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Things You Might Not Know About Glitter Lash Extensions

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Glitter lash extensions are an exciting new option in extensions, and they can be a great way to stand out as an extension artist. As the popularity of glitter lash extensions spreads, more and more beauty professionals are asking themselves how they can best approach and market this trend to their clients. As a seasoned beauty professional you know that trends come and go, but glitter lash extensions are here to stay because they are so versatile and easy to offer your clients. The idea of adding glitter on top of their lashes may be new to many of your clients but it really isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Glitter lash extensions are not new to the beauty industry, but they are still one of the trendiest and most popular services around today. It’s clear that glitter lash extensions are trending up, but with so many options out there and glitter lash extensions being used for all different events or occasions, it can be overwhelming to find the best way to offer them as a service to your clients.

If you’re thinking about offering glitter lash extensions as part of your full-service beauty salon services, you’ll be glad to know there are numerous reasons why it makes good business sense to do so. Before you decide to offer them, however, it’s wise to understand the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are right for your business.

Lash extensions are one of the biggest trends in makeup right now, and this isn’t just because they’re fun to wear. Women everywhere love them because they make it easy to feel confident that you look your best all day, every day, without much effort or expense on your part. Here are some things you might not know about glitter lash extensions that will help you make up your mind.

What are glitter lashes?

Glitter lashes are a great way to add some glitz to someone’s eyes. Glitter lashes are made of synthetic hair and have a sparkling, holographic effect that is perfect for the holidays. Clients can wear them for up to three weeks at a time.

Glitter lashes are synthetic lashes made from lightweight materials that are coated in a thin layer of cosmetic-grade glitter. The most popular color is blue because it creates the appearance of a natural eye and doesn’t stand out too much in comparison to other colors like green or purple. Glitter lashes can also be used on their own as an alternative to wearing false eyelashes.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Is it right for my clients?

In order to answer this question, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do the majority of your clients have light or dark lashes? If they have light lashes, then they would benefit from the extension. Glitter lashes are not recommended if they already have darker lashes because it will make them appear darker. When deciding whether or not these are right for your clients, also consider their age and lifestyle. Younger people who live an active lifestyle may not want to get these done because they can be difficult to maintain. Also, older individuals may not want to get this done because they might look unnatural when applied. Other considerations that might factor in include allergies and eye conditions. It is important that your client consults with their doctor before getting glitter lashes in order to find out if they are healthy enough for them. You should never apply these to someone who has an eye condition such as macular degeneration because it could lead to blindness. The best way to see if these lashes are appropriate for your clients is by assessing what their needs are and how they take care of themselves.

What are the different types?

The types of extensions will depend on the desired look. There are three main types of glitter lashes: synthetic, real, and mixed. Synthetic lashes are made from nylon fibers. Real lashes are human hair strands that have been pre-dyed to create a uniform color. Mix lashes are a mixture of both synthetic and real lashes to achieve a more natural look. All types come in many different colors including gold, pink, blue, purple, white, black, etc.

Each type of extension will have a slightly different procedure. The length and thickness of each layer can also affect how long they will last and how much they cost. Synthetic lashes are cheaper and easier to apply, but may not last as long. Real lashes are expensive and time-consuming to apply but can last up to 10 weeks with proper care. For all types of extensions, an application involves individual eyelashes being applied on top of existing eyelashes using either eyelash glue or medical-grade silicone adhesive tape.

What are the side effects of glitter lashes for clients?

The most common side effects of getting a set of glitter lashes are irritation and redness. These side effects go away in a day or two, but they can be minimized by using oil-free makeup remover when washing your face. Glitter is not water soluble, so it’s hard to get it off once it dries on the skin – this is also why some people have allergic reactions to the product. Other possible side effects include eye infections like conjunctivitis (pink eye), which could lead to vision loss if not treated quickly enough. Itching around the eyes, swelling, crusting and discharge from the eye may also happen. If you notice any of these symptoms after having glitter applied near your eyes, it’s important to see a doctor right away. As with all beauty treatments, some individuals will be more sensitive than others. Some people are allergic to ingredients in glue such as formaldehyde and epoxy resin. As always, make sure that you do an allergy test before applying any new material to sensitive areas such as the eye area.

What should I tell my client?

You’ll need to inform your clients that while glitter lashes look amazing, they don’t come without risk. They’re difficult to remove and could cause irritations and infections if not taken care of properly. They’re a great option for anyone who likes wearing heavy makeup because they’ll hold up well throughout the day. But again, make sure you provide them with plenty of information beforehand so they can make an informed decision.

Are they made with animal products?

No, they are not made with animal products. Glitter lashes are made from synthetic fibers that can be applied to natural or false lashes with the use of bonding glue.

Can clients get allergies from them?

Yes, they can. Glitter lashes may contain certain chemicals that could trigger an allergic reaction. This is why it’s important to make sure the client knows before they get them that they have sensitive eyes and ask if there are any sensitivities to the glue or other products. Some people with sensitive eyes may be able to wear them without issue, but others will not be able to do so. It all depends on what the client wants and their allergies. Be mindful of those who are sensitive because they might not want to put up with the pain associated with glitter lashes because of their allergies. If someone has allergies, then it might be best to just go ahead and find a different style of eyelash extension that doesn’t involve glitter at all.

Some people can be allergic to the adhesive and glues that are used in the process of getting a glitter lash extension. Allergies might lead to skin irritation, redness, swelling, or blistering. If these symptoms occur, remove the extension as soon as possible and consult with a doctor. Glitters also have to be handled more carefully than regular lashes so make sure they’re not inhaled or come into contact with sensitive areas like the eyes. It’s important to read instructions before applying them and don’t forget to keep an eye out for signs of allergies! After the extensions are applied, make sure to use gloves when touching them and avoid dipping them in water.

That being said, many people wear glitter lashes with no issues. It’s all going to depend on what materials are in them and how sensitive a client’s eyes are. Remember that everyone will have different levels of sensitivity when it comes to their eyes as well, so not every single person who wears them is going to experience an allergy. As long as you’re careful about checking ingredients and asking questions, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out whether or not someone is sensitive. And remember that even if they are sensitive, there are ways to make sure they still get the same effect while wearing glitter lashes while also keeping their eye safe!

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

What is a good tip for applying glitter lashes?

A consultation is the first step in order to get an understanding of the client’s needs and desired look. Once we’ve determined what the client wants, we’ll go over a few different options. Next, we’ll discuss how long it will take (generally around two hours), how many lashes are needed, and any allergies or sensitivities that might be involved. Finally, the application process begins! We’ll do this step by step so that there is little to no discomfort. Glue is applied on one side of the eyelid and then carefully applied with tweezers. Lashes are aligned with their corresponding natural eyelash line, then pressed firmly down onto glue until dry. The whole process takes approximately 15-20 minutes per eye! There’s also the option of adding a faux waterline liner, which can be done either during the initial appointment or at a follow-up appointment.

What are some tips when removing glitter lashes?

– If the glue has been on their lashes for more than 48 hours, it will be difficult to remove. It may take up to a few days before they can wear eye makeup again.

– Have patience, gentleness, and plenty of warm water when removing the lashes. Use tweezers or a cotton swap to gently peel off one at a time until all the glue is removed. Be careful not to pull too hard which could cause injury or damage the eyelashes themselves. Make sure that there is enough space between each individual lash so that the ends don’t stick together while being peeled off.

– Cleaning up any leftover adhesive after removing the glitter can be done with a little rubbing alcohol. Let dry then apply petroleum jelly to moisturize and nourish the skin around their eyes.

– Depending on how much adhesive was used, try using mineral oil or coconut oil to help break down any residual adhesive left behind in order to keep them looking beautiful as long as possible! – Lastly, just like with regular lash extensions, it’s important to remember that these are only temporary! Glitter lashes will last anywhere from 3-6 weeks (though most people report a lifespan of 5-6 weeks) depending on care level and the type of glue used. They’re perfect for those who love to change up their look without having to worry about maintaining upkeep. As with any sort of cosmetic procedure, it’s best to consult with an expert beforehand so that you’re able to provide your clients with the right information needed before booking a consultation.

What are the best types of glue/tapes used with these kinds of extensions for clients?

Glittered lashes can be glued, taped, or applied with a water-soluble adhesive. The type of glue or tape used to apply the extensions depends on the individual’s preference and how long they want their extension to last.

1) Glue is the most common and lasts the longest.

2) Tapes are popular because they’re easier to remove than glue and take less time to apply.

3) Water-soluble adhesives will also work if you don’t plan on sleeping in them.

4) Some people use both glue and tape to make sure the lashes stay securely in place throughout the day.

Cost considerations for glitter lashes

The cost of getting a set of lashes is based on the number and length of the lashes, along with the type of adhesive. One way to cut costs is to purchase lashes in bulk from an online retailer and have them shipped to your salon or office. You can also reuse disposable applicators for multiple sets of lashes if you want to extend their life.

The cost of glitter lashes varies depending on how long and thick the individual’s natural lashes are. If a client has naturally longer, thicker lashes, then it will be easier to apply the lashes without having to use as many pieces or rows of adhesive bands. These types of clients may only need to come in for one visit to have their full set put on. If a client has thinner, shorter natural lashes, then they will need more time and visits in order to complete their set. It is important that these clients keep up with their touch-ups every two weeks to maintain the look because this type of client is more likely to experience wearing off sooner than those with thicker, fuller lashes. It is also recommended that these clients have multiple people put on their extension sets so that there is less risk of pulling out too much hair from the root during application.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Where can you place them on the eyelid?

Glitter lashes can be placed anywhere from the inner corner of the eye, to the outer corner of the eye. It is also important to note that they will not cover up lash extensions, so if a client has lashes and wants to add some sparkle, we suggest applying them on top of existing lashes.  Another thing to remember when placing these faux lashes is where you want the ends of the extension to sit. The ends are typically glued in place with clear gel or hairspray, but if they are too short, they may fall off easier than normal fake eyelashes.

Professional takeaways

-It’s important to be up-to-date with the latest industry trends and training.

-Educate yourself on the product, including ingredients, safety warnings and instructions.

-Gather all of the necessary tools and materials before beginning.

-Nail polish remover is not recommended for removing glitter lashes. If it must be used, do so sparingly to avoid skin irritation.


Glitter lash extensions are a great option for anyone that wants long, full lashes. They can be applied in just a few minutes, too! If you’re looking for a new way to enhance your client’s eyelashes and make their eyes pop, glitter lash extensions might be a perfect choice. Give them the glamour they want without ever needing to touch up or reapply throughout the day. Give it a try at your next appointment and see how it makes an impact on their beauty. Glitter lash extensions take only a few minutes to apply and last around three weeks.

Even if you aren’t interested in getting them yourself, consider adding this service to your salon’s offerings so that more people will come in for appointments with their own desire fulfilled from start to finish. Let them know about the benefits of wearing these amazing lashes and be sure to show off photos of previous customers’ results. Make sure you have plenty of extension supplies on hand before accepting any more appointments.

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