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The Sanitation Practice For Lashes Extension

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Sanitation is key! Lucky for us, it doesn’t cost a fortune. How seriously you take the sanitation practice of your lashes business can either mar or make your business. I have seen several instances of both cases, which has prompted me to write this article.

The sanitation practice for lashes extension involves all steps and procedures needed to ensure good hygiene and sanitation in your business. they include cleaning and sanitizing all your lashes equipment.  It doesn’t end there your environment of work must also be taken into consideration.

These are some essential points, but that’s not all. For great reasons, these sanitation basics require technical ways to go about them to expect the best result. Let’s explore them together in this article. There is a lot to learn about the sanitation practice for lashes extension: keep reading!

Why Is Sanitation Practice For Lash Extension Important?

You are dealing with the eyes which is a delicate organ

The tiniest size of dust affects your eyes: this is how sensitive the eye organ is. The eye is one of the most delicate organs in the human system. Any mistake can lead to lifelong and irreparable damage. so, Therefore, ensure your sanitation is topnotch so you won’t have to lose customers because of eye injuries inflicted on them by your actions.

You are protecting your brand image

Your brand image determines how often you get customers and how frequently you make sales. If all that can be said about your brand is that “they use dirty equipment over there”, how do you hope to keep your business moving?

These negative reviews about your brand will not make your customers refer you to better opportunities and you know what that means for your lash business.

Some other health-conscious people would specifically walk into your nail studio or request your lash services because of that extra step of cleanliness they get to enjoy from you. A wise investment is what I love to call this.

It makes your work more effective

Imagine having to change equipment during work because you are trying to look for a clean one. Imagine what a mess your work will be when you have to use dirty equipment for your jobs; Do you hope to get a neat job from the use of dirty instruments? It’s almost like you expect a fish to give birth to a cow which is impossible!

Sanitization not only makes the work easier or the job neater, but it also makes you enjoy the work process as a lash technician. The best will surely come out of what you enjoy doing and this is what you want for all your clients.

Health benefits

Health is wealth and there are many advantages attached to healthy and sanitized procedures. You get different clients every day and you don’t know the health condition of each person. Some of your tools for work as lash technicians can successfully be a carrier of germs and infections from one person to another. A perfect example is your blade, scissors, lash and other sharp lash artistry equipment.

I recommended that you do not use the same equipment for each client. Nonetheless, sanitize your equipment if you want to cut down the cost. Personally, for me, I will choose that you strictly use a piece of new equipment for a new client. Asides from the health implication, it is a way to boost the image of your brand.

Tips For Sanitation Practices For Lash Extensions

Use disposable eyelash supplies

While working on a client, you may use a disposable eyelash for each client. This is very essential with sharp objects that can pierce into the blood like blades, needles, etc. Using disposable supplies benefits you in two ways.

First, your customer’s health isn’t at risk. Second, you can stock your studio with these supplies, hence making a profit from it when they get from you. You can decide to use them as gifts for them to use when they need to use them personally. These are incentives that will help increase your company’s sales.

Other types of disposable supplies can be the supplies you use on yourself while working for your clients. They include towels, eye pads, disposable gowns, disposable bed sheet covers, polearm sleeves, and disposable gloves.

Personal cleanliness

Always smell good while working with your clients. You are always near them and you can either send them away or keep them with your smell.

If you have workers working for you, instill the personal cleanliness routine in them as well. Also, ensure that the space of your studio is smelling good at all times. There are space fragrances that can help you serve this purpose well. Examples include sir freshener, reed diffuser, etc. I am of the school of thought that smelling good is a form of emotional connection. Who doesn’t like who or what smells good? Use this for the advantage of your brand then!

Keep your lash station clean while working

What is a “lash station”

A “lash station” can be referred to as all the essential things required for your studio to run a commercial lash business. They are all your professional lash tools. They include a cleaning solution, cotton swabs, lash primer, padded gel, tape, lash extension, adhesives, crystal stone, tweezers, lash brushes, mascara applicator, and nano mister, lash correction mirror, sponges, rings e.t.c.

Why you need to sanitize your professional tools/slash station

A dirty environment sinks! Before your customers can see how good your work is, they would have been chased away by your dirty environment. Therefore, the cleanliness level around your lash station is very important. It helps keep your customer safe from infections and germs that can lurk around your professional tools.

It reflects your recognition, exposure, and brand identity. There are industry standards involved in cleaning your equipment. I am discussing that next. Keep reading!

How to keep your lady station/professional tools clean

Warm Water and Soap

First, wash with soap as this step is the foremost step in cleaning any of your professional tools. Afterward, make use of soap to remove all particles living on the surface of the tool. This should be done routinely and not just once in a while.


To effectively sanitize, you need to use alcohol. You will agree with me that some germs cannot be seen with naked eyes or washed with water only. Therefore, you need something stronger like alcohol. This alcohol will help you remove all bacteria on the surface of the tool. These germs can cause infections if not removed.

A precaution to daily observe is to ensure that you wash your hands and that of your client after every lash extension session. If you can wash your hands during the session as well, it is highly recommended. Make this a routine function as well and not just once in a Blue Moon.

Before you work, ensure that you have sanitized your hands. A budget-friendly way to achieve this is by rinsing your hands using an antibacterial soap before and after each session. While washing your hands, the best safe practice is to continuously wash your hands for twenty seconds under warm running water.


You must disinfect all your professional tools to eradicate all germs. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and your customer. A germicide will help you achieve this feat. While you are working as well, ensure that you keep a wet wipe with you. Immediately after your work session, clean all the tools you’ve used with this wet wipe.  I will advise you do this daily, maybe before the start of the day or after a day’s work.


Sterilization with heat is a good way to sterilize all hard metal surfaces and sensitive lash equipment around your work area. To dry your tools, you can make use of a lint-free fabric.

For instruments that require one-time use, instead of sterilizing them over and over, you can gift them to your clients to use after you’re done with them.

Other things that cannot be given to the customer should be thrown away e.g. sponges, eye pads, etc.

Store your lash extension tools safely while working

To properly store your equipment, you can get a rack, table, box, or cupboard that can safely keep these pieces of equipment for you when they are not in use.

Another option is to always put them back into the containers or pack you bought them with. Exposing them after usage isn’t advisable. They can either wear out or dry off.


Your work can overwhelm you as a nail technician or nail artist, but one thing you shouldn’t joke with is the sanitation practice for your lash extension service. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you visit a salon and you find out their sanitation is shaky, would you stay? Would you keep patronizing?

Of course NO!

With all the tips we have suggested for you above, sanitizing your place is something achievable and wouldn’t cost a fortune: We would love to hear from you: If you enjoyed these tips, Leave us a comment below!

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