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Staying motivated post-holiday

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Everywhere in the world, lash artists had powered through yet another busy season, which began when the Thanksgiving turkey was served and will end when the ball drops. They have spent the past few months bracing themselves for the rush and then plowing through it, all while making preparations for their holiday celebrations, only to have everything come to a sudden halt. Even though January is often a low-key month, it may still be stressful for lash artists because they know that the slow season will soon start again. The shorter days and less excitement after the holidays may make anyone feel down, so it’s not surprising that some experience post-holiday blues. You will need to concentrate on the future and make decisions in your best interest to regain strength and get your life back to normal. As the old proverb goes, it is difficult to fill a cup from a pitcher that is empty.

If you’re a lash artist finding it challenging to readjust to life after the holidays, you’re in luck. We have a few pointers to help you take on the new year like the Queen you are!

Boost Your Book Smarts:

Pursue further lash certifications or classes to maintain your mental acuity and stay one step ahead of the competition in the lash game. You may expand your skill set beyond lash extensions to include lucrative treatments that make sense for your customer group, such as lash lifts or brow services, thus broadening your marketability. The fact that it is constantly changing and provides an abundance of opportunities to further one’s education is one of the many appealing aspects of this sector. As lash artists, keeping up with the latest trends is our professional obligation and our personal best interest. Pursuing further education allows you to gain new skills, which in turn can assist you in achieving goals that will bring you to the next level as an artist.

Have yourself a “Space-Lift”:

The décor of beauty salons needs to be modernized and updated regularly. Whenever it is convenient for you, freshen up and reorganize your desk or add a few things to your décor or workstation. This relatively small “facelift” will help to produce a feeling of newness in your surrounding environment and will also help to lift your mood. The shift will undoubtedly constructively manifest itself for both you and your customers. Since cleanliness is next to godliness, now is the ideal time to thoroughly clean every surface from ceiling to floor. Keep in mind that your space is also a reflection of your personality, and make sure that your salon’s ” face ” is the finest it can be.

Be Consistent:

Learning to master your organizing abilities can be just as beneficial as learning to master your lashing skills. When you can’t keep track of your goods, you’re wasting money in the long run. You can set a plan to ensure that you never run out of merchandise, don’t overspend, and keep clutter to a minimum if you take advantage of this slower period to nail down an inventory system that works for you and use it to put together a plan. Labeling storage containers, lash trays, and other products, such as disposables, is often advantageous. Make a list of the goods you will need additional quantities of, such as the famous lash curls and lengths and the tweezers. Put an expiration date on your adhesives, primers, and bonders, and be sure to toss anything past its use-by date. If you’re unsure whether anything is still good, it’s best to get rid of it. These strategies will not only help you save money, but they will also help you save a significant amount of time.

Get in Touch with One Another:

You should let loose and organize a fun group gathering, dinner, or Happy Hour with your colleagues or other lashes best friends to catch up, unwind, and commiserate about the situation. You will experience a marked improvement in both your disposition and your level of productivity as you cultivate relationships with other lash artists, cosmetologists, and estheticians. Because physiologically speaking, bonding is an essential human need, just like food, water, and shelter, it makes you feel more connected to other people. Having a sense of belonging and being one’s true self are benefits of spending time with peers who support one another. When people get together outside the context of their jobs, it’s an opportunity to let off steam, congratulate each other’s accomplishments, and, most importantly, have a good time.

Say Bon Voyage:

Taking a break from work is a significant step toward de-stressing oneself and a compelling motivator. You can reignite the excitement of anticipation by planning a journey away from home that is at least a week long for a date that is still in the future. Even if January is an excellent month for vacations, preparation is still essential because we all know how difficult it can be for lash artists to take time off work. By booking appointments in advance, you can provide your customers with advance notice and allow them to make appropriate arrangements for their lash fills. Obviously, finances are a significant consideration when organizing a trip, but getting out of the house and away from your routine is the best way to clear your mind and find true relaxation. Consider the concept of “out of sight, out of mind”! You will be able to make the most of the opportunities presented by a vacation if you plan out your time away carefully. It’s your time, so don’t be afraid to use that “do not disturb” function on your phone.

Be mindful of your well-being:

Despite working in the “self-care” profession, we tend to put our needs last. Set a daily goal to help you focus your energy and direct your efforts. Be sure to include healthy eating, getting enough exercise, and anything else that would make you feel like a success. Feelings are signals from the body and the mind, so pay attention to them. Get back into (or begin) your regular workout regimen as soon as possible. Do your best to maintain your appearance, including your hair, nails, and cosmetics, primarily when serving customers. It’s incredible how much difference even the most minor changes can make in people’s daily lives.

Take it easy, prioritize your health, and do everything you can to maintain an optimistic outlook on life; you deserve it. Take pride in the fact that you’ve survived another wild year. Get your head in the game, and always remember how awesome you are.

Be sure to keep the Holiday Lash Rush from getting the best of you!

There is little doubt that December and January (and frequently the months of November and February) are challenging and rewarding for any lash artist. It’s the holiday rush at the lash salon! This is the moment for you to rack up some major dough, and no, I don’t mean dough for holiday cookies; I mean MONEY! However, it is also possible for this to be the time when everything appears to be falling apart. Why is it the case? If you want to have a successful Christmas season, remember these straightforward ideas!

Holiday Pre-Booking!

It is still possible to begin putting this plan into action, as your customers will most likely come back every two to three weeks (provided that they are aware of this pattern’s benefits). Pre-Book everyone! Require it, even. All too frequently, we let time get the better of us. We blinked, and suddenly it was a week to Christmas, and there was just not enough time in the day to fit everyone in! You may avoid this catastrophe by making reservations in advance. All of those requests that “would have been” made at the last minute for you to come in on your day off or stay late at work will now be deliberately organized in advance to make sure that your customers get their holiday lashes and that you don’t lose your mind in the process.

Organization for the Holidays!

Now, of course, what we mean by this is maintaining a neat and organized appearance along the way. Also, though, make sure that you have enough supplies on hand! Make a hasty inventory of what you already possess and determine what you could require over the following half a year! The fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall on the dates that they do is, in all honesty, quite handy. You couldn’t have picked a better time to stock up on all your necessities without breaking the bank, could you? It would be a terrible way to ruin the holidays if you run out of everything, so be sure you keep that from happening!

Take a Moment to Enjoy the Aroma of the Mistletoe!

Don’t let the holiday season pass you by without taking some time for yourself to appreciate everything that it has to offer. When we are not careful, as lash artists, we frequently allow our jobs to consume every waking second of our lives. If this seems like anything you’ve experienced before, prioritize self-care. Whether taking a REAL lunch break at work (yes, I mean a full thirty minutes away from the salon, it IS possible!) or taking a few nights a week for friends, family, or some overdue Christmas shopping – DO IT! Whether you are taking an actual lunch break at work (yes, I mean a full thirty minutes away from the salon, it IS possible!) Try not to allow the hectic nature of the holiday season to get to you. You must take care of your mental health (both for yourself and your customers…lol).

The bottom line

We are aware that the holiday season is a busy time. However, the business may be slow after the holidays. We believe these ideas will serve to inspire you.

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