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Eyelash Extension Tips In Summer


Summer is coming soon! There is something about summer that just brings the life out of us. Well, those sun-filled, warm-breeze days are here with us yet again and of course, you will be looking for fun summer activities and things to do. We typically lounge next to the pool, lake, or river, gathered around the grill, have BBQ, bonfires on warm nights, and weekend camp-outs with friends. What’s not to love about summer? But remember that humidity and high temperature are the biggest enemies of all eyelash extension glue.

The result of a quality eyelash extension job depends on the climate in the room. Temperature and dampness during the treatment directly affect the process of eyelash extension. There’s no doubt that even the best glue for eyelash extensions is temperamental, and will react to any little changes in their environment.

The best use temperature of eyelash glue is 22-24℃, and the humidity is 55%-65%. Let’s find out what can we do that glue can keep it in good condition in summer.

Using a Hygrometer And Thermometer

Be sure to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room with a hygrometer and thermometer. If you work in a suitable environment, your eyelash extensions will get great results, especially in the summer heat.

Using Humidifier

In summer, it will be very hot indoors. Many people usually like to use air conditioners to reduce the indoor temperature, but at the same time, the indoor humidity will also be reduced!

Low humidity will cause your lash adhesive to slow down and become difficult to work with – it will have you holding your extensions in place for much longer to let the glue dry, or it will cause your fans to close and/or lean to one side, affecting the fullness and professional finish of the set. Therefore, you can use a humidifier to increase indoor humidity to ensure the best results for your work. For an added little touch of relaxation and luxury for you and your clients, you can add a little drop of essential oil to give out a delicate scent! Note: The optimum humidity is 55%-65%.

Regular Airing Of The Room

Regularly opening windows to air the room will help reduce the temperature of the room and keep the air flowing. We recommend airing your room regularly, or you can ventilate the room before work, the right temperature will help the glue to bond better, which will bring better results to your work. Also, using thick curtains can keep the room from getting too hot.

Keep Your Glue Fresh

Try to store the glue in a closed container, once the glue is opened and exposed to oxygen, it will start to break down. To delay the process as long as possible, store it upright in an airtight container or bag.  

NOTE: After each use of the glue, wipe the glue mouth, the edge of the glue mouth, and the glue on the bottle cap in time. Be sure to tighten the cap firmly to prevent the glue from overflowing and blocking the glue mouth. If the lid is not tightly closed, the glue in the bottle will be solidified.

Click to view Ten Principles Of Preservation Of Eyelash Glue.

Using Crystal Pallet

Many lash artists often forget about this important tool. Using a crystal pallet in the summer heat can work even better. Because crystal pallet can holder has a cool and smooth surface which keeps eyelash adhesive fresh and at its right consistency for longer. It will keep a cool temperature. The drop of glue will slowly evaporate and remain liquid and be usable longer.

GOLLEE Crystal Glue Holder will keep your glue cool longer & won’t dry out your glue like other pallets. It’s easier to clean since it has a smooth non-porous surface.

Using Fast Glue

GOLLEE Fast & Long Eyelash Extension Glue, is POP STAT of Gollee glue. This formula has been tested in the market for many years, with zero negative reviews. It works best in humidity between 55%-65% and temperature between 22°C-24°C(71.6°F~75.2°F). It has a drying time of 1 second and a retention time of up to 6-7 weeks. It works very well in summer and in winter temperatures.

Thanks to the advanced formula this eyelash extension glue has an incredible retention power. It is a medical-grade eyelash extension adhesive delivering a fusion of low viscosity, instant attachment, seamless connectivity, remarkable cure speed, strong and flexible hold, low odor, and low fumes for people with sensitive eyes. This glue is suitable for most lash artists.

What If Your Room Temperature Is Too High?

High temperature means that lash glue dries MUCH faster than normal, which can be really detrimental to lash retention. If you’ve ever been happily applying lashes, then brushed the set partway through or at the end only to find that half of your extensions brushed out, it’s because the glue dried too quickly to form a lovely strong bond between the extension and the natural lash.

What If Your Room Humidity Is Too High?

At high humidity, the eyelash extension glue will harden too quickly. If the room humidity is higher than the ideal level (above 65%), the cyanoacrylate in your glue will be ‘overly activated’ by too much moisture in the air, which means that the lash adhesive will cure and dry much faster than usual.

If the room humidity is extremely high (over 75%), the over-activated cyanoacrylate will simply stop working and it will have poor adhesion.

In the ideal room humidity of 55~65%, a drop of dispensed glue can stay fresh for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, in high humidity, your glue drop will start curing much faster and the glue drop will be already half-dried before you use the drop. It may still allow you to adhere the extension lash to the natural lash but it is likely to fall out prematurely.

6 Extension Tips For Fabulous Summer Lashes

  • Washing Lashes After Swimming

One of our favorite ways to cool off in hot summer is swimming, and swimming in cool water is really comfortable. There are many people who may be wondering, “Can I swim with lash extensions?” The simple answer is yes!

However, chlorine and saltwater can affect how long your lashes stay look beautiful. So, whether you are swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean, you can use goggles or keep your lashes out of the water, we highly recommend washing with freshwater post-swim and then combing through your lashes with a reusable lash wand or patting (not rubbing!) them dry to remove excess water. Keeping them clean and dry will extend the life of your luxurious lashes!

  • Avoid Extreme Heat

There are many summer activities people favorite, BBQ, bonfires, basking in the summer sun, and so on. But the extreme heat it brings can be damaging to your lash extensions. Exposing your lashes to this extreme heat can “relax” the curl, or even worse, singe the lashes! So, be cautious to not get too close.  Keep your lashes intact and look beautiful!

  • Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute must, especially in summer. However, it’s important to remember that many sunscreen brands contain oils that can cause excessive lashes to fall out. When applying sunscreen, be sure to avoid the eye area and lashes, as some brands have ingredients that can wreak havoc on lashes and cause poor longevity. If possible, you can try using oil-free sunscreen.

  • Keeping Clean Off Your Lashes

On a hot summer day, it’s impossible to walk outside or do outdoor activities without sweating. Unfortunately, sweat contains salt deposits and natural oils, the natural oils can run into your eyes and affect lash retention.

Whether you’re walking on the road or playing on the beach, it’s helpful to wear a headband or some sort of towel to keep the sweat from dripping into your eyes. And then washing lashes after activities is a big help!

  • Remove Makeup

This applies year-round: it is so important to keep your lashes clean. Using an oil-free makeup remover to remove eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc is a must.  Cleansing your lashes with a gentle facial cleanser or baby shampoo will remove any dust, oils, buildup from makeup, or salt deposits from sweat or tears.  Clean lashes will prevent premature lash shedding and keep that retention strong.

For a deeper clean, consider using our Lash Foam With Brushes Kitregularly. This Lash Cleanser works beautifully with our high-quality Lash Cleansing Brush to ensure proper lash hygiene and good extension retention.

  • Maintain Regular Fills

Generally, hair and eyelashes grow faster in the warmer months. Remember, you can naturally shed around 3 lashes a day, and that may double in summer! This means we need to replenish them more frequently in the summer to keep them neat and full. In addition, summer is the perfect time for traveling. So schedule your time in advance to avoid long waits!


Eyelash extensions can make summer beauty effortless, it’s never been easier to stay active and enjoy an array of summer activities, all the while feeling gorgeous and photoshoot-ready at any moment!

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