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Should you as a first-time lash client try Classic eyelash extensions for a start?

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Diversity defines the world of lash extensions just like clothes because there’s no one size fits all. So for someone just venturing into this field for adventures, you should have knowledge of the routes you can take to arrive at your desired lash extensions destination. You need to know the different types of lash techniques and this article will explain that to you. There are 3 major types of lash extensions you should know.

The 3 common types of lash extensions

  • Classic eyelash extensions
  • Hybrid eyelash extensions
  • Volume eyelash extensions

What are classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are the first ever type of eyelash extensions to be. They are simple, attractive, and give you a natural look after application. Classic eyelash extension is fixed by attaching one extension to one natural lash. This means they get linked to your natural lash at a 1:1 ratio. Classic lash extensions have their own varieties of materials, thicknesses, and styles so you are not stuck with one look if you fall for its natural enhancement after-look superpower. The result of your 2-hour lash appointment after choosing Classic eyelash extension will be a soft and traditional look as it gives your lashes length instead of volume. You end up with an even lash line that opens up your eyes.  

What are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Volume eyelash extensions are different from classic eyelash extensions in looks, length and volume. This lash extensions range is from 2D-6D and it is known in the lash extensions world that anything that goes over 4D will definitely give you a look far from natural. This means that compared to classic eyelash extensions there are added length and volume to give a very dramatic and full look. The lashes when fixed appear like a strip instead of natural and this technique is achieved with pre-made fans mostly. Another way to make the fan is by using a special tweezer by hand. These fans come in ranges of .03, .05, and .07 which are attached to natural lashes. They are thicker than classic Extensions but also light. Volume eyelash extension takes between 2-4 hours and this depends on the lash technician’s decision to either use pre-made fans or not. Volume eyelash extension doesn’t disappoint, it sure comes out well with its extra dash of drama. Its expensive but extraordinary look requires a higher level of professionalism, time investment and an experienced lash technician.

Mega Volume – volume lashes take up to 6 lashes per fan but anything more than this is considered mega volume. Mega volume can have up to 40 extensions bundled within one fan and this is then applied to one single natural lash. This sounds much and is the reason it’s called Mega Volume. It can be in different styles too, not just dramatic as it sounds but just like the standard volume lashes, it is expensive, takes time and requires an experienced lash technician for installation.

What are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Hybrid lashes are the best of both worlds as it comes with a 70-30 mixture of both classic lash and volume lash personalities. Choosing hybrid extensions gives you the volume of a volume eyelash extension with the natural look of a classic eyelash extension. This look is achieved by strategically mixing classic lashes and volume lashes to frame the eyes. For someone that wants a natural but voluminous lash line but not the volume set kind of volume then Hybrid lashes are there to give you that. It is also a great balance between wanting a dramatic or natural appearance. Hybrid lash extension is not just the best of both worlds but also a safe go-to for people with lash issues. Just as volume lashes, it is expensive, takes time and requires an experienced professional lash technician to give you the perfect look.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

What do the 3 techniques all have in common

The one thing that these techniques have in common is the isolation method used during the installation process.  This method requires you to take one natural lash and get it in between your isolation tweezers and then install your extension. This will make sure that your extension doesn’t get stuck to other lashes.

Characteristics that differentiate classic lashes techniques from the other techniques are:

Ratio: Classic eyelash extensions are fixed by adding one eyelash extension per natural lash, one after the other till you fill-up the lash line. This is why its technique is referred to as the ratio of 1:1. This makes the generated appearance seem traditional.

Note that a healthy natural lash on one eye has about 90 to 150 natural lashes which means it’s okay to have 80 to 100 eyelash extensions added depending on how thick you want it to be

Thickness: presently, classic eyelash extension has its size which is also referred to as thickness from the lowest at 0.10 mm to 0.20mm. For comfort reasons, 0.15 mm is mostly used as the maximum size.

To better explain this, here’s a list of the weight per thickness of each (one string)  lash extension:

  Size            Weight

0.07 mm – 0.00006 g

0.10 mm – 0.00010 g

0.12 mm – 0.00013 g

0.15 mm – 0.00015 g

0.18 mm – 0.00025 g

0.20 mm – 0.00030 g

It is advisable to go for a less weighted lash size if your natural lashes are fragile but if you have naturally strong and thick lashes, you can opt for the thicker extensions.

It is important to follow this advice because if you fix a total weight of lash extensions your natural lashes can’t hold you will end up with straight, uneven and unnatural lashes that will cause your natural lashes to end up shedding prematurely.

Who should fix Classic Lashes?

If we are to talk about the history of lash extensions we’ll definitely start with Classic false lashes. They were the first-ever style of eyelash extensions. They are still as popular and loved by many as they were when they were first produced. Classic eyelash extension is a perfect choice for a beginner who has never used eyelash extensions before and is just starting out on lash application.

So classic lash extension is generally for everyone who doesn’t want to draw too much attention to their eyes. It gets better if you have long and thick natural lashes as classic lashes will give it finer curls and greater length. With your lashes fixed, you’d see the need to ditch your mascara as you will no longer need them.

Advantages of using Classic eyelash extensions

Natural look: The most important advantage of classic eyelash extension is the natural look it gives your eyes. If you want to achieve a traditional look with less attention then the classic set is your go-to.

Cheapest: The combination of the cheaper cost of materials and simpler application technique makes classic lashes the cheapest of the three types of lashes. When it comes to the total number of eyelash extensions used, volume and hybrid use double or triple the number of false lashes that the classic set uses. When it also boils down to techniques classic lashes technique is also cheaper than that of hybrid or volume lashes. Therefore, if you are mindful of your beauty budget but still want to slay then the classic set is for you.

Quickest application: the ratio 1:1 that lash technicians use where they only have to fix one extension per natural lash for the classic set is the fastest form of lash application. This is unlike volume lashes or hybrid lashes which take almost double that time. If you’re time conscious and need the job to be done quickly then you should opt for classic lashes.

Most comfortable: Classic application method of one lash per natural lash gives you a weightless result which makes it comfortable to wear compared to volume and hybrid lashes where you might have ten or more of them per natural lash.  Regardless, the volume and hybrid lash extension’s healthy application depends on the style you use and how well your eyelash extension artist can attach the extension to equal a healthy total weight per natural eyelash.

Soft look: The classic style gives an uncrowded smooth look because of its ratio of 1:1 application technique. It majorly adds length to your natural lashes without drama.

Good for daily wear: Classic lash extensions are less dramatic, less fancy and more natural. They are just a beautiful and perfect lash enhancement, fit for professional spaces, offices or just around the house.

Availability: The classic lash is readily available as it’s the first thing most new lash technicians learn to do and practice before others. You can literally walk into any certified lash salon to get this style done.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Disadvantages of using Classic eyelash extensions

Less fluffy: you shouldn’t expect a full or voluminous look like that of volume and hybrid lash extension result from a classic set. It can’t pull that kind of look off. It’s just best for its natural look.

Not for everyone: for people with unhealthy, sparse or thin eyelashes, it won’t be advisable to get Classic extensions. It won’t fill the gaps properly and even if it tries, it might not be arraigned properly since the natural lashes are spacious it’ll need more strings per natural lash which will weaken the natural lash as it can’t handle the weight of false lashes.  

Common: being the first of its kind, it is not unexpected to have it commonly available. A classic set of extensions is not just popular but its simple technique and treatment have made it an easy grab. Moreover, the fact that it’s easily customized into different styles like cat eye, open eye, natural sweep, and more also adds to it being common.

How to fix some of the classic set styles:

Cat Eye – fix the longest lashes on the outer corner of the lash line. to give a sultry look.

Open Eye – fix the longest lashes in the middle to open the eyes.

Natural Eye – fix according to the natural shape of the eye.

Why are Classic eyelash extensions perfect for first-time clients?

  • Classic lash extensions are the first, original and most popular technique and lash in the lash extensions world. It has diameters of 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, and 0.20 mm with the most popular diameters being 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, and 0.20 mm as the 0.12 mm though available, is rarely used. The diameter of Classic lashes extension increases as its weight increases. Classic lashes are portrayed as layers of mascara so it makes it a perfect pick for a first-time lash client. However, you need healthy natural lashes to opt for this extension style. Your options with classic lash styles are limited if your natural lashes are unhealthy.
  • It also cost lower compared to volume and hybrid lash extensions. The price is determined by the course of the treatment as there’s an option to either use a complete set of eyelash extensions that comprise 80-100 lashes and takes about 2 hours to finish or a half-set of fewer lashes which cost less and is completed in an hour. Volume and hybrid lash extensions take up to 2-4 hours which automatically means a higher price.
  • It gives a magical flat lash design of 60-degree attachment. ‘flat’ in this context refers to the extension’s form, but this doesn’t mean it’s not curled. This flat design makes the lash easy to apply, reduces the risk of the extension falling to a side, and a tiny amount of glue is needed which increases volume and texture while staying light and soothing.
  • The fact that classic lashes give the most natural look as people might even think they are your natural lashes and not fixed should make it your go-to as a first-time lash client. Compared to volume and hybrid lashes which scream “extensions!” anytime they are seen. Classic lashes give natural length and curl to your natural lashes. They are suited most for people with healthy lashes but who want to achieve a lengthier look and density.

 Feel free to browse Gollee Classic lash extensions online if you seek a simpler and more natural look for you and or your clients at

What to do to prepare for your first lash extensions appointment?

  • Consultation

This is the time you tell your technician what you want and for what occasion while he or she also recommends styles that will best suit your features based on your face shape, your eyebrow shape and so on.

  • Arrange a patch test beforehand

Before you go for your appointment, you should do a patch test where you subject your skin to the products you’re about to be exposed to, to see if you’d react. This is best for people with sensitive skin or eyes. If you do not experience any itchiness or redness from the adhesive being used then you’re good to go. This should be done 24-48 hours before your appointment.  

  • Wash your hair before

After lash application, you are expected to stay clear of the water for the next 24 hours to allow the extension to get bonded. This is why you should wash your hair before your appointment to prevent water from getting to it. Meaning that you don’t have to wash your hair immediately or before the required 24 hours.

  • Be makeup free

You might need to go through your make-up removal routine which will wet your lash extensions before the first 24 hours it needs to stay dry. This is why you should show up at your appointment for make-up free. This includes make-up like mascara or eyeliner as even though your lash technician can get it off, it’ll take from the time you have to install the extensions.

  • Get your day planned

For a classic set appointment, you’ll be lying down for as long as 2 hours. You won’t be free to move at this time so everything that might disturb your stillness at that hour should be planned and settled before time. This includes using your phone, packing properly and using the restroom beforehand.

  • Infills

To wear your lashes for the long term, you’ll need to go for infills every 2-3 weeks. This process involves getting rid of worn-out and missing extensions to replace them with new ones. Doesn’t require as much time and material resources as getting a new application.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


Eyelash extensions enhance your appearance so which makes it an undoubtedly good investment and with Classic lash extensions, a subtle mascara appearance is obtained. There is only a need for a little investment, little preparation, and little time compared to other types to get your Classic lashes winging. If you don’t want to look too flashy, classic lashes are your best bet. It’s the best at pulling off a simple appearance.

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GOLLEE is a china based beauty industry that has the best deals in everything lash extensions and instruments. Classic eyelash extension is just one of the wide varieties of lash extensions you can pick from. You are assured of quality and satisfaction when you choose from Gollee. Our delivery medium is also top notch as your package gets delivered at the speculated time.

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