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Retention for Eyelash Extension Client Satisfaction

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

The Eyelash extension industry can be quite competitive. Many different businesses are offering a seemingly identical service. However, that is not always true. In many cases, both the quality of the eyelash extensions as well as the service level provided can vary greatly. For anyone trying to grow their business in this competitive field, it is not enough to simply try and find new clients. Instead, one must also focus on keeping these clients satisfied so that they can become returning clients.

Why maintain customer satisfaction?

Maintaining customer satisfaction has many benefits, but two of the most important are reputation growth and the creation of a returning clientele. Businesses with a great reputation will often get more new clients as their previous clients will recommend them to friends, family, and even strangers online. Similarly, having a returning clientele is important as it provides a steady source of income. Returning clients are easy to predict. Usually, they will book appointments within the same periods. Based on the eyelash extension retention they will be back every few weeks. As such, you will be able to better determine your expected earnings and be more certain about your incoming profits each month.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

How can you maintain customer satisfaction?

Increasing customer satisfaction in the eyelash extension industry is all about focusing on improving the services and clients’ experience. Customers must be educated about their eyelashes before leaving your place. The feedback provided after each visit can also help you maintain customer satisfaction.

Improve services and Client’s experience

When it comes to improving the services provided and the client’s experience, we are mainly referring to the actual eyelash extension retention. By ensuring that the service you are providing will have longevity then customers will be satisfied for weeks after leaving your studio. Depending on the quality of your business they will come back whenever they need eyelash extensions. To improve your services, you should focus on four different areas.

  • Setting up the vibe

No one wants to get their eyelashes done in an aesthetically unappealing place. Usually, all sorts of beauty treatments are closely associated with the concept of self-care. So, to better the experience of your clients, you may want to set up your area to have a peaceful and calming vibe. You should also have someone welcome your clients warmly and make them feel special from the moment they walk in. Having nice music in the background and decorative elements can help make your space feel more appealing. Clients want to feel pampered during their eyelash extensions. So set up your space in a way that will make them feel cared for. This will help elevate their experience in your space. 

  • Create the right environment

Much like setting up the vibe, you will also need to create the right environment. For eyelash extension retention you will want your space to be under specific temperature and humidity conditions. Temperature levels specifically will help make your clients more comfortable. Humidity can directly affect the way the glue you are using works, thus can help the eyelash’s longevity. Every eyelash glue will usually have in the instructions the specific humidity that should be used. By trying to create a space where those conditions are met you are ensuring higher adhesion and thus, longer eyelash extension retention. 

  • Perfect your craft

Above all else, how you apply eyelashes will also play a big role in how well they adhere to your client’s eyes. Try to practice as much as possible at the start until you can be sure you have completely perfected the process. The better the application of the eyelash extension the better the retention. A great example of why practice is important relates to the use of glue. On most occasions using too much glue will make the clients feel uncomfortable, which could lead to them fiddling with their lashes more. By fiddling with them they might damage them faster, leading to dissatisfaction. Using too little can cause the extensions to not latch on properly and thus, fall prematurely. Mastering how much glue should be used is why you need to practice ahead of time for long-term eyelash extension retention.

  • Choose good quality material

Finally, while you are practicing you should also try to use different adhesives, lashes, and other materials. Determining which ones have the higher retention rates is often a case of trial and error. There are no internet reviews that can truly provide an answer to all of the material you should be using for increased retention. You will also want to find which material you are most comfortable using. To ensure your clients are well taken care of, use the material you can work well with. Also, use them in the best possible conditions for higher retention.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Educate your clients

A big element of what you should be doing during your appointment relates to properly educating your clients about eyelash extensions. The reality is, that while half of how well the eyelashes will stick depends on you, the other half is all about your clients. If your clients fail to follow proper after-care instructions then the retention timeframe will be lowered. This could lead to dissatisfied customers. 

  • Inform customers about eyelash extensions

A key part of educating your customers is setting up proper expectations. For the most part, how the eyelashes will adhere depends on the quality of the application. Still, other factors could also affect the retention rates. For example, those clients who have more oily skin might find that eyelashes do not adhere for as long. This is why proper aftercare is so important. Setting up expectations and informing them about how sleep, hygiene, and the products can change their eyelash retention is a main part of the session. Helping them understand what good aftercare looks like will help you have higher satisfaction rates.

  • Education on aftercare

The curing period as it is known starts from the moment that the application is over. You can help speed up the process using a nano mister in some cases. However, the most important thing is to inform your customers about keeping their eyelashes dry for 24 to 48 hours after application. You should also let them know how often they need to clean their face and lashes. Also, inform them that oil-based products will often cause eyelashes to fall faster. Giving them proper care tips and instructions will improve their eyelash retention and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

  • Try to rebook clients immediately or set up notifications to follow up with them

Wherever possible, try to complete the rebooking of appointments before your clients leave your space. If a client doesn’t want to set up a follow-up appointment immediately, then you can create a system for reminders.  This will increase your return rates. Customers will also feel comfort in knowing when their next appointment will be. Reducing clients’ worries over finding an appointment by scheduling ahead of time will help increase returning clients.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Listen to feedback and make Changes

Finally, businesses that don’t change, don’t grow. Set up a system and listen to your client’s feedback. This will allow you to better your business based on the comments you receive.

  • Set up a system to receive customer feedback

Getting feedback is the first step in this process. You can take note of things during your follow-up appointments or focus on customer feedback during follow-up calls. You could even set up a small survey sent by email to gather more feedback. Read and listen to all the feedback carefully. Once you have a better idea of how your clients feel about the service provided, you will be able to take further action.

  • Make changes as necessary

Feedback is only important if you use it to better your business. Based on the information and comments your clients make you can make changes to everything about your business. Changes could include altering your setup, your communication style, and even your products. For example, if every single one of your customers complains about their eyelashes falling off, then you might want to choose a different glue. By doing so you can immediately address the problem and thus, increase your eyelash retention rate and customer satisfaction.


When it comes to excellent eyelash extension retention, it is all about working out all the little troubles of your practice. Practicing more will be essential if you want to create more adherence, improving on the products you are using could also be key. However, no matter what you do, if your clients are not educated properly, they will be dissatisfied. Helping them know how to care for their lashes will lead to longer-lasting lashes. Remember that there is always room for improvement. Therefore, educate your clients and then listen to the feedback they have for you based on their experience. This will allow your business to grow by creating an environment in which your clients trust that you are working for their benefit.

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