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Sustainability in the lash industry: waste management in eyelash extension services

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The promotion of sustainability across the board in human endeavors is something that this generation has been working on for a long time. The cosmetics and beauty sector is not exempt from this multi-decade-long search. It is a responsibility that ought to be carried out devoutly. That responsibility is to be able to contribute, even in insignificant, uncomplicated, but consistent ways, to the protection and maintenance of the beauty of our planet. What good would it do to have an industry that enhances one person’s attractiveness if it harmed the beauty of others?

As a company’s conscientious lash artist and proprietor, you should ensure that your organization practices environmentally sound waste management. You generate a variety of wastes, including, but not limited to, eyelash extension products and their packaging, as well as chemically contaminated glue rings and glue bottles. You should exercise caution when disposing of these wastes.

One of the many missions we have here at Gollee is to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to minimize our contribution to the vast amounts of plastic waste unfortunately generated by the beauty industry. We have this mission in the hopes that we can help contribute towards slowing down the effects of global warming and to show our efforts amongst the industry! A company needs to be more considerate and sustainable while at the same time continuously educating both ourselves and our customers to also be conscious of the usage of plastic and to examine how small businesses can also play their part in making this industry less wasteful.

How to make your beauty business more sustainable

It is a sad and frightening reality that the beauty industry generates and dumps 120 million tonnes of single-use plastic each year. This plastic ultimately winds up in landfills and seas, disrupting ecosystems for millennia.

If you’ve known us for a while, you probably already know how committed we are to minimizing our contribution to the enormous amounts of plastic waste generated in this industry. We do this in the hopes that we can help to slow down the effects of global warming and be a more thoughtful and sustainable brand. Suppose you’ve known us for a long time. In that case, you probably already know how committed we are to minimizing our contribution to the huge amounts of plastic waste generated in this industry.

Types of waste generated in an eyelash extension service

In the same way that everything else does, beauty goods destroy the environment, from the packaging to the chemically polluted ingredients. Depending on the nature and properties of the various types of trash, there are numerous approaches to its correct disposal. The following is a list of the two sorts of trash that may be produced in your lash salon:

Trash From Clinics

Clinical waste is a phrase used to describe trash generated by healthcare and related activities that may be harmful, such as pharmaceuticals, or may offer a risk of infection, such as swabs, bandages, dressings, etc. Clinical waste is a phrase used to describe trash generated by healthcare and related activities that may be dangerous.

Waste that has been contaminated with body fluids can also be considered clinical waste. This includes used eye pads, cotton swabs, and personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves for lash extension treatment.

General Wastes 

Wastes that aren’t contagious and can’t be recycled are considered general wastes. The packaging of cosmetic items, used and worn-out glue rings, used and worn-out glue bottles, and waste false lashes are examples of this type of trash that an eyelash extension service can generate.

Repurpose and use

Repurposing and reusing are far better than proper trash management simply because what waste is there to manage if items didn’t go to the garbage in the first place?

You’ll be able to cut down on the amount of waste you produce and save money on goods you won’t have to buy anymore, thanks to the fact that you’re making better use of what’s already there. So, here are some ideas for reusing and repurposing existing materials.

If you have just purchased eyelash extension goods in bulk, the shipping boxes for those products can be repurposed as organizers for your other lash salon necessities.

Tweezers are made of metal and can be recycled even if damaged.

You can repurpose empty lash trays into aftercare packs by putting freebies for your lash clients in them, such as an aftercare guide, a lash brush, and your business card. You can also use the empty lash trays for another reason.

If your lash salon provides complimentary beverages or snacks, you should avoid using disposable utensils and instead go for ones that can be reused.

Waste management in eyelash extension business

As a lash technician, you could believe that the amount of waste generated by your service daily is insignificant compared to the amount generated by those enormous salons. However, keep in mind that development and efficiency are not assessed by how well you perform compared to other people; rather, they are determined by how much better you have become compared to earlier versions of yourself. And this includes your expertise in running your firm as well as your dedication to using lashing methods that are environmentally friendly.

As a result, we compiled a list of the straightforward approaches to effective waste management available to you.

Glue rings and bottles designed for lash extension glue

To prevent contamination with glue, lash extension glue bottles, and glue rings must be cleaned thoroughly before being thrown away. To accomplish this, polymerize the glue with water and remove it from its container. Cotton should never be used to remove glue because the glue is exothermic and has the potential to burn cotton.

The solidified glue is thrown away in a container designated for hazardous trash, while the empty, clean glue bottles and glue rings can be tossed in a container designed for garbage that does not decompose.


Other Chemicals Utilized Within the Lash Salon

A lash extension service uses various other chemical products regularly in addition to adhesives. These products include lash primers, adhesive removers, shampoos and cleansers, and super bonders. Each of these products contains a different chemical that may harm the environment.

The proper disposal of chemical waste at a salon is governed by the regulations that apply in your state. To avoid reactions, potential damage to property, and potential health issues, it is best practice to store empty containers and trash from chemicals in a location that has adequate ventilation and is free of sparks.

False eyelashes

Although not many people think about it, fake lashes that have fallen off can be repurposed for their original usage if they are well-cleaned first. This is something that most people don’t realize. If there is no longer any chance of reusing it, it should be thrown out with the other garbage that does not biodegrade.

Other General Wastes

To prevent injuries during waste collection, lash trays and other sharp objects should be stored in a container impervious to puncture. A compost pit is a proper location for biodegradable wastes such as discarded food, crumpled paper, and plant waste products.

Separating different types of trash before throwing it away is essential for effective waste management. These wastes need to be placed in bins with color-coded labels, so it is simple to determine the sort of waste management applied to each category. The material or product data safety sheet is the most informed guidance on safely handling chemicals and hazardous waste. This page can be found in the product’s packaging. You will receive comprehensive information regarding the properties, toxicity, safety precautions, emergency response, and waste management of the product in an MSDS. This information is provided considering the type of chemical present in the product’s formulation.

How to Make Your Salon Eco-friendlier in 8 Easy Steps?

As people who own businesses, we are all aware of how critical it is for our companies to have a future economically and in terms of the environment. You need to ensure that your company is successful and lucrative before you can go on to other things. After that, you will want to safeguard your brand and may even decide to broaden your operations by recruiting new workers and assigning new responsibilities to them.

Taking measures to ensure that your lash salon is not harmful to the environment will help you cut costs, allowing you to save money. Also, in today’s world, people’s consciousness is growing regarding the carbon imprint they leave behind. Particularly regarding the things they use and will utilize themselves in the future. If you are serious about pursuing a “green” lifestyle, you may use this circumstance by marketing your lash business as “eco-friendly.”

Here are eight methods by which you may reduce your lash salon’s overall carbon footprint and make it more environmentally friendly. Remember the three “R’s”: reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever it is in your power.

Make the switch to LED lightbulbs.

Always make an investment in light bulbs with low energy consumption. LED bulbs work on diode light, which is known to be more efficient than filament light, which is why LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use filament light (which is what incandescent bulbs operate on). Compared to traditional light bulbs, they have a three times longer lifespan and use 75% less energy.

Both the cost of your regular power bill and the expense of frequently replacing your light bulbs will be reduced for you, saving you more money overall. A circumstance in which everyone wins!

Make choices that will save you money and energy.

Using appliances just when you need them is the most efficient strategy to reduce the energy you use. However, that will be challenging if the temperature is too high and the space needs to be cooled by an air conditioner. A comfortable environment is essential for a lash room; one hundred-degree temperature makes no customer feel at ease. Most significantly, the temperature and humidity levels at which your lash adhesive operates most effectively have been optimal.

Live in a dry area, and this cost-cutting alternative is no longer available. You may have no choice except to run a humidifier continuously throughout the year. The same is true if you live in an extremely hot area and require an air conditioner around the clock. Consider a few of these additional suggestions for saving energy if using a humidifier or any other equipment that regulates temperature and humidity is required for your property.

Too sunny? You should hang window coverings that can prevent radiant heat from entering your area. Because curtains are also excellent insulators, this can assist in keeping the temperature within the room at a comfortable level. Also, this will come in handy throughout the year’s colder months (depending on where you live).

Window tinting is yet another strategy that can be utilized to mitigate the damaging effects of direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Choosing this alternative may result in significant savings for your monthly energy costs.

Reconsider the use of one-time-use items.

You must consider all of this if you want to run a reputable lash business. Because the single-use goods we use on customers, such as microfiber brushes and lash brushes, do not have any reusable alternatives, this could be a bit challenging. Also, because of COVID-19, we need to be very cautious about the transmission of germs and the degree to which we sterilize our environments.

One area in which you might want to think about changing is switching from paper towels to reusable cleaning cloths, provided that you know how to disinfect the cloths and clean them properly before using them again. Consider buying in bulk as another way to cut costs associated with individual packing.

In light of the current state of affairs worldwide, this is possibly the kind of topic that, at some point in the future, you will want to investigate deeper.

Upcycle furniture and décor.

It is essential to use sound judgment when it comes to accounting and spending money when you are in the process of establishing your lash studio and salon. In particular when you are just getting your business off the ground. You need to keep an eye on your available funds and how you handle your financial obligations.

Use any vintage home furnishings or accent pieces that you already have lying around your house. Take, for instance, the sofas you upgraded to a year ago or the candlestick holders you haven’t used. Check to see if they can still be used. Don’t overlook the importance of the “3 R’s”: reduction, reuse, and recycling. Minimize the amount of furniture you store, look for new uses for the old ones, and recycle. Also, your savings will increase.

You may give your old furniture and other furnishings a new lease on life by upcycling them. Give them a new coat of paint and try some different colors out on them. You should put them to use in your lash salon.

You might also visit the stores in your neighborhood to see what goods and services they have available. There is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment; all you need to do is ensure that your lash business appears professional and how you want it to be. Your customers will not look at the price tags on the accessories and furniture you sell. They place a high level of importance on their eyelash extensions.

Using plants to decorate the interior of your lash company is another fantastic idea. Not only are they lovely, but they also contribute to the production of oxygen. Also, they require very little for upkeep and are relatively affordable. In addition, plants’ relaxing impact is just what you want your customers to experience when they walk into your business.

Hand towels

Pulp, water, and wood are the three main ingredients in producing paper towels. The greater the number of people who use it, the higher the demand will become, which means more wood will be required. As a result, further tree felling is required. In addition to that, they can not be reused. You make use of them before discarding them. That is an additional item that needs to be thrown away on your part.

Instead of using paper towels, you should use hand towels. They are better for the environment and may be reused!

Packaging that is friendly to the environment or paper bags.

As customers buy some of your products, you will need bags to put the items that they have purchased. The fact that your customers can reuse paper bags is a major selling point for such bags. You may also sell unique environmental bags that feature the name and logo of your company. This may be an excellent and uncomplicated method for advertising your company.

You are positively impacting the environment by reducing the use of plastic, encouraging customers to be more environmentally conscious, and helping to clean up litter.

Ensure that waste is disposed of correctly and recycled materials.

Almost everything can be recycled in today’s modern world. You should have recycling bins for customers to use at your lash shop. Share this information with your staff members, and lead by example regarding how they should behave.

It is important to dispose of the empty bottles in the appropriate container, which should be kept separate from the biodegradable waste. Be sure to set aside a particular container for the bottles as well. To ensure their products are fresh and in useful proportions, lash artists must handle many small quantities. Because of this, you probably have a lot of empty bottles. Place them in the appropriate container.

After that, head to the recycling centers in your area. Check to see what kinds of materials they accept. This will result in less rubbish for you to worry about in the future.

Do research and purchase products that are both eco-friendly and of high quality.

Our final advice is to conduct some study and select items that are good for the environment without sacrificing quality. The market is stocked with various items and supplies for applying for eyelash extensions. Keep an eye out for those that are sustainable and kind to the environment.

Collaborate with a brand or a provider that shares your ideals as well as your objectives. This is the most efficient method for establishing confidence while also acquiring things of high quality all at the same time.

Ways you can make your lash business more sustainable

  • Do research to identify products that are both eco-friendly and of high quality. A wide variety of supply and product options are available for lash extensions. Make eco-friendly and sustainable solutions available to customers as much as possible. Try one of our bamboo applicators, wands, cotton buds, or microfiber brushes today!
  • Compared to traditional light bulbs, energy-efficient light bulbs use up to 75% less energy over their lifespan while also providing a higher level of illumination.
  • These days, it is possible to recycle practically everything. Become educated on the different things that can be recycled! For instance, empty bottles should be kept from the biodegradables in the trash.

Final thoughts

Simple actions, such as reusing products to reduce the amount of trash generated and sorting the garbage produced by your lash salon, can go a long way toward supporting your attempts to improve the environmental friendliness of your company’s operations. As a professional, you are expected to preserve high respect for respect and care, both for your clients and toward the environment. This is an essential component of your ethical standards.

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