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Talking While Getting Eyelash Extensions Done

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Do you want your clients to sleep during your appointment?  Or do you want them not to chat during the process?  It is a personal choice as to whether you like them or not, to be chatty!  Here is our opinion about it.

Let us start with the benefits of chatting.  Clients can be a lot of fun to talk to during your appointment.  While you are lashing you will want to know them a bit better, right?  So it makes sense for you to talk a bit!  We also think it is professional to chat and ask how their day was and of course, ask how their lashes are doing.  After all, when you see them every three weeks, you have time to get to know them.  So, in our opinion, a bit of chat is definitely welcome!

On the other hand, it can distract you when your customers talk a lot.  It’s a good idea to tell them ahead of time that if they move around too much or talk too much they can move their eye pads, which we know isn’t good.  Also, if they talk too much, they can sometimes slow you down.  Don’t forget their eyes can open while they talk, causing them to be flushed and sore from the adhesive.

Good tips on how to help your clients keep their eyes calm during their lash appointment.

Topics should be light and bright:

Let them talk about themselves, but also make sure it is positive.  Sometimes when people start talking about things that excite them, they may start to shake or, even worse, cry!  Keep the conversation light and happy!

Create a relaxing environment.

It is important to create a space where your customers feel comfortable.  You can make the bed with a heater, mattress topper, extra blankets, and of course a lash pillow!  Listen to relaxing music or offer them headphones, maybe they want to listen to something on their phone.  Some lash artists like to have a little calming oil like lavender to spritz around their room for some calming effects.

Ask them to silence their phones when they arrive

It can be so difficult when customers want to answer their phones.  Or even worse, have you answered their phone

Don’t be afraid to be upfront and tell your customers about your policies.  It’s better, to be honest, and kind than to have them clumsily come back later.  Or if you’re okay with the chat, continue with that!  Maybe you will get a good combination of both!

Should Your Clients Talk During Their Eyelash Appointments?

Talking is great during lash extension appointments.  Be aware of how much they move their eyes while they speak.  When we speak, we tend to move our eyebrows, nod our heads, and then move our eyelashes. Let them enjoy their nap (the new kind of restful sleep!)

Winning back your customers and chatting is absolutely necessary to foster the bond between artists and customers.  However, talking to clients might distract you as a lash artist and reduce the time to work on the lashes.  Let your clients take this time to relax while you do their work.

If you have customers who walkѕ a lot and talkѕ a lot, they will make it very difficult to apply an eyelaѕh extension to one of their natural laѕheѕ when they move around a lot. So try to tell them not to talk too much and maybe take a nap.

As a lash artist, you should politely ask your clients how you can make them feel more comfortable.  But also explain to them why you find it difficult to work when they move their eyes and talk.  Do not be shy!

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Things to talk about during a lash extension appointment.

Lash appointments are a time for your clients to talk about themselves, not the other way around.  Plain and simple, but let’s dive into the details.

This can be a touchy subject for many people.  Some may think that you can chat about anything with customers.  Others like to keep it more professional.  I run more on the friendly-pro side, which I say is somewhere in the middle.  Not too close, but fair.  Remember that you still have a business and your number one goal here should be to keep your customers happy.

Read your client.  Some may not want to talk a lot.  But if they do, here are some talking points.  Do you live around here?  Have children?  Pets?  What do you do for fun? What kind of career do you have?  Do you have a musical preference?  Get to know them a little and then write a note when they leave, something about them.  The next time they come, you can ask them about something you wrote.  It means a lot to someone when you remember something about them.

Most importantly, while you are doing their lashes, tell them how to care for them, how to maintain their lashes, and what to expect.  They may have follow-up questions for you about which lash extension trays, adhesives, wipes, or kits are best.  This is a great opportunity to recommend reliable products that will, in turn, strengthen your relationship with the customer.  An experienced customer is the best customer!

Some questions your new clients could ask before getting their eyelash extensions done

So, you have new clients who are thinking about getting eyelash extensions.  But there is more to it than just walking into a salon and walking out an hour later with the lashes of their dreams.  You want to make sure as their lash artist you can achieve the right look they are going for and take care of their eyes while they are there.  Here are a couple of good questions your newbie clients could ask you before you get started.

Where did you get your lash training?

It is important that you let your clients know where you were trained and also how you have trained in a professional setting.  Training services are sometimes offered by lash artists who do not have an instructor’s license, but these individuals are not properly trained.  Make sure you let your lash clients know you were trained by someone qualified and know what she is doing.

How long have you been doing eyelashes?

It’s okay for you as a lash artist to be a beginner, but this may be something you want to let your lash clients know before you get started.  When they first get their lashes, they probably won’t know what to look for and will want to find a more experienced artist who can better guide them through the process. Assure them that you are qualified to ease the tension they probably feel inside by letting them know more about where you were trained and also try giving them a brief insight on the process and how you would make their lashes look better if they are to trust you with the job.

What are the ingredients in the adhesive you use?

As a lash artist, you should be familiar with the ingredients in your adhesive and what they do.  If you do not know what you are putting close to your client’s eyes, your client might take that as a red flag.  As an artist try using butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate glues instead of a formaldehyde-based glue that can cause severe eye irritation.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

What kind of lashes do you use?

Eyelash extensions should be soft, flexible, and lightweight so they don’t cause eye irritation or be too heavy for the eyelid.  Eyelash extensions that are not compatible with your client’s natural lashes, such as being too thick or long, can damage their natural lashes.  Choosing the right, high-ԛuality lashes can make a difference in their overall satisfaction with their extensions.

What kind of extensions should I get?

As a lash artist, you should be happy to help your clients find the right look for them.  If they are looking for a more natural look, a classic set of extensions may be suggested.  If they want their extensions to stand out a bit more, a volume set might be for them.  Going to an artist trained in multiple styles will give them more options for the look they are going for.

How can I make my extensions last as long as possible?

If you know what you are doing as a lash artist, you will have a good amount of information to share with your clients about caring for their lashes.  Keeping them clean is very important and they will want to ask what kind of products to use or not use on their face and eyes with their new extensions.  Water can break down the adhesive in the first 24 hours, so it is common for a lash artist, you suggest keeping it dry during that time to your client. Do not advise your clients never to get their lashes wet as that could be another red flag.  Advise them to stay away from oils near their lashes and not to wear makeup that is hard to remove, like waterproof mascara.  It is also very important to brush their lashes in the morning, at night and after showering to prevent them from becoming tangled.  Aftercare is extremely important to keep lashes in good condition between fillings.

How often should I fill it?

We are all different, and depending on the style we are going for and their natural lashes, some extensions may last longer for some people than others.  Talk to your clients about how often fillers will be needed to maintain your appearance.

Things your clients can do at their lash appointment

Drink herbal tea before their date

This is not a clinical procedure, it is a gift of self-care.  There is no work for them, so let them treat themselves to a hot tea or their favorite non-caffeinated potion so they can truly rest their mind and body.  Chamomile is calming to the nervous system as well as a digestive aid.  Hibiscus is tart and refreshing, while rooibos has more of a caramel and vanilla flavor.  These options are great for glowing skin and calming their nerves before their appointment.

Let them give themselves some time

Let them give themselves permission to own the next two hours.  You do not want to be stressed and take a look at the clock.  Be sure to tell them to arrive early enough to find parking, check in with your salon receptionist, and use the restroom before their session so they don’t run into any urgent issues in the middle of their appointment.

Get comfortable

Temperature control is important when applying the special adhesive during the session.  Make sure your saloon has soft blankets nearby that will definitely put your clients in a comfortable trance.

Catch a few winks right on one of your beds.

They won’t be asked to do literally anything on their appointment, so while they lie down and relax, they might as well catch up with some beauty naps.  There is no better time to close their eyes a bit than while they have them closed for their sessions.

Listen to music or a meditation playlist.

Most salons have great playlists that most likely were created just for their clients to enjoy on their appointment, but you can also let your clients know that they can bring headphones and listen to their relaxing playlist!  Or, stay up to date with the news, their favorite podcast, an audiobook…It is their time.

Have a gist with your lash artist… or not!

Some lash artists will get to know their client’s preferences from their lashes to their shirts, so if having a little ԛuiet seems weird to them, it is a great opportunity to talk to the girls!  A launch session, a few laughs, or whatever comes to mind. But of course, if relaxing in silence allows them to relax, do not hesitate to grant them their wish.  This is their moment!

Disadvantages of talking while getting lashes done

Many lash stylists love to talk, but lash extensions require a calm hand, focus, and concentration.  Even if they are quieter and don’t talk, it doesn’t mean they do not like you, on the contrary, they don’t want you to leave them red-eyed and sore.  So don’t take their warnings personally.  If so, take them as well-intentioned.  Here are some downsides to talking while doing your eyelashes!

Unwanted abrasions and cuts, due to movement during the speech

One of the complications that can occur is that the eyeliner, which lashes artists install as protection for the lower lashes, enters the eye during movement and can damage the cornea.  It can also cause abrasions, due to the movement of the face during speech.  The abrasion will not be visible on the entire surface, but it will look like a cut where the coating rubbed during the speech.  The pain due to the abrasion may worsen the next day and last for 2-3 days.

Irritated and red eyes, due to the evaporation of the glue for eyelash extensions

your client can also inadvertently open their eyes while speaking, which is quite common as their eyes are constantly in motion.  As a result, the vapors from the eyelash extension glue get into the eyes and greatly irritate them.  This will make their eyes red all over the lid.  This pain and redness also last for 3 days.

How to prevent clients from talking during lash treatment

This is a great question that both new and well-experienced lash artists can struggle with.  We are torn between wanting to have lashes as ԛuickly and perfectly as possible and then talking, catching up, and chatting with our clients who may now have become our friends.

It’s a hard line to draw because we don’t want to sound rude, but you know as lash artists we can get things done more easily and on time with minimum conversation.

When our client speaks, their eyes move.  They slightly open, flutter and ruffle the eye pads under the surrounding area of the eyes.  This causes a whole list of problems.

The main one, of course, is that glue or glue fumes can get into the eye and cause burns or a reaction.  The eye pads can also slowly move up and touch the eyeball or retina and causing redness and pain in the eyes.

Once your client opens their eyes and comes home, their eyes may be bloodshot, bright red, swollen, sore, or worse, then they’ll blame you!

So we need to be able to say or use tools to reduce speech altogether.

You could say things like: I’m about to start on your lashes now, so relax, don’t feel the need to talk, switch off and take some time!

That always works.

Or I’ll play relaxing music for you, so feel free to rest a bit, even take a nap!

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension


Carefully reviewing all of the above will make your lash extension appointments something your clients look forward to, rather than nervously anticipating.  If your customers feel comfortable and at ease, you will retain and acquire customers better than you ever thought possible!

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