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Gollee Easy Fanning Lashes

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Who else wonders what the next big thing in the beauty industry would be? Millennials can attest to how the focus on bold lippies has shifted to bold eyes in recent years. This has accelerated at an unprecedented rate.

And so fixing Lashes extensions has become one of the most popular products in the cosmetic industry and why wouldn’t it? Lash extensions undoubtedly make your face pop beautifully. Do you or someone around you fix lash extensions? Or are you wondering what this is all about and what lashes are? Well here is a little explanation of that

Lashes extensions are beauty products made with synthetic, silk, human hair, mink or horse hair to enhance the length, form, fullness, thickness and curls of your natural eyelashes. There are different types of these lash extensions. You have DIY lash extensions, Individual lash extensions, Russian volume lash extensions, Infill lash extensions and Hybrid extensions. Hybrid extension out of the aforementioned has to be fixed using the fan method which is hard to get done. The good news is as lash products improve so are their methods of fixing them improving. The complexity of getting the fanning method then propelled the production of fanning lashes.

What are Fanning lashes generally?

These are lashes that through mastered techniques are made into a perfect fan shape.

What are Easy Fanning Volume Lashes? 

Easy fanning lashes are volume lashes that have been designed for lash artists to reduce the time it takes to create volume lash fans. What makes them different from other volume lash extensions is that they are made up of multiple layers of individual lashes attached by a tiny amount of adhesive at their base. Conventional volume lashes (mink lashes) are only made up of a single layer and are produced to give lash extension technicians ease with the fixing process.

The difference between easy fanning lashes is noticed right from when it’s picked up by a lash artist and spread with the help of a tweezer, these lashes spread out to form a perfect fan. Some brands have different names for Easy Fanning lashes, some call them flowering lashes, smart lashes or self-fanning lashes.  

With the knowledge of easy fanning lashes, we then can check out what makes it preferred to the other types of lashes 

 They save Time

Compared to the conventional volume lashes, easy Fanning lashes saves a whole lot of time. Having to handcraft conventional volumes of lashes to fan as easy fanning lash does with ease will take a lot of time. Coupled with this is the average duration of time it takes to master and be truly skillful in the volume technique lash extension procedure. Simply getting an easy fanning lash will save you all the time and unnecessary stress you would encounter in months or even years of trying to learn the volume technique method. 

They save Money

Note that learning an advanced skill like volume technique isn’t cheap. You will be spending quite a lot of money on the classes you’ll have to attend to master this method. To research, this course cost between $500- $2000 which is a lot of money for someone that is just starting. The funny part of this is that people who have gone on to spend on these courses have also fallen back to using easy lash extensions because of their easy method of use. They also realized that with easy fanning volume lashes, you are done with the fixing procedures in a shorter period and that can be after a few hours of learning and practice. You also get to save your coins as Easy fanning lashes come in more quantities per tray helping you to make more fans with just one tray compared to the conventional volume trays. This all makes Easy Fanning Lashes a great alternative to conventional volume lashes. 

How to use Easy Fanning Volume Lashes:

We will be using four different guides to help you create the perfect volume fan with your easy fanning lashes

How to pick up the lashes?

There’s a point on the lashes that you have to carefully pick from and that is close to its roots, just not on its root. This point should not be too far from the lash root because picking your extensions too far from its root can result in scattering of the fan while picking on its root will lead to the separation of the individual lashes. 

How to lay the lashes on the sticky strip

Create an evenly shaped fan by re-attaching the Easy Fanning Lashes on the strip and aligning them with the bottom of the lash strip. Make sure the lashes are not reattached too low as the upper part can get stuck in the sticky strip, spoiling the fan ability of the lashes. Also, these lashes shouldn’t be stuck too high up. This will make it hard to wiggle out the fan as the lash extension won’t move.

How to make a fan

You’re advised to gently press and wiggle the lash just at the point above the sticky strip to open the fan. 

Make sure you do not wiggle the root of the lashes as this will cause the root to get separated from the bond from the Easy Fanning lashes sticking to your tweezers. Wiggling at any space further from the sticky strip end will also get your fan shape scattered as the fan won’t come out well shaped.

How to pick up the fanned lashes

To pick up the fanned lashes, you should hold the lash from the line a little above the sticky strip line. This is the middle spot of the Lashes. Care should be taken in picking up the fan so it doesn’t lose its perfect shape. Getting this well will ensure you have the root of the lashes out enough to stick it into your lash adhesive.  

If you pick up the fan anywhere above the midpoint it will make it hard to retain the shape of the fan while picking up the fan from below the midpoint won’t give you enough space to dip the lash root in the adhesive dot.

Common mistakes when using Easy Fanning Lashes

The following are a few common mistakes to watch out for when using Easy Fanning Lashes: 

Picking and attaching your Easy Fanning Lashes directly without fanning

Although fixing your Easy Fanning Lashes to the natural lash without fanning might not look bad and this method might even make the process very fast but it is mostly not the best. This is because if as a lash technician you decide not to fan your lashes, you will lose control over the shape of the lash fan and how many fans you should attach to the natural lashes. This will give you a final look with a very thick base and the design also ends up in a bad array. 

This is why we recommend that you always place your Easy Fanning Lashes on the strip and fan them manually and properly.

Easy fanning lashes fixing methods

There are a variety of waves to fix Easy Fanning Lashes. Each of these ways of fixing lashes is unique and straightforward.


This method is the most common method that involves the normal procedure of pulling several lashes, re-sticking it further along the strip and making it into a fan. This process involves you using the tip of your volume tweezers to roll the lashes outwards to create a fabulous fan. The root is then dipped into the glue. Beginners will find this procedure easy to start with.

The Rainbow method

This method is also known as the rolling technique. The procedure for the Rainbow method and the Lonely Fan method are quite related. The only difference is that you don’t have to separate the lashes from the group. Using your tweezers, you’ll roll the lashes to the side and voilà! You have a beautiful array of fan lashes. This method however requires the fan to be attached to the side of the natural lash.


The pinching method requires taking the lashes that you want from the strip and then placing them on the first knuckle between your thumb and index finger. The grip on the tweezer needs to be steadily maintained. You’ll then open the fan by wiggling with your tweezers and pinching the base with your thumb and forefinger. It looks quite simple, but the bit of technicality involved in getting the bases right without twisting them. If the base isn’t gotten right, the whole fan lash cluster becomes useless. When this is gotten right you can then go ahead to dip the fan lash into the glue and stick it to your natural lash line. 

This method could be satisfying but is undeniably one of the wizardly complex techniques but it’s worth an effort as it is soothing.

 Every lash extensions application requires practice, even as little as handling your tweezers but as you practice, you’ll get better and fall in love with the process.

Different types of Easy Fanning volume lashes

At Gollee Lashes, we have two types of handmade lashes

  1. Normal Easy Fanning lashes: this normal easy fan is four times denser than the conventional volume lashes
  • Super Easy Fanning Lashes: The Super easy fans are denser than normal easy fans. This is because one super easy fan is two times denser than the normal easy fan.

They both can be used to achieve different lash looks. They have the following qualities: 

1. They come in different lengths. The lengths range from 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, and 16mm. You can also get a pack of the length mix of 8mm-15mm.

2. Easy Fanning Feather has a thickness of (0.03, 0.05, and 0.07mm) which provides a natural yet voluminous look. 

3. Gollee Easy fanning lashes have a soft texture and are feather-light even with their dense volume. This gives you a smooth natural look and easy usage with no feelings of heaviness on your natural lash line.

4. With Gollee easy fanning lashes, the tendency to scatter the fanning ability of easy fanning lashes is reduced as the root of the eyelashes has been made to resist splitting with strong glue. This makes it easy to pull the individual lashes out together as cluster lashes with one root.

5. It also has a multi-level length range that makes the grafting more natural. Natural length range design with distinct gradation.

Easy Fanning Lashes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Easy Fanning lashes have bad retention?

So many people have taught the glue on the  Easy Fanning Lashes should be enough to wrap around the lashes but the truth is these fan lashes are only held together by a tiny amount of adhesive at the 1mm base of their strands and because of that, it is not possible to wrap the Easy Fanning Lashes around the natural lash. If your Easy Fanning Lashes retention seems weak then you should check if you’re following the procedure of picking up the fans from a point not too close to the root of the fan as we explained in the how-to guide for easy retention on the strip during fanning. Notwithstanding, it is a known fact that when it comes to retention, handmade volume lashes have the best and Easy Fanning volume lash only has better retention strength than premade lash types so you shouldn’t compare its retention with the handmade volume lashes.

Do Easy Fanning Lashes have thick bulky roots?

So many people believe that since individual lashes are bonded together to form easy fanning lashes then that will make the root thick and bulky. This is just a misconception because, at Gollee Lashes, our easy fanning lashes production is different from others. This is done to give more attention to the roots to eliminate bulkiness while reducing splitting possibilities. We also use a strong adhesive which makes the less the more so it won’t get the base thick. This, the Gollee Lashes manufacturers have made sure of after a series of research to give you the best easy fanning lashes.

Try out our Easy Fanning Lashes today, click on this link to visit our page. 

Why is my Easy Fanning Lashes sticky at the bottom and don’t fan out properly? 

Before you conclude that the base of the Easy Fanning lash is too sticky, you have to be sure you are following the right process of fanning. This is because the sticky bottom doesn’t happen when easy fanning lashes are applied well.

Remember to make sure your tweezers are not touching the adhesive between the lashes while you wiggle the fan at least 1 mm AWAY from the base root. 

Can I use a glue aid for Easy Fanning Lashes?

You might think using a glue aid will make the easy fanning lashes stick faster but a glue aid makes the adhesive of the strip get clumpy and messy and this will end up affecting your easy fanning process making it complicated! So, glue aids should not be used for Easy Fanning lashes.

Sometimes, these adhesives seem not enough because of the temperature of your room. Be sure that the humidity level in your room isn’t affecting the drying speed of your lashes. 

Buy Gollee Easy Fanning Lashes

Gollee is a foremost manufacturer of eyelash extensions based in Guangdong, China. The company began production recently and has been establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of eyelash products within a short period. With its variety of products, including Easy fanning lashes, Golle has shown it is a top player in the industry. Easy Fanning lashes offer something unique and different from what you may probably know or are used to.

Why you should buy Easy Fanning lashes?

  • Suitable for hand use.

Our product is suitable for handle fixing. It is so easy to fix and remove using the hand.

  • Our Easy Fanning lashes is double heated

Our fanning lashes have been double-heated. This would help to ensure it retains its amazing curls and consistency in beauty.

  • Our Fanning lashes are carefully assembled

When you buy our easy Fanning Lashes from us, we ensure that they are well packaged. Our skilled workers utilize Japanese tapes to ensure proper assembling of the highest standard.

  • Easy to order online 

Our products are easy to order Online with just a few clicks. You can find us on Alibaba


When you order our products online, we double-check that each of the lashes ordered are well packaged and meets the required shipping standards.

  • Timely delivery of all shipments. When you order from us on Alibaba, you can be sure of many things among which is timely delivery. We would deliver all products within 10 to 14 days depending on your location outside China. Also, note we process up to 1000 pieces per day when you order.

The long story short, Gollee’s Easy Fanning Lashes is just all you need to pop with irresistible beauty. 

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