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Simplifying your success: Why one or more than one income stream is better

Are you considering establishing what is known as a “passive income” source in your beauty business, which is a source of money that does not demand continuous work?

It may appear like increasing the number of items or services you provide or becoming an instructor will enable you to swiftly and efficiently bring in large sums of money; however, have you taken into consideration the amount of time, money, and resources that will be required to achieve this revenue?

All of these things must be done before you have made a sale, including spending money and time on product research, setting up an online store, marketing the products, and giving away free samples to encourage people to try the product.

Establishing your credibility as an instructor requires building an audience of people who trust you, developing your curriculum, and engaging in sales conversations to get students to purchase from you. THEN you can genuinely instruct a pupil, which is the most crucial teaching element. In addition, a significant amount of MARKETING is required to attract new students to enroll in your program continuously.

However, if you haven’t achieved the success and the time/money freedom you want in your life with the CURRENT business you have, you are spreading your time and money REAL THIN if you try to add more complications and distractions by creating these various revenue streams. These are all great growth opportunities in our industry.

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, focus your time, money, and energy on being an expert in a single source of revenue at a time. Before moving on to another business venture, you should develop successful business procedures and increase revenue in the current experience.

If you accomplish this, you will lay a strong foundation for your company and put yourself in a better position to build on additional business models if you decide to.

Tips for lash business success: how to make more cash lashing

The eyelash business presents some difficulties. When you are just starting, it may be an uphill battle to achieve real success and turn it into a full-time job. We will teach you how to successfully run a lash business so that you can become a highly in-demand stylist and make a wage that is the envy of your competitors. Check out our lash extension classes if you’re completely new to the beauty industry and learn how to become a certified lash artist in your home. Make more money and expand your clientele by following these guidelines for running a successful lash extension business.


Customers who purchase eyelashes from you more than once are your eyelash business’s best buddies. Be sure to book their next appointment while they are still in the salon so that you can secure those sales while they are there. Rebooking guests before they check out is an effective way to increase the likelihood that they will return.

Many fresh customers forget to arrange an appointment for lash extensions; consequently, they let their lashes go unmaintained. It’s not always that they didn’t want to maintain their lashes; more often than not, they just got busy and forgot about it. However, once they realize how much they love having their lashes enhanced, they will want to schedule regular sessions several months in advance to ensure that their extensions continue to look stunning. Make it a routine to always rebook clients before they leave their appointments so that you can maximize your revenue. Tips such as these will make a difference in the number of clients you can keep, whether you are an experienced practitioner or just starting in the lash extension company.


Providing special package prices for numerous procedures is one of the most straightforward pieces of advice for running a successful lash extension business.

For instance, if you offer spray tanning in addition to your regular eyelash business services, you might promote a deal that combines the two services into a single package deal and sell it at a discounted price. A promotion such as “Book lash extensions and get 40% off your first spray tan” is an excellent method to encourage your customers to experiment with your new services. If this is your first time spray tanning, you shouldn’t expect to make as much money. On the other hand, if they are satisfied with the new service, they may return to your lash business for other services. They will remember you the next time they have a big occasion or are going on vacation, so you may give them a spray tan. This helps clients get familiar with new services they otherwise may not have booked, which translates to increased revenue for your company over the long term.


It’s one of those things that, once you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Upsell, upsell, upsell! Here is how to manage a successful lash business that attracts repeat customers and boosts revenue. Because most customers do not know where to purchase lash shampoo or any other items they require to maintain their lashes looking amazing in between sessions, high-quality lash products are excellent upsell items.

Aftercare products designed specifically for lash extensions can assist your customers in providing the best possible care for their lashes in their homes. It is a good source of money for you because they have an ongoing requirement to buy these products regularly, and a significant markup is involved. When you propose suitable goods that customers can take home with them after a visit, you save them the time and hassle of shopping elsewhere or making poor purchases. They will be grateful to you for your competence and the additional convenience.

Give Your Customers More of What They Want Alongside the Eyelashes

As lash artists, we frequently have the impression that we work in such a niche business that we forget about the myriad of additional services available to our customers. You will be able to increase the revenue of your company’s revenue and the value you provide to your customers if you provide additional services. Your clients will look forward to returning to you for lash extensions and skin care, eyebrow shaping, and other services in the future.

Provide services for the Lips.

For instance, you could perform a lip treatment at the same time as you apply your false eyelashes. It is possible to provide this service to your customers at the same time that you are putting eyelash extensions on their lashes. Certain goods are available, such as collagen lip masks, and other items can be found that exfoliate the lips of your customers.

This is something that can be done in addition to the application of your false eyelashes. The application of the mask should take you no more than a couple of minutes, and after that, you should let it take ten to fifteen minutes to take effect.

Because of this, your ticket price will go up by around $10 to $15. Therefore, if you currently charge approximately $55 for your 60-minute lash application and add $10 for the lip mask, you can now charge anywhere from $65 to $70 for the same time.

Offer Facials

Express facials are completed in a very short time, typically around 20 minutes. You can get them ready to go just before you start applying your lashes.

To begin, you will need to cleanse your client’s skin, do an exfoliation, and possibly include some oxygen in either an enzyme mask or a moisturizing mask once you have completed the cleansing process. This can result in an additional price increase of $50 for each ticket, which only takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. After that, you simply continue your eyelash extension procedure in the same manner as before.

Provide Products That Can Be Used

You should also familiarize your customers with some of your most favored supplementary items. For instance, if you offer skin care services, you may sell a skin care product line that you have faith in, and that will continue to benefit your customers even after you have finished providing them with services.

Consider the following… You’ve just finished giving your client an express facial that took only twenty minutes, and as you walk them to the register, you say, “Hey, by the way, if you want to maintain your skincare routine at home, I highly recommend these products.”

A good skincare routine is essential for everyone. There are times when we just are not aware of them, and we are unsure of where to look for them. The worst that may happen is for them to politely decline your offer and say, “No, thank you.” But at least you shared your thoughts and tried to give them something of value.

Other suggestions to help lash technicians bring in more money.


  • Develop Honest and Dependable Relationships with Your Customers.
  • Demonstrate Genuine Interest in Your Clients’ Needs.
  • Maintain the trust of your customers by open and honest communication.
  • Provide Products and Services That Are Appropriate for Their Requirements.
  • Offer Customers High-Quality Products that Resonate with Your Values.


  • Develop a Referral Incentive Program for Current Customers to Offer Them.
  • Client Acquisition through Word-of-Mouth Recommendations Should Be a Priority.
  • Maintain a Balance between Being Assertive and Pushy in Your Approach.


  • Using the many social media platforms, promote your services.
  • Showing potential customers your pricing structure is a great way to attract them.
  • Bring attention to your location as well as the booking process.
  • Please give a brief introduction of yourself and highlight any relevant certifications.


  • To bolster your business’s credibility, encourage customers to leave 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp.
  • Review Feedback from Customers, Friends, and Family Should Be Collected Over Time.


  • Prepare for the future and determine your company’s goals.
  • Put your objectives in writing to increase the likelihood of achieving them. (Putting them in writing boosts your chances of accomplishing them by 42%!)

Learn How To Increase Your Income As A Lash Artist Here!

Although lashing may be your passion, the fact that you engage in this activity does not indicate that you do so only out of the kindness of your heart. You absolutely must find a way to generate income! Although lashing has the potential to be a successful job, there are still other methods to bring in some additional revenue. Continue reading to learn simple techniques to increase the money your lashing business brings in.

Have A Wide Range Of Abilities And Not Just Work For Pro Lash Supply

In the beginning stages of their careers, many lash artists focus solely on offering their customers classic lash sets. Although they are lovely, they are not the most often used because they do not always provide the dramatic effect customers want. As soon as you feel confident with conventional lashing, you can start educating yourself on the many kinds of sets and professional eyelash extension supplies!

Hybrid, volume, super volume, and more! There is a wide variety of lash services that one may provide to their customers to keep them coming back for more. These are also in higher demand than classic sets, so you will probably see more customers coming in for these sets.

It is crucial to your company’s growth and financial success to offer more than one type of lash set in its inventory of products. Because it is inconvenient for customers to visit multiple artists for their lashes, customers are more likely to remain loyal to an individual who provides them with a selection of different lash options from their supply. If you want to ensure that your portfolio will accommodate any customer who passes through your door, you might even want to experiment with wispy sets or colored lashes.

You can raise your prices to make more money if you use more sophisticated lash sets such as mega volume or wispy. This will provide you with a little bit of extra cash. Because creating these sets takes more time and involves more steps, you need to be sure that the prices you charge for them are reasonable for both you and your customers.

Provide Additional Beauty Services

If you are confident applying eyelashes, it may be time to expand your business and provide additional cosmetic services. Customers who come in for extensions frequently do so to save time later on in their daily routine; therefore, you should inquire whether they are interested in trying out other time-saving services as well.

Here are some other beauty treatments you might want to consider adding to your repertoire!

  • Brow laminations are a simple add-on service that can be provided to customers who want another beauty treatment. Your customers will adore how much quicker and easier it is to learn them, not to mention how much simpler it make their morning routine.
  • Hand massages can be performed before or after the main service being provided. They are peaceful, and if you want to make the experience even more pleasant, you can enhance it with a calming oil or exfoliant.
  • Since hydrogel masks are available in a broad variety of types, you can personalize them for each customer. Try our Aloe There Sunshine to give more moisture to your skin, or our Call The Repairman to help improve your skin’s complexion!

Promote and Sell High-Quality Eyelash Extensions

Don’t be afraid to get the ball rolling on your product sales! Expanding into retail sales can be a scary prospect at first, but it can help you bring in more cash in the long run.

Make sure that the eyelash products you sell are the same ones you use regularly and that you are willing to stand behind them. It is important to avoid giving the impression to your customers that you are trying to sell them unnecessary products. When you sell high-quality items, you are familiar with and like using yourself; you will exude an air of self-assurance to your customers.

You are free to use your imagination with this! Aftercare kits can be put together by you for your customers, ensuring they have everything they need to keep their eyelashes looking beautiful and healthy. You may also sell adorably designed accessories such as keychains, headbands, and tote bags.

Focus On Client Loyalty

It can be challenging to earn someone’s trust, so it is essential to develop solid relationships with your customers. You want them to feel at ease with you, especially considering that you will be operating on such a sensitive part of their body! After establishing trust, loyalty will naturally follow; after all, who wants to look for a new lash artist if they already have one they adore? After establishing that they can rely on you and the work you provide, your customers will continue to return for additional fills and business.

In addition, you ought to acknowledge and appreciate the dedication of your customers. They can be encouraged to return by participating in loyalty programs, earning points, or receiving incentives. Your customers will then tell their friends about you, leading to even more new business for you.

Expand into other areas, such as lash classes and mentoring.

Once you have achieved professional status as a lash artist and mastered your skill, you can begin training and instructing younger technicians with less experience. This is of the utmost significance if you are the owner of your company and have prior work experience that you are willing to share with others. You could put together your lessons on lash extensions or concentrate on one aspect of the process at a time and charge a reasonable fee for it.

This is a terrific method to connect with other artists and branch out into the community where you live. You’ll be able to pick up new skills from one another and pass along what you’ve learned, which benefits everyone involved. This is a wonderful way to support other lash artists in the industry and give back to the community, especially considering that the lash business can sometimes be challenging and disheartening.


You can grow the revenue of your company in a variety of different ways, one of which is by providing your consumers with more items and services that are at no additional cost to them. Imagine something completely different. Consider unique concepts, entertaining deals, and ways to bundle your services to attract more customers. Your company will benefit from this in the long run!

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