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Ways to use LinkedIn to grow your lash studio

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LinkedIn is a platform that can assist you in reaching new clients, connecting with other professionals in the beauty business, and establishing your salon as a prominent provider of lash treatments. If you manage a lash salon, you should consider joining LinkedIn. This article will discuss some of the most effective strategies for utilizing LinkedIn to expand your lash salon and push your company to the next level of success.

It is common knowledge that LinkedIn is difficult to use platform reserved only for highly qualified professionals such as bankers and lawyers. Although it was, in fact, the culture that surrounded the platform when it first launched, it is now rapidly becoming as ubiquitous as Facebook. The following statistics from 2018 demonstrate how far LinkedIn has progressed: LinkedIn is used by 13% of all millennials, 44% of its users earn more than $75,000 annually, and there are 250 million active people, daily users of LinkedIn.

You may capitalize on these statistics and use LinkedIn to your salon’s or studio’s benefit in several ways, regardless of whether you are just starting out as a lash stylist or are an experienced mega-volume artist.

Create a Name for Yourself in the Market

Right now, personal branding is all the rage. It won’t matter if you perform the best lash lifts in your city if your lash business doesn’t give off the impression that you’re a human being. Your clientele won’t expand at the fastest rate possible. You can use LinkedIn to amplify your voice and make sure that your message reaches people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and you can do all of this without having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

Regardless of your number of connections, LinkedIn continues to be the social media network that offers the greatest reach for individual posts. Also, LinkedIn offers helpful information regarding the demographics of individuals who are part of your network or have read your posts. A profile packed with pertinent articles, such as those offering customers a few quick recommendations for enhanced retention or explaining the difference between volume and classic lashes, is an ideal approach to demonstrate the things that are most important to both you and your brand.

Create a Customer-Based Network to Your Advantage

You can identify and bring in new consumers in your neighborhood if you advertise your lash services and do not spend a dollar on marketing. Users of LinkedIn come from many walks of life, including students, business owners, and even the chief executive officers of some of the world’s most well-known cosmetic companies.

A message feature on LinkedIn allows you to communicate with people both in and outside of your network. You could try contacting businesswomen interested in the lash services you offer. When you contact someone, that person will be able to view your profile and, with little effort, decide whether or not they are interested in what you are selling. In addition to this benefit, the prospective customer won’t be taken aback by business suggestions. As LinkedIn is intended for professionals, one should anticipate these.

Use a Customer-Centered Network to Your Advantage to Build.

If you advertise your lash services in your area, you can find and attract new customers there, even if you do not spend a single dime on marketing. Members of LinkedIn come from diverse backgrounds, including students, company owners, and even the chief executive officers of some of the most recognizable cosmetic firms in the world.

On LinkedIn, there is a function called messages that enables you to contact people in your network and outside of it. You may try to get in touch with businesswomen who could be considering investing in the lash services you provide. When you contact a person, that individual will be able to see your profile and, with little effort, decide whether or not they are interested in what you are selling. This will allow you to make more informed business decisions. In addition to this advantage, the prospective client will not be surprised by business recommendations. Since that LinkedIn is designed for professionals, one ought to be prepared for these.

Ways to grow your LinkedIn profile

You may be the owner of a company in the beauty industry, and you may have a social media strategy that interacts with your target audience. Yet, you will need to decide what it is you want to gain from your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Every beauty company caters to a particular kind of niche market. Because it is possible to zero in on a specific industry, the size of the company, and the job description, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for niche marketing. Suppose you are a mobile beauty consultant and an expert in semi-permanent makeup. In that case, you can build up advertising campaigns to specifically market your business to the people most likely to be interested in what you offer.
  • When we say “staying on the radar,” we don’t mean that you should continuously make updates on LinkedIn about yourself or your company. Discover other pieces of material that you can publish and that you are confident the people who follow you on LinkedIn will want to read and, as a result, engage with you. Being consistent with the message that you are conveying is another important part of staying on the radar. Do not post three times in a single day and then not post again for three weeks.
  • One of the most important aspects of my approach to LinkedIn is to always encourage engagement, and we accomplish this by providing my audience with relevant and original content. We utilize LinkedIn’s “long-form posts” to share my writings. We use Feedly to distribute wonderful information produced by other industry thought leaders that we are certain our audience would adore.
  • Choose brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Murad Skincare for your next purchase. Both of these beauty enterprises have achieved a great deal of success because of the people who are behind the products. However, many beauty companies don’t operate in this manner. The ones that do have the financial means to pay for a famous person to be the public face of their product or service. Take a cue from Charlotte Tilbury and position yourself as the company’s public face.
  • If you are in the beauty industry and are seeking people interested in trying new products or services, you should look on LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to find people like yourself. Participate in the ongoing discussions that are taking place on LinkedIn by joining groups, posting questions, and commenting on the posts of your connections.
  • If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in the beauty business, there is no better way to do so than to start your group and be the one to drive interaction. You should invite the people you work with and those who will be listening to the conversation to join the group.
  • On what frequency do you provide a suggestion or endorsement to a former employee or to a person with whom you have previously collaborated? On LinkedIn, there are more than one billion endorsements, and having more endorsements can help you build your audience since trust equals audience growth for your LinkedIn profile. Avoid limiting your endorsements to only those pertinent to you and your company. Though a connection of yours can “endorse” you on any kind of topic, you should only discuss the information that is significant to your audience.
  • Recognizing the appropriate keywords to describe your company is essential in developing an “All-Star” profile. To succeed in the beauty market, you must ensure that everyone knows who you are, what you do, and where your expertise lies. To expand your readership, we would also recommend incorporating your target keywords into the “headline” section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • When using LinkedIn for your beauty business, you need to remember that LinkedIn is a professional social network, and the images you use on LinkedIn should reflect this. When selecting a picture to use as your profile picture to represent who you are, you should avoid using a selfie or any picture in which other people are included. If you want to make thousands of pounds using LinkedIn, you need to present yourself in the most professional manner possible.
  1. Taking this step is very crucial step to take. You need to claim your custom URL, also called a vanity URL, to be easily found on LinkedIn based on the keywords you use in your profile.

Three ways to use LinkedIn to attract new clients

Do you ever look around at the large offices near your salon and wonder, “How can I get more of their personnel to come through my door?”

The social media network LinkedIn is a wonderful way of reaching people within those organizations when it is handled properly; all you need to do is discover the appropriate individual who can disseminate your offer among staff members. The only investment required is some time spent working on your laptop, and here is a formula:

Establish a deal for a corporate pass.

Your offer to major businesses is quite generous if you want to achieve the finest outcomes obtained on LinkedIn. The ability to provide these companies with exclusive services is essential to converting them into paying customers, and doing so might place your name on hundreds, if not thousands, of different computer screens.

It has been discovered that an offer in the form of a prepaid voucher, such as a “Corporate Beauty Pass” or “Salon Experience Pass,” produces the best results. There are two primary reasons prepaid is superior to traditional payment methods: first, it ensures that cash will be available immediately, and second, it enables users to purchase items for others as gifts. But what kind of deal should you make available?

Discover the sweet spot between doing something you think will impress other people and doing something worthwhile for you. Our research has shown that clients are most interested in purchasing packages that include different treatments from which to choose. Hence, compile a list of your top five most in-demand and cost-effective treatments, and provide first-time customers the option to select any three services at a predetermined rate.

Even though this offer is only valid for employees of local businesses, you should still let employees of such businesses buy these vouchers for their family and friends as gifts. This will bring in more customers who have not visited your salon before.

But you should include limitations and conditions for buyers such as “not valid in December” (if booked up), a specified expiration date, “only good with selected therapists,” and “not valid on Saturdays.” You can also provide a specific time limit for the voucher’s validity.

By making this a requirement, you can boost your chances of rebooking customers if you require them to use a package for a minimum of two appointments. You may try adding an “additional bonus” in order to further boost the likelihood of that happening. For instance, many beauty parlors offer new customers a little discount on their next appointment, while others offer up to fifty percent discounts on treatment packages. When you are ready, you may utilize LinkedIn to contact those local offices and give them your voucher.

Target new clients using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

You must begin by connecting with people on LinkedIn; however, the platform’s Sales Navigator is fantastic for locating and contacting better leads and is free for the first month. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, you can use a free 30-day trial to upgrade to a Premium account, which gives you access to the Sales Navigator Professional function. If you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, no charge will be made to your account.

On LinkedIn, making connections that lead to valuable contacts is a game of numbers; therefore, you should make the most of any spare time to connect with people working in large local offices near you.

This is how you can go about doing it:

Click the “all filters” button in the top right corner of the Sales Navigator.

  • Under “geography,” type in the name of your town or the area within five miles of your postcode.
  • If you scroll down and click “company,” you will get a list of the area organizations and employees with the most LinkedIn connections. This should include the municipal government, the National Health Service Trust (hospitals), and your target educational institutions.
  • After that, you can look for potential leads.
  • When you begin trying to connect with individuals, go to the top of your LinkedIn profile and select the filter that says “Posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.” This will ensure you interact with people who actively use the network.
  • You can connect with people in specific roles through the “function” section. You seek human resources, communications, and administrative positions, but if you are unsuccessful in those areas, you should try to network with others who can help you.

Keep in mind that you can try this out risk-free for thirty days. Please ensure that your connection requests include a message as well. A high percentage of people respond positively to this straightforward message since it piques their curiosity: “Hello (name), it would be wonderful to connect as I’m hoping you can put me on the correct path at (business).”

Check your account’s “My Network” section for fresh message answers and newly accepted connection requests. Then, remind each new connection of the exciting news that you have an exclusive deal for their workers and that you are seeking the appropriate person to email this information to distribute it.

Instructions on how to hand out vouchers and make money.

If you have a potential lead, send an email explaining how individuals may buy the voucher and letting them know that their employees can also buy it as a gift for their friends and family. Mentioning names in the email is helpful. Suppose you could include a link to my web store in the email. Alternatively, payments made via PayPal or over the phone are acceptable. The majority of people will react favorably if you maintain an attitude that is kind and respectful.

Now we get to the enjoyable part: watching customers buy your company’s offer. If you can get just two or three businesses interested in what you have to offer, you might acquire twenty new customers from each. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that you will obtain purchasers from every organization that you email. If it is a huge success, you will now have some wonderful contacts at significant companies that you can use to send any future special offers to.

6 Business Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

Your public image on a global basis as a credible and trustworthy corporation is established when you have a LinkedIn corporate profile. Not only does this help you network and prospect for quality sales leads, but it also establishes your public image on a global scale.

While many people think of the social media platform LinkedIn solely as a place to look for jobs and expand their professional networks, LinkedIn is also useful for generating new company leads and cultivating referral partnerships. Jill Konrath and Ardath Albee discovered that 84% of users produced multiple business possibilities using LinkedIn.

When you use LinkedIn for business, one of the benefits you receive is the opportunity to tell the story of your company, engage with followers, provide employment possibilities, and scale your word-of-mouth marketing. This possibility is provided to your organization through a company page.

Create a LinkedIn company page that is informative, error-free, and well-managed by company administrators. This will inspire your audience to contact your business and make them view your business as a reliable resource. Other advantages of using LinkedIn for corporate pages in businesses include the following:

Developing content that is easy to share and provides value to your audience.

Create content your audience is interested in seeing and wants to pass along to others. Those viewers will become active brand advocates, growing your company’s global reach and influence. Your material should be made available in a variety of formats, including but not limited to corporate presentations hosted on SlideShare, blog entries, infographics, webinars, podcasts, and videos, to cater to the viewing preferences of your target audience.

LinkedIn recommends that your firm post the maximum number of status updates that the content on your page can support. The more frequently you post, the more of your audience you will reach and the further you will extend your reach. On average, businesses that publish on their social media accounts twenty times a month can reach sixty percent of their followers with one or more status updates. In contrast, twenty percent of their followers are routinely reached with only one status update.

You should make it a goal to write genuine and pertinent items if you want to drive viral liking, sharing, and commenting. This is true of any excellent content marketing campaign. Articles that come off as spam will not be shared, and your company risks losing followers if you continue to make them.

Present newly developed goods or services that you have created.

According to the Marketing Tech Blog, the top five reasons why people follow brands on social media include the ability to offer feedback, promotions and discounts, the newest product information, customer support, and interesting content. About half of the vendors surveyed said LinkedIn was their most successful revenue-generating channel.

Using LinkedIn company pages, you can introduce new products or services that your firm has produced. You can also explain how these products or services would assist clients in achieving their professional objectives and meeting their business demands. You may also give links to your website to make it simple for readers to obtain additional information and transform the traffic to your website into warm leads for potential customers.

Establishing yourself as unique in comparison to your rivals.

You can differentiate yourself from other businesses by highlighting your unique selling points in your LinkedIn profile’s “Company Description” section. If you want to reach potential new hires and explain your firm’s values, mission, and vision, include news about your organization and give information about your company’s culture.

Think about how you may utilize photos, tales, and infographics to provide users with a genuine, open, and favorable view of your business. Users are given impressions about how your organization thinks and acts when viewing visual storytelling, including links to videos, infographics, photographs, and artwork.

Locating potential applicants for employment who can significantly contribute to your company’s success.

It is possible to learn vital information about job applicants from their LinkedIn profiles, such as whether or not they are stable, whether or not they have a track record of successful accomplishments, and whether or not they are passionate about their work. Your business will reap the benefits of its experience and boundless energy if you hire and keep this personnel.

There is the possibility of developing influential connections through social media, provided that your current workforce carries out the communication on these platforms appropriately. Your employees have the potential to greatly improve your company’s bottom line by cultivating these relationships with existing and potential customers, employees, and referral sources.

Keep an eye on what the other companies in your industry are doing.

LinkedIn is the social media network utilized most frequently, as reported by the Content Marketing Institute, which states that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to disseminate content. It is much simpler to keep up with developments in your sector and keep tabs on what your competitors have achieved if you regularly check the company websites of companies that serve your target market. You will be able to detect trends and chances for talent acquisition and growth areas for your organization if you pay regular attention to the transitions of employees and follow competing companies’ social media content strategies.

Enhancing your rank in search engines.

Because Google and other search engines prioritize LinkedIn company pages and posts that display search engine results, you can improve your performance in the search results pages by adding updates to your company page and optimizing your posts for search engine optimization (SEO). As a direct consequence, the number of people visiting your website may increase, particularly if your articles have embedded links that lead back to your firm’s website.

You can see analytical data regarding your corporate page if you are the page administrator. This data can assist you in gaining deeper insights into the performance of your page using the following means:

  • Getting a sense of how interesting each of your postings is proving to be
  • Finding patterns across all of the important metrics
  • Get a deeper understanding of the demographics and sources of your followers
  • Having a better understanding of the activity and traffic on your page

Final thoughts

Not only does maintaining a high-quality LinkedIn corporate profile enable you to network and search for high-quality sales leads, but it also helps to create your organization’s reputation worldwide as reliable and trustworthy. You can improve the opportunities for your company to build referral relationships, generate sales leads, and attract talented members to join your team by learning the benefits of using LinkedIn for business, knowing how to use LinkedIn for business, customizing your LinkedIn content to suit your intended audience, and managing LinkedIn wisely.

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