy to order the super bonder from their website. And being a manufacturer, they can deliver it to you just as you want and in whatever quantity you wish. Once you have yours, you’re ready to increase your income in folds! How? Because now, you can solve every of your customer’s complaints with a single product, giving you more time for more sessions and better reviews that keep them streaming in.

Now, how do you apply the super bonder?

Keep in mind it is so simple to use. You’d continue fixing the extensions as perfectly as you’ve often done. When you’re done with the last set, give it about 2 minutes. After this, using a microfiber brush, apply a drop of the super bonder over the bonding point of the glue. Try not to go beyond the extensions.

The point is to stop existing irritations, not create more avenues for them. And that also explains why you shouldn’t add more than a drop. Too much will overflow the extension border to the skin, and you’d definitely not want that happening. A drop works just as perfectly, and in 3 minutes, your adhesive is cured. Following this, your client can go on and not be scared of water coming close.

A common question I’ve seen stylists ask is if they can still use the nano mister with the super bonder. Well, here is the deal. The super bonder solves all the curing problems, and you do not need a nano mister again. However, if you so wish to use it, feel free. You could use it while applying your sets of extensions before adding the super bonder. But take note always to give your super bonder at least 3 minutes to do its work before bringing in the nano mister again.


In all, Gollee’s super bonder is the perfect product to shorten curing time and reduce irritations to the possible minimum. And a lot of stylists think and believe so too. As a plus, it also smells quite good. And you can have yours delivered with your unique color and size specifications today.

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