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Eyelash Extension Practice Mannequin Training Head

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

As a lash extensions artist, you will have times when your business is booming, so busy that you barely have time to make another appointment.  (Think: during the holidays)  And then you’ll sometimes have times when you’re not as busy.

Whatever the reason for downtime, it is important to use that time productively.  Even if you are not busy with customers, you can use the downtime to improve your skills and lash faster and more effectively.  You don’t need to be in the studio to improve your lashing skills.  With some mannequin training heads, you can enhance your experience.

When you start your career as an eyelash extension artist, your new best friend will be your mannequin head.  Most artists get it in their training kits, but if you don’t have one, you can always order one. There are different types of beautiful practice mannequin heads to help you along your lash journey.

A mannequin head is perfect for any lash artist.  As a beginner, this is where your journey begins.  As a veteran artist, it helps you perfect your art and learn and practice new techniques.  we will be going through the seven perfect ways to use your mannequin head.

Do you struggle with aches and pains caused by bending over your clients all day?  Then you’ll want to practice putting a striped lash on a mannequin head! Practicing with a mannequin head creates the closest situation to practicing with a real human person.  Practicing on a mannequin head is the ideal way to practice and perfect your anchoring techniques without a live model.

By lashing a mannequin’s head, you can work to correct your posture and ease any physical discomfort you feel.  Proper lashing posture is essential to your long-term health and career success.  Which starts with building the right habits.

If you feel tension during your lashing session, stop, breathe, and regain your posture.  As in all things, practice makes perfect.

Can you practice eyelash extensions on a manneԛuin head?

Want to perfect your lashing skills without having to bribe one of your friends?  Are you tired of always plucking striped lashes that don’t offer a real-life experience?

Lash Extension Practice Mannequin Training Head gives you a great opportunity to practice lash extension treatments, either at home or during training, before working on real clients!

• Multiple layers of lashes that perfectly mimic a client’s natural lashes

• Create a “real life” environment, bringing you the best alongside real-world experience!

• Perfect for practicing working with layers, trying out new lash maps, and dealing with isolation effectively

• Amazing for any training academy to offer an extra practical part before working with real models

• An eyelash extension mannequin training head is the closest thing to a real person.  So this is a fantastic tool to practice with.

Benefits of using a mannequin head:

1. Work on navigating around the nose when working on the non-dominant side (for example, the left eye is often more difficult for right-handed people) ⁣

2. Accelerate your learning and improve your skills faster⁣

3. Advanced or intermediate lash technicians can use this tool to try out new styles or techniques⁣

4. Sell customers other styles by showing them the work you did on the mannequin head

5. Practice bandaging and eye pad placement⁣

6. Practice placing the fans⁣

7. Practice isolation safely⁣

8. practice removal⁣

9. Get a better idea of how hard you are resting against your workspace and your client

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How do you use a mannequin head for eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extension mannequin heads help practitioners perfect their techniques by providing a consistent canvas to practice on.  They also allow for easy cleaning after each use.

When using a mannequin head for eyelash extension, it is important to ensure that the head is properly set on a sturdy surface.  This will prevent the lash extension mannequin head from moving while you work and will also help protect the lash extension mannequin head from any accidental damage.

How to avoid straining your body while lashing?

Rest the mannequin’s head on the bed or chair;  then examine your posture.  Here are some tips to avoid straining your head, neck, and back when applying for lash extensions.

• Position the head of the mannequin (also known as the client) as close to you as possible to avoid leaning over and hurting your back.

• Set the anchor bed (or chair) and adjustable stool at a height where you can sit upright.

• Keep both feet on the floor, straddling the bed.

• Just as you practice lash application, you will need to practice correct posture.

Rock the world of lashes, one game at a time

We’re not going to make it sound all sweet and easy.  It will take some time for you to become a skilled and confident lash artist.  There is no overnight transformation from lash novice to true lash pro.  But with constant practice, you will increase your skills and your client base!

Factors to consider when choosing a lash extension mannequin head.

When it comes to choosing the right eyelash extension mannequin head, there are a few factors you need to consider.


Price is always an important factor to consider when making a purchase.  You want to be sure you are getting value for your money.  When it comes to eyelash extension mannequin heads, there are a wide variety of prices to choose from.  You can find mannequin heads that cost a few dollars or mannequin heads that cost hundreds of dollars.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a mannequin head for eyelash extension is the size.  You want to be sure that the mannequin head is the right size for you.  Some mannequin heads are very large, while others are small.


The material it is made of is another important factor to consider when choosing a mannequin head for eyelash extensions. You want to be sure that the mannequin head is made from high-quality materials that will last a long time.


When choosing an eyelash extension mannequin head, be sure to consider what features you would like it to have and also make sure your mannequin head contains all the features you would like it to have.


When choosing a mannequin head for eyelash extension, be sure to consider the brand.  Some brands are better known than others.  If you are looking for a high-quality mannequin head, make sure you choose a brand you trust.

With these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect eyelash extension mannequin head for your needs.

7 ways to effectively use your mannequin head

Practice the positioning of the eye pads

Placing eye pads on the client can be tricky for any lash artist. It can also be useful for veteran lash artists because we come across different eye shapes every day!  There are several methods of effectively placing an eye pad, and using the mannequin to practice some of these techniques can be very helpful.

Practice taping methods

Also, you can use your mannequin head to practice taping methods.  This is very similar to the first use mentioned above because they go hand in hand with each other.  The eye pad pulls down most lashes, but sometimes not all, so we rely on the tape to help.  Practicing placing the tape and getting used to doing this step can help speed up the lashing process.  There are also many ways you can use tape throughout your lashing service, which makes this a good skill to practice.  For example, you can practice taping lashes out of the way to improve your isolation.

Practice removal methods

Our third way is to practice the removal methods. Practicing the removal method is a good way for you to see how long it takes for the removal cream to solidify!  You can also see if you are placing the remover in the correct area, making sure it is on the adhesive joint.  It’s good to practice some removals on the mannequin head to narrow down your technique.

Practice different lashing styles

One of the most popular uses of the mannequin head is to practice different lashing styles.  As a beginner, you could just practice the classic lash style.  As you learn the classics, you can also practice different mapping styles, such as creating a doll, kitten, or cat eye look.  As you progress, you can start practicing hybrid and volume styles.  Many artists in the industry use their mannequin heads to practice these styles and work on their lashing skills to perfect them!

Practice Mapping Different Styles

Speaking of mapping, this brings us to our fifth idea which is to practice different mapping styles. Every client has a different eye shape and different features. Our job as lash artists are to truly be an artist and create a look that is suitable for each client’s facial features and eye shape. Practicing different mappings can help speed up your lash process and increase your confidence in accomplishing these different looks!

Practice working with your tweezers and tools

Another skill to practice is working with tweezers and tools.  When we have a partner for the first time, we need to learn how to work effectively with them.  The smallest micro-movements of our hands can make a difference.  Whether you’re applying for actual lash extensions on the mannequin or just working on isolation techniques, it’s good to practice working with your tools!  You can practice holding tweezers in different ways, practice applying lashes with a variety of tweezers, making and applying a fan, working on isolation with various isolating tweezers, and more!  Practicing these skills will help you grow as an artist and develop the right technique for you.

Practice layering methods

Finally, we strongly recommend artists practice taping back and layering methods.  As a lash artist, one of the most common questions we get is how to make sets darker and denser.  A great way to accomplish this is to overlay your lashes!  Tape the top layer, attach the bottom layers, then the middle and top layers!  Practice makes perfect, right?

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Step-by-step guide on how to apply eyelash extensions on a mannequin head.

1. Take our eye pads and apply them under the mannequin’s eyes.

2. Create a realistic lash line on the mannequin, applying the practical lashes we work with.

3. Trace the desired look, using eye pads under the eyes, as you would on a real client.

4. Apply the lash extensions, professionally as you would at the lash salon.

This is a brilliant way to practice lash extension skills on a mannequin head.  The mannequin will provide you with an experience close to real life.  And most importantly, you will practice the correct posture of the eyelashes.  A correct eyelash posture not only helps us to shorten the entire time of eyelash extension but also allows us not to be so tired.

To reuse the mannequin head, simply apply makeup remover to the set and gently remove the extensions.  Thoroughly cleanse your lashes and your mannequin head is ready to be used again and again!

Checklist for a proper lashing posture

While practicing on a mannequin head will give you a real-life-like experience, it is also a brilliant way to practice your posture if that is something you’re having trouble with.  As we work with our clients in real life, we are often on autopilot and don’t think about how we are standing or leaning.  Ultimately, this can have a negative impact on your back, shoulders, and overall alignment.  This is what you need to focus on when working on your mannequin.  Get into the habit now and it will stay with you in the saloon.

1. How are your shoulders?  Roll them back and downwards.

2. Make sure your back is as straight as possible.

3. Use your lash pillow!  Placing your arms on the edge will create a comfortable surface to lean on.

4. Rest your legs under the bed.

5. When you work, tuck your head under your chest.

Having a good posture during your lash session is extremely important!  Leaning too far forward or slouching over the lash bed can cause neck and back pain and can also lead to potential long-term back problems over time.  To avoid this, we suggest that you position the client’s head as close to you as possible so you do not have to lean too far into it.  Position the lash bed and adjustable stool at a height where you can sit upright, with both feet still on the ground.  (Place your feet on either side of the bed, so you are straddling the bed while performing the serving. *If your lash bed allows you to place your legs under the table, this may be another convenient option.)  In this position, you should be able to comfortably rest your arms at a 90-degree angle on the pillow, or while resting your hands on the client’s forehead.

Are there any disadvantages to using a makeup mannequin head?

With an eyelash extension mannequin head, you can apply the eyelash extension with precision and ease.  No more guessing what your client’s lash extensions will look like when they actually have them on their face.  These heads make it easy to get the perfect look every time.  However, it is difficult to find the best eyelash extension mannequin head that fits your budget.

The only potential downside to using an eyelash extension mannequin head is that they can be more expensive than regular mannequins.  However, the benefits of using a mannequin head for eyelash extension far outweigh any potential cost.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


Overall, practicing all of these things will help you improve your lash speed, improve your confidence, and reach your full potential.  You can build your own lash business from home, you just need to practice!  Using the tips outlined in this article, you can develop your lashing skills to be a magician the next time you see clients.

You can absolutely practice applying for eyelash extensions at home, even if you currently have no clients to work with.  Remember, all businesses have quiet moments, but this alone offers the perfect opportunity to work on your skills, ready to wow your customers once again! The mannequin head will allow you to learn how to apply the eyelash extension or perfect your technique.  You can use the micro-foam lash extension application tape to stick on the eyelid to practice precise movements, apply the glue and correctly position individual lashes or bundles.

Your training will help you achieve fast, precise and effective movement that your clients will love.  The accuracy of your work will continue to improve as you practice.  If you are a perfectionist and want to offer the best service to your customers, then the mannequin training head is an excellent tool to practice your application technique without risking customer dissatisfaction.

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